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2023-12-05 03:53:37 Curl 8.2.0 supports –ca-native and –proxy-ca-native with OpenSSL 3.2 Windows westurner 2
2023-12-05 02:00:21 Why does Gnome fingerprint unlock not unlock the keyring? ingve 57
2023-12-01 15:29:50 Dutch astronomers prove last piece of gas feedback-feeding loop of black hole wglb 46
2023-12-03 02:37:41 Intuitive guide to convolution abhi9u 56
2023-12-03 11:34:21 S2n-TLS – A C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocol belter 74
2023-12-04 14:34:56 Show HN: Demo of Agent Based Model on GPU with CUDA and OpenGL (Windows/Linux) ktt8788 49
2023-12-04 22:02:34 Inoculating soil with mycorrhizal fungi can increase plant yield: study wglb 103
2023-12-03 13:08:23 GDlog: A GPU-accelerated deductive engine PaulHoule 123
2023-12-04 18:17:04 Towards accurate differential diagnosis with large language models gwintrob 80
2023-12-03 23:04:16 Paper vs. devices: Brain activation differences during memory retrieval (2021) Brajeshwar 208
2023-12-04 12:11:56 An easy-sounding problem yields numbers too big for our universe abhi9u 75
2023-12-02 05:24:07 Unsupervised speech-to-speech translation from monolingual data atg_abhishek 47
2023-12-03 13:49:55 Eye-safe laser technology to diagnose traumatic brain injury in minutes ulrischa 1
2023-11-28 15:14:40 Tiny black holes could theoretically be used as a source of power: study westurner 3
2023-12-03 05:10:12 Proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable (2009) dgellow 3
2023-12-03 05:35:11 The U.S. Is Further Along on Some Climate Goals Than Expected westurner 3
2023-12-01 15:46:18 An Ancient Art Form Topples Assumptions about Mathematics jasonpeacock 19
2023-12-02 21:07:21 Clang now makes binaries an original Pi B+ can't run FPGAhacker 370
2023-12-02 15:19:11 Ask HN: Can qubits be written to crystals as diffraction patterns? westurner 4
2023-12-02 15:06:44 Do Black Holes Have Singularities? dustingetz 3
2023-12-02 14:36:05 Electricity flows like water in 'strange metals,' and physicists don't know why westurner 3
2023-12-02 13:49:13 Google DeepMind's new AI tool helped create more than 700 new materials bpierre 4
2023-12-01 19:22:51 Optical effect advances quantum computing with atomic qubits to a new dimension FinnKuhn 53
2023-11-29 07:06:02 Paperless-Ngx v2.0.0 rhim 181
2023-11-30 19:30:41 The Nineteenth-Century Banjo bookofjoe 33
2023-11-30 21:58:50 Miniaturized technique to generate precise wavelengths of visible laser light bookofjoe 23
2023-12-01 22:41:36 Electrocaloric material makes refrigerant-free solid-state fridge scalable westurner 157
2023-12-01 13:21:56 Innovative Method to Efficiently Harvest Low-Grade Heat for Energy westurner 3
2023-11-30 14:28:07 dfps 2
2023-11-28 16:03:14 Charlie Munger has died mfiguiere 1478
2023-11-28 07:35:20 Microsoft open-sources ThreadX lproven 305
2023-11-29 07:23:10 Fluorescence-based methods for fast and accessible light intensity measurements westurner 1
2023-11-28 02:12:23 Designing a SIMD Algorithm from Scratch ingve 439
2023-11-28 20:18:43 Model Correctly Predicts High-Temperature Superconducting Properties westurner 2
2023-11-28 20:14:25 Model Correctly Predicts High-Temperature Superconducting Properties westurner 1
2023-11-28 01:50:56 Building a Small REPL in Python ingve 27
2023-11-27 21:58:41 The `hanging-punctuation property` in CSS surprisetalk 259
2023-11-27 13:16:07 My toddler loves planes, so I built her a radar jakey_bakey 1302
2023-11-26 23:54:29 Global talks to cut plastic waste stall as industry and environment groups clash westurner 7
2023-11-24 22:30:07 Gated suppression of light-driven proton transport through graphene electrodes westurner 2
2023-11-24 02:51:17 AI system self-organises to develop features of brains of complex organisms timthorn 271
2023-11-22 05:10:49 Vtracer: Next-Gen Raster-to-Vector Conversion s1291 153
2023-11-23 20:16:30 AI is currently just glorified compression kklisura 77
2023-11-23 12:32:50 Ask HN: Name names and thank open source maintainers of small projects! distcs 3
2023-11-21 15:27:33 WebGL Water alexanderameye 4
2023-11-21 14:20:29 Show HN: Neum AI – Open-source large-scale RAG framework picohen 155
2023-11-21 15:39:29 Perfect Resonant Absorption of Guided Water Waves by Autler-Townes Splitting westurner 1
2023-11-20 18:16:19 SEC charges Kraken for operating as an unregistered securities exchange kklisura 306
2023-11-21 11:16:38 Show HN: New visual language for teaching kids to code csmeyer 420
2023-11-20 23:11:22 'Electrocaloric' heat pump could transform air conditioning xbmcuser 23
2023-11-21 02:46:00 An equation co-written with AI reveals monster rogue waves form 'all the time' westurner 2
2023-11-20 16:41:09 AI Proxy to swap in any LLM while using OpenAI's SDK davidatbt 6
2023-11-20 12:34:39 NVK reaches Vulkan 1.0 conformance mfilion 130
2023-11-20 15:14:22 Ask HN: What might Aaron Schwartz have said about AI today? abtinf 35
2023-11-20 12:44:51 Ask HN: What's the state of the art for drawing math diagrams online? ajkjk 147
2023-11-20 14:35:27 LLMs cannot find reasoning errors, but can correct them koie 239
2023-11-20 08:41:27 OpenAI staff threaten to quit unless board resigns skilled 1441
2023-11-19 11:53:42 The human brain builds structures in 11 dimensions, discover scientists hdivider 59
2023-11-18 10:37:12 Cryptographers solve decades-old privacy problem Brajeshwar 351
2023-11-17 01:38:18 An automatic indexing system for Postgres ako 243
2023-11-18 03:28:27 Show HN: Open-source tool for creating courses like Duolingo ceolin 459
2023-11-17 13:17:30 How the gas turbine conquered the electric power industry jseliger 89
2023-11-17 14:16:01 A PCIe Coral TPU Finally Works on Raspberry Pi 5 mikece 114
2023-11-17 09:44:58 Wikidata, with 12B facts, can ground LLMs to improve their factuality raybb 219
2023-11-17 06:59:00
2023-11-15 08:44:12 Is Delaware the cheapest place to incorporate? ddxv 136
2023-11-13 06:49:17 YouTube may face criminal complaints in EU for using ad-block detection scripts giuliomagnifico 84
2023-11-14 10:12:02 AI chemist finds molecule to make oxygen on Mars after sifting through millions Brajeshwar 37
2023-11-15 23:56:08 Fast Symbolic Computation for Robotics pmaddams 6
2023-11-15 15:17:27 Is my toddler a stochastic parrot? zwieback 416
2023-11-15 10:09:02 US surgeons perform first whole eye transplant PaulHoule 229
2023-11-14 02:00:33 Thermal transistors handle heat with no moving parts Turing_Machine 86
2023-11-13 05:23:28 Firmware Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) Proposal rwmj 126
2023-11-14 17:46:12 The impossible Quantum Drive that defies known laws of physics reached space westurner 6
2023-11-13 10:19:39 Nvidia H200 Tensor Core GPU treesciencebot 132
2023-11-13 17:16:53 Low current around roots boosts plant growth bookofjoe 222
2023-11-13 15:01:09 Show HN: I wrote a multicopter simulation library in Python hazrmard 3
2023-11-14 10:42:23 GraphCast: AI model for weather forecasting bretthoerner 630
2023-11-13 15:22:16 Future is quantum: universities look to train engineers for an emerging industry bookofjoe 39
2023-11-13 15:32:14 The New Building Blocks of Quantum Tech: Quantum Dots and Twisted Light westurner 2
2023-11-13 15:06:12 Research achieves photo-induced superconductivity on a chip westurner 2
2023-11-13 15:00:47 Autonomous lab discovers best-in-class quantum dot in hours instead of years westurner 6
2023-11-13 07:44:40 Munich court tells Netflix to stop using H.265 video coding to stream UHD clouddrover 197
2023-11-13 08:14:17 Cathode-Retro: A collection of shaders to emulate the display of an NTSC signal todsacerdoti 227
2023-11-12 15:48:30 Show HN: Open-source digital stylus with six degrees of freedom jcparkyn 582
2023-11-11 11:47:46 Getting the Lorentz transformations without requiring an invariant speed (2015) lisper 112
2023-11-11 13:19:38 Ask HN: What are good books on SW architecture that don't sell microservices? dondraper36 55
2023-11-10 20:08:22 Computation of the n'th digit of pi in any base in O(n^2) (1997) akkartik 63
2023-11-10 11:52:24 Apple’s first online store played a crucial role in the company’s resurgence spking 95
2023-11-10 13:38:17 140-year-old ocean heat tech could supply islands with limitless energy westurner 1
2023-11-10 07:37:39 We used to build steel mills near cheap power. Now we build datacenters 0x000042 120
2023-11-10 04:39:43 Facebook Is Ending Support for PGP Encrypted Emails Rokid 40
2023-11-08 11:47:28 Vacuum in optical cavity can change material magnetic state wo laser excitation rbanffy 7
2023-11-05 12:54:07 Why Cities: Skylines 2 performs poorly paavohtl 899
2023-11-05 11:14:17 Tractor Beams Are Real, and Could Solve a Major Space Junk Problem belter 24
2023-11-05 19:47:48 Nrsc5: Receive NRSC-5 digital radio stations using an RTL-SDR dongle greesil 185
2023-10-28 15:15:58 FCC wants to bolster amateur radio Stratoscope 354
2023-11-05 19:47:42 New centralized pollination portal for better global bee data creates a buzz voisin 4
2023-11-04 23:53:41 The world nearly adopted a calendar with 13 months of 28 days benbreen 219
2023-11-04 06:06:03 Electrical switching of the edge current chirality in quantum Hall insulators westurner 2
2023-11-03 14:45:04 Show HN: MicroLua – Lua for the RP2040 Microcontroller rblank 120
2023-11-03 06:17:03 Pix2tex: Using a ViT to convert images of equations into LaTeX code Tomte 183
2023-11-03 16:05:42 Google Play rolls out an "Independent security review" badge for apps Terretta 13
2023-11-03 16:52:12 Independently security tested apps on Google Play skilled 2
2023-11-03 17:22:10 Scientists Develop Micro Heat Engine That Challenges the Carnot Limit westurner 2
2023-11-03 16:15:03 Show HN: GitInsights – a weekly summary email of your team's GitHub activity jeffreyjsatx 49
2023-11-03 15:39:03 Podman Desktop v1.5 with Compose onboarding and enhanced Kubernetes pod data mairindubh 209
2023-11-03 02:14:52 Scientists discover new system to control the chaotic behavior of light westurner 4
2023-11-03 01:48:27 Researchers develop solid-state thermal transistor for better heat management westurner 3
2023-11-01 13:52:58 What do we mean by "the foundations of mathematics"? JoelMcCracken 139
2023-11-02 15:44:35 W3C Invites Implementations of RDF Dataset Canonicalization PaulHoule 62
2023-11-02 20:58:32 JSON is incredibly slow: Here's What's Faster ijidak 2
2023-11-02 13:59:57 Light can make water evaporate without heat Tomte 473
2023-11-01 07:58:20 Cave: A downloadable game engine for windows nurettin 79
2023-10-31 16:19:34 Vim Racer – VI Keyboard Skillz Game roseway4 4
2023-10-31 16:35:14 Engineers develop a process to make formate fuel from CO2 westurner 83
2023-11-01 10:17:14 Show HN: Anchor – developer-friendly private CAs for internal TLS benburkert 76
2023-10-29 17:19:11 DIY IP-KVM Based on Raspberry Pi Croftengea 226
2023-10-27 01:09:11 Light and gravitational waves don't arrive simultaneously alex_young 37
2023-10-28 11:05:37 Rydberg Field Measurement System nickt 39
2023-10-28 13:51:29 A Semantics for Counterfactuals in Quantum Causal Models (2023) westurner 1
2023-10-28 06:27:36 Ask HN: How do you calculate Pi to N digits? eddtries 6
2023-10-26 18:00:16 WebSDR – Internet-connected Software-Defined Radios nickt 265
2023-10-27 19:03:49 Scientists simulate backward time travel using quantum entanglement TakakiTohno 116
2023-10-27 18:04:17 Ten Tbit/s physical random bit generation with chaotic microcomb westurner 1
2023-10-24 16:28:36 WebUSB Support for RP2040 roywashere 22
2023-10-26 07:51:35 Pulpatronics tackles single-use electronics with paper RFID tags albertzeyer 48
2023-10-26 08:29:27 Biophysicists Uncover Powerful Symmetries in Living Tissue Paul-Craft 10
2023-10-25 08:24:19 Show HN: OpenAPI DevTools – Chrome extension that generates an API spec mrmagoo2 811
2023-10-26 10:32:02 Kidney stone procedure "has the potential to be game changing" elorant 239
2023-10-24 09:39:54 Animated AI qwertyforce 706
2023-10-23 11:26:30 Common fungus candida albicans might fuel Alzheimer's onset bookofjoe 129
2023-10-24 21:49:24 Are Language Models Capable of Physical Reasoning? NalNezumi 27
2023-10-24 22:24:24 Distorted crystals use 'pseudogravity' to bend light like black holes do westurner 3
2023-10-21 12:01:45 FPGA N64 AndrewDucker 407
2023-10-20 14:21:27 SBEMU – Run your retro games with on board audio via Sound Blaster emulation vkaku 26
2023-10-22 22:39:27 Two level homomorphic encryption for node by web assembly keepamovin 2
2023-10-21 14:54:42 Golden ratio base is a non-integer positional numeral system pyinstallwoes 3
2023-10-21 11:15:38 Fish skin can heal other animals' eye injuries LinuxBender 123
2023-10-20 10:17:01 Mathematicians Found 12,000 Solutions to the Notoriously Hard Three-Body Problem bookofjoe 73
2023-10-20 09:22:20 Versioning data in Postgres? Testing a Git like approach h1fra 178
2023-10-20 11:22:52 "[31M"? ANSI Terminal security in 2023 and finding 10 CVEs patrakov 278
2023-10-19 10:22:04 Rip – Rust crate to resolve and install Python packages droelf 135
2023-10-19 18:16:20 Text-to-CAD: Risks and Opportunities danboarder 66
2023-10-18 03:55:57 X starts experimenting with a $1 per year fee for new users istotex 19
2023-10-17 15:55:43 Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5 Plus vs. Rock 5 Model B proompter5 146
2023-10-15 00:45:41 Making hydrogen from waste plastic could pay for itself westurner 2
2023-10-12 15:53:45 Show HN: OpenBLE, Swagger for Bluetooth shardulaeer 122
2023-10-14 23:19:24 Australian student invents affordable hybrid electric car conversion kit clouddrover 16
2023-10-15 01:40:29 Sessionic: A cross-browser extension to save, manage, restore tabs and sessions thunderbong 151
2023-10-14 20:10:07 2 of 5 Bay Area refineries to stop making gasoline nradov 46
2023-10-14 20:55:28 Ultrasound-activated chemotherapy advances therapeutic potential in deep tumours westurner 1
2023-10-14 16:53:40 Widely accepted mathematical results that were later shown to be wrong? (2010) belter 112
2023-10-14 19:01:47 Ultra-efficient machine learning transistor cuts AI energy use by 99% westurner 16
2023-10-07 17:41:39 Show HN: SimSIMD vs SciPy: How AVX-512 and SVE make SIMD nicer and ML 10x faster ashvardanian 13
2023-10-13 15:18:58 Implementing a GPU's programming model on a CPU luu 280
2023-10-13 15:58:32 TimeGPT-1 PaulHoule 410
2023-10-14 13:53:07 Comcast squeezing 2Gbps internet speeds through decades-old coaxial cables bookofjoe 124
2023-10-13 14:40:02 Show HN: A TaskWarrior client for mobile, in flutter carlosdev 3
2023-10-12 12:05:23 Desmos 3D graphing calculator benpm 449
2023-10-11 10:44:07 Use of weather derivatives surges as extreme climate events rock the globe rbanffy 3
2023-10-10 20:59:43 Obtainium – Get Android App Updates Directly from the Source gray_charger 2
2023-10-10 18:39:00 Microsoft says VBScript will be ripped from Windows in a future release mfiguiere 73
2023-10-10 13:46:58 Engineered material can reconnect severed nerves geox 389
2023-10-08 17:42:11 Metals Fuse Together in Space redbell 184
2023-10-08 05:43:39 Pg_bm25: Elastic-Quality Full Text Search Inside Postgres billwashere 203
2023-10-07 20:46:30 Bisphenol-A and phthalate metabolism in children w neurodevelopmental disorders bookofjoe 4
2023-10-07 19:15:33 Autodesk Tinkercad – free web app for 3D design, circuits and coding nlawalker 2
2023-09-28 21:21:08 A NICER approach to genome editing with less mutations than CRISPR (2023) westurner 2
2023-10-06 12:28:45 Kentucky made child care free for child care workers westurner 104
2023-10-06 13:38:17 Ask HN: What tools are you currently utilizing for public static documentation? averageValentin 2
2023-10-06 13:57:32 Photos can hear you. AI and ML can extract audio from images, silent videos westurner 2
2023-10-06 13:47:02 Quantum light sees quantum sound: phonon/photon correlations westurner 1
2023-09-28 13:57:45 Algae-based blocks could make for a more sustainable building westurner 2
2023-10-05 15:25:33 ChromeOS is Linux with Google’s desktop environment devonnull 137
2023-10-04 11:53:31 How does student loan forgiveness affect our national security? westurner 2
2023-10-02 11:22:56 The world needs computational social science Anon84 105
2023-10-01 11:01:01 Tire dust makes up the majority of ocean microplastics geox 709
2023-09-29 22:32:34 Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals wglb 53
2023-09-29 12:51:32 50 years later, is two-phase locking the best we can do? ingve 327
2023-09-29 16:25:01 Recommended Architectures for PostgreSQL in Kubernetes mmoogle 39
2023-09-29 14:59:23 USDA APHIS approves sale of genetically modified glowing Petunia superkuh 2
2023-09-29 14:55:06 Calling your computer a Turing Machine is controversial leroy-is-here 3
2023-09-28 20:14:48 DNA-based programmable gate arrays for general-purpose DNA computing eunos 3
2023-09-25 07:28:20 Lego axes plan to make bricks from recycled bottles adrian_mrd 53
2023-09-28 01:39:35 Interactive GCC (igcc) is a read-eval-print loop (REPL) for C/C++ pr337h4m 170
2023-09-27 11:16:56 Antimatter Reacts to Gravity in the Same Way as Ordinary Matter, Physicists Find mikece 41
2023-09-27 11:14:03 Desalination system could produce fresh water that is cheaper than tap water geox 218
2023-09-25 17:47:42 The SR-71 Blackbird Astro-Nav System worked by tracking the stars bookofjoe 377
2023-09-20 17:25:10 Biden Launches the American Climate Corps and AmeriCorps NCCC Forest Corps westurner 4
2023-09-22 15:23:59 JPL Open Source Rover Project kscottz 211
2023-09-22 16:39:27 Demand for Green Skills Outpacing Supply – But There's Hope westurner 3
2023-09-21 21:29:41 Luiz André Barroso has died nmwnmw 210
2023-09-19 21:49:09 Ask HN: Why don't datacenters have passive rooflines like Net Zero homes? westurner 4
2023-09-21 13:26:58 The urgent need for memory safety in software products pjmlp 149
2023-09-19 07:12:19 Fedora 40 Eyes Dropping Gnome X11 Session Support HieronymusBosch 22
2023-09-20 09:46:55 Show HN: ElectricSQL, Postgres to SQLite active-active sync for local-first apps samwillis 614
2023-09-08 03:50:49 Towards a new SymPy asmeurer 141
2023-09-18 13:29:46 To build ships that break ice, U.S. must relearn to cut steel the_third_wave 77
2023-09-20 09:00:35 78% MNIST accuracy using GZIP in under 10 lines of code js98 363
2023-09-20 03:18:43 Ask HN: Which school produces the best programmers or software engineers? curious16 1
2023-09-19 14:52:58 Build123d: A Python CAD programming library fanf2 2
2023-09-18 10:20:29 Seeking comments on the Data Catalog (DCAT) US standard v3.0 metasemantic 88
2023-09-18 07:18:52 Ask HN: How to do literal web searches after Google destroyed the “ ” feature? 7moritz7 280
2023-09-14 22:03:04 Linear code is more readable dmarto 411
2023-09-15 04:00:15 MaplePad – RP2040 Dreamcast controller, VMU, and Purupuru (rumble pack) emulator cedel2k1 115
2023-09-13 07:14:38 Show HN: Deploying subdomain-based routing like xyheme 55
2023-09-12 16:03:44 Electric cooling could shrink quantum computers mfiguiere 70
2023-09-12 19:09:56 How do Quantum Algorithms affect global security? Abbygranger 1
2023-09-12 08:46:01 Physicists create elusive particles that remember their pasts peter_d_sherman 102
2023-09-11 11:11:20 Effect of breathwork on stress and mental health: A meta-analysis of RCTs im_dario 75
2023-09-11 05:50:36 Visualizing the CPython release process BiteCode_dev 85
2023-09-12 11:14:05 New world record with an electric racing car: From 0 to 100 in 0.956 seconds ldes 368
2023-09-12 08:42:02 Painting wind turbine blades black help birds avoid deadly collisions (2020) wallflower 56
2023-09-09 08:42:31 Show HN: Ghidra Plays Mario 0d0a 207
2023-09-10 22:22:45 RestGPT omarfarooq 227
2023-09-10 10:04:34 Training and aligning LLMs with RLHF and RLHF alternatives rasbt 102
2023-09-09 21:33:14 Code-gov: A collection point for all repositories johncole 93
2023-09-09 09:51:33 Asking 60 LLMs a set of 20 questions vincelt 739
2023-09-09 07:32:06 Ask HN: Looking for a resource on Linux kernel module development matt3210 93
2023-09-08 16:41:20 Using LD_PRELOAD to cheat, inject features and investigate programs icyfox 202
2023-09-06 19:33:09 Specialized astrocytes mediate glutamatergic gliotransmission in the CNS bookofjoe 39
2023-09-08 06:45:13 NYPD spent millions to contract with firm banned by Meta for fake profiles c420 211
2023-09-08 12:10:55 Maybe Rust isn’t a good tool for massively concurrent, userspace software mrkline 704
2023-09-08 01:59:40 Lean 4.0 quag 130
2023-09-03 01:30:10 Transformers as Support Vector Machines fofoz 250
2023-09-05 09:47:57 The Federal Helium reserve is for sale pontifier 275
2023-09-04 18:51:41 Multiple Notepad++ Flaws Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code goplayoutside 83
2023-09-04 10:13:00 Wayland does not support screen savers bobse 58
2023-09-02 13:08:46 Recursively summarizing enables long-term dialogue memory in LLMs PaulHoule 273
2023-09-01 15:44:10 Space travel via tether between asteroids osivertsson 103
2023-09-01 19:04:20 westurner 1
2023-09-01 11:59:41 Police Seized Innocent Peoples Property, Kept It for Years. What Will SCOTUS Do? wahnfrieden 218
2023-08-31 07:51:19 NASA officials sound alarm over future of the Deep Space Network bpierre 214
2023-08-31 13:00:22 Teaching with AI todsacerdoti 452
2023-08-31 10:24:35 Smaller, more versatile antenna could be a communications game-changer westurner 2
2023-08-29 05:13:14 Secure Boot on ESP32 Platforms pdubouilh 67
2023-08-30 15:40:49 SELinux in Linux 6.6 Removes References to Its Origins at the US NSA profwalkstr 10
2023-08-29 00:57:35 How to share a NumPy array between processes jasonb05 67
2023-08-27 01:51:10 Ubus (OpenWrt micro bus architecture) todsacerdoti 113
2023-08-27 15:51:10 Show HN: RISC-V Linux Terminal emulated via WASM edubart 5
2023-08-27 14:58:19 MOOC: Reducing Internet Latency: Why and How osivertsson 3
2023-08-27 05:18:03 i386 in Ubuntu won't die jandeboevrie 145
2023-08-25 12:03:11 Robert's Rules of Order larve 49
2023-08-26 14:21:59 Consumers have yet to develop a taste for Kernza, the environmental wonder grain jwcooper 26
2023-08-25 22:24:50 Interpretable graph neural networks for tabular data PaulHoule 77
2023-08-22 13:56:52 Asyncio, twisted, tornado, gevent walk into a bar BiteCode_dev 195
2023-08-25 08:25:59 Show HN: PlotAI – Create Plots in Python and Matplotlib with LLM pplonski86 51
2023-08-23 19:39:11 Princeton ‘AI Snake Oil’ authors say GenAI hype has ‘spiraled out of control’ CharlesW 110
2023-08-23 02:19:53 Interferometric imaging of amplitude and phase of spatial biphoton states lnyan 16
2023-08-23 15:38:28 H.R.2673 – American Innovation and R&D Competitiveness Act of 2023 ebolyen 4
2023-08-23 07:45:25 Coffee grounds make concrete 30% stronger geox 205
2023-08-22 13:41:04 Physicists use a 350-year-old theorem to reveal new properties of light waves westurner 6
2023-08-22 13:39:38 Artificial intelligence is ineffective and potentially harmful for fact checking anigbrowl 1
2023-08-22 13:39:01
2023-08-22 13:12:11 Use both ChatGPT and Bard in one window - Save 5 hours a week bhanu_n 1
2023-08-22 13:18:03
2023-08-21 14:30:09 US judge: Art created solely by artificial intelligence cannot be copyrighted carride 55
2023-08-20 19:01:31 Cell therapy repairs cornea damage with patient's stem cells gives trial results wglb 177
2023-08-20 07:00:55 All of Physics in 9 Lines harperlee 199
2023-08-19 09:48:16 Neuroscientists successfully test theory that forgetting is a form of learning gardenfelder 26
2023-08-18 10:00:55 Sargablock: Bricks from Seaweed thunderbong 168
2023-08-15 19:39:30 Bali rice experiment cuts greenhouse gas emissions and increases yields PaulHoule 263
2023-08-16 15:56:21 The US climate law is fueling a factory frenzy shallowbay 71
2023-08-15 05:46:12 Privacy friendly ESP32 smart doorbell with Home Assistant local integration rcarmo 393
2023-08-13 17:49:45 Karpathy's llama2.c ported to pure Python atairov 6
2023-08-12 08:11:47 Quantum Echoes: A Revolutionary Method to Store Information as Sound Waves westurner 1
2023-08-09 12:48:46 Pentium floating-point division bug (1994) whycome 105
2023-08-10 19:56:03 Show HN: Tetris, but the blocks are ARM instructions that execute in the browser jstrieb 401
2023-08-10 09:56:24 Do Machine Learning Models Memorize or Generalize? 1wheel 436
2023-08-10 09:48:39 MetaGPT: Meta Programming for Multi-Agent Collaborative Framework Anon84 148
2023-08-09 10:29:49 SQLedge: Replicate Postgres to SQLite on the Edge clessg 348
2023-08-05 08:23:27 Bram Moolenaar has died wufocaculura 4302
2023-08-08 09:32:42 Rest in peace Bram Moolenaar, author of Vim nixgeek 295
2023-08-03 14:13:51 Chrultrabook – Modify a Chromebook to Run Windows/Linux/macOS fragmede 170
2023-08-03 12:23:09 Microsoft's CBL-Mariner 2.0 Linux Distribution Adds Clippy TyroneBlack 3
2023-08-01 11:21:56 Pico Serial Bootloader (2021) kaycebasques 55
2023-08-02 13:16:31 Companies with good ESG scores pollute as much as low-rated rivals jredwards 359
2023-08-02 11:00:43 Many people in finance, sales and management feel their jobs are pointless hhs 164
2023-08-01 17:58:15 Traceroute isn't real ogurechny 61
2023-08-02 11:36:31 Open-sourcing AudioCraft: Generative AI for audio iyaja 905
2023-07-31 11:59:02 An open-source, free circuit simulator jerryjerryjerry 157
2023-07-31 07:56:06 Researchers create open-source platform for Neural Radiance Field development geox 80
2023-08-01 20:57:46 Electronic Structure of LK-99 spekcular 551
2023-08-01 19:29:29 Low-cost additive turns concrete slabs into super-fast energy storage westurner 7
2023-08-01 11:52:57 A room-temperature superconductor? New developments nneonneo 1215
2023-07-31 09:41:10 BHP says battery electric cheaper than hydrogen as it dumps diesel _aavaa_ 100
2023-07-29 03:13:46 Solar Powered Conways Game of Life signa11 15
2023-07-29 21:29:35 Single Atom Pd Catalyst Could Cut Methane Pollution 90% from Millions of Engines westurner 19
2023-07-29 21:54:47 Add-on device makes home furnaces cleaner, safer and longer-lasting westurner 4
2023-07-29 21:36:08 Blockchain company is granted a patent for a room-temperature superconductor dmitrybrant 12
2023-07-28 22:24:51 LPython: Novel, Fast, Retargetable Python Compiler fgfm 265
2023-07-28 17:07:17 Intent to approve PEP 703: making the GIL optional pablogsal 477
2023-07-28 12:49:18 An ultra-sensitive on-off switch helps axolotls regrow limbs gmays 161
2023-07-28 12:20:27 Adding clean energy to the US power grid just got a lot easier rntn 22
2023-07-22 19:04:00 Why SQLite does not use Git (2018) 1vuio0pswjnm7 314
2023-07-25 12:13:15 Wireless charging technique boosts long-distance efficiency to 80% giuliomagnifico 1
2023-07-25 12:14:32 The first room-temperature ambient-pressure superconductor? Akronymus 1684
2023-07-25 12:15:26 AI/ML development, training and inference using Python and Jupyter techlatest_net 1
2023-07-24 19:12:11 Local Development with Cloud Tools nateb2022 197
2023-07-24 23:00:46 Fancy quartz countertops are killing people who make them, doctors say keepamovin 16
2023-07-24 22:50:27 Retentive Network: A Successor to Transformer Implemented in PyTorch panabee 12
2023-07-22 01:20:10 ElKaWe – Electrocaloric heat pumps danans 177
2023-07-21 14:49:04 Stem Formulas surprisetalk 118
2023-07-22 07:32:35 Computational Chemistry Using PyTorch gtsnexp 78
2023-07-22 18:18:54 Vimspector – the Vim debugger rules all synergy20 153
2023-07-17 10:08:28 Bad numbers in the “gzip beats BERT” paper? ks2048 381
2023-07-18 16:26:23 Cython 3.0 Released ngoldbaum 221
2023-07-16 08:35:45 A PostgreSQL Docker container that automatically upgrades your database justinclift 198
2023-07-15 21:00:37 New study gives clues on why exercise helps with inflammation lxm 147
2023-07-15 19:33:11 A third of North America’s birds have vanished geox 554
2023-07-14 12:18:59 Building a safer FIDO2 key with privilege separation and WebAssembly bkettle 94
2023-07-15 04:27:36 Matrices and Graph jgrodziski 205
2023-07-14 21:59:47 Ziplm: Gzip-Backed Language Model todsacerdoti 244
2023-07-12 17:11:03 Google now requires and lists phone number in Play Store listings clumsysmurf 79
2023-07-11 04:41:22 SUSE is forking RHEL rdpintqogeogsaa 552
2023-07-08 06:50:37 Experiments with plane-filling curves and Fourier transform pyinstallwoes 106
2023-07-08 14:45:45 Algae powers computer for a year using only light and water (2022) geox 93
2023-07-07 04:41:58 List of Unix binaries that can be used to bypass local security restrictions janisz 193
2023-07-08 12:19:54 Can a Rubik's Cube be brute-forced? reikonomusha 195
2023-07-08 01:30:12 Google to explore alternatives to robots.txt skilled 116
2023-07-08 08:18:46 If PEP 703 is accepted, Meta can commit three engineer-years to no-GIL CPython bratao 656
2023-07-07 04:58:32 32“ E Ink screen that displays daily newspapers on your wall (2021) alexandernl 431
2023-07-07 04:54:25 Git and Jupyter Notebooks Guide sixhobbits 164
2023-07-06 18:42:08 A fun new feature we are working on in systemd: userspace-only reboot marcodiego 52
2023-07-04 06:26:55 An Architectural Overview of QNX (1992) [pdf] lproven 191
2023-07-03 19:28:17 Photonic chip transforms lightbeam into multiple beams with different properties westurner 2
2023-07-03 15:07:36 Computer simulation provides 4k scenarios for a climate turnaround westurner 2
2023-07-03 03:06:02 Show HN: Python can make 3M+ WebSocket keys per second cprogrammer1994 83
2023-07-02 21:36:17 Quart is an async Python web microframework kristianpaul 30
2023-07-02 19:04:36 Ask HN: What are the limits of Quantum-on-Silicon and Photonic computers? westurner 1
2023-07-02 16:59:10 Automated CPU Design with AI skilled 95
2023-07-02 18:04:57 Ten-cent BPClip may soon let smartphones check blood pressure westurner 1
2023-07-02 13:33:17 First 'tooth regrowth' medicine moves toward clinical trials in Japan elorant 970
2023-06-29 02:52:53 YouTube is testing a more aggressive approach against ad blockers prhrb 906
2023-07-01 06:39:36 Gping – ping, but with a graph pabs3 362
2023-07-01 09:00:17 VUDA: A Vulkan Implementation of CUDA tormeh 313
2023-06-30 18:33:19 Show HN: HTTPS proxy using Web Workers and a Cloudflare Worker emadda 117
2023-07-01 08:07:34 GitHub's Copilot may lead to global $1.5T GDP boost pseudolus 2
2023-06-30 04:44:41 Atom feed format was born 20 years ago mrzool 271
2023-06-27 12:43:12 Patterns of Distributed Systems (2022) eclectic29 235
2023-06-27 15:51:56 Anatomy of an ACH transaction 1970-01-01 44
2023-06-27 15:36:07 Is ORM still an anti-pattern? AnhTho_FR 450
2023-06-28 03:12:00 What your typical Linux system looked like in 2003. We've come so far mariuz 25
2023-06-27 07:15:28 Tinc, a GPLv2 mesh routing VPN azalemeth 212
2023-06-26 10:12:27 I'm Done with Red Hat (Enterprise Linux) stargrave 519
2023-06-23 14:54:07 Playing sounds of healthy coral on reefs makes fish return (2019) thinkingemote 89
2023-06-23 12:06:21 EU Advocate General: Technical Standards must be freely available [pdf] layer8 432
2023-06-25 03:50:11 Everything that uses configuration files should report where they're located ingve 1743
2023-06-24 17:52:54 Ask HN: Did studying proof based math topics make you a better programmer? jobhdez 30
2023-06-24 06:12:37 Decades-long bet on consciousness ends mellosouls 158
2023-06-21 16:38:22 Notice of Intent to Amend the Prescription Drug List: Vitamin D (2020) walterbell 66
2023-06-23 21:29:10 Gas Is Here to Stay for Decades, Say Fossil Fuel Heavyweights upxx 7
2023-06-21 16:58:39 Diaphora: an open-source program diffing IDA plugin DyslexicAtheist 122
2023-06-23 12:00:09 Removing official support for Red Hat enterprise Linux petercooper 166
2023-06-22 06:10:10 Unexpected downsides of UUID keys in PostgreSQL alexzeitler 243
2023-06-13 10:21:02 Hackers can steal cryptographic keys by video-recording power LEDs 60 feet away rntn 123
2023-06-17 00:19:23 Reddit 1.0 was written in Lisp newsoul 217
2023-06-16 14:42:06 Measuring blood pressure for less than a dollar using a phone gumby 190
2023-06-18 12:18:36 Mars Declared Unsafe For Humans: No one can survive for longer than four years birriel 33
2023-06-10 05:11:56 A Case of the MUMPS (2007) ahiknsr 106
2023-06-09 17:57:03 The computer graphics industry got started at the university of Utah sohkamyung 327
2023-06-09 09:06:20 Gravitational Machines sohkamyung 217
2023-06-06 23:52:48 Royal Navy says quantum navigation test a success ninacomputer 430
2023-06-09 16:26:33 Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone (2007) shadowtree 70
2023-06-06 02:46:31 Nvidia releases new AI chip with 480GB CPU RAM, 96GB GPU RAM logicchains 381
2023-06-06 21:53:25 The Open-Source Software in Our Pockets Needs Our Help thunderbong 2
2023-06-05 17:09:26 Demo: Fully P2P and open source Reddit alternative estebanabaroa 316
2023-06-04 19:55:47 Japanese Joinery, 3D printing, and FreeCAD daly 12
2023-06-01 08:13:53 New open-source datasets for music-based development aerozol 125
2023-05-31 17:09:38 Show HN: A Database Generator for EVM with CRUD and On-Chain Indexing pouya-eghbali 2
2023-06-01 19:06:08 WebNN: Web Neural Network API born-jre 5
2023-06-01 15:50:56 Vectorization: Introduction gsav 316
2023-05-31 13:40:44 You can link an OpenPGP key to a German eID upofadown 240
2023-05-24 12:49:02 Evaluate and Track Your LLM Experiments: Introducing TruLens for LLMs shayaks 25
2023-05-24 12:50:59 This Is Why I Teach My Law Students How to Hack gnicholas 3
2023-05-23 17:24:11 A blocky based CAD program blobmty 75
2023-05-23 10:09:20 Removing PGP from PyPI dlor 187
2023-05-23 13:19:06 Nginx 1.25.0: experimental HTTP/3 support thunderbong 379
2023-05-23 18:22:26 If perpetual motion machines don't exist, what powers earth's natural systems? yamrzou 2
2023-05-22 13:27:05 Meta AI announces Massive Multilingual Speech code, models for 1000+ languages crakenzak 705
2023-05-22 06:23:17 Weapons contractors hitting Department of Defense with inflated prices Ambolia 20
2023-05-19 16:42:43 PyTorch for WebGPU mighdoll 200
2023-05-17 20:37:47 Tell HN: The next generation of videogames will be great with midjourney asdadsdad 2
2023-05-14 18:05:32 JavaScript state machines and statecharts stefankuehnel 173
2023-05-14 13:57:53 Rising number of lithium battery incidents on airplanes worry crew thunderbong 76
2023-05-14 14:40:04 The Simplest Universal Turing Machine Is Proved bpierre 6
2023-05-14 08:35:24 Run Llama 13B with a 6GB graphics card rain1 617
2023-05-13 16:56:34 Matter Raspberry Pi GPIO Commander – Turn Your Pi into a Matter Lighting Device sowbug 43
2023-05-12 13:57:22 Exploring the native use of 64-bit posit arithmetic in scientific computing PaulHoule 79
2023-05-10 06:42:11 Researchers craft a fully edible battery GlumWoodpecker 60
2023-05-10 02:52:12 MSG is the most misunderstood ingredient of the century. That’s finally changing DamonHD 11
2023-05-10 02:51:33 See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS gmac 1338
2023-05-10 14:10:32 Loophole-free Bell inequality violation with superconducting circuits rntn 6
2023-05-09 09:19:04 Show HN: – Better Python Notebooks diegogm934 60
2023-05-10 17:30:45 Google will label fake images created with its A.I mfiguiere 25
2023-05-10 08:20:05 Tell HN: We should start to add “ai.txt” as we do for “robots.txt” Jeannen 562
2023-05-09 13:15:04 Language models can explain neurons in language models mfiguiere 688
2023-05-10 04:30:03 IPyflow: Reactive Python Notebooks in Jupyter(Lab) smacke 186
2023-05-09 13:34:10 Machine Learning Containers Are Bloated and Vulnerable PaulHoule 28
2023-05-09 10:17:03 Health advisory on social media use in adolescence pseudolus 230
2023-05-09 05:30:53 Reactivating Dormant Cells in the Retina Brings New Hope for Vision Regeneration westurner 1
2023-05-06 14:47:32 Ask HN: Did anyone ever create GitLaw? robertn702 2
2023-05-06 05:15:44 Show HN: ReRender AI - Realistic Architectural Renders for AutoCAD/Blender Users eddieweng 50
2023-05-05 18:57:03 Exciton Fission Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Photovoltaic Solar Cells westurner 2
2023-04-30 04:23:13 Latex users are slower than Word users and make more errors (2014) sieste 5
2023-05-03 07:57:25 The skills gap for Fortran looms large in HPC rbanffy 83
2023-05-01 22:39:35 The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide asicsp 386
2023-04-21 13:29:43 xPrize Wildfire – $11M Prize Competition TheBlapse 73
2023-04-30 09:05:01 Show HN: Frogmouth – A Markdown browser for the terminal willm 240
2023-04-26 09:33:18 Stanford, Harvard data science no more MauiWarrior 23
2023-04-25 16:55:37 Debugging a Mixed Python and C Language Stack quasiben 152
2023-04-23 03:14:08 Teach at a Community College zandert 171
2023-04-23 06:53:02 Twitter drops “Government-funded”/“state-affiliated“ from NPR, BBC, RT, Xinhua moose_man 10
2023-04-19 17:02:26 Physicists discover that gravity can create light wglb 232
2023-04-21 09:49:56 Manipulative Consent Requests openplatypus 123
2023-04-21 09:20:49 Proliferation of AI weapons among non-state actors could be impossible to stop rntn 57
2023-04-19 21:59:48 Only one pair of distinct positive integers satisfy the equation m^n = n^m keithmcnulty 526
2023-04-15 10:33:43 Show HN: IPython-GPT, a Jupyter/IPython Interface to Chat GPT santiagobasulto 144
2023-04-20 13:20:43 Building a ChatGPT-enhanced Python REPL synergy20 103
2023-04-20 15:49:14 When you buy a book, you can loan it to anyone – a judge says libraries can’t leotravis10 99
2023-04-18 11:59:28 Brain images just got 64 million times sharper amichail 206
2023-04-18 18:28:26 MRI brain images become 64M times sharper CharlesW 264
2023-04-13 16:44:25 There’s no universal cordless power tool battery – why? bitwise101 70
2023-04-10 09:07:56 Aura – Python source code auditing and static analysis on a large scale (2022) r9295 148
2023-04-13 09:50:04 A new approach to computation reimagines artificial intelligence theafh 73
2023-04-11 08:05:56 A number system invented by Inuit schoolchildren nathandaly 210
2023-04-11 11:09:03 California DMV wants to issue car titles as NFTs mmoustafa 26
2023-04-11 08:40:49 Show HN: Skip the SSO Tax, access your user data with OSS mathiasn 220
2023-04-09 09:46:55 Twitter Is Blocking Likes and Retweets that Mention Substack camjohnson26 223
2023-04-08 13:50:43 PEP 684 was accepted – Per-interpreter GIL in Python 3.12 bratao 75
2023-04-05 23:27:00 Detection of Common Cold from Speech Signals Using Deep Neural Network mfiguiere 4
2023-04-03 09:53:28 Pandas 2.0 calpaterson 325
2023-03-30 15:48:52 RFdiffusion: Diffusion model generates protein backbones jajoosam 114
2023-03-31 16:37:50 Llama.cpp 30B runs with only 6GB of RAM now msoad 1309
2023-03-24 01:28:58 We updated our RSA SSH host key todsacerdoti 1262
2023-03-20 05:15:18 Ask HN: Where can I find a primer on how computers boot? mog_dev 457
2023-03-15 13:18:26 Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability amenghra 56
2023-03-12 03:58:11 Show HN: PicoVGA Library – VGA/TV Display on Raspberry Pi Pico wvenable 59
2023-03-11 22:01:34 FDIC – SVB FAQ hi 224
2023-03-11 15:27:22 An Update on USDC and Silicon Valley Bank VagueMag 217
2023-03-11 18:42:57 Urgent: Sign the petition now version_five 397
2023-03-09 07:28:33 129-year-old vessel still tethered to lifeboat found on floor of Lake Huron mkmk 110
2023-03-08 10:59:35 Google Groups has been left to die ahelwer 506
2023-03-07 14:53:47 Zero energy ready homes are coming ricardou 296
2023-03-07 07:57:10 Stochastic gradient descent written in SQL Lemaxoxo 289
2023-02-24 12:41:50 U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds Brajeshwar 466
2023-02-25 16:09:50 SymPy makes math fun again okaleniuk 323
2023-03-03 20:59:08 Please tell us what features you’d like in news.ycombinator (2007) eternalban 37
2023-02-28 09:36:51 Client-side encryption for Gmail in Google Workspace is now generally available bertman 162
2023-03-03 06:57:27 Show HN: Classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D brought in the browser via Emscripten midzer 64
2023-03-02 13:34:45 Show HN: Mathesar – open-source collaborative UI for Postgres databases kgodey 281
2023-02-24 09:32:28 Portable low-field MRI scanners could revolutionize medical imaging bookofjoe 46
2023-02-28 03:37:13 First Law of Thermodynamics Breakthrough Upends Equilibrium Theory in Physics isaacfrond 6
2023-02-25 00:40:34 The Missing Semester of Your CS Education saikatsg 1020
2023-02-15 04:17:28 DeepMind has open-sourced the heart of AlphaGo and AlphaZero mariuz 328
2023-02-23 07:24:54 Emacs is on F-Droid eskilop 176
2023-02-22 09:58:45 Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to Pull Energy Out of Nothing theafh 59
2023-02-22 21:50:25 Vikings went to Mediterranean for ‘summer jobs’ as mercenaries, left graffiti dxs 289
2023-02-22 14:47:44 Social media is a cause, not a correlate, of mental illness in teen girls anigbrowl 1141
2023-02-12 13:32:58 The fundamental thermodynamic costs of communication g0xA52A2A 83
2023-02-08 07:16:44 New neural network architecture inspired by neural system of a worm burrito_brain 218
2023-02-15 13:09:45 Scientists find first evidence that black holes are the source of dark energy qwertyuiop_ 46
2023-02-15 03:41:32 Introduction to Datalog jgrodziski 362
2023-02-11 17:13:02 Show HN: Polymath: Convert any music-library into a sample-library with ML samim 22
2023-02-13 17:05:15 Coffee won’t give you extra energy, just borrow a bit that you’ll pay for later throw0101c 89
2023-02-13 15:57:33 Let Teenagers Sleep LinuxBender 589
2023-02-10 03:28:21 Why is there so much useless and unreliable software? learningstud 76
2023-02-09 23:02:01 The Rust Implementation of GNU Coreutils Is Becoming Remarkably Robust sdht0 223
2023-02-07 21:09:43 DIY 1,500W solar power electric bike (2022) lxm 103
2023-02-07 17:56:32 Actors Say They’re Being Asked to Sign Away Their Voice to AI leotravis10 70
2023-02-07 13:16:12 Why do we create modern desktop GUI apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript? (2022) airstrike 140
2023-02-06 00:54:20 Ask HN: Advice from people who strength train from home optbuild 62
2023-02-03 16:54:55 Show HN: DocsGPT, open-source documentation assistant, fully aware of libraries sadrobin 255
2023-02-02 19:19:15 Show HN: I turned my microeconomics textbook into a chatbot with GPT-3 mnkm 51
2023-02-01 16:49:50 ChatGPT is a bullshit generator but it can still be amazingly useful 1vuio0pswjnm7 193
2023-01-30 07:40:08 Sh1mmer – An exploit capable of unenrolling enterprise-managed Chromebooks XionXIV 223
2023-01-30 10:32:30 When Will Fusion Energy Light Our Homes? Brajeshwar 29
2023-01-31 14:56:39 Tell HN: GitHub will delete your private repo if you lose access to the original baobabKoodaa 530
2023-01-29 20:19:22 The Qubit Game (2022) westurner 1
2023-01-29 03:40:59 Calculators now emulated at Internet Archive sohkamyung 311
2023-01-29 19:51:26 Machine Learning for Fluid Dynamics Playlist westurner 3
2023-01-29 14:01:40 Intercepting links using DNS rewrites todsacerdoti 139
2023-01-26 21:44:37 MusicLM: Generating music from text georgehill 287
2023-01-26 18:18:24 SQLAlchemy 2.0 Released zzzeek 262
2023-01-25 12:12:17 Show HN: A script to test whether a program breaks without network access woodruffw 11
2023-01-24 07:44:51 Certified 100% AI-free organic content artpi 291
2023-01-23 14:12:30 An incomplete guide to stealth addresses DocFeind 116
2023-01-21 22:48:10 Do Large Language Models learn world models or just surface statistics? danboarder 286
2023-01-21 12:16:01 Thoughts on the Python packaging ecosystem BerislavLopac 130
2023-01-20 23:41:29 Google Calls in Help from Larry Page and Sergey Brin for A.I. Fight signa11 43
2023-01-21 10:08:13 On-demand electrical control of spin qubits (2023) westurner 2
2023-01-16 05:32:12 Reverse engineering a neural network's clever solution to binary addition Ameo 562
2023-01-16 01:59:11 Heat pumps of the 1800s are becoming the technology of the future adrian_mrd 399
2023-01-16 04:49:31 How Nvidia’s CUDA Monopoly in Machine Learning Is Breaking pella 147
2023-01-13 16:18:36 Large language models as simulated economic agents (2022) [pdf] benbreen 87
2023-01-14 13:42:52 Homelab analog telephone exchange zdw 125
2023-01-13 08:58:45 A 116kb WASM of Blink that lets you run x86_64 Linux binaries in the browser samwillis 294
2023-01-12 08:11:04 SQLite Wasm in the browser backed by the Origin Private File System bubblehack3r 371
2023-01-07 16:26:34 The i3-gaps project has been merged with i3 harporoeder 454
2023-01-07 11:29:30 Show HN: Futurecoder – A free interactive Python course for coding beginners alexmojaki 371
2023-01-07 07:22:11 Tell HN: Vim users, `:x` is like `:wq` but writes only when changes are made manaskarekar 536
2023-01-06 11:44:31 Ask HN: Is there academic research on software fragility? fedeb95 46
2023-01-07 13:35:49 Seattle Public Schools sues TikTok, YouTube, Instagram over youth mental health chimerasaurus 169
2023-01-02 10:08:28 Mechanical circuits: electronics without electricity [video] zdw 135
2022-12-23 02:04:29 Python malware starting to employ anti-debug techniques lukastyrychtr 143
2023-01-01 17:02:03 Adding design-by-contract conditions to C++ via a GCC plugin gavinray 128
2022-12-11 07:55:21 Paper-thin solar cell can turn any surface into a power source taubek 2
2022-12-17 08:34:00 Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists westurner 3
2022-12-16 12:36:36 Solar panels open crop lands to farming energy mfiguiere 66
2022-12-16 10:18:56 California pulls the plug on rooftop solar DocFeind 190
2022-12-09 10:59:40 DeepMind Dramatron: a new tool for writers to co-write theatre and film scripts mfiguiere 116
2022-12-07 03:40:00 New Docker Desktop: Run WASM Applications Alongside Linux Containers in Docker 3Sophons 58
2022-11-30 02:13:58 Ask HN: Which books have made you a better thinker and problem solver? newsoul 354
2022-11-30 02:04:31 Building arbitrary Life patterns in 15 gliders mikro2nd 510
2022-11-21 16:56:53 MicroPython officially becomes part of the Arduino ecosystem kachnuv_ocasek 109
2022-11-14 14:57:46 ELIZA is Turing Complete abrax3141 72
2022-11-14 12:32:36 Draft RFC: Cryptographic Hyperlinks westurner 11
2022-11-11 23:17:22 Hydrogen-producing rooftop solar panels nearing commercialization danboarder 11
2022-11-13 07:00:06 Show HN: I built my own PM tool after trying Trello, Asana, ClickUp, etc. tonypham 608
2022-11-11 07:55:11 NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages AlexeyBrin 218
2022-11-11 03:54:26 YouTube confirms that it has removed the “sort by oldest/newest” option nixass 581
2022-11-06 23:33:45 Aluminum formate Al(HCOO)3: Earth-abundant, scalable, & material for CO2 capture westurner 122
2022-11-06 04:27:53 Electrons turn piece of wire into laser-like light source dr_dshiv 65
2022-10-25 18:58:31 TabPFN: Transformer Solves Small Tabular Classification in a Second jupiterelastica 60
2022-11-04 23:59:59 Mathics: A free, open-source alternative to Mathematica memorable 560
2022-11-05 04:45:50 Astronomers Discover Closest Black Hole to Earth tannhaeuser 69
2022-11-04 08:49:59 Sudo: Heap-based overflow with small passwords thewavelength 279
2022-11-02 16:08:11 Cree releases LEDs designed for horticulture milleramp 173
2022-11-02 11:28:26 Phlare: open-source database for continuous profiling at scale PaulWaldman 240
2022-11-01 16:38:25 NASA finds super-emitters of methane walterbell 767
2022-10-18 11:12:43 Show HN: Linen – Open-source Slack for communities cheeseblubber 291
2022-10-29 02:34:59 Protobuf-ES: Protocol Buffers TypeScript/JavaScript runtime jacobwg 205
2022-10-30 22:41:43 We need a replacement for TCP in the datacenter [pdf] kristianp 478
2022-10-30 09:21:37 A Message from Lunny on Gitea Ltd. and the Gitea Project fariszr 106
2022-10-30 11:45:53 Linux System Call Table – Chromiumos neophyt3 4
2022-10-27 03:27:52 Variability, not repetition, is the key to mastery maksimur 221
2022-10-24 14:33:43 The Docker+WASM Technical Preview soheilpro 201
2022-10-24 16:35:09 Python 3.11.0 Released maximilianroos 102
2022-10-24 09:36:17 Tomorrow the Unix timestamp will get to 1,666,666,666 bubblehack3r 248
2022-10-22 16:02:29 Bringing Modern Authentication APIs (FIDO2 WebAuthn, Passkeys) to Linux Desktop alfie42 20
2022-10-22 07:59:16 Science, technology and innovation isn’t addressing world’s most urgent problems giuliomagnifico 136
2022-10-19 09:20:55 Quantum Monism Could Save the Soul of Physics nyc111 33
2022-10-11 05:21:43 Geothermal may beat batteries for energy storage rbanffy 196
2022-10-19 20:45:32 PostgresML is 8-40x faster than Python HTTP microservices redbell 116
2022-10-14 23:12:51 Ask HN: How to become good at Emacs/Vim? mudrockbestgirl 42
2022-10-14 20:15:20 The VSCode GitLab extension now supports getting code completions from FauxPilot moyix 190
2022-10-14 11:18:17 You Can Now Google the Balances of Ethereum Addresses wslh 14
2022-10-11 06:26:53 Blender: Wayland Support on Linux TangerineDream 356
2022-10-11 12:43:01 Xpra: Multi-platform screen and application forwarding system for x11 nateb2022 111
2022-10-07 18:30:22 Retinoid restores eye-specific brain responses in mice with retinal degeneration bookofjoe 81
2022-10-01 07:46:12 How to turn waste polyethylene into something useful helsinkiandrew 9
2022-10-04 06:46:57 EU Passes Law to Switch iPhone to USB-C by End of 2024 popol12 572
2022-09-24 11:33:05 Vulhub: Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose nateb2022 100
2022-09-27 12:24:32 Bash 5.2 RealAlexClay 185
2022-09-24 04:48:16 Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers bj-rn 642
2022-09-23 06:54:53 Manifest V3, webRequest, and ad blockers dagurp 133
2022-09-19 13:41:52 1Hz CPU made in Minecraft running Minecraft at 0.1fps [video] reimertz 870
2022-09-20 07:07:02 Hash collisions and exploitations – Instant MD5 collision losfair 166
2022-09-19 12:50:41 AI Seamless Texture Generator Built-In to Blender myth_drannon 336
2022-09-18 11:15:07 Faraday and Babbage: Semiconductors and Computing in 1833 klelatti 28
2022-09-18 21:25:15 macOS Subsystem for Linux dzdt 253
2022-09-18 23:44:30 Global-Chem: A Free Dictionary from Common Chemical Names to Molecules Sulstice 35
2022-09-18 11:47:03 GCC's new fortification level: The gains and costs pjmlp 128
2022-09-18 12:50:41 Poor writing, not specialized concepts, drives difficulty with legal language rntn 559
2022-09-17 08:28:42 U.S. appeals court rejects big tech’s right to regulate online speech testrun 523
2022-09-12 10:26:48 Transformers seem to mimic parts of the brain theafh 140
2022-09-15 10:19:00 Chaos researchers can now predict perilous points of no return theafh 145
2022-09-14 18:13:12 GraphBLAS hui-zheng 104
2022-09-11 15:03:27 Common Lisp names all sixteen binary logic gates optimalsolver 158
2022-09-09 07:02:22 Google pays ‘enormous’ sums to maintain search-engine dominance, DOJ says helsinkiandrew 403
2022-09-10 06:59:09 Ask HN: Best empirical papers on software development? KingOfCoders 129
2022-09-09 04:24:28 Why public chats are better than direct messages stebunovd 156
2022-09-08 10:23:07 Planting trees not always an effective way of binding carbon dioxide hhs 122
2022-09-08 13:09:11 Caddyhttp: Enable HTTP/3 by Default fariszr 284
2022-09-08 12:39:07 Make better decisions with fewer online meetings bjuly 85
2022-09-08 09:06:22 Europe’s energy crisis hits science elashri 56
2022-09-08 02:09:26 The Risks of WebAssembly 0xmohit 66
2022-09-07 11:05:52 is running a survey on the state of Python packaging zbentley 233
2022-09-05 09:37:58 All poverty is energy poverty bedbot 309
2022-09-02 08:53:37 One Serverless Principle to Rule Them All: Idempotency [video] kiyanwang 73
2022-08-31 10:21:29 Ask HN: IT Security Checklist for Startups? faizshah 133
2022-08-30 20:48:51 Fed expects to launch long-awaited Faster Payments System by 2023 npalli 199
2022-08-30 10:05:42 REPL Driven Minecraft joelittlejohn 192
2022-08-26 13:31:32's Practical Deep Learning for Coders Has Been Updated EntICOnc 16
2022-08-26 10:42:45 Reducing methane is the fastest strategy available to reduce warming nipponese 123
2022-08-23 08:31:35 VS Code – What's the deal with the telemetry? ttctciyf 194
2022-08-18 07:05:28 Learn to sew your own outdoor gear almog 748
2022-08-18 10:58:43 FedNow FAQ hnburnsy 232
2022-08-18 00:32:43 Ask HN: Why are bookmarks second class citizens in browsers? vapemaster 271
2022-08-18 13:45:48 Millet, a Language Server for SML todsacerdoti 129
2022-08-15 20:23:20 The Cha Cha Slide Is Turing Complete eatonphil 7
2022-08-11 10:16:04 What is quantum field theory and why is it incomplete? digital55 106
2022-08-10 07:49:38 The Dymaxion car: Buckminster Fuller’s failed automobile conanxin 83
2022-08-10 16:43:34 Top Secret Rosies: The Female “Computers” of WWII jacquesm 66
2022-08-10 15:54:50 The World Excel Championship is being broadcast on ESPN dmitryminkovsky 517
2022-08-11 00:21:46 Quantum in the Chips and Science Act of 2022 westurner 1
2022-08-10 19:21:42 Where does energy go during destructive interference? amelius 32
2022-08-10 07:27:45 Adding Auditing to Pip chmaynard 67
2022-08-09 13:35:57 Tesla’s self-driving technology fails to detect children in the road, tests find philk10 75
2022-08-03 12:08:02 Why do tree-based models still outperform deep learning on tabular data? isolli 315
2022-08-01 18:40:38 AlphaFold's database grows over 200x to cover nearly all known proteins OnlineInference 152
2022-08-03 05:13:04 Django 4.1 j4mie 289
2022-08-02 00:18:26 Ask HN: Is there a tool / product that enables commenting on HTML elements? _lb7x 91
2022-07-22 00:52:35 Coinbase does not list securities. End of story kgwgk 30
2022-07-30 18:56:39 I Looked into 34 Top Real-World Blockchain Projects So You Don’t Have To ghuntley 247
2022-07-29 01:02:13 NIST announces preliminary winners of post-quantum competition zaik 87
2022-07-27 09:48:17 RStudio Is Becoming Posit tosh 119
2022-07-24 23:59:28 Ask HN: Why are there so few artificial sunlight or artificial window products? stevage 138
2022-07-26 12:14:28 LiteFS a FUSE-based file system for replicating SQLite sysbot 241
2022-07-24 22:30:22 Heaviest neutron star on record is 2.35 times the Solar mass lota-putty 2
2022-07-21 10:31:20 Show HN: Pg_jsonschema – A Postgres extension for JSON validation oliverrice 203
2022-07-18 11:56:47 Computer science proof unveils unexpected form of entanglement theafh 106
2022-07-20 11:34:10 Securing name resolution in the IoT: DNS over CoAP pantalaimon 22
2022-07-13 12:42:22 Maybe powers of π don't have unexpectedly good approximations? thomasahle 75
2022-07-15 02:12:15 Freezing Requirements with Pip-Tools BerislavLopac 54
2022-07-04 20:37:38 Qubit: Quantum register: Qudits and qutrits westurner 3
2022-07-05 12:10:38 To improve search results on YouTube, use the search prefix “intitle:” normhill 358
2022-07-05 17:08:28 OpenSSL Security Advisory arkadiyt 138
2022-07-04 23:13:50 Axial Higgs mode spotted in materials at room temperature (2022) westurner 1
2022-07-04 09:48:19 New study shows highly creative people’s brains work differently from others' NickRandom 136
2022-07-03 11:10:38 Visualizing quantum mechanics in an interactive simulation JoeDaDude 171
2022-07-01 09:27:12 Show HN: CSVFiddle – Query CSV files with DuckDB in the browser shbhrsaha 64
2022-06-30 21:00:55 A fast in-place interpreter for WebAssembly azhenley 29
2022-06-21 09:59:36 One-liner for running queries against CSV files with SQLite jdblair 747
2022-06-24 14:26:46 Show HN: Easily Convert WARC (Web Archive) into Parquet, Then Query with DuckDB llambda 116
2022-06-17 08:00:43 Bundling binary tools in Python wheels pcr910303 108
2022-06-17 04:37:45 Quantum Algorithm Implementations for Beginners rg111 110
2022-06-14 04:26:32 How to create a dashboard in Python with Jupyter Notebook pplonski86 188
2022-06-12 06:10:03 The Y Combinator in Go with generics mfrw 118
2022-06-09 18:54:08 Show HN: Pixie, open source observability for Kubernetes using eBPF nserrino 6
2022-06-10 17:52:12 Implementing strace in Rust JAKWAI 2
2022-06-09 16:36:58 Gitsign semiquaver 104
2022-06-09 16:54:49 Physicists discover never-before seen particle sitting on a tabletop spekcular 46
2022-06-08 12:45:24 The case for expanding rather than eliminating gifted education programs (2021) paulpauper 796
2022-06-08 09:32:13 Beautiful Soup memorable 226
2022-06-02 11:16:27 Formal methods only solve half my problems mjb 69
2022-06-01 06:37:20 Show HN: An open source alternative to Evernote (Self Hosted) vivekweb2013 241
2022-06-01 23:29:28 How are you using your whiteboard at home? regular_dev 1
2022-05-24 11:14:44 California parents could soon sue for social media addiction prostoalex 165
2022-05-26 03:39:12 Microsoft Flight Simulator – Top Gun: Maverick Expansion westurner 1
2022-05-22 12:03:07 Generating websites with SPARQL and Snowman, part 1 davidrupp 50
2022-05-22 10:12:50 Index funds officially overtake active managers andsoitis 176
2022-05-22 01:56:59 Why building profitable trading bot is hard? Kshitijmore 14
2022-05-14 00:59:26 The Good Ol' Days of QBasic Nibbles elvis70 80
2022-05-14 08:43:46 Can we make a black hole? And if we could, what could we do with it? nsoonhui 142
2022-05-14 13:18:21 DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections mooreds 49
2022-05-13 05:57:58 Twitter Deal Temporarily on Hold palebluedot 650
2022-05-09 14:27:05 Show HN: – Live search for Python documentation danosull 74
2022-05-08 22:08:15 Colleges where everyone works and there's no tuition bale 186
2022-05-04 09:27:42 What are your most used self-hosted applications? geeked 735
2022-05-04 00:17:23 Sqldiff: SQLite Database Difference Utility thunderbong 210
2022-04-30 14:17:18 GitBOM: Enabling universal artifact traceability in software supply chains todsacerdoti 26
2022-04-26 07:05:34 Compostable fungi-based replacement for styrofoam gruuya 202
2022-04-24 13:30:52 Evolution is not a tree of life but a fuzzy network ALee 100
2022-04-23 10:53:06 U.S. interest rates have soared everywhere but savings accounts mgh2 237
2022-04-20 11:57:01 Changing std:sort at Google’s scale and beyond ashvardanian 557
2022-04-13 04:41:13 Deep Learning Poised to ‘Blow Up’ Famed Fluid Equations takiwatanga 54
2022-04-16 01:56:26 Gigahertz topological valley Hall effect in NEMS phononic crystals westurner 2
2022-04-16 01:54:48
2022-04-14 10:13:22 Doing small network scientific machine learning in Julia faster than PyTorch adgjlsfhk1 178
2022-04-13 09:56:37 Logarithms yearning to be free _Microft 75
2022-04-12 08:49:34 Show HN: Monocle – bidirectional code generation library lucasluitjes 148
2022-04-12 16:11:52 Organization Discussions – GitHub Changelog judge2020 37
2022-04-08 23:04:23 Fossil of dinosaur killed in asteroid strike found, scientists claim Hooke 225
2022-04-07 01:08:26 We’ve got a science opportunity overload: Launching the Wolfram Institute nsoonhui 255
2022-04-06 23:13:22 Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills (2020) mizzao 13
2022-04-06 06:59:47 GhostSCAD: Marrying OpenSCAD and Golang ljan 54
2022-04-06 13:01:46 The existence of true one-way functions depends on Kolmogorov complexity theafh 439
2022-04-06 09:58:09 Language of fungi derived from their electrical spiking activity T-A 239
2022-04-02 09:35:52 Lifetime Annotations for C++ akling 184
2022-04-03 23:43:51 Learn about Concept Maps Tomte 83
2022-04-03 21:09:20 The Personal Security Checklist mcrump 253
2022-04-03 16:40:09 Study Tips from Richard Feynman takiwatanga 196
2022-04-02 11:21:44 Minimodem – general-purpose software audio FSK modem marcodiego 152
2022-04-01 08:02:11 Ask HN: Why don't PCs have better entropy sources? bloopernova 127
2022-04-01 02:58:02 Postgres wire compatible SQLite proxy ithkuil 288
2022-04-01 11:12:05 Show HN: Redo – Command line utility for quickly creating shell functions silentprog 124
2022-04-01 03:50:13 Rustc_codegen_GCC can now bootstrap rustc bestouff 197
2022-03-29 11:17:56 Black Holes Shown to Act Like Quantum Particles theafh 36
2022-03-30 12:00:10 Dagger: a new way to build CI/CD pipelines shykes 395
2022-03-30 09:13:14 Grafana Mimir – Horizontally scalable long-term storage for Prometheus devsecopsify 261
2022-03-27 20:00:26 Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power from Graphene (2020) joak 51
2022-03-28 06:54:35 Recommendations when publishing a WASM library comagoosie 39
2022-03-25 09:54:28 A statically typed scripting language that transpiles to Posix sh TaKO8Ki 251
2022-03-24 07:46:33 If you’re not using SSH certificates you’re doing SSH wrong (2019) noyesno 459
2022-03-23 14:32:44 Google's Certificate Transparency Search page to be discontinued May 15th, 2022 TheBrokenRail 79
2022-03-23 16:08:39 Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3 jfarmer 224
2022-03-22 13:34:54 The quantum technology ecosystem explained sblank 70
2022-03-19 16:54:56 Debugging with GDB ingve 194
2022-03-22 22:52:06 Researchers store a quantum bit for a record-breaking 20 milliseconds westurner 8
2022-03-22 01:09:24 Arpchat – Text your friends on the same network using just ARP calmingsolitude 88
2022-03-17 11:42:25 'Quantum hair’ could resolve Hawking’s black hole paradox, say scientists monkey_monkey 2
2022-03-19 14:57:20 A Primer on Proxies jgrahamc 142
2022-03-21 14:34:03 Ask HN: Tools to generate coverage of user documentation for code tstack 6
2022-03-19 12:47:27 Show HN: `Git add -p` with multiple buckets aleclm 94
2022-03-17 04:25:09 Beavers back in London after 400-year absence zeristor 179
2022-03-17 15:48:41 Show HN: A Graphviz Implementation in Rust Q26124 182
2022-03-10 21:10:47 How to record data for reinforcement learning agent from any Linux game (2020) mooreds 58
2022-03-14 17:10:10 Podman can transfer container images without a registry kukx 149
2022-03-14 21:58:34 Light exposure during sleep impairs cardiometabolic function sndean 275
2022-03-14 13:34:33 Show HN: Instantly create a GitHub repository to take screenshots of a web page simonw 214
2022-03-13 12:20:31 Lawn mowing frequency affects bee abundance and diversity (2018) gkfasdfasdf 224
2022-03-12 11:12:14 Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from a million years to 30 minutes metaph6 235
2022-03-12 14:09:35 Show HN: Hubfs – File System for GitHub billziss 160
2022-03-09 11:10:12 Physicists steer chemical reactions by magnetic fields and quantum interference wrycoder 103
2022-03-08 10:01:48 White noise improves learning by modulating activity in midbrain regions (2014) Friday_ 219
2022-03-10 15:27:51 Show HN: Prepform – AI and spaced-repetition to optimize learning techmowgli 50
2022-03-08 21:20:08 Why tensors? A beginner's perspective mfn 173
2022-03-09 11:28:43 Booting ARM Linux the standard way MartijnBraam 139
2022-03-09 02:20:30 PipeWire: A year in review and a look ahead pabs3 262
2022-03-07 17:30:40 How does database indexing work? (2008) luu 253
2022-03-08 09:53:43 WebGPU – All of the cores, none of the canvas jasim 393
2022-03-07 19:14:42 Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster (2014) graderjs 360
2022-03-03 14:21:56 CPython, C standards, and IEEE 754 jwilk 119
2022-03-03 10:43:26 Ask HN: Books recommendations on developing critical thinking? jackallis 29
2022-02-23 18:00:29 Web Share API jka 2
2022-02-22 12:13:02 Ask HN: Is Kubernetes the only alternative for being cloud agnostic? taylodl 37
2022-02-21 09:17:07 Bootloader Basics mooreds 104
2022-02-21 01:35:17 Automerge: A JSON-like data structure (a CRDT) that can be modified concurrently yamrzou 274
2022-02-17 09:18:48 A 13-year-old used my artificial nose to diagnose pneumonia kartben_ 324
2022-02-20 17:43:21 Lit-up fishing nets reduce catch of unwanted sharks, rays and squid: study bryanrasmussen 82
2022-02-17 09:50:14 Design of a rapid transit to Mars mission using laser-thermal propulsion nixass 55
2022-02-17 03:41:39 WebGL 2.0 Achieves Pervasive Support from All Major Web Browsers nkjoep 220
2022-02-17 09:25:13 Uniting the Linux random-number devices h1x 125
2022-02-11 15:44:37 Carbon Robotics new LaserWeeder with 30 lasers to autonomously eradicate weeds rmason 19
2022-02-09 11:16:05 Launch HN: Pelm (YC W22) – Plaid for Utilities drewkim 101
2022-02-07 08:31:11 Show HN: SHA-256 explained step-by-step visually manceraio 1241
2022-02-06 14:36:54 Frank Rosenblatt's perceptron paved the way for AI 60 years too soon (2019) ilamont 184
2022-02-04 06:52:18 1999 Repeal of Glass-Steagall was the worst deregulation enacted in US history consumer451 135
2022-02-01 16:20:25 America’s Covid job-saving programme gave most of its cash to the rich pseudolus 526
2022-02-03 10:13:55 Ask HN: Do you use TLA+? riddleronroof 49
2022-02-02 13:53:21 New material that can absorb and release enormous amounts of energy prostoalex 189
2022-02-01 14:01:08 WebVM: Server-less x86 virtual machines in the browser AshleysBrain 350
2022-01-29 15:48:54 Plant-based epoxy enables recyclable carbon fiber kungfudoi 174
2022-01-30 08:04:36 Ask HN: Is it worth it to learn C to better understand Python? Takizawamura 54
2022-01-30 04:16:16 GDPR penalty for passing on of IP address to Google by using Google Fonts sitting_duck 389
2022-01-26 17:53:35 Rancher Desktop 1.0 vyskocilm 152
2022-01-25 07:56:27 Systemd by Example Foxboron 496
2022-01-25 15:05:09 Pwnkit: Local Privilege Escalation in polkit's pkexec (CVE-2021-4034) todsacerdoti 268
2022-01-19 22:48:12 MicroShift wallflower 122
2022-01-18 05:31:08 Systemd service sandboxing and security hardening (2020) capableweb 293
2022-01-16 16:27:55 Why isn't there a universal data format for résumés? ColinWright 427
2022-01-15 08:18:25 LAN-port-scan forbidder, browser addon to protect private network gry_gh 48
2021-12-18 01:26:35 Ask HN: What are the best books for professional effectiveness? arikr 107
2021-11-19 14:49:08 HTTP Message Signatures mooreds 58
2021-11-29 15:43:15 Asmrepl: REPL for x86 Assembly Language tekkertje 230
2021-11-26 11:17:29 On yak shaving and <md-block>, a new HTML element for Markdown feross 118
2021-11-21 15:51:49 Thoughts on “E-Readers” (2009) ctoth 56
2021-11-07 12:48:12 Ask HN: Why don’t startups share their cap table and/or shares outstanding? axg11 2
2021-11-02 13:16:45 Toxiproxy is a framework for simulating network conditions taf2 213
2021-11-01 15:38:12 Report on Stablecoins [pdf] TheAlchemist 654
2021-11-01 10:03:38 Intel Extension for Scikit-Learn privong 182
2021-10-29 11:57:36 The Metaverse Was Lame Even Before Facebook coffeefirst 39
2021-10-26 11:13:21 Is college worth it? A return-on-investment analysis paulpauper 146
2021-10-26 16:05:00 Notes from the Meeting on Python GIL Removal Between Python Core and Sam Gross rbanffy 248
2021-10-14 14:54:06 Show HN: OtterTune – Automated Database Tuning Service for RDS MySQL/Postgres apavlo 164
2021-10-24 10:14:11 Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from Linux otreblan 1290
2021-10-24 16:26:23 Arrow DataFusion includes Ballista, which does SIMD and GPU vectorized ops westurner 2
2021-10-21 02:51:09 Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second signa11 139
2021-10-21 15:14:23 Fed to ban policymakers from owning individual stocks awb 577
2021-10-21 10:52:11 Hardened wood as a renewable alternative to steel and plastic Tomte 315
2021-10-20 03:27:50 Investors use AI to analyse CEOs’ language patterns and tone pseudolus 109
2021-10-09 19:15:34 Graph of Keybase commits pre and post Zoom acquisition 0des 348
2021-10-19 17:57:29 Single sign-on: What we learned during our identity alpha open-source-ux 145
2021-10-19 14:23:13 Five things we still don’t know about water Anon84 305
2021-10-19 19:45:09 New Optical Switch Up to 1000x Faster Than Transistors ofou 267
2021-10-17 21:00:38 Show HN: I built a sonar into my surfboard foobarbecue 332
2021-10-15 18:29:05 Cortical Column Networks RageoftheRobots 49
2021-10-05 07:30:30 Startup Ideas luu 223
2021-10-05 13:15:42 It is easier to educate a Do-er than to motivate the educated tosh 448
2021-09-30 09:59:40 Are software engineering “best practices” just developer preferences? floverfelt 316
2021-09-30 10:50:30 Major Quantum Computing Strategy Suffers Serious Setbacks elsewhen 90
2021-09-29 09:27:45 Attempts to scientifically “rationalize” policy may be damaging democracy anarbadalov 235
2021-09-29 04:18:46 Response to 'Call for Review: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0' lorn3 86
2021-09-29 18:01:08 Apple didn't revolutionize power supplies; new transistors did (2012) Rondom 208
2021-09-27 18:02:51 What does my engineering manager do all day? mooreds 187
2021-09-23 12:29:15 Using two keyboards at once for pain relief ruffrey 349
2021-09-22 10:52:56 Waydroid – Run Android containers on Ubuntu pabs3 684
2021-09-16 11:36:55 Biologists Rethink the Logic Behind Cells’ Molecular Signals theafh 104
2021-09-16 23:47:13 The Shunting-yard algorithm converts infix notation to RPN westurner 2
2021-09-16 23:46:10
2021-09-13 20:13:29 How should logarithms be taught? raviparikh 34
2021-09-15 12:12:35 Automatic cipher suite ordering in Go’s crypto/tls FiloSottile 122
2021-09-14 04:50:14 Scikit-Learn Version 1.0 m3at 260
2021-09-14 09:11:22 Signed Exchanges on Google Search oedmarap 5
2021-09-11 17:43:17 AlphaGo documentary (2020) [video] rdli 248
2021-09-11 11:16:26 Interpretable Model-Based Hierarchical RL Using Inductive Logic Programming YeGoblynQueenne 66
2021-09-13 07:41:02 Ship / Show / Ask: A modern branching strategy NicoJuicy 157
2021-09-13 13:38:02 Show HN: TweeView – A Tree Visualisation of Twitter Conversations edent 55
2021-09-11 15:07:03 Wireless Charging Power Side-Channel Attacks tosh 68
2021-09-11 15:07:11 How We Proved the Eth2 Deposit Contract Is Free of Runtime Errors michaelsbradley 179
2021-09-12 08:36:03 Physics-Based Deep Learning Book Anon84 195
2021-09-10 03:38:41 Ask HN: Books that teach you programming languages via systems projects? Foe 204
2021-09-04 16:40:30 How you can track your personal finances using Python siddhant 140
2021-09-09 17:22:35 CISA Lays Out Security Rules for Zero Trust Clouds CrankyBear 6
2021-09-09 07:53:55 Show HN: Heroku Alternative for Python/Django apps appliku 183
2021-09-09 13:33:54 SPDX Becomes Internationally Recognized Standard for Software Bill of Materials warp 10
2021-09-07 03:35:39 Show HN: on IPFS hugoroussel 238
2021-09-04 13:46:05 New Texas Abortion Law Likely to Unleash a Torrent of Lawsuits Against Education gamontserrat 118
2021-09-02 20:25:43 DARPA grant to work on sensing and stimulating the brain noninvasively [video] grawprog 83
2021-09-02 19:55:58 New Ways to Be Told That Your Python Code Is Bad nickdrozd 102
2021-09-03 05:14:58 Web-based editor pjmlp 564
2021-09-03 06:48:06 GitHub Copilot Generated Insecure Code in 40% of Circumstances During Experiment elsombrero 261
2021-09-01 10:00:44 AAS Journals Will Switch to Open Access sohkamyung 215
2021-08-30 23:46:28 White House Launches US Digital Corps elsewhen 160
2021-08-25 08:13:52 Launch HN: Litnerd (YC S21) – Teaching kids to read with the help of live actors Anisa_Mirza 127
2021-08-27 12:20:28 Nimforum: Lightweight alternative to Discourse written in Nim ducktective 172
2021-08-21 12:21:58 An Opinionated Guide to Xargs todsacerdoti 402
2021-08-20 21:41:10 Enhanced Support for Citations on GitHub chenzhekl 80
2021-08-18 17:51:46 Canada calls screen scraping ‘unsecure,’ sets Open Banking target for 2023 exotree 349
2021-08-13 09:03:22 Interactive Linear Algebra (2019) natemcintosh 365
2021-08-12 16:12:15 Git password authentication is shutting down judge2020 440
2021-08-12 10:33:42 A future for SQL on the web rasmusfabbe 925
2021-08-01 11:34:17 Show HN: Python Source Code Refactoring Toolkit via AST treesciencebot 110
2021-08-03 09:27:50 Emacs' org-mode gets citation support NeutralForest 234
2021-08-03 11:55:43 NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance [pdf] kennethko 635
2021-07-31 02:56:35 Hosting SQLite Databases on GitHub Pages isnotchicago 567
2021-07-22 23:42:24 Ask HN: Any good resources on how to be a great technical advisor to startups? _009 21
2021-07-11 21:23:27 Teaching other teachers how to teach CS better robfig 156
2021-07-06 12:15:22 Ask HN: Best online speech / public speaking course? i_am_not_elon 33
2021-06-30 21:39:31 Google sunsets the APK format for new Android apps kevin_thibedeau 142
2021-06-22 12:30:43 A from-scratch tour of Bitcoin in Python yigitdemirag 1187
2021-06-13 17:33:23 An Omega-3 that’s poison for cancer tumors elorant 255
2021-06-08 19:09:39 Discover and Prevent Linux Kernel Zero-Day Exploit Using Formal Verification vzaliva 3
2021-06-04 13:28:44 Anatomy of a Linux DNS Lookup belter 168
2021-05-29 02:59:45 JupyterLite – WASM-powered Jupyter running in the browser ahurmazda 205
2021-05-26 16:05:11 Accenture, GitHub, Microsoft and ThoughtWorks Launch the GSF scottcha 4
2021-05-27 14:21:55 DRAM Alternative Developed: 4X Higher Density at Higher Speed and Lower Power billyharris 14
2021-05-27 11:07:44 Rocky Linux releases its first release candidate sparcpile 147
2021-05-26 06:09:46 USB-C is about to go from 100W to 240W, enough to power beefier laptops Tomte 427
2021-05-25 12:02:06 Half-Double: New hammering technique for DRAM Rowhammer bug fqazi 189
2021-05-20 15:20:29 Setting up a Raspberry Pi with 2 Network Interfaces as a simple router geerlingguy 126
2021-05-19 03:20:31 What to do about GPU packages on PyPI? polm23 123
2021-05-18 17:17:39 Markdown Notes VS Code extension: Navigate notes with [[wiki-links]] julienreszka 2
2021-05-11 14:07:44 Ask HN: Choosing a language to learn for the heck of it bsg75 13
2021-05-10 11:53:54 Show HN: Django SQL Dashboard simonw 202
2021-05-06 13:33:00 Interactive IPA Chart Jeud 243
2021-05-06 16:15:29 Google Dataset Search abraxaz 386
2021-05-04 20:09:49 Ask HN: Cap Table Service Recommendations Ankaios 1
2021-05-02 12:43:15 Hosting SQLite databases on GitHub Pages or any static file hoster phiresky 1808
2021-04-23 13:11:53 Wasm3 compiles itself (using LLVM/Clang compiled to WASM) theBashShell 178
2021-04-24 01:18:52 Remote code execution in Homebrew by compromising the official Cask repository spenvo 387
2021-04-22 12:51:22 Semgrep: Semantic grep for code ievans 415
2021-04-10 09:05:03 Ask HN: What to use instead of Bash / Sh for scripting? lordgroff 52
2021-04-09 13:11:27 Estonian Electronic Identity Card and Its Security Challenges [pdf] IndrekR 72
2021-04-08 20:49:08 Systemd makes life miserable, again, this time by breaking DNS bcrl 5
2021-04-08 21:35:57 Ask HN: How bad is proof-of-work blockchain energy consumption? furrowedbrow 2
2021-03-30 17:42:22 What does a PGP signature on a Git commit prove? JNRowe 147
2021-03-30 06:40:47 Breakthrough for ‘massless’ energy storage reimertz 233
2021-03-25 10:08:52 OpenSSL Security Advisory arkadiyt 327
2021-03-26 14:15:06 How much total throughput can your wi-fi router really provide? giuliomagnifico 84
2021-03-23 17:28:53 The Most Important Scarce Resource Is Legitimacy ve55 119
2021-03-19 11:31:14 A few notes on message passing srijan4 151
2021-03-11 13:41:42 Duolingo's language notes all on one page rococode 265
2021-03-11 12:19:20 Ask HN: The easiest programming language for teaching programming to young kids? simplerman 25
2021-03-07 10:09:22 Raspberry Pi for Kill Mosquitoes by Laser ColinWright 342
2021-03-07 10:16:33 Donate Unrestricted razin 288
2021-03-02 09:55:02 Bitcoin Is Time taylorwc 442
2021-02-28 06:34:44 Foundational Distributed Systems Papers mastabadtomm 253
2021-02-28 21:46:20 Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote (2007) [video] jstrieb 49
2021-02-27 21:56:01 How to Efficiently Choose the Right Database for Your Applications gesaint 80
2021-02-21 17:26:02 A Data Pipeline Is a Materialized View nchammas 144
2021-02-18 06:17:14 There’s no such thing as “a startup within a big company” isolli 635
2021-02-18 03:21:39 Ask HN: Keyrings: per-package/repo; commit, merge, and release keyrings? westurner 1
2021-02-13 01:42:16 Threat Actors Now Target Docker via Container Escape Features pizza 134
2021-02-11 23:09:15 Ask HN: What security is in place for bank-to-bank EFT? andrewon 1
2021-02-11 09:06:18 Podman: A Daemonless Container Engine lobo_tuerto 320
2021-02-10 07:54:05 Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index apples_oranges 979
2021-02-10 13:41:55 Bitcoin's fundamental value is negative given its environmental impact martinlaz 134
2021-02-05 13:41:13 Ask HN: What are some books where the reader learns by building projects? Shosty123 53
2021-02-05 09:05:57 Is it wrong to demand features in open-source projects? theabbie 8
2021-02-02 09:43:58 CompilerGym: A toolkit for reinforcement learning for compiler optimization azhenley 139
2021-01-24 07:17:14 Turning desalination waste into a useful resource thereare5lights 42
2021-01-26 17:41:26 Evcxr: A Rust REPL and Jupyter Kernel batterylow 170
2021-01-24 16:51:25 Ask HN: What is the cost to launch a SaaS business MVP mikesabbagh 16
2021-01-23 17:03:11 Cryptocurreny crime is way ahead of regulators and law enforcement dgellow 114
2021-01-22 14:39:19 Ask HN: Why aren't micropayments a thing? wppick 106
2021-01-21 18:34:43 Elon Musk announces $100M carbon capture prize tito 11
2021-01-11 08:20:39 Tim Berners-Lee wants to put people in control of their personal data IvanSologub 238
2021-01-11 07:08:49 Governments spurred the rise of solar power jakozaur 133
2021-01-05 07:50:03 Termux no longer updated on Google Play martinlaz 362
2021-01-01 16:57:02 Ask HN: What should go in an Excel-to-Python equivalent of a couch-to-5k? etothepii 9
2020-12-28 08:06:01 Scientists turn CO2 into jet fuel vanburen 61
2020-12-27 14:16:01 Show HN: Stork: A customizable, WASM-powered full-text search plugin for the web jil 137
2020-12-27 14:14:42 Upptime – GitHub-powered open-source uptime monitor and status page fahrradflucht 301
2020-12-26 11:31:47 Show HN: Simple-graph – a graph database in SQLite dpapathanasiou 236
2020-12-24 10:54:18 In CPython, types implemented in C are part of the type tree todsacerdoti 108
2020-12-16 08:15:03 Experiments on a $50 DIY air purifier that takes 30s to assemble dyno-might 292
2020-12-13 06:07:56 Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys buttscicles 869
2020-12-11 16:33:14 Turing Tumble Simulator tobias2014 2
2020-11-30 07:53:34 Python Pip 20.3 Released with new resolver groodt 224
2020-11-23 14:39:50 Convolution Is Fancy Multiplication ubac 397
2020-11-18 10:09:55 How to better ventilate your home arunbahl 101
2020-11-06 13:01:34 Quantum-computing pioneer Peter Shor warns of complacency over Internet security headalgorithm 2
2020-11-05 01:11:47 CERN Online introductory lectures on quantum computing from 6 November limist 277
2020-11-03 19:31:07 A Manim Code Template HaoZeke 2
2020-10-21 20:28:21 Startup Financial Modeling: What is a Financial Model? (2016) aaronbski 229
2020-10-16 18:23:29 At what grade level do presidential candidates debate? the_afonseca 51
2020-10-11 14:30:27 ElectricityMap – Live CO₂ emissions of electricity production and consumption jka 221
2020-10-09 02:53:03 Bash Error Handling sohkamyung 287
2020-10-09 18:37:09 A Customer Acquisition Playbook for Consumer Startups jcs87 129
2020-10-06 02:34:07 Gathering all open and sustainable technology projects protontypes 3
2020-10-05 11:50:57 Jupyter Notebooks Gallery jeffnotebook 101
2020-10-03 16:33:30 NestedText, a nice alternative to JSON, YAML, TOML nestedtext 302
2020-10-04 12:21:50 Algorithm discovers how six molecules could evolve into life’s building blocks gmays 390
2020-10-02 14:16:05 Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene westurner 42
2020-09-29 17:37:53 Mozilla shuts project Iodide: Datascience documents in browsers ritwiksaikia 46
2020-09-27 07:18:50 Ask HN: What are good life skills for people to learn? smarri 254
2020-09-23 22:04:25 Four Keys Project metrics for DevOps team performance westurner 3
2020-09-19 09:13:45 Ask HN: Resources to encourage teen on becoming computer engineer? tomrod 111
2020-09-18 14:10:34 CadQuery: A Python parametric CAD scripting framework based on OCCT OJFord 134
2020-09-17 01:31:25 Array Programming with NumPy hardmaru 289
2020-09-17 16:38:37 Do you like the browser bookmark manager? andyware 6
2020-09-17 12:58:46 NIST Samate – Source Code Security Analyzers animationwill 71
2020-09-17 04:19:49 A Handwritten Math Parser in 100 lines of Python gnebehay 64
2020-09-15 06:25:51 PEP – An open source PDF editor for Mac threcius 191
2020-09-12 10:49:38 The Unix timestamp will begin with 16 this Sunday dezmou 452
2020-09-11 07:36:54 Redox: Unix-Like Operating System in Rust bpierre 242
2020-09-11 09:31:37 Ask HN: How are online communities established? jayshua 127
2020-09-10 20:19:41 Python Documentation Using Sphinx keyboardman 1
2020-09-10 07:18:54 Traits of good remote leaders sfg 356
2020-09-09 22:07:59 Show HN: Eiten – open-source tool for portfolio optimization hydershykh 200
2020-09-08 09:51:43 Ask HN: Any well funded tech companies tackling big, meaningful problems? digitalmaster 97
2020-09-07 17:50:02 Column Names as Contracts MaysonL 55
2020-09-06 00:49:07 Graph Representations for Higher-Order Logic and Theorem Proving (2019) brzozowski 104
2020-09-04 22:37:14 Show HN: Linux sysadmin course, eight years on snori74 780
2020-09-03 05:12:02 Software supply chain security mayakacz 82
2020-09-01 13:53:23 Mind Emulation Foundation gk1 93
2020-08-31 22:41:41 13 Beautiful Tools to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning Skills alikayaspor 15
2020-08-28 06:34:50 How close are computers to automating mathematical reasoning? auggierose 100
2020-08-29 11:06:54 New framework for natural capital approach to transform policy decisions westurner 2
2020-08-24 09:19:08 Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run? sohkamyung 305
2020-08-19 14:54:09 A deep dive into the official Docker image for Python itamarst 189
2020-08-18 19:01:49 The Consortium for Python Data API Standards BerislavLopac 102
2020-08-07 15:02:57 Tech giants let the Web's metadata schemas and infrastructure languish timhigins 301
2020-08-10 10:39:15 Time-reversal of an unknown quantum state samizdis 23
2020-08-08 12:48:07 Electric cooker an easy, efficient way to sanitize N95 masks, study finds johnny313 201
2020-08-09 19:13:33 Fed announces details of new interbank service to support instant payments tigerlily 682
2020-08-08 21:17:02 Shrinking deep learning’s carbon footprint dsavant 4
2020-08-02 10:44:33 Show HN: Starboard – Fully in-browser literate notebooks like Jupyter Notebook protoduction 369
2020-07-23 16:11:55 Ask HN: Learning about distributed systems? shahrk 35
2020-08-01 22:13:32 Ask HN: How can I “work-out” critical thinking skills as I age? treyfitty 87
2020-07-29 17:21:42 The tragedy of FireWire: Collaborative tech torpedoed by corporations segfaultbuserr 3
2020-07-29 17:17:29 The Developer’s Guide to Audit Logs / SIEM endingwithali 9
2020-07-29 04:26:06 kome 1649
2020-07-24 19:37:41 Ask HN: Recommendations for Books on Writing? wwright 5
2020-07-23 14:10:29 Ask HN: How did you learn x86-64 assembly? spacechild1 48
2020-07-22 09:39:11 Brain connectivity levels are equal in all mammals, including humans: study hhs 197
2020-07-22 04:21:32 Ask HN: Resources to start learning about quantum computing? edu 185
2020-07-21 11:58:25 Launch HN: Charityvest (YC S20) – Employee charitable funds and gift matching Leonidas243 64
2020-07-20 16:52:03 We Need a Yelp for Doctoral Programs etattva 180
2020-07-20 01:21:29 All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization hippich 135
2020-07-18 21:06:28 Why companies lose their best innovators (2019) hhs 190
2020-07-17 16:48:58 Powerful AI Can Now Be Trained on a Single Computer MindGods 282
2020-07-10 12:30:36 Ask HN: Something like Khan Academy but full curriculum for grade schoolers? jmspring 283
2020-07-09 13:35:44 AutoML-Zero: Evolving Code That Learns theafh 34
2020-07-06 08:25:22 SymPy - a Python library for symbolic mathematics ogogmad 209
2020-07-03 17:05:31 Ask HN: Are there any messaging apps supporting Markdown? 5986043handy 19
2020-06-24 12:36:53 What vertical farming and ag startups don't understand about agriculture kickout 348
2020-06-15 05:26:29 Ask HN: What are your go to SaaS products for startups/MVPs? lbj 169
2020-06-13 08:31:58 Ask HN: Do you read aloud or silently in your minds? Onceagain 6
2020-06-08 08:42:33 Ask HN: How do you deploy a Django app in 2020? eptakilo 3
2020-06-04 21:35:38 Containers from first principles setheron 102
2020-05-27 17:16:56 How many people did it take to build the Great Pyramid? samizdis 136
2020-05-14 16:44:28 Solar’s Future is Insanely Cheap epistasis 152
2020-05-20 14:52:29 Demo of an OpenAI language model applied to code generation [video] cjlovett 281
2020-05-04 18:51:16 Future of the human climate niche origgm 96
2020-05-15 06:25:43 Ask HN: Best resources for non-technical founders to understand hacker mindset? jamiecollinson 114
2020-05-11 10:08:31 Dissecting the code responsible for the Bitcoin halving Mojah 39
2020-04-30 13:06:53 Ask HN: Does mounting servers parallel with the temperature gradient trap heat? westurner 2
2020-04-26 16:33:13 Psychological techniques to practice Stoicism hoanhan101 173
2020-04-25 10:00:05 What does the 'rc' in `.bashrc`, etc. mean? janvdberg 297
2020-04-23 16:19:24 Google ditched tipping feature for donating money to sites caution 2
2020-04-23 15:58:23 Innovating on Web Monetization: Coil and Firefox Reality stareatgoats 2
2020-04-19 22:24:07 Ask HN: Recommendations for online essay grading systems? westurner 1
2020-04-19 22:28:00 Ask HN: Systems for supporting Evidence-Based Policy? westurner 1
2020-04-19 14:54:31 Facebook, Google to be forced to share ad revenue with Australian media docdeek 148
2020-04-11 12:36:55 France rules Google must pay news firms for content us0r 134
2020-04-05 03:00:45 Adafruit Thermal Camera Imager for Fever Screening jonbaer 2
2020-03-31 18:08:57 The end of an Era – changing every single instance of a 32-bit time_t in Linux zdw 165
2020-04-01 01:16:29 Ask HN: What's the ROI of Y Combinator investments? longtermd 4
2020-04-01 00:41:15 Microsoft announces Money in Excel powered by Plaid chirau 3
2020-03-30 02:02:12 Lora-based device-to-device smartphone communication for crisis scenarios [pdf] oliver2213 90
2020-03-27 17:56:01 LoRa+WiFi ClusterDuck Protocol by Project OWL for Disaster Relief westurner 3
2020-03-26 02:53:34 A Visual Debugger for Jupyter sandGorgon 197
2020-03-27 18:45:26 Ask HN: What's the Equivalent of 'Hello, World' for a Quantum Computer? simonblack 2
2020-03-27 18:43:58 Ask HN: Communication platforms for intermittent disaster relief? westurner 1
2020-03-27 18:06:49 DroneAid: A Symbol Language and ML model for indicating needs to drones, planes westurner 2
2020-03-26 06:52:53 Ask HN: Computer Science/History Books? jackofalltrades 327
2020-03-26 06:07:26 Open-source security tools for cloud and container applications alexellisuk 53
2020-03-25 14:26:44 YC Companies Responding to Covid-19 no_gravity 144
2020-03-23 18:21:18 Show HN: Neh – Execute any script or program from Nginx location directives oap_bram 27
2020-03-21 15:39:25 Ask HN: How can a intermediate-beginner learn Unix/Linux and programming? learnTemp229462 146
2020-03-20 09:40:37 Math Symbols Explained with Python amitness 130
2020-03-20 00:16:15 Ask HN: Is there way you can covert smartphone to a no contact thermometer? shreyshrey 9
2020-03-15 05:47:35 Employee Scheduling weitzj 641
2020-03-14 07:01:16 Show HN: Simulation-based high school physics course notes lilgreenland 295
2020-03-15 04:58:04 WebAssembly brings extensibility to network proxies pjmlp 132
2020-03-14 00:29:09 Pandemic Ventilator Project mhb 318
2020-03-14 02:53:51 Low-cost ventilator wins Sloan health care prize (2019) tomcam 99
2020-03-13 19:22:55 AI can detect coronavirus from CT scans in twenty seconds laurex 109
2020-03-10 16:08:03 AutoML-Zero: Evolving machine learning algorithms from scratch lainon 260
2020-03-10 16:48:16 Options for giving math talks and lectures online chmaynard 143
2020-03-04 06:29:43 Aerogel from fruit biowaste produces ultracapacitors dalf 152
2020-03-03 05:09:35 Ask HN: How to Take Good Notes? romes 293
2020-03-03 06:36:58 Ask HN: STEM toy for a 3 years old? spapas82 117
2020-02-29 14:17:55 OpenAPI v3.1 and JSON Schema 2019-09 BerislavLopac 88
2020-02-26 03:06:01 Git for Node.js and the browser using libgit2 compiled to WebAssembly mstade 16
2020-02-20 21:02:47 Scientists use ML to find an antibiotic able to kill superbugs in mice adventured 438
2020-02-11 17:35:48 Shit – An implementation of Git using POSIX shell kick 814
2020-02-01 19:01:19 HTTP 402: Payment Required jpomykala 224
2020-01-16 15:28:07 Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Becomes Generally Available westurner 1
2020-01-09 07:07:33 Httpx: A next-generation HTTP client for Python tomchristie 462
2020-01-14 06:07:53 BlackRock CEO: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance vo2maxer 13
2019-12-29 13:32:58 A lot of complex “scalable” systems can be done with a simple, single C++ server Impossible 398
2019-12-31 10:19:32 Warren Buffett is spending billions to make Iowa 'the Saudi Arabia of wind' corporate_shi11 52
2019-12-27 07:08:54 Scientists Likely Found Way to Grow New Teeth for Patients elorant 243
2019-12-26 13:32:34 Announcing the New PubMed vo2maxer 119
2019-12-25 08:16:17 Ask HN: Is it worth it to learn C in 2020? zabana 11
2019-12-21 07:55:04 Free and Open-Source Mathematics Textbooks vo2maxer 321
2019-12-18 09:24:05 Make CPython segfault in 5 lines of code coolreader18 130
2019-12-10 12:05:36 Applications Are Now Open for YC Startup School – Starts in January erohead 48
2019-12-10 14:37:28 ‘Adulting’ is hard. UC Berkeley has a class for that incomplete 2
2019-12-10 13:55:50 Founder came back after 8 years to rewrite flash photoshop in canvas/WebGL poniko 9
2019-12-09 09:56:35 Five cities account for vast majority of growth in U.S. tech jobs: study Bostonian 93
2019-12-01 12:45:50 Don’t Blame Tech Bros for the Housing Crisis mistersquid 30
2019-11-25 09:07:30 Docker is just static linking for millenials DyslexicAtheist 38
2019-11-14 04:01:54 Show HN: Bamboolib – A GUI for Pandas (Python Data Science) __tobals__ 119
2019-11-25 01:39:22 Battery-Electric Heavy-Duty Equipment: It's Sort of Like a Cybertruck duck 3
2019-11-09 09:26:55 Tools for turning descriptions into diagrams: text-to-picture resources ingve 61
2019-10-16 00:42:33 CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility westurner 2
2019-10-19 08:28:01 GTD Tickler file – a proposal for text file format vivekv 3
2019-10-20 02:07:48 Ask HN: Any suggestion on how to test CLI applications? pdappollonio 3
2019-10-16 00:34:32 The Golden Butterfly and the All Weather Portfolio westurner 1
2019-10-12 07:19:23 Canada's Decision To Make Public More Clinical Trial Data Puts Pressure On FDA pseudolus 192
2019-10-10 23:35:35 Python Alternative to Docker gilad 3
2019-10-09 00:17:45 $6B United Nations Agency Launches Bitcoin, Ethereum Crypto Fund zed88 8
2019-10-08 16:03:02 Timsort, the Python sorting algorithm alexchamberlain 407
2019-10-07 22:29:21 Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if websites aren't accessible justadudeama 743
2019-10-04 11:15:12 Streamlit: Turn a Python script into an interactive data analysis tool danicgross 467
2019-09-23 16:43:51 Scott’s Supreme Quantum Supremacy FAQ xmmrm 600
2019-09-23 18:31:40 Ask HN: How do you handle/maintain local Python environments? PascLeRasc 103
2019-09-23 12:35:51 Is the era of the $100 graphing calculator coming to an end? prostoalex 361
2019-09-23 03:17:17 Reinventing Home Directories Schiphol 118
2019-09-23 03:00:38 Serverless: slower and more expensive kiyanwang 1787
2019-09-22 17:32:04 Entropy can be used to understand systems acgan 3
2019-09-18 07:24:36 New Query Language for Graph Databases to Become International Standard Anon84 290
2019-09-21 13:21:03 A Python Interpreter Written in Python nnnmnten 2
2019-09-21 11:51:00 Reinventing Home Directories – systemd-homed [pdf] signa11 3
2019-09-21 13:08:28 Weld: Accelerating numpy, scikit and pandas as much as 100x with Rust and LLVM unbalancedparen 585
2019-09-19 20:00:14 Craftsmanship–The Alternative to the 4 Hour Work Week oglowo3 4
2019-09-19 09:31:43 Solar and Wind Power So Cheap They’re Outgrowing Subsidies ph0rque 623
2019-09-18 06:52:46 Show HN: Python Tests That Write Themselves timothycrosley 131
2019-09-09 10:52:49 Most Americans see catastrophic weather events worsening elorant 102
2019-09-17 12:00:54 Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction gdb 332
2019-09-17 22:32:25 Inkscape 1.0 Beta 1 nkoren 603
2019-09-08 13:45:57 Where Dollar Bills Come From danso 69
2019-09-05 07:13:24 Monetary Policy Is the Root Cause of the Millennials’ Struggle joshuafkon 52
2019-08-30 15:42:12 Non-root containers, Kubernetes CVE-2019-11245 and why you should care zelivans 8
2019-08-25 23:49:46 How do black holes destroy information and why is that a problem? sohkamyung 195
2019-08-25 09:48:11 Banned C standard library functions in Git source code susam 502
2019-08-25 10:01:30 Ask HN: What's the hardest thing to secure in a web-app? juansgaitan 7
2019-08-22 01:29:43 Crystal growers who sparked a revolution in graphene electronics sohkamyung 85
2019-08-22 16:27:43 Things to Know About GNU Readline matt_d 204
2019-08-22 16:16:41 Show HN: Termpage – Build a webpage that behaves like a terminal brisky 5
2019-08-21 22:49:19 Vimer - Avoid multiple instances of GVim with gvim –remote[-tab]-silent wrapper grepgeek 6
2019-08-22 16:06:27 Electric Dump Truck Produces More Energy Than It Uses mreome 3
2019-08-21 17:34:53 Ask HN: Let's make an open source/free SaaS platform to tackle school forms busymichael 12
2019-08-21 14:18:17 Ask HN: Is there a CRUD front end for databases (especially SQLite)? Tomte 2
2019-08-20 06:43:31 California approves solar-powered EV charging network and electric school buses elorant 15
2019-08-17 10:58:03 You May Be Better Off Picking Stocks at Random, Study Finds Vaslo 146
2019-08-12 08:15:23 Root: CERN's scientific data analysis framework for C++ z3phyr 137
2019-08-13 02:09:30 MesaPy: A Memory-Safe Python Implementation based on PyPy (2018) ospider 119
2019-08-11 16:22:30 Ask HN: Configuration Management for Personal Computer? jacquesm 197
2019-08-08 13:11:06 GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories dstaheli 680
2019-08-05 17:19:30 The Fed is getting into the Real-Time payments business apo 96
2019-07-08 15:26:38 A Giant Asteroid of Gold Won’t Make Us Richer pseudolus 92
2019-07-08 10:52:06 Abusing the PHP Query String Parser to Bypass IDS, IPS, and WAF lelf 92
2019-06-28 14:23:33 Ask HN: Scripts/commands for extracting URL article text? (links -dump but) WCityMike 1
2019-07-02 11:02:08 NPR's Guide to Hypothesis-Driven Design for Editorial Projects danso 101
2019-06-20 14:56:56 Gryphon: An open-source framework for algorithmic trading in cryptocurrency reso 236
2019-06-21 00:18:36 Wind-Powered Car Travels Downwind Faster Than the Wind J253 5
2019-06-13 19:39:58 NOAA upgrades the U.S. global weather forecast model mehrdadn 214
2019-06-12 08:16:17 A plan to change how Harvard teaches economics carlosgg 116
2019-06-12 17:41:58 The New York Times course to teach its reporters data skills is now open-source espeed 423
2019-06-11 10:21:59 No Kings: How Do You Make Good Decisions Efficiently in a Flat Organization? eugenegamma 743
2019-06-01 23:13:28 4 Years of College, $0 in Debt: How Some Countries Make Education Affordable pseudolus 2
2019-05-26 10:16:10 Ask HN: What jobs can a software engineer take to tackle climate change? envfriendly 67
2019-05-23 12:59:05 YC's request for startups: Government 2.0 simonebrunozzi 194
2019-05-23 13:52:23 Almost 40% of Americans Would Struggle to Cover a $400 Emergency Geeek 112
2019-05-19 16:01:51 Congress should grow the Digital Services budget, it more than pays for itself rmason 68
2019-05-20 01:20:05 The Trillion-Dollar Annual Interest Payment westurner 2
2019-05-15 07:09:29 Oak, a Free and Open Certificate Transparency Log dankohn1 143
2019-05-14 09:36:21 Death rates from energy production per TWh peter_retief 122
2019-05-11 22:37:32 Use links not keys to represent relationships in APIs sarego 342
2019-05-09 23:49:28 No Python in Red Hat Linux 8? jandeboevrie 19
2019-05-06 09:16:47 JMAP: A modern, open email protocol okket 307
2019-05-09 14:51:33 Grid Optimization Competition zeristor 2
2019-05-02 16:11:54 Blockchain's present opportunity: data interchange standardization ivoras 2
2019-04-30 12:45:38 Ask HN: Value of “Shares of Stock options” when joining a startup cdeveloper 5
2019-04-28 13:46:48 CMU Computer Systems: Self-Grading Lab Assignments (2018) georgecmu 205
2019-04-28 14:50:29 Show HN: Debugging-Friendly Tracebacks for Python cknd 121
2019-04-28 07:41:27 Why isn't 1 a prime number? gpvos 273
2019-04-28 07:26:37 How do we know when we’ve fallen in love? (2016) rohmanhakim 157
2019-04-27 21:50:58 Rare and strange ICD-10 codes zdw 68
2019-04-20 15:10:14 Python Requests III maximilianroos 19
2019-04-17 09:43:04 Post-surgical deaths in Scotland drop by a third, attributed to a checklist fanf2 1036
2019-04-17 16:06:09 Apply to Y Combinator dlhntestuser 3
2019-04-02 03:51:50 Trunk-Based Development vs. Git Flow kiyanwang 4
2019-04-01 17:25:58 Ask HN: Anyone else write the commit message before they start coding? xkapastel 25
2019-03-27 03:29:30 Ask HN: Datalog as the only language for web programming, logic and database truth_seeker 21
2019-03-24 19:46:33 The cortex is a neural network of neural networks curtis 297
2019-03-22 21:51:49 Is there a program like codeacademy but for learning sysadmin? tayvz 7
2019-03-22 17:18:44 Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes ra7 500
2019-03-21 08:04:34 Quantum Machine Appears to Defy Universe’s Push for Disorder biofox 78
2019-03-21 12:45:42 Pytype checks and infers types for your Python code mkesper 4
2019-03-20 21:56:26 How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim tambourine_man 674
2019-03-21 05:18:51 LHCb discovers matter-antimatter asymmetry in charm quarks rbanffy 269
2019-03-21 00:22:37 React Router v5 jsdev93 153
2019-03-15 18:23:21 Experimental rejection of observer-independence in the quantum world lisper 186
2019-03-15 08:14:22 Show HN: A simple Prolog Interpreter written in a few lines of Python 3 photon_lines 148
2019-03-07 17:57:28 How to earn your macroeconomics and finance white belt as a software developer andrenth 307
2019-03-02 14:24:35 Ask HN: Relationship between set theory and category theory fmihaila 4
2019-02-26 11:24:41 The most popular docker images each contain at least 30 vulnerabilities vinnyglennon 562
2019-02-24 22:39:39 Tinycoin: A small, horrible cryptocurrency in Python for educational purposes MrXOR 4
2019-02-20 14:08:47 When does the concept of equilibrium work in economics? dnetesn 54
2019-02-20 22:53:23 Simdjson – Parsing Gigabytes of JSON per Second cmsimike 597
2019-02-18 10:13:02 A faster, more efficient cryptocurrency salvadormon 583
2019-02-17 05:52:11 Git-signatures – Multiple PGP signatures for your commits Couto 75
2019-02-16 06:55:28 Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers ChrisGranger 46
2019-02-06 07:15:56 Compounding Knowledge golyi 481
2019-02-16 14:49:30 Why CISA Issued Our First Emergency Directive ca98am79 211
2019-02-14 23:22:11 Chrome will Soon Let You Share Links to a Specific Word or Sentence on a Page kumaranvpl 359
2019-02-09 12:21:30 Guidelines for keeping a laboratory notebook Tomte 87
2019-02-07 12:03:47 Superalgos and the Trading Singularity ciencias 2
2019-02-07 12:23:44 Crunching 200 years of stock, bond, currency and commodity data chollida1 308
2019-02-06 14:50:35 Show HN: React-Schemaorg: Strongly-Typed JSON-LD for React Eyas 16
2019-02-06 16:15:33 Consumer Protection Bureau Aims to Roll Back Rules for Payday Lending pseudolus 197
2019-02-05 01:56:30 Lectures in Quantitative Economics as Python and Julia Notebooks westurner 355
2019-02-04 11:55:50 If Software Is Funded from a Public Source, Its Code Should Be Open Source jrepinc 1138
2019-02-04 23:55:48 Apache Arrow 0.12.0 westurner 1
2019-02-04 23:51:34 Statement on Status of the Consolidated Audit Trail (2018) westurner 1
2019-02-04 20:03:28 U.S. Federal District Court Declared Bitcoin as Legal Money obilgic 12
2019-01-30 12:42:06 Post Quantum Crypto Standardization Process – Second Round Candidates Announced dlgeek 2
2019-01-30 13:59:56 Ask HN: How do you evaluate security of OSS before importing? riyakhanna1983 5
2019-01-30 09:35:47 Ask HN: How can I use my programming skills to support nonprofit organizations? theneck 3
2019-01-29 19:43:16 Ask HN: Steps to forming a company? jxr006 4
2019-01-29 13:48:48 A Self-Learning, Modern Computer Science Curriculum hacknrk 394
2019-01-24 00:34:14 MVP Spec hyperpallium 2
2019-01-21 12:10:37 Can we merge Certificate Transparency with blockchain? fedotovcorp 3
2019-01-21 20:38:23 Why Don't People Use Formal Methods? pplonski86 419
2019-01-20 20:29:25 Steps to a clean dataset with Pandas NicoJuicy 4
2019-01-19 19:38:48 Reahl – A Python-only web framework kim0 165
2019-01-12 19:56:20 Ask HN: How can you save money while living on poverty level? ccdev 8
2019-01-11 14:46:52 A DNS hijacking wave is targeting companies at an almost unprecedented scale Elof 112
2019-01-09 23:09:59 Show HN: Generate dank mnemonic seed phrases in the terminal mofle 3
2019-01-08 15:28:29 Can you sign a quantum state? zdw 3
2019-01-09 18:04:41 Lattice Attacks Against Weak ECDSA Signatures in Cryptocurrencies [pdf] soohyung 11
2019-01-09 12:00:44 REMME – A blockchain-based protocol for issuing X.509 client certificates fedotovcorp 33
2019-01-08 09:51:20 California grid data is live – solar developers take note Osiris30 2
2019-01-05 12:30:30 Why attend predatory colleges in the US? azhenley 3
2018-12-31 15:43:54 Ask HN: Data analysis workflow? tucaz 1
2018-12-28 16:25:15 The U.S. is spending millions to solve mystery sonic attacks on diplomats johnshades 5
2018-12-27 10:00:38 Ask HN: What is your favorite open-source job scheduler bohinjc 6
2018-12-22 06:53:46 How to Version-Control Jupyter Notebooks tosh 164
2018-12-04 10:25:47 Teaching and Learning with Jupyter (A book by Jupyter for Education) westurner 5
2018-11-27 17:48:54 Margin Notes: Automatic code documentation with recorded examples from runtime mpweiher 67
2018-11-24 15:33:08 Time to break academic publishing's stranglehold on research joeyespo 692
2018-11-22 10:32:27 Ask HN: How can I learn to read mathematical notation? cursorial 211
2018-10-18 18:07:59 New law lets you defer capital gains taxes by investing in opportunity zones rmason 88
2018-10-15 19:55:06 How to Write a Technical Paper [pdf] boricensis 360
2018-10-15 15:19:40 JSON-LD 1.0: A JSON-Based Serialization for Linked Data geezerjay 2
2018-10-14 15:30:29 Jeff Hawkins Is Finally Ready to Explain His Brain Research tysone 489
2018-10-12 03:02:01 Interstellar Visitor Found to Be Unlike a Comet or an Asteroid Bootvis 204
2018-10-12 02:15:03 Publishing more data behind our reporting gballan 146
2018-10-10 22:23:44 CSV 1.1 – CSV Evolved (for Humans) polm23 84
2018-10-11 06:42:34 Ask HN: Which plants can be planted indoors and easily maintained? gymshoes 123
2018-10-08 10:23:38 Graduate Student Solves Quantum Verification Problem digital55 267
2018-10-05 07:53:30 The down side to wind power todd8 63
2018-10-05 05:47:19 Thermodynamics of Computation Wiki westurner 2
2018-10-04 09:27:48 Why Do Computers Use So Much Energy? tshannon 220
2018-09-30 22:11:07 Justice Department Sues to Stop California Net Neutrality Law jonburs 201
2018-09-22 10:52:45 White House Drafts Order to Probe Google, Facebook Practices Jerry2 105
2018-09-19 20:37:52 Ask HN: Books about applying the open source model to society kennu 1
2018-09-12 16:02:35 Today, Europe Lost The Internet. Now, We Fight Back DiabloD3 433
2018-09-01 14:13:52 Consumer science (a.k.a. home economics) as a college major guard0g 4
2018-08-28 11:18:26 Facebook vows to run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2020 TamoC 2
2018-08-30 12:51:10 California Moves to Require 100% Clean Electricity by 2045 dsr12 407
2018-08-29 11:15:59 Miami Will Be Underwater Soon. Its Drinking Water Could Go First hourislate 264
2018-08-29 22:50:51 Free hosting VPS for NGO project? vikramjb 1
2018-08-29 12:18:35 The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military and National Security westurner 3
2018-08-29 02:27:58 Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise westurner 1
2018-08-28 14:41:52 Firefox Nightly Secure DNS Experimental Results Vinnl 40
2018-08-28 08:31:48 Long-sought decay of Higgs boson observed at CERN chmaynard 243
2018-08-28 09:00:54 Sen. Wyden Confirms Cell-Site Simulators Disrupt Emergency Calls DiabloD3 518
2018-08-23 00:01:34 Building a Model for Retirement Savings in Python koblenski 3
2018-08-20 21:38:10 New E.P.A. Rollback of Coal Pollution Regulations Takes a Major Step Forward yaseen-rob 3
2018-08-20 14:21:22 Researchers Build Room-Temp Quantum Transistor Using a Single Atom jonbaer 3
2018-08-20 10:55:17 New “Turning Tables” Technique Bypasses All Windows Kernel Mitigations yaseen-rob 2
2018-08-19 22:27:20 Um – Create your own man pages so you can remember how to do stuff quickthrower2 646
2018-08-15 04:52:10 Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System pjc50 113
2018-08-15 03:46:23 SQLite Release 3.25.0 adds support for window functions MarkusWinand 333
2018-08-15 19:53:03 Update on the Distrust of Symantec TLS Certificates dumpsterkid 3
2018-08-11 07:57:44 The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3 dochtman 255
2018-08-12 08:56:52 Academic Torrents – Making 27TB of research data available jacquesm 1081
2018-08-10 15:19:24 1/0 = 0 ingve 650
2018-08-07 15:43:05 Power Worth Less Than Zero Spreads as Green Energy Floods the Grid bumholio 537
2018-08-05 15:27:39 Kernels, a free hosted Jupyter notebook environment with GPUs benhamner 95
2018-07-22 14:16:25 Solar and wind are coming. And the power sector isn’t ready spenrose 174
2018-07-11 13:15:47 Solar Just Hit a Record Low Price in the U.S toomuchtodo 456
2018-07-10 23:53:58 Causal Inference Book luu 104
2018-07-02 10:18:14 Tim Berners-Lee is working a platform designed to re-decentralize the web rapnie 36
2018-07-01 06:49:08 More States Opting to 'Robo-Grade' Student Essays by Computer happy-go-lucky 44
2018-07-02 07:26:28 Ask HN: Looking for a simple solution for building an online course r4victor 57
2018-06-30 15:45:56 There is now a backprop principle for deep learning on quantum computers GVQ 3
2018-06-30 21:03:36 New research a ‘breakthrough for large-scale discrete optimization’ new_guy 96
2018-06-29 23:17:31 Wind, solar farms produce 10% of US power in the first four months of 2018 toomuchtodo 85
2018-06-25 16:57:46 FDA approves first marijuana-derived drug and it may spark DEA rescheduling mikece 150
2018-06-21 10:22:43 States Can Require Internet Tax Collection, Supreme Court Rules uptown 541
2018-06-18 08:26:23 William Jennings Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” Speech zjacobi 71
2018-06-17 18:13:13 Ask HN: Do you consider yourself to be a good programmer? type0 27
2018-06-17 11:00:59 Handles are the better pointers ingve 194
2018-06-14 14:13:13 Neural scene representation and rendering johnmoberg 540
2018-06-17 20:19:20 New US Solar Record – 2.155 Cents per KWh prostoalex 4
2018-06-10 18:04:07 Ask HN: Is there a taxonomy of machine learning types? ljw1001 3
2018-05-22 16:22:43 Senator requests better https compliance at US Department of Defense [pdf] anigbrowl 168
2018-05-22 23:15:18 Banks Adopt Military-Style Tactics to Fight Cybercrime petethomas 3
2018-04-12 13:13:10 No, Section 230 Does Not Require Platforms to Be “Neutral” panarky 6
2018-04-11 14:28:06 Ask HN: Do battery costs justify “buy all sell all” over “net metering”? westurner 1
2018-04-09 21:17:43 Portugal electricity generation temporarily reaches 100% renewable mgdo 234
2018-04-06 19:16:25 GPU Prices Drop ~25% in March as Supply Normalizes merqurio 2
2018-04-09 23:51:08 Apple says it’s now powered by renewable energy worldwide iamspoilt 272
2018-03-18 13:13:15 Hackers Are So Fed Up with Twitter Bots They’re Hunting Them Down Themselves CrankyBear 271
2018-03-02 08:21:41 “We’re committing Twitter to increase the health and civility of conversation” dankohn1 147
2018-03-01 02:06:42 Gitflow – Animated in React v33ra 3
2018-02-28 22:06:35 Ask HN: How feasible is it to become proficient in several disciplines? diehunde 4
2018-02-27 09:47:40 After rising for 100 years, electricity demand is flat aaronbrethorst 629
2018-02-27 10:37:54 A framework for evaluating data scientist competency schaunwheeler 3
2018-02-27 18:28:01 Levi Strauss to use lasers instead of people to finish jeans e2e4 3
2018-02-27 18:24:45 Chaos Engineering: the history, principles, and practice austingunter 2
2018-02-27 09:52:39 Scientists use an atomic clock to measure the height of a mountain montrose 45
2018-02-27 18:10:10 Resources to learn project management best practices? chuie 1
2018-02-22 15:35:51 Ask HN: Thoughts on a website-embeddable, credential validating service? estroz 28
2018-02-21 05:03:58 Ask HN: What's the best algorithms and data structures online course? zabana 272
2018-02-20 15:14:40 Using Go as a scripting language in Linux neoasterisk 8
2018-02-18 12:09:07 Guidelines for enquiries regarding the regulatory framework for ICOs [pdf] paulsutter 23
2018-02-16 00:16:09 The Benjamin Franklin method for learning more from programming books nancyhua 566
2018-02-10 20:41:21 Avoiding blackouts with 100% renewable energy ramonvillasante 2
2018-02-10 11:25:54 Ask HN: What are some common abbreviations you use as a developer? yagamidev 3
2018-02-09 19:42:21 There Might Be No Way to Live Comfortably Without Also Ruining the Planet SirLJ 43
2018-02-08 22:52:44 Multiple GWAS finds 187 intelligence genes and role for neurogenesis/myelination gwern 2
2018-02-08 20:33:49 Could we solve blockchain scaling with terabyte-sized blocks? gwern 4
2018-02-07 20:50:24 Ask HN: Do you have ADD/ADHD? How do you manage it? vumgl 4
2018-02-03 14:36:02 Ask HN: How to understand the large codebase of an open-source project? maqbool 186
2018-02-03 13:56:30 What is the best way to learn to code from absolute scratch? eliotpeper 8
2018-02-02 04:35:58 Tesla racing series: Electric cars get the green light – Roadshow rbanffy 77
2018-02-02 13:40:19 What happens if you have too many jupyter notebooks? tvorogme 4
2018-02-01 00:49:46 Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice jv22222 942
2018-02-01 12:23:08 Boosting teeth’s healing ability by mobilizing stem cells in dental pulp digital55 306
2018-01-29 17:11:55 This Biodegradable Paper Donut Could Let Us Reforest the Planet westurner 2
2018-01-29 16:44:35 Drones that can plant 100k trees a day artsandsci 147
2018-01-27 22:21:28 What are some YouTube channels to progress into advanced levels of programming? altsyset 41
2018-01-25 17:41:24 Multiple issue and pull request templates clarkbw 17
2018-01-25 17:38:38 Five myths about Bitcoin’s energy use nvk 10
2018-01-23 18:41:16 Ask HN: Which programming language has the best documentation? siquick 3
2018-01-18 06:36:07 Ask HN: Recommended course/website/book to learn data structure and algorithms strikeX 3
2018-01-19 17:06:07 Why is quicksort better than other sorting algorithms in practice? isp 5
2018-01-18 16:16:16 ORDO: a modern alternative to X.509 juancampa 1
2018-01-18 11:47:03 Wine 3.0 Released etiam 724
2018-01-18 19:51:30 Kimbal Musk is leading a $25M mission to fix food in US schools rmason 2
2018-01-13 21:42:47 Spinzero – A Minimal Jupyter Notebook Theme neilpanchal 5
2018-01-11 13:27:17 What does the publishing industry bring to the Web? mpweiher 2
2018-01-10 14:02:09 Git is a blockchain Swizec 13
2018-01-07 12:06:03 Show HN: Convert Matlab/NumPy matrices to LaTeX tables tpaschalis 4
2018-01-02 10:48:10 A Year of Spaced Repetition Software in the Classroom misiti3780 4
2017-12-27 08:32:39 NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Round 1 Submissions sohkamyung 130
2018-01-01 21:38:58 What are some good resources to learn about Quantum Computing? nmehta21 3
2017-12-29 15:53:06 Gridcoin: Rewarding Scientific Distributed Computing trueduke 134
2017-12-26 12:37:07 Power Prices Go Negative in Germany kwindla 485
2017-12-21 14:30:35 Mathematicians Find Wrinkle in Famed Fluid Equations digital55 240
2017-12-20 10:43:31 Bitcoin is an energy arbitrage js4 51
2017-12-19 17:03:30 There are now more than 200k pending Bitcoin transactions OyoKooN 192
2017-12-17 22:16:06 What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL (2014) ausjke 540
2017-12-17 07:32:06 Show HN: An educational blockchain implementation in Python jre 412
2017-12-16 08:12:44 MSU Scholars Find $21T in Unauthorized Government Spending sillypuddy 137
2017-12-13 04:59:42 Universities spend millions on accessing results of publicly funded research versteegen 624
2017-12-11 19:49:44 An Interactive Introduction to Quantum Computing kevlened 254
2017-12-12 12:34:46 Quantum attacks on Bitcoin, and how to protect against them (ECDSA, SHA256) westurner 2
2017-12-10 17:50:44 Project Euler vinchuco 792
2017-12-12 10:17:39 Who’s Afraid of Bitcoin? The Futures Traders Going Short thisisit 54
2017-12-11 19:21:38 Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings corbinpage 811
2017-12-11 15:02:04 Ask HN: How do you stay focused while programming/working? flipfloppity 83
2017-12-08 10:53:49 A Hacker Writes a Children's Book arthurjj 171
2017-12-11 18:17:52 Ask HN: Do ISPs have a legal obligation to not sell minors' web history anymore? westurner 2
2017-12-11 11:58:38 Tech luminaries call net neutrality vote an 'imminent threat' kjhughes 279
2017-12-06 18:55:25 Ask HN: Can hashes be replaced with optimization problems in blockchain? pacavaca 3
2017-12-01 01:19:43 Ask HN: What could we do with all the mining power of Bitcoin? Fold Protein? sova 3
2017-12-03 20:14:58 No CEO needed: These blockchain platforms will let ‘the crowd’ run startups maxwellnardi 4
2017-12-04 04:59:08 How much energy does Bitcoin mining really use? trueduke 3
2017-12-02 00:27:40 The Actual FCC Net Neutrality Repeal Document. TLDR: Read Pages 82-87 [pdf] croatoan 3
2017-12-01 21:55:26 The 5 most ridiculous things the FCC says in its new net neutrality propaganda pulisse 164
2017-12-01 13:15:47 FCC's Pai, addressing net neutrality rules, calls Twitter biased joeyespo 13
2017-12-01 05:49:25 A curated list of Chaos Engineering resources dastergon 51
2017-12-01 11:24:06 Technology behind Bitcoin could aid science, report says digital55 13
2017-11-30 15:07:26 Git hash function transition plan vszakats 215
2017-11-30 22:04:20 Vintage Cray Supercomputer Rolls Up to Auction ohjeez 3
2017-11-30 21:21:09 Google is officially 100% sun and wind powered – 3.0 gigawatts worth rippsu 163
2017-11-29 12:29:30 Interactive workflows for C++ with Jupyter SylvainCorlay 292
2017-11-28 16:01:32 Vanguard Founder Jack Bogle Says ‘Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague’ dionmanu 105
2017-11-29 11:22:54 Nasdaq Plans to Introduce Bitcoin Futures knwang 416
2017-11-28 17:49:07 Ask HN: Where do you think Bitcoin will be by 2020? rblion 10
2017-11-28 18:03:11 Ask HN: Why would anyone share trading algorithms and compare by performance? westurner 1
2017-11-25 06:28:39 Ask HN: CS papers for software architecture and design? avrmav 513
2017-11-15 10:24:27 Keeping a Lab Notebook [pdf] Tomte 327
2017-10-28 08:12:53 How to teach technical concepts with cartoons Tomte 170
2017-10-22 16:43:03 Fact Checks fanf2 126
2017-10-19 05:51:13 DHS orders agencies to adopt DMARC email security puppetmaster30 2
2017-10-18 21:20:00 The electricity for 1BTC trade could power a house for a month niyikiza 25
2017-10-19 05:20:26 PAC Fundraising with Ethereum Contracts? westurner 1
2017-10-19 05:16:25 SolarWindow Completes Financing ($2.5m) westurner 2
2017-10-16 12:48:08 Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from the KRACK WiFi vulnerability tdrnd 2
2017-10-14 12:41:29 The Solar Garage Door – A Possible Alternative to the Emergency Generator curtis 2
2017-10-14 07:34:07 Using the Web Audio API to Make a Modem maaaats 307
2017-10-11 18:25:17 Ask HN: How to introduce someone to programming concepts during 12-hour drive? nkkollaw 9
2017-09-27 01:24:13 American Red Cross Asks for Ham Radio Operators for Puerto Rico Relief Effort kw71 346
2017-09-26 14:58:38 Technical and non-technical tips for rocking your coding interview duck 259
2017-09-23 12:12:36 Django 2.0 alpha orf 156
2017-09-24 00:15:28 Ask HN: What is the best way to spend my time as a 17-year-old who can code? jmeyer2k 161
2017-09-21 14:18:33 Democrats fight FCC's plans to redefine “broadband” from 25+ to 10+ Mbps gnicholas 18
2017-09-17 12:49:37 Ask HN: Any detailed explanation of computer science smithmayowa 2
2017-09-16 18:40:33 Ask HN: What algorithms should I research to code a conference scheduling app viertaxa 55
2017-09-15 05:51:45 What have been the greatest intellectual achievements? Gormisdomai 42
2017-09-15 23:22:02 Ask HN: What can't you do in Excel? (2017) danso 37
2017-09-08 20:04:36 Open Source Ruling Confirms Enforceability of Dual-Licensing and Breach of GPL t3f 116
2017-09-01 11:27:30 Elon Musk Describes What Great Communication Looks Like endswapper 90
2017-09-01 04:05:12 Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science tu7001 290
2017-08-28 16:06:24 Ask HN: How do you, as a developer, set measurable and actionable goals? humaninstrument 24
2017-08-26 16:06:24 Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index schwabacher 256
2017-08-26 09:59:19 Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain brahmwg 71
2017-08-26 09:03:19 Rumours swell over new kind of gravitational-wave sighting indescions_2017 258
2017-08-20 12:56:37 New Discovery Simplifies Quantum Physics wolfgke 2
2017-08-23 03:22:00 OpenAI has developed new baseline tool for improving deep reinforcement learning grey_shirts 3
2017-08-24 23:19:03 The prior can generally only be understood in the context of the likelihood selimthegrim 94
2017-08-22 04:13:00 Ask HN: How to find/compare trading algorithms with Quantopian? westurner 3
2017-08-22 04:09:17 Ask HN: How do IPOs and ICOs help a business raise capital? westurner 2
2017-08-22 04:02:04 Solar Window coatings “outperform rooftop solar by 50-fold” westurner 4
2017-08-21 23:30:16 MS: Bitcoin mining uses as much electricity as 1M US homes pulisse 79
2017-08-15 15:45:47 Ask HN: What are your favorite entrepreneurship resources brianbreslin 13
2017-05-09 12:59:38 CPU Utilization is Wrong dmit 624
2017-05-06 17:13:03 Ask HN: Can I use convolutional neural networks to clasify videos on a CPU Faizann20 1
2017-05-01 10:17:36 Esoteric programming paradigms SlyShy 397
2017-04-27 04:41:09 gRPC-Web: Moving past REST+JSON towards type-safe Web APIs bestan 329
2017-04-16 03:59:55 Reasons blog posts can be of higher scientific quality than journal articles vixen99 233
2017-04-07 12:50:38 Fact Check now available in Google Search and News fouadmatin 302
2017-04-07 20:07:05 Ask HN: Is anyone working on CRISPR for happiness? arikr 4
2017-03-26 14:58:59 Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017 miguelarauj1o 4
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2017-03-11 13:26:30 Ask HN: Criticisms of Bayesian statistics? muraiki 1
2017-01-16 18:53:09 80,000 Hours career plan worksheet BreakoutList 230
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2016-12-31 12:11:14 Ask HN: How would one build a business that only develops free software? anondon 12
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2016-10-06 11:15:16 Jack Dorsey Is Losing Control of Twitter miraj 283
2016-09-18 09:09:04 Mission, Project, Goal, Objective, Task westurner 49
2016-09-18 08:59:41 This week is #GlobalGoals week (and week of The World's Largest Lesson) westurner 1
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2016-07-29 06:08:29 We Should Not Accept Scientific Results That Have Not Been Repeated dnetesn 910
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2013-09-09 10:20:50 IPython in Excel vj44 73
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2013-08-01 10:59:55 PEP 8 Modernisation tristaneuan 213
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2013-05-04 21:21:29 Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" released sciurus 428
2013-05-04 10:40:20 Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet ashleyblackmore 520
2013-05-03 22:32:14 JSON API steveklabnik 227
2013-05-04 14:04:39 Norton Ghost discontinued ruchirablog 42


Curl 8.2.0 supports –ca-native and –proxy-ca-native with OpenSSL 3.2 Windows

From "curl: add --ca-native and --proxy-ca-native" :

> It looks like according to their CHANGES for OpenSSL 3.1 they've added SSL_CERT_URI and for OpenSSL 3.2 they've added SSL_CERT_PATH and are going to deprecate SSL_CERT_DIR (which could do both but had some parsing problem, still I don't get why they would deprecate it for paths). [...]

> curl reads SSL_CERT_DIR (note it's ignored for [Schannel,]) and sets that as the path. I don't know if OpenSSL is now reading the environment itself but the URI is org.openssl.winstore:// not capieng. If you have a master build then try SSL_CERT_URI=org.openssl.winstore:// curl ... and if that doesn't work try curl --capath "org.openssl.winstore://" ...

"OpenSSL Announces Final Release of OpenSSL 3.2.0" :

> Support for using the Windows system certificate store as a source of trusted root certificates

> This is not yet enabled by default and must be activated using an environment variable. This is likely to become enabled by default in a future feature release

openssl/openssl > "Add support for Windows CA certificate store"

How should OS System Cert Store(s) be supported on Linux platforms with OpenSSL and e.g. Curl?

PEP-0543 had TLSConfiguration(..., trust_store=DEFAULT:TrustStore)

class TrustStore()

And a CipherSuite() class with params and a heading for each of a number of cipher suites; OpenSSL (*), SecureTransport (MacOS,), SChannel (Windows), NSS (Firefox,); tlsdb


Why does Gnome fingerprint unlock not unlock the keyring?

[+] :

> [WebAuthn, TPM, U2F/FIDO2, Seahorse,]

> tpm-fido: :

>> tpm-fido is FIDO token implementation for Linux that protects the token keys by using your system's TPM. tpm-fido uses Linux's uhid facility to emulate a USB HID device so that it is properly detected by browsers.

TPM > TPM software libraries:

TPM > Virtualization; virtual TPM devices:



Dutch astronomers prove last piece of gas feedback-feeding loop of black hole


Does the OT potentially confirm models of superfluid quantum space that have Bernoulli's, low pressure and vorticity, Gross-Pitaevski,? :

> > "Gravity as a fluid dynamic phenomenon in a superfluid quantum space. Fluid quantum gravity and relativity." (2017) :

>> [...] Vorticity is interpreted as spin (a particle's internal motion). Due to non-zero, positive viscosity of the SQS, and to Bernoulli pressure, these vortices attract the surrounding quanta, pressure decreases and the consequent incoming flow of quanta lets arise a gravitational potential. This is called superfluid quantum gravity*

Also, :

> Can distorted photonic crystals help confirm or reject current theories of superfluid quantum gravity?

"Closing the feedback-feeding loop of the radio galaxy 3C 84" (2023)


Intuitive guide to convolution

[+] :

> Generative Manim is a prototype of a web app that uses GPT-4 to generate videos with Manim. The idea behind this project is taking advantage of the power of GPT-4 in programming, the understanding of human language and the animation capabilities of Manim to generate a tool that could be used by anyone to create videos. Regardless of their programming or video editing skills.

"TheoremQA: A Theorem-driven [STEM] Question Answering dataset" (2023)

How do you score memory retention and video watching comprehension? The classic educators' optimization challenge

"Khan Academy’s 7-Step Approach to Prompt Engineering for Khanmigo"

"Teaching with AI"


"Pix2tex: Using a ViT to convert images of equations into LaTeX code" > latex2sympy:

SymPy Beta is aWASM fork of SymPy Gamma:

SymPy Gamma:

TIL i^4x == e^2iπx

  import unittest
  import sympy as sy

  test = unittest.TestCase()
  x = sy.symbols("x")
  # with test.assertRaises(AssertionError):
  test.assertEqual(sy.I**(4*x), sy.E**(2*sy.I*sy.pi*x))


S2n-TLS – A C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocol

"Continuous formal verification of Amazon s2n" (2018)

But formal methods (and TLA+ for distributed computation) don't eliminate side channels.


Show HN: Demo of Agent Based Model on GPU with CUDA and OpenGL (Windows/Linux)

Demo of agent based model on GPU with CUDA and OpenGL (Windows/Linux)

Agent instances on GPU memory Uses SSBO for instanced objects (with GLSL 450 shaders) CUDA OpenGL interops Renders with GLFW3 window manager Dynamic camera views in OpenGL (pan,zoom with mouse) Libraries installed using vcpkg


Could this work in WebGL and/or WebGPU (and/or WebNN) with or without WASM in a browser?


- [ ] glfw recipe for emscripten-forge:

Emscripten porting docs > OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 *, glfw:

WebGPI API > GPUBuffer:

gpuweb/gpuweb: :

> It actually looks like pygame-web (pygbag) supports panda3d and harfang in WASM

Harfang and panda3d do 3D with WebGL, but FWIU not yet agents in SSBO/VBO/GPUBuffer.

SSBO: Shader Storage Buffer Object:

/? WebGPU compute:

"WebGPU Compute Shader Basics"


Inoculating soil with mycorrhizal fungi can increase plant yield: study

wglb | 2023-12-04 22:02:34 | 103 | # | ^

Mycorrhiza in soil help plant roots absorb nutrients.


Leaf mold:

KNF > Indigenous microorganisms:

FWIU JWA is very similar to Castille soap?

From :

> A (soap-like) surfactant like JADAM Wetting Agent (JWA) which causes the applied treatments to stick to the plants might reduce fertilizer runoff levels; but Nitrogen-based fertilizer alone does not regenerate all of the components of topsoil.

> Mycorrhizae fungus in the soil help get nutrients to plant roots, and they need to be damp in order to prevent soil from turning to dirt due to solar radiation and oxidation.

Yield and Soil Fertility are valuable criteria to optimize for; with multi-criteria optimization.

Crop yield:

Soil fertility > Soil depletion:


GDlog: A GPU-accelerated deductive engine


"Introduction to Datalog" re: Linked Data


GH topics > datalog:

datalog?l=rust: ... Cozo, Crepe

Crepe: :

> Crepe is a library that allows you to write declarative logic programs in Rust, with a Datalog-like syntax. It provides a procedural macro that generates efficient, safe code and interoperates seamlessly with Rust programs.

Looks like there's not yet a Python grammar for the treeedb tree-sitter: :

> Generate Soufflé Datalog types, relations, and facts that represent ASTs from a variety of programming languages.

Looks like roxi supports n3, which adds `=>` "implies" to the Turtle lightweight RDF representation:

FWIW rdflib/owl-rl: :

> simple forward chaining rules are used to extend (recursively) the incoming graph with all triples that the rule sets permit (ie, the “deductive closure” of the graph is computed).

ForwardChainingStore and BackwardChainingStore implementations w/ rdflib in Python:

Fast CUDA hashmaps

Gdlog is built on CuCollections.

GPU HashMap libs to benchmark: Warpcore, CuCollections,

/? Rocm HashMap


/? SIMD hashmap

Google's SwissTable:


CuPy has array but not yet hashmaps, or (GPU) SIMD FWICS?

NumPy does SIMD:



GH topics > HashMap:


TIL about Approximate Reasoning.

"Approximate Reasoning for Large-Scale ABox in OWL DL Based on Neural-Symbolic Learning" (2023) > Parameter Settings of the CFR [2023 ChunfyReasoner] and NMT4RDFS [2018] in the Experiments.

"Deep learning for noise-tolerant RDFS reasoning" (2018) > NMT4RDFS: :

> This paper documents a novel approach that extends noise-tolerance in the SW to full RDFS reasoning. Our embedding technique— that is tailored for RDFS reasoning— consists of layering RDF graphs and encoding them in the form of 3D adjacency matrices where each layer layout forms a graph word. Each input graph and its entailments are then represented as sequences of graph words, and RDFS inference can be formulated as translation of these graph words sequences, achieved through neural machine translation. Our evaluation on LUBM1 synthetic dataset shows 97% validation accuracy and 87.76% on a subset of DBpedia while demonstrating a noise-tolerance unavailable with rule-based reasoners.



A human-generated review article with an emphasis on standards; with citations to summarize:

"Why do we need SWRL and RIF in an OWL2 world?" [with SPARQL CONSTRUCT, SPIN, and now SHACL] :

> From SPIN to SHACL In July 2017, the W3C has ratified the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) as an official W3C Recommendation. SHACL was strongly influenced by SPIN and can be regarded as its legitimate successor. This document explains how the two languages relate and shows how basically every SPIN feature has a direct equivalent in SHACL, while SHACL improves over the features explored by SPIN

/? Shacl datalog

"Reconciling SHACL and Ontologies: Semantics and Validation via Rewriting" (2023) :

> SHACL is used for expressing integrity constraints on complete data, while OWL allows inferring implicit facts from incomplete data; SHACL reasoners perform validation, while OWL reasoners do logical inference. Integrating these two tasks into one uniform approach is a relevant but challenging problem.

"Well-founded Semantics for Recursive SHACL" (2022) [and datalog]

"SHACL Constraints with Inference Rules" (2019)

Datalog > Evaluation:


VMware/ddlog: Differential datalog

> Bottom-up: DDlog starts from a set of input facts and computes all possible derived facts by following user-defined rules, in a bottom-up fashion. In contrast, top-down engines are optimized to answer individual user queries without computing all possible facts ahead of time. For example, given a Datalog program that computes pairs of connected vertices in a graph, a bottom-up engine maintains the set of all such pairs. A top-down engine, on the other hand, is triggered by a user query to determine whether a pair of vertices is connected and handles the query by searching for a derivation chain back to ground facts. The bottom-up approach is preferable in applications where all derived facts must be computed ahead of time and in applications where the cost of initial computation is amortized across a large number of queries.

From :

> The Virtuoso built-in (rule sets) and custom inferencing and reasoning is backward chaining, where the inferred results are materialised at query runtime. This results in fewer physical triples having to exist in the database, saving space and ultimately cost of ownership, i.e., less physical resources are required, compared to forward chaining where the inferred data is pre-generated as physical triples, requiring more physical resources for hosting the data.

FWIU it's called ShaclSail, and there's a NotifyingSail: org.eclipse.rdf4j.sail.shacl.ShaclSail:

"GDlog: A GPU-Accelerated Deductive Engine" (2023) :

> Abstract: Modern deductive database engines (e.g., LogicBlox and Soufflé) enable their users to write declarative queries which compute recursive deductions over extensional data, leaving their high-performance operationalization (query planning, semi-naïve evaluation, and parallelization) to the engine. Such engines form the backbone of modern high-throughput applications in static analysis, security auditing, social-media mining, and business analytics. State-of-the-art engines are built upon nested loop joins over explicit representations (e.g., BTrees and tries) and ubiquitously employ range indexing to accelerate iterated joins. In this work, we present GDlog: a GPU-based deductive analytics engine (implemented as a CUDA library) which achieves significant performance improvements (5--10x or more) versus prior systems. GDlog is powered by a novel range-indexed SIMD datastructure: the hash-indexed sorted array (HISA). We perform extensive evaluation on GDlog, comparing it against both CPU and GPU-based hash tables and Datalog engines, and using it to support a range of large-scale deductive queries including reachability, same generation, and context-sensitive program analysis . Our experiments show that GDlog achieves performance competitive with modern SIMD hash tables and beats prior work by an order of magnitude in runtime while offering more favorable memory footprint.


Towards accurate differential diagnosis with large language models

Differential diagnosis > Machine differential diagnosis:

CDSS: Clinical Decision Support System:

Treatment decision support: :

> Treatment decision support consists of the tools and processes used to enhance medical patients’ healthcare decision-making. The term differs from clinical decision support, in that clinical decision support tools are aimed at medical professionals, while treatment decision support tools empower the people who will receive the treatments

AI in healthcare:


An easy-sounding problem yields numbers too big for our universe


Quantum Discord:

Quantum nonlocality:

Butterfly effect -> Quantum chaos:

-> Perturbation theory:

But then entropy in fluids,

Satisfiability > Model Theory:

Goal programming:

And, ultimately,

Self play (AlphaZero, )

"Q: LLM and/or an RL agent trained on [Lean mathlib] and tests"


Unsupervised speech-to-speech translation from monolingual data


> Looking forward to the debate about real-time translators censoring or altering people's speech.

[Obama's] "Anger translator" (2012)

A citizen ostensibly forfeits their right to sue for defamation when they become a public figure; but counter-non-fraud isn't fraud either then eh.

Say "that's not enhanced" just like the old one please.

Tiny black holes could theoretically be used as a source of power: study

"Using black holes as rechargeable batteries and nuclear reactors" (2023) :

> Abstract: This paper proposes physical processes to use a Schwarzschild black hole as a rechargeable battery and nuclear reactor. As a rechargeable battery, it can at most transform 25\% of input mass into available electric energy in a controllable and slow way. We study its internal resistance, efficiency of discharging, maximum output power, cycle life and totally available energy. As a nuclear reactor, it realizes an effective nuclear reaction `α particles+black hole→positrions+black hole` and can transform 25\% mass of α-particle into the kinetic energy of positrons. This process amplifies the available kinetic energy of natural decay hundreds of times. Since some tiny sized primordial black holes are suspected to have an appreciable density in dark matters, the result of this paper implies that such black-hole-originated dark matters can be used as reactors to supply energy.

Isn't there a potential for net relative displacement and so thus couldn't (microscopic) black holes be a space drive?

Is there a known inverse transformation for Hawking radiation, and isn't there such radiation from all things?

Don't black holes store a copy of everything, like reflections from water droplets?

PBS Spacetime estimates that there are naturally occurring microscopic black holes every 30 km on Earth.


What are the critical conditions for naturally-ocurring and lab or particle-collider made black holes? Are there safety concerns, and how would that be perceived?

> Are there safety concerns, and how would that be perceived?

What scale black hole would affect Auroras and e.g. the ionosphere and greater magnetosphere?

Aurora > Causes:


Clang now makes binaries an original Pi B+ can't run


89luca89/distrobox: #quick-start


lukechilds/dockerpi: : RPi 1, (2,3,) in QEMU emulating ARM64 on x86_64

E.g. the Fedora Silverblue rpm-ostree distro has "toolbox" by default because most everything should be in a container


From :

> Distro support: By default, Toolbx creates the container using an OCI image called `<ID>-toolbox:<VERSION-ID>`, where <ID> and <VERSION-ID> are taken from the host’s `/usr/lib/os-release`. For example, the default image on a Fedora 36 host would be `fedora-toolbox:36`.

> This default can be overridden by the `--image` option in `toolbox create`, but operating system distributors should provide an adequately configured default image to ensure a smooth user experience.

The compiler arch flags might should be correctly specified in a "toolbox" container used for cross-compilation, too.

There are default gcc and/or clang compiler flags in distros' default build tools; e.g. `make` specifies additional default compiler flags (that e.g. cmake, ninja, gn, or bazel/buck/pants may not also specify for you).

Ask HN: Can qubits be written to crystals as diffraction patterns?

Coherence time is the operative limit to SOTA QC Quantum Computing.

Holographic data storage already solves for binary digital data storage.

Aren't diffraction patterns due to lattice irregularities effective wave functions?

Presumably holography would have already solved for quantum data storage if diffraction is a sufficient analog if a wave function?


What is the limit?

Is a diffraction pattern a wave function?

E.g. a scratched microscope slide is all wave functions.

Can (crystal,) lattices be constructed and/or modified to store diffraction patterns with sufficient coherence over time?

Mechanical ~CNC with QKD [repeater] integrated photonics


(Array of) photonic sensors and coherent light sources; like NIRS

Multi-beam waveguiding


Quantum dots in DNA with hard glass coating would thus have a hard glass substrate for qubit storage


Do Black Holes Have Singularities?


Wow, I'm like a broken record today. [1]

SQS and SQG do purport to describe the interior topology of black holes.

Shouldn't it be possible to infer the state and relative position of matter/information/energy in a black hole from the Hawking radiation and/or the post-end-stage positions after "dissolution" of such phenomena in the quantum foam?

There's no positive proof of the irreversibility of such thermodynamic transformations.

How many possible subsequent positions of matter could there be after a microscopic or supermassive black hole reaches "critical condition 2"?

From :

> Isn't there a potential for net relative displacement and so thus couldn't (microscopic) black holes be a space drive?

> * Is there a known inverse transformation for Hawking radiation, and isn't there such radiation from all things? *

> Don't black holes store a copy of everything, like reflections from water droplets?

> PBS Spacetime estimates that there are naturally occurring microscopic black holes every 30 km on Earth.


Electricity flows like water in 'strange metals,' and physicists don't know why

"Shot noise in a strange metal" (2023) :

> Abstract: Strange-metal behavior has been observed in materials ranging from high-temperature superconductors to heavy fermion metals. In conventional metals, current is carried by quasiparticles; although it has been suggested that quasiparticles are absent in strange metals, direct experimental evidence is lacking. We measured shot noise to probe the granularity of the current-carrying excitations in nanowires of the heavy fermion strange metal YbRh2Si2. When compared with conventional metals, shot noise in these nanowires is strongly suppressed. This suppression cannot be attributed to either electron-phonon or electron-electron interactions in a Fermi liquid, which suggests that the current is not carried by well-defined quasiparticles in the strange-metal regime that we probed. Our work sets the stage for similar studies of other strange metals.

Strange metal -> Fermi liquid theory > Non-Fermi liquid: :

> The term non-Fermi liquid, also known as "strange metal", [20] is used to describe a system which displays breakdown of Fermi-liquid behaviour.


Optical effect advances quantum computing with atomic qubits to a new dimension


"Scalable multilayer architecture of assembled single-atom qubit arrays in a three-dimensional Talbot tweezer lattice" (2023)


Paperless-Ngx v2.0.0

rhim | 2023-11-29 07:06:02 | 181 | # | ^

Would a document capture camera with a [ring] light also work?


IIRC there are certain models of sheet-fed duplex scanners that work with Linux (with e.g. a lower-wattage Pi)


The Nineteenth-Century Banjo

"Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: Africa Sessions" (2009) [2] is the Soundtrack for The Bela Fleck "Throw Down Your Heart" (2009) [1] rockumentary




Bluegrass; traditional and progressive feature the banjo: :

> These divisions center on the longstanding debate about what constitutes "Bluegrass Music". A few traditional bluegrass musicians do not consider progressive bluegrass to truly be "bluegrass", some going so far as to suggest bluegrass must be [...]


With Country+EDM now being a thing, there's bound to be at least one crossover track or at least something to sample with a synth banjo.

There may or may not be banjo on the Thomas Wesley album feat. music videos, for example


Miniaturized technique to generate precise wavelengths of visible laser light :

> "Universal visible emitters in nanoscale integrated photonics" (2023) :

>> Abstract: Visible wavelengths of light control the quantum matter of atoms and molecules and are foundational for quantum technologies, including computers, sensors, and clocks. The development of visible integrated photonics opens the possibility for scalable circuits with complex functionalities, advancing both science and technology frontiers. We experimentally demonstrate an inverse design approach based on the superposition of guided mode sources, allowing the generation and complete control of free-space radiation directly from within a single 150 nm layer Ta2O5, showing low loss across visible and near-infrared spectra [...]

Electrocaloric material makes refrigerant-free solid-state fridge scalable


Perhaps a black hole could do some of the Heat phase, at least. From :

"Using black holes as rechargeable batteries and nuclear reactors" (2023)

[+] :

> "High cooling performance in a double-loop electrocaloric heat pump" (2023)

> Electrocaloric effect:

Innovative Method to Efficiently Harvest Low-Grade Heat for Energy

"Enhancing Efficiency of Low-Grade Heat Harvesting by Structural Vibration Entropy in Thermally Regenerative Electrochemical Cycles" (2023) :

> Abstract: The majority of waste-heat energy exists in the form of low-grade heat (<100 °C), which is immensely difficult to convert into usable energy using conventional energy-harvesting systems. Thermally regenerative electrochemical cycles (TREC), which integrate battery and thermal-energy-harvesting functionalities, are considered an attractive system for low-grade heat harvesting. Herein, the role of structural vibration modes in enhancing the efficacy of TREC systems is investigated. How changes in bonding covalency, influenced by the number of structural water molecules, impact the vibration modes is analyzed. It is discovered that even small amounts of water molecules can induce the A1g stretching mode of cyanide ligands with strong structural vibration energy, which significantly contributes to a larger temperature coefficient (ɑ) in a TREC system. Leveraging these insights, a highly efficient TREC system using a sodium-ion-based aqueous electrolyte is designed and implemented. This study provides valuable insights into the potential of TREC systems, offering a deeper understanding of the intrinsic properties of Prussian Blue analogs regulated by structural vibration modes. These insights open up new possibilities for enhancing the energy-harvesting capabilities of TREC systems.



Charlie Munger has died


XBRL filings have the information needed to screen with value investing criteria. GFinance's old stock screener's UI was great.

/? query XBRL

But then also a fund or an index fund or an Index ETF wouldn't be complete without ethical review for the sustainable competitive advantage given e.g. GRI+#GlobalGoal sustainability reports.

When you own enough of a company to bring in a new team.

- [ ] ENH: pandas_datareader: add XBRL support from one or more APIs


Microsoft open-sources ThreadX


But are there devs for the acquired platform now?

The article says ThreadX used to be what Intel Management Engine ME ran on? How do I configure the ME / AMT VNC auth in there?


But how many people agreed to sign an NDA in order to cluster fuzz such a critical low-level firmware binary blob component?

Is this like another baseband processor?


Linux (1991) started as a fork of MINIX (1987) by Tanenbaum.

History of Linux:


Redox OS: :

> Redox is a Unix-like microkernel operating system written in the programming language Rust, which has a focus on safety, stability, and performance. [4][5][6] Redox aims to be secure, usable, and free.


No, that's definitely a fork (or a clone); fairly with significant differences, including the regression to a macrokernel.

That the MINIX code was replaced before release does not make it not a fork.


Designing a SIMD Algorithm from Scratch


NumPy roadmap: :

> Improvements to NumPy’s performance are important to many users. We have focused this effort on Universal SIMD (see NEP 38 — Using SIMD optimization instructions for performance) intrinsics which provide nice improvements across various hardware platforms via an abstraction layer. The infrastructure is in place, and we welcome follow-on PRs to add SIMD support across all relevant NumPy functions

"NEP 38 — Using SIMD optimization instructions for performance" (2019)

NumPy docs > CPU/SIMD Optimizations:


"Show HN: SimSIMD vs SciPy: How AVX-512 and SVE make SIMD nicer and ML 10x faster" (2023-10)

"Standard library support for SIMD" (2023-10)

Model Correctly Predicts High-Temperature Superconducting Properties

"Superconductivity studied by solving ab initio low-energy effective Hamiltonians for carrier doped CaCuO2, Bi2Sr2CuO6, Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8, and HgBa2CuO4,"


Building a Small REPL in Python

But then what about tests? :

  class TestCalculatorREPL(unittest.TestCase):

  from unittest.mock import patch

  @patch("sys.stdin", StringIO("1"))
  @patch("sys.stdout", new_callable=StringIO)
  def test__():


The `hanging-punctuation property` in CSS


Is there a CSS setting for links not wrapping and instead being justified to a new line on Android devices?


  - URL1
    - URL2
      - https://longurl3

  - URL1
    - URL2


My toddler loves planes, so I built her a radar


MSFS (MS Flight Simulator) has real-time Flight and Weather data and works in Steam's Proton fork of WINE on Linux.

FWICS there are third-party open source tools for adding live Flight data and logical behaviors to flight simulator applications. :

> FSLTL is a free standalone real-time online traffic overhaul and VATSIM model-matching solution for MSFS.

(... Til about FlyPadOS3 EFB: An EFB is intended primarily for cockpit/flightdeck or cabin use. For large and turbine aircraft, FAR 91.503 requires the presence of navigational charts on the airplane. If an operator's sole source of navigational chart information is contained on an EFB, the operator must demonstrate the EFB will continue to operate throughout a decompression event, and thereafter, regardless of altitude. :

> LiveTraffic is a plugin for the flight simulator X-Plane to show real-life traffic, based on publicly available live flight data, as additional planes within X-Plane. [...]

> I spent an awful lot of time dealing with the inaccuracies of the data sources, see [Limitations]. There are only timestamps and positions. Heading and speed is point-in-time info but not a reliable vector to the next position. There is no information on pitch or bank angle, or on gear or flaps positions. There is no info where exactly a plane touched or left ground. There are several data feeders, which aren't in synch and contradict each other.


"Google Earth 3D Models Now Available as Open Standard (GlTF)" (2023) ; land, buildings: :

> Photorealistic 3D Tiles are a 3D mesh textured with high resolution imagery. They offer high-resolution 3D maps in many of the world's populated areas. They let you power next-generation, immersive 3D visualization experiences to [...]

GMaps WebGL overlay API:


From "GraphCast: AI model for weather forecasting" (2023) :

> TIL about Raspberry-NOAA and pywws in researching and summarizing for a comment on "Nrsc5: Receive NRSC-5 digital radio stations using an RTL-SDR dongle" (2023)


"Show HN: I wrote a multicopter simulation library in Python" (2023) :

> [ X-Plane Plane Maker, Juno: New Origins (and also Hello Engineer), MS Flight Simulator cockpits are built with MSFS Avionics Framework which is React-based, [Multi-objective gym + MuJoCo] for drone simulation, cfd and helicopters ]


"DroneAid: A Symbol Language and ML model for indicating needs to drones, planes" (2020) ...

Global talks to cut plastic waste stall as industry and environment groups clash

What are some of the solutions to plastic pollution?


What are some solutions to the internal and external costs of plastic production, distribution, consumption, and waste?


Gated suppression of light-driven proton transport through graphene electrodes

Perhaps tangentially,

"Cheap proton batteries compete with lithium on energy density" (2023) :

"Enhancement of the performance of a proton battery" (2023) :

> Abstract: The present paper reports on experiments to improve theoretical understanding of the basic processes underlying the operation of a ‘proton battery’ with activated carbon as a hydrogen storage electrode. Design changes to enhance energy storage capacity and power output have been identified and investigated experimentally. Key changes made were heating of the overall cell to 70 °C, and replacement of the oxygen-side gas diffusion layer with a much thinner titanium-fibre sheet. A very substantial increase in reversible hydrogen storage capacity to 2.23 wt%H (598 mAh g−1, 882 J g−1) was achieved. This capacity is nearly three times that of the earlier design, and more than double the highest electrochemical hydrogen storage using an acidic electrolyte previously reported. It is hypothesised that the main cause of the major gain in storage is an enhanced water formation reaction on the O-side through reduced flooding. In addition, an alternative mode of discharging a proton battery has been discovered that allows direct generation of hydrogen gas from the hydrogenated carbon material, by a ‘hydrogen-pump’ type of reaction. The hydrogen gas evolved is high purity, and thus may ultimately create opportunities for use of this storage technology in hydrogen supply chains for fuel cell vehicles. [And probably other applications as well]

(Edit) A combined proton battery + graphene proton hydrolysis unit should probably keep the hydrolysis module as a separate part for replaceability?

"Gate-controlled suppression of light-driven proton transport through graphene electrodes" (2023) :

> Abstract: Recent experiments demonstrated that proton transport through graphene electrodes can be accelerated by over an order of magnitude with low intensity illumination. Here we show that this photo-effect can be suppressed for a tuneable fraction of the infra-red spectrum by applying a voltage bias. Using photocurrent measurements and Raman spectroscopy, we show that such fraction can be selected by tuning the Fermi energy of electrons in graphene with a bias, a phenomenon controlled by Pauli blocking of photo-excited electrons. These findings demonstrate a dependence between graphene’s electronic and proton transport properties and provide fundamental insights into molecularly thin electrode-electrolyte interfaces and their interaction with light.

"Graphene proton transport could revolutionize renewable energy" (2023) :

> Scientists have found a way to speed up proton transport across graphene using light. The innovation could open up new avenues to producing green hydrogen.


AI system self-organises to develop features of brains of complex organisms


> existing approaches to neural network architecture would benefit from more closely emulating the operation of the brain in this regard.

From :

> Which NN architectures could be sufficient to simulate the entire human brain with spreading activation in 11 dimensions?


Vtracer: Next-Gen Raster-to-Vector Conversion


> Comparing to Potrace which only accept binarized inputs (Black & White pixmap), VTracer has an image processing pipeline which can handle colored high resolution scans. tl;dr: Potrace uses a O(n^2) fitting algorithm, whereas vtracer is entirely O(n).

What is the Big-O of the algorithm with Segment Anything or other segmentation approaches?


The Ctrl-L to Simplify Inkscape feature attempts to describe the same path with fewer points/bezier curves.

Could this approach also help with 3d digitization?

TIL about from "Comparison of raster-to-vector conversion software" which does already list vtracer (2020)


Vector graphics


Sprite (computer graphics)

E.g. pygame-web can do SVG sprites; so that you don't have to do pixel art and sprite scaling just works.


3D scanning:

"Why Cities: Skylines 2 performs poorly" (2023) ... No AutoLOD Level of Depth

Wavetale is a 3D game with extensive and visually impressive vector graphics.


AI is currently just glorified compression


"White-Box Transformers via Sparse Rate Reduction" (2023) ; :

> Abstract: In this paper, we contend that the objective of representation learning is to compress and transform the distribution of the data, say sets of tokens, towards a mixture of low-dimensional Gaussian distributions supported on incoherent subspaces. The quality of the final representation can be measured by a unified objective function called sparse rate reduction. From this perspective, popular deep networks such as transformers can be naturally viewed as realizing iterative schemes to optimize this objective incrementally. Particularly, we show that the standard transformer block can be derived from alternating optimization on complementary parts of this objective: the multi-head self-attention operator can be viewed as a gradient descent step to compress the token sets by minimizing their lossy coding rate, and the subsequent multi-layer perceptron can be viewed as attempting to sparsify the representation of the tokens. This leads to a family of white-box transformer-like deep network architectures which are mathematically fully interpretable. Despite their simplicity, experiments show that these networks indeed learn to optimize the designed objective: they compress and sparsify representations of large-scale real-world vision datasets such as ImageNet, and achieve performance very close to thoroughly engineered transformers such as ViT. Code is at [

"Bad numbers in the “gzip beats BERT” paper?" (2023)

"78% MNIST accuracy using GZIP in under 10 lines of code" (2023)


Ask HN: Name names and thank open source maintainers of small projects!

Are there some small open source projects you really love? Take some time to thank the maintainers today. If they have a discussion forum where they welcome feedback, go thank them there. If there's nothing like that you can find, do it here. Post a comment. That's all it takes!

Mention the project(s) you love, why you love them, name the authors/maintainers you want to thank and thank them!

Try to find examples of small open source projects that you benefit from. Utilities, libraries, services, games, amusement software, everything counts!

The big projects like curl, Linux, etc. get a lot of limelight from everyone. Let us try to appreciate the small projects too that you benefit. I'm sure the authors/maintainers will appreciate this gesture!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks open source software maintainers!

November 28 is Giving Tuesday; are there any open source donation matching programs?

How can donations to open source be more impactful?


WebGL Water

The illustrations here could probably also be so modeled:

Newer waveguide approaches for example with dual or additional beams could also be so visualized.

Three.js interactive webgl particle wave simulator:

From re: a new ultrasound wave medical procedure:

> "Quantum light sees quantum sound: phonon/photon correlations" (2023) ; the photonic channel actually embeds the phononic field

Phonon: :

> Phonons can be thought of as quantized sound waves, similar to photons as quantized light waves.[2] However, photons are fundamental particles that can be individually detected, whereas phonons, being quasiparticles, are an emergent phenomenon. [3]

> The study of phonons is an important part of condensed matter physics. They play a major role in many of the physical properties of condensed matter systems, such as thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, as well as in models of neutron scattering and related effects.

Electron behavior is also fluidic in Superfluids (e.g. Bose-Einstein Condensates).

SQS Superfluid Quantum Space

"Can we make a black hole? And if we could, what could we do with it?" (2022) :

> "Gravity as a fluid dynamic phenomenon in a superfluid quantum space. Fluid quantum gravity and relativity." (2017) :

> [...] Vorticity is interpreted as spin (a particle's internal motion). Due to non-zero, positive viscosity of the SQS, and to Bernoulli pressure, these vortices attract the surrounding quanta, pressure decreases and the consequent incoming flow of quanta lets arise a gravitational potential. This is called superfluid quantum gravity.

And it's n-body and fluidic.

Curl, Spin, and Vorticity;


From ... CFD, jax-cfd, :

> Thus our best descriptions of emergent behavior in fluids (and chemicals and fields) must presumably be composed at least in part from quantum wave functions that e.g. Navier-Stokes also fit for; with a fitness function.

From "Light and gravitational waves don't arrive simultaneously" :

> TLDR; In SQS (Superfluid Quantum Space), Quantum gravity has fluid vortices with Gross-Pitaevskii, Bernoulli's, and IIUC so also Navier-Stokes; so Quantum CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Is it possible to rotate the ball in this fluid simulation; given the viscosity of the fluid, surface tension, material and texture of the ball,?


Show HN: Neum AI – Open-source large-scale RAG framework

Over the last couple months we have been supporting developers in building large-scale RAG pipelines to process millions of pieces of data.

We documented our approach in an HN post ( a couple weeks ago. Today, we are open sourcing the framework we have developed.

The framework focuses on RAG data pipelines and provides scale, reliability, and data synchronization capabilities out of the box.

For those newer to RAG, it is a technique to provide context to Large Language Models. It consists of grabbing pieces of information (i.e. pieces of news articles, papers, descriptions, etc.) and incorporating them into prompts to help contextualize the responses. The technique goes one level deeper in finding the right pieces of information to incorporate. The search for relevant information is done through the use of vector embeddings and vector databases.

Those pieces of news articles, papers, etc. are transformed into a vector embedding that represents the semantic meaning of the information. These vector representations are organized into indexes where we can quickly search for the pieces of information that most closely resembles (from a semantic perspective) a given question or query. For example, if I take news articles from this year, vectorize them, and add them to an index, I can quickly search for pieces of information about the US elections.

To help achieve this, the Neum AI framework features:

Starting with built-in data connectors for common data sources, embedding services and vector stores, the framework provides modularity to build data pipelines to your specification.

The connectors support pre-processing capabilities to define loading, chunking and selecting strategies to optimize content to be embedded. This also includes extracting metadata that is going to be associated to a given vector.

The generated pipelines support large scale jobs through a high throughput distributed architecture. The connectors allow you to parallelize tasks like downloading documents, processing them, generating embedding and ingesting data into the vector DB.

For data sources that might be continuously changing, the framework supports data scheduling and synchronization. This includes delta syncs where only new data is pulled.

Once data is transformed into a vector database, the framework supports querying of the data including hybrid search using the available metadata added during pre-processing. As part of the querying process, the framework provides capabilities to capture feedback on retrieved data as well as run evaluations against different pipeline configurations.

Try it out and if interested in chatting more about this shoot us an email

DAIR.AI > Prompt Engineering Guide > Technics > Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)


SEC charges Kraken for operating as an unregistered securities exchange


In order to justify such a specific claim against Kraken to be heard, isn't it necessary to first qualify that such assets are themselves securities?

Am I crazy to call this vexatious harassment?

If P then Q:

If {x,y,z} are securities, [ then {Exchanges a, B, and C} have provided securities exchange services of assets {x,y,z} without the requisite license are thus owe a civil fine. ]

But how is a suit against Exchange A the appropriate forum to hear whether assets {x, y, or z} are securities?

Given that - presumably - assets {x,y,z} are not yet ruled to be securities, there was not sufficient cause or standing to make a claim of bad faith or intent to provide exchange services for unregistered securities.

Exchange A operated in good faith, pursued the requisite state and federal procedures for assessing whether or not such assets were securities, and specifically does not intend to sell securities.

Should there be an is_this_a_security() function of a US government regulatory agency, defendants would be required to request such review before listing said specific types of assets.


Presumably Coinbase and Kraken had to register as banks to offer FDIC-insured accounts (and debit cards)?

Non-Security Deposits are interest-bearing products that are not securities.

Non-Security Deposits: CD Certificates of Deposit, MMA Money Market Accounts, Treasury Bills, Savings accounts, Checking Accounts

Do banks require SEC registration to offer interest-bearing Non-Security Deposit products?

Have banks ever been required to qualify interest-bearing products as securities contracts, after qualifying each product for list in each US State of operation?



> The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is a United States government corporation supplying deposit insurance to depositors in American commercial banks and savings banks. :

> Any broker-dealer that is a member of a national securities exchange or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and handles orders must report to CAT. Eligible securities include NMS stocks, listed options, and over-the-counter (OTC) equity securities.

Interledger Protocol works with any type of ledger, has a defined messaging spec, and has multi-hop audit trails:


Whether USD deposits have FDIC protection (250K (x2 *) or the balance of the account, whichever is lower; since the Great Recession [1] (before that it was 100K per account))


In 1999, GLBA [2] changed the 1933 Glass-Steagall rule [3] that had prevented banks from investing Savings deposits in order to ensure that they would have enough to prevent another run. (As depicted in "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946); Clarence the angel or Mr. Potter's Potterville)

I'm not sure that it's anywhere explicitly stated that the banks' socialist FDIC corporation justified allowing investing of savings deposits. They created a large shared prepaid credit line for themselves in order to operate safely.

Banks invest in non-securities; without any agreement for future performance.

Banks invest in treasuries, which are tokenizable non-security deposits.

(Some time later, the dotcom boom busted and the US went to war/oil/defense instead of clean energy (like the solar panels that were on the roof until 1980 (due to the oil crisis CPI hostage situation, when it became necessary to defensively meddle in the ME with blowback left for Obama to handle, and not pay for)))


[3] :

> How is client cash stored at Coinbase? The vast majority of Coinbase client cash is stored in FDIC-insured bank accounts and U.S. government money market funds to keep it safe and liquid. Like all assets on Coinbase, we hold client cash 1:1 and your assets are your assets. :

> Are balances stored on Kraken insured? Cryptocurrency exchanges do not qualify for deposit insurance programs because exchanges are not savings institutions. Exchanges are not even meant to be cryptocurrency wallets. says that Kraken ended staking services in the US in February 2023.

There is yet no FDIC protection for any stablecoin, and yet no CBDC (just FedNow), but US banks are specifically allowed to provide crypto custody services.


Show HN: New visual language for teaching kids to code

Pickcode is a new language and editor for getting kids started with coding. The code editing experience is totally structured, where you select choices from menus rather than typing. I made Pickcode after experiences teaching kids both block coding (Scratch, App Inventor) and Python. To me, block coding is too far removed from regular coding for kids to make the connection. Pickcode provides a much clearer transition path for students to Python/JS/Java. Our target market is middle/early high school kids, and that’s who we’ve tested the product with during development.

On the site, you can do tutorials to make chatbots, animated drawings, and 2D games. We have a full Intro to Pickcode course, as well as an Intro to Python course where you make regular console programs with a regular text editor. There are 30 or so free lessons accessible with an account, and the rest are paywalled for $5/month.

For professional programmers, the editor is probably pretty frustrating to use (no vim keybindings!), but I hope it’s at least interesting to play with from a UI perspective. If you have kids aged 10-14, I’d love any feedback you have from trying it out with them. I love talking to users, reach out at!

awesome-python-in-education > Interactive Environments:


'Electrocaloric' heat pump could transform air conditioning

> The use of environmentally damaging gases in air conditioners and refrigerators could become redundant if a new kind of heat pump lives up to its promise. A prototype, described in a study published last week in Science [1], uses electric fields and a special ceramic instead of alternately vaporizing a refrigerant fluid and condensing it with a compressor to warm or cool air.

"High cooling performance in a double-loop electrocaloric heat pump" (2023)


An equation co-written with AI reveals monster rogue waves form 'all the time'

> Until the new study, many experts believed the majority of rogue waves formed when two waves combined into a single, massive mountain of water. Based on the new equation, however, it appears the biggest influence is owed to “linear superposition.” First documented in the 1700’s, such situations occur when two wave systems cross paths and reinforce one another, instead of combining. This increases the likelihood of forming massive waves’ high crests and deep troughs. Although understood to exist for hundreds of years, the new dataset offers concrete support for the phenomenon and its effects on wave patterns.


AI Proxy to swap in any LLM while using OpenAI's SDK

How does this compare to LocalAI?


promptfoo and ChainForge do multi-LLM comparisons and benchmarking:


NVK reaches Vulkan 1.0 conformance


Ask HN: What might Aaron Schwartz have said about AI today?

I only had the pleasure of meeting Aaron once, at the YC open house after the first startup school in Cambridge. I was pitching sort of a competitor to Infogami and he helpfully whipped out his Sidekick and showed me a bunch of stuff. For the first and only time in my life, I was immediately struck by the thought of “now this is a kid who understands things.” His later work only reaffirmed my view and, though I could only watch from afar, he was critical to building a different kind of world. His blog was always insightful and a source of value.

Often, since the announcement of ChatGPT, I’ve wondered “what might Aaron have thought about this?”

Perhaps those of you who had the good fortune to know him better might share anything he might have said about AI or knowledge silos or the nature of information or free will or anything related?

Trying to find a link to the story of Aaron et. al (with declared intent) generating fraudulent ScholarlyArticles, submitting them to journals, and measuring the journal acceptance rate.

I see US vs Aaron, but no link to the SchoarlyArticle about - was it markov chains in like 2007 - submission of ScholarlyArticles and journal acceptance rates.

I mean, a reddit submission with markdown from nbconvert is basically a ScholarlyArticle if there's review and an IRB or similar.


Ask HN: What's the state of the art for drawing math diagrams online?

I'm interested in having high-quality math diagrams on a personal website. I want the quality to be comparable to TikZ, but the workflows are cumbersome and it doesn't integrate with MathJax/KateX.

Ideally I would be able to produce the diagrams in JS with KaTeX handling rendering the labels, but this doesn't seem to exist (I'm a software engineer so I'm wondering if I should try to make it...). Nice features also include having the diagram being controllable by JS or animatable, but that's not a requirement.

What are other people using?

Things I've considered:

TikZ options:

* TikZ exported to SVG

* Writing the TikZ in something else, e.g. I found this library PyTikZ which is old but I could update things to it, that way at least I don't have to wrangle TikZ's horrible syntax much myself. I could theoretically write a JS version of this.

* Maybe the same thing, JS -> TikZ, but also run TikZ in WebAssembly so that the whole thing lives in the browser.

* Writing TikZ but ... having ChatGPT do it so I don't have to learn to antiquated syntax.

Non-TikZ options:

* InkScape

* JSXGraph, but it isn't very pretty

* ???

Thanks for your help!


Manim-sideview VSCode extension w/ snippets and live preview:

Manim example gallery:

From re: Animated AI, ManimML:

> Manim, Blender, ipyblender, PhysX, o3de, [FEM, CFD, [thermal, fluidic,] engineering]:

It actually looks like pygame-web (pygbag) supports panda3d and harfang in WASM, too; so manim with pygame for the web.


ipython-asymptote [1][2] probably supports Jupyter Retro (now built on the same components as JupyterLab) but not yet JupyterLite with the pyodide WASM kernel:

emscripten-forge builds things with emscripten to WASM packages. [4]

JupyterLite supports micropip (`import micropip; await micropip.install(["pandas",])`).

Does micromamba work in JupyterLite notebooks?

"DOC: How to work with emscripten-forge in JupyterLite"


[2] examples:




LLMs cannot find reasoning errors, but can correct them

koie | 2023-11-20 14:35:27 | 239 | # | ^

This is called (Algorithmic) Convergence; does the model stably converge upon one answer which it believes is most correct? After how much resources and time?

Convergence (evolutionary computing)

Convergence (disambiguation) > Science, technology, and mathematics,_technolog...


OpenAI staff threaten to quit unless board resigns


Q: Is this a valid argument? "The structure that allows the LLM to realistically 'mimic' human communication is its intelligence. :

> [...]

> Premise 1: LLMs can realistically "mimic" human communication.

> Premise 2: LLMs are trained on massive amounts of text data.

> Conclusion: The structure that allows LLMs to realistically "mimic" human communication is its intelligence.

"If P then Q" is the Material conditional:

Does it do logical reasoning or inference before presenting text to the user?

That's a lot of waste heat.

(Edit) with next word prediction just is it,

"LLMs cannot find reasoning errors, but can correct them"

"Misalignment and Deception by an autonomous stock trading LLM agent"


The human brain builds structures in 11 dimensions, discover scientists

Which NN architectures could be sufficient to simulate the entire human brain with spreading activation in 11 dimensions?

- citing the same paper:

NetworkX does clique identification [1] in memory, and it looks like CuGraph does not yet have a parallel implementation [2]


[2] CuGraph docs > List of Supported and Planned Algorithms:


Cryptographers solve decades-old privacy problem


Grading students' notebooks on their own computers without giving the answers away. :

> How can they be sure what's using their CPU?

Firefox, Chrome: <Shift>+<Escape> to open about:processes

Chromebook: <Search>+<Escape> to open Task Manager


An automatic indexing system for Postgres

ako | 2023-11-17 01:38:18 | 243 | # | ^

> A fundamental decision we've made for the pganalyze Indexing Engine is that we break down queries into smaller parts we call "scans". Scans are always on a single table, and you may be familiar with this concept from reading an EXPLAIN plan. For example, in an EXPLAIN plan you could see a Sequential Scan or Index Scan, both representing a different scan method for the same scan on a given table.

Sequential scan == Full table scan:


Show HN: Open-source tool for creating courses like Duolingo

I'm launching UneeBee, an open-source tool for creating interactive courses like Duolingo:

GitHub repo: Demo:

It's pretty early-stage, so there's a lot of things to improve. Everything on this project is going to be public, so you can check the roadmap on GitHub too:

I'm creating this project because I love Duolingo and I wanted the same kind of experience to learn other things as well.

But I think this could be useful to other people too. I'll soon launch three products using UneeBee:

- Wikaro: Focused on enterprise. It allow companies to have their own white-label Duolingo. I think this is going to be great for onboarding and internal training.

- Educasso: Focused on schools. It will allow teachers to easily create interactive lessons, compliant to local school curriculum. I want to make it in a way that saves teacher's time, so they focus more on their students rather than lesson planning.

- Wisek: Marketplace for interactive courses where creators will be able to earn money creating those courses.

I'm not sure this is going to work out but, worst case scenario, I'll have products that I can use myself because I'm a terrible learner using traditional ways. Interactive learning is super useful to me, so I hope it will be to other people too.

If you have some spare time, please give me your brutal feedback. I really want to improve this product, so no need to be nice - just let me know your thoughts. :)

PS. I'm also launching it on Product Hunt:

Notes from for LitNerd (YC S21) re: IPA, "Duolingo's language notes all on one page", Sozo's vowel and consonant videos, Captionpop synced YouTube videos with subtitles in multiple languages,:

Spaced repetition and Active recall testing like or with Mnemosyne or Anki probably boost language retention like they increase flashcard recall:

ENH: Generate Anki decks with {IPA symbols, Greek letters w/ LaTeX for math and science, Nonregional (Midland American) English, }

Google translate has IPA for some languages.

"The English Pronunciation / International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck"

"IPA Spanish & English Vowels & Consonants"

I don't know Elixir and so the hypothetical contribution barrier for nontrivial commits includes learning Erlang / Elixir.

The LearnXinYminutes tuts are succinct and on github for PRs to fix typos, language learning sequence reorderings, and or additions with comments

LearnXinYMinutes > Elixir:


How the gas turbine conquered the electric power industry

[+] :

> FWIU, heat engines are useful with all thermal gradients: pipes, engines, probably solar panels and attics; "MIT’s new heat engine beats a steam turbine in efficiency" (2022)

"Thermophotovoltaic efficiency of 40%" (2022)

"Capturing Light From Heat at 40% Efficiency, NREL Makes Big Strides in Thermophotovoltaics" (2022) :

> The 41%-efficient TPV device is a tandem cell—a photovoltaic device built out of two light-absorbing layers stacked on top of each other and each optimized to absorb slightly different wavelengths of light. The team achieved this record efficiency through the usage of high-performance cells optimized to absorb higher-energy infrared light when compared to past TPV designs. This design builds on previous work from the NREL team.

> Another crucial design feature leading to the high efficiency is a highly reflective gold mirror at the back of the cell. Much of the emitted infrared light has a longer (less energetic) wavelength than what the cell's active layers can absorb. This back surface reflector bounces 93% of that unabsorbed light back to the emitter, where it is reabsorbed and reemitted, improving the overall efficiency of the system. Further improvements to the reflectance of the back reflector could drive future TPV efficiencies close to or above 50%.

Thermoelectric effect:

Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion *:


Gas turbine: :

> gross thermal efficiency exceeds 60%. [100] (2011)

GE-7HA (2017) :

> that its largest and most efficient gas turbine, the HA, is now available at more than 64 percent efficiency in combined cycle power plants, higher than any other competing technology today.

How do TPV operating and lifecycle costs differ from gas turbine's costs?

TODO; though/also - after a gas turbine or solid-state TPV cell array - you have to store electricity, which is lossy and inefficient:

An electric motor's efficiency is not necessarily the same as its generator efficiency in reverse.

Gravitational Potential Energy

CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage:

Solar thermal energy > :

> Electrical conversion efficiency: Of all of these technologies the solar dish/Stirling engine has the highest energy efficiency. A single solar dish-Stirling engine installed at Sandia National Laboratories National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) produces as much as 25 kW of electricity, with a conversion efficiency of 31.25%. [66]

Szilard-Chalmers MOST process: ...18 years at what conversion efficiency?


A PCIe Coral TPU Finally Works on Raspberry Pi 5

An HBM3E HAT would or would not yet make TPUs more useful with a Raspberry Pi 5?

Jetson Nano (~$149)

Orin Nano (~$499, 32 tensor cores, 40 TOPS)

AGX Orin (200-275 TOPS)

NVIDIA Jetson > Origins:

TOPS for NVIDIA [Orin] Nano [AGX]

Coral Mini-PCIe ($25; ? tensor cores, 4 TOPS (int8); 2 TOPS per watt)

TPUv5 (393 TOPS)

Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

AI Accelerator > Nomenclature:

NVIDIA DLSS > Architecture: :

> DLSS is only available on GeForce RTX 20, GeForce RTX 30, GeForce RTX 40, and Quadro RTX series of video cards, using dedicated AI accelerators called Tensor Cores. [23][28] Tensor Cores are available since the Nvidia Volta GPU microarchitecture, which was first used on the Tesla V100 line of products.[29] They are used for doing fused multiply-add (FMA) operations that are used extensively in neural network calculations for applying a large series of multiplications on weights, followed by the addition of a bias. Tensor cores can operate on FP16, INT8, INT4, and INT1 data types.

Vision processing unit:

Versatile Processor Unit (VPU)


Wikidata, with 12B facts, can ground LLMs to improve their factuality


The objectively true data part?

Also there's Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) :

> For more complex and knowledge-intensive tasks, it's possible to build a language model-based system that accesses external knowledge sources to complete tasks. This enables more factual consistency, improves reliability of the generated responses, and helps to mitigate the problem of "hallucination".

> Meta AI researchers introduced a method called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to address such knowledge-intensive tasks. RAG combines an information retrieval component with a text generator model. RAG can be fine-tuned and its internal knowledge can be modified in an efficient manner and without needing retraining of the entire model.

> RAG takes an input and retrieves a set of relevant/supporting documents given a source (e.g., Wikipedia). The documents are concatenated as context with the original input prompt and fed to the text generator which produces the final output. This makes RAG adaptive for situations where facts could evolve over time. This is very useful as LLMs's parametric knowledge is static.

> RAG allows language models to bypass retraining, enabling access to the latest information for generating reliable outputs via retrieval-based generation.

> Lewis et al., (2021) proposed a general-purpose fine-tuning recipe for RAG. A pre-trained seq2seq model is used as the parametric memory and a dense vector index of Wikipedia is used as non-parametric memory (accessed using a neural pre-trained retriever). [...]

> RAG performs strong on several benchmarks such as Natural Questions, WebQuestions, and CuratedTrec. RAG generates responses that are more factual, specific, and diverse when tested on MS-MARCO and Jeopardy questions. RAG also improves results on FEVER fact verification.

> This shows the potential of RAG as a viable option for enhancing outputs of language models in knowledge-intensive tasks.

So, with various methods, I think having ground facts in the process somehow should improve accuracy.




Is Delaware the cheapest place to incorporate?

ddxv | 2023-11-15 08:44:12 | 136 | # | ^

I am living in Taiwan and want to create a startup. The business will be mostly open source and likely to have low to no revenue.

I see that US states like Colorado have no franchise tax. But I also saw posts here that Delaware is usually ultimately cheaper.

What is the recommendation for a company to manage an open source project? Sure it might be worth money, but likely not, so I would like to keep money tight.


There are many Open Source Software foundations that specialize in stewarding open source intellectual property and also open governance. Linux Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, [...]

Very few software licenses accept liability, including open source software licenses. Is that conscionable? Service Level Agreements (99% uptime and ZenDesk email-in customer support or better etc) cost money.

E.g. LegalZoom (no affiliation) has affiliate attorneys in many states, including Delaware.

It may or may not be common for open source software projects to register their trademark and/or DBA (Doing Business As) in each state: of operation, of labor law applicability (especially if there are remote workers).

GitHub (now Microsoft owned) supports FUNDING.yml files to display sponsor buttons for projects:

"Sponsors is expanding" (2023-10) :

> GitHub Sponsors now supports 103 regions!

E.g. supports the W3C Interledger spec (ILP Protocol), which can connect traditional and digital asset ledgers. GitHub supports a number of ~payments/donations providers but not yet any w/ Interledger FWICS?

> Did you know? We recently launched the ability for self-serve enterprise customers to allow member organizations to easily create sponsorships. Today, more than nine in 10 companies use open source software in at least some capacity. Knowing this, we enhanced our invoice process for organizations, making it easier for organizations to sign up and request invoicing as a payment method for sponsorships.

> Additionally, we are making it easier for self-serve enterprise customers to grant their member organization permission to create sponsorships

From the GH Sponsors FAQ re a Matching Fund :

> Can’t people just steal money from the matching fund?: We have a rigorous vetting process for the sponsored developers who receive the match. If you happened to see the application form at, you’ll notice we ask a lot of questions that support this process. We’re also introducing more measures—including an extensive identity verification and antifraud program in partnership with Stripe—as we grow the program this summer.


YouTube may face criminal complaints in EU for using ad-block detection scripts

Why do you pretend that you are entitled to free video storage and bandwidth from YouTube? You haven't been sleighted. That service costs money to provide.

No, you don't have a right to free service either. Do you pay your other bills while you demand free rendered services from these companies?

Having a disability or similar does not entitle you to an unsubsidized Times Square with no ads.

(NASA is running their own streaming network and competing; it can be done. EU should try to run competing free video streaming businesses before shoving preferred American companies around with anti-competitive claims. EU haven't run a video hosting business that's been prevented from competing by the success, existence, and approved mergers and acquisitions of American media companies; and so EU video hosting businesses haven't and can't have been anti-conpetitively disadvantaged.)

I also run ad blockers for various justifiable reasons; but I don't tell myself that I have a right to free shtuff.

How the heck can you require only Netflix to host 30% local EU content and also demand free video streaming service with no ads?


An idignant victim compensating for taking without compensating.

How many other people or services do we use for hours a month for free?

Are we mad at them - and entitled - for offering an ad-supported option?

> Because they offered it for free.

The Information Service Provider offered it for "free with ads".

Do you otherwise support paying creators for their work, if not through YouTube's system for compensating creators?


Yeah pay for propaganda from the man.


> the psychology of

Here's this: "I hate ads. My time is valuable. I want free things. What I do is justifiable. Especially when you consider moral relativism and their practices."

And this: "I hate war, but the corporate media of the 2000s sold it to me and then didn't pay the bill; so we need citizen media."

I don't think we're entitled to free video streaming; maybe because I remember how much it costs to host an .mp4 without HLS on a shared hosting account without nginx-rtmp-module (C and ffmpeg, not yet Rust) and how long it takes to encode video without buying custom hardware video encoding accelerator cards and low-volume ASIC/FPGA TLS load balancer accelerators because now video over HTTPS, and because I don't want to pull media from your MediaGoblin tube site.

I don't support artists suing fans listening from the streets.

Artists are entitled to proceeds from their work if that's how they want to run the show.

I do support paying artists with the audio fingerprinting that YouTube pioneered.

(As an artist and a visual artist - it doesn't matter what kind - I don't want to ruin YouTube with payout demands; but if musical artists are due their cut for their plays, then visual artists are too. No musical artists have yet stood up for the plight of visual artists. Nobody has yet determined how to pay everyone on a production with a smart contract that gives them their fair cut for their contribution to the collaborative ari project.)

It costs money to encode, host, and moderate video, live video, comments, and live chats.

It costs money to stream video.

Good content costs money to create, in an ad hominem-d influencer-affected landscape devoid of critical thinking and media literacy.

Artists don't get paid when you stream for free without ads or premium subscription.

How can we pay artists and content producers and privately bootstrapped infrastructure if the marginal cost of a stream is not offset by the marginal returns of a stream?

Content creators have real costs.


Copyleft is my decision as an artist. Open Source is my decision as a developer who can't donate their services to charity.


Anti-competitive anti-competition context:

What's not fair, anticompetitively? Tying, Bundling, Exclusive agreements, Price fixing, Colluding cartels (for non-essential commodities), Bribery, Kickbacks, Becoming a lobbyist without waiting a fair amount of time first,

What is fair? Selling to the highest bidder. Approved mergers and acquisitions. Strategies against hostile corporate takeover. Taking the bank's money and your creditworthiness and bootstrapping. Penny-pinching to scale and gain market share. Appeasing shareholders/owners. Charging people when they use hours of free services per week.


I can otherwise support artists and their lifestyles or not by subscribing, buying their music, tickets to live shows, jam cruise, merch, and free word of mouth; free mentions

That they've agreed to sell their content on a network with ads (which in particular enables low income folks to be fans) does not entitle me to free shtyff from them; though I may also have a justified medical reason for tuning out ads entirely unless they're funny.


You do not have the right to stream video for free from

That they offer an ad-supported service does not entitle us to an ad-free service.

Limiting playback without ads is not beyond the rights of the information service provider.


Maybe it's a lack of technical understanding.

Are you familiar with keggerator systems with usage quotas? ("Free as in beer")

How can a computerized keggerator system (or a bartender) limit a person to a specific number of drafts from the tap? Is that spyware, or what you agree to when you draw from their kegs?


> would not send the video stream to you until the advertisement was done playing

Is this really what consumers prefer?

Logged-in users necessarily carry state in some way such that they are identifiable as a logged-in user. "Session cookies" (and 'super cookies' etc) are standard practice for tracking which users are logged in.

YouTube does not and has not required login to view creators' videos and shorts.

And now don't they - just YouTube, hopefully - have to require login for their TOS to be a recognized agreement that authorizes determining whether the user is logged in and not stealing hours of free services.


Why are you/they trying to force YouTube to require login to view video?!

Isn't this about privacy!? How can free video plays have privacy if login is required to prevent freeloading hours of free service that others pay for?

That would be a significant pivot away from free video that democratizes video, and from video URLs that people share to walled garden video URLs.


I think a lot of that is the (musical) artists/businesspeople demanding a higher - most reasonable - cut, so we all get more ads.

Just think how expensive YouTube would be if artists started demanding royalties for works that match their video fingerprints (in addition to the payouts according to audio fingerprints that YouTube pioneered).

Encoding, moderation, storage, and bandwidth cost money. I'm sure the YouTube financials and margin are posted.

A video streaming service can afford to operate without ads only if: _____.

You understand this if you've ever tried to host (multiply-reencoded) video on a shared hosting service with a bandwidth quota for $10-$20 a month. is one proposed solution to advertising-supported media.


AI chemist finds molecule to make oxygen on Mars after sifting through millions


"Directive" -- Wall-E

"Automated synthesis of oxygen-producing catalysts from Martian meteorites by a robotic AI chemist" (2023) :

> Living on Mars requires the ability to synthesize chemicals that are essential for survival, such as oxygen, from local Martian resources. However, this is a challenging task. Here we demonstrate a robotic artificial-intelligence chemist for automated synthesis and intelligent optimization of catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction from Martian meteorites. The entire process, including Martian ore pretreatment, catalyst synthesis, characterization, testing and, most importantly, the search for the optimal catalyst formula, is performed without human intervention. Using a machine-learning model derived from both first-principles data and experimental measurements, this method automatically and rapidly identifies the optimal catalyst formula from more than three million possible compositions. The synthesized catalyst operates at a current density of 10 mA cm−2 for over 550,000 s of operation with an overpotential of 445.1 mV, demonstrating the feasibility of the artificial-intelligence chemist in the automated synthesis of chemicals and materials for Mars exploration.


Ethics of terraforming:

Terraforming of Mars: :

> Mars doesn't have an intrinsic global magnetic field, but the solar wind directly interacts with the atmosphere of Mars, leading to the formation of a magnetosphere from magnetic field tubes.[14] This poses challenges for mitigating solar radiation and retaining an atmosphere.

> The lack of a magnetic field, its relatively small mass, and its atmospheric photochemistry, all would have contributed to the evaporation and loss of its surface liquid water over time.[15] Solar wind–induced ejection of Martian atmospheric atoms has been detected by Mars-orbiting probes, indicating that the solar wind has stripped the Martian atmosphere over time. For comparison, while Venus has a dense atmosphere, it has only traces of water vapor (20 ppm) as it lacks a large, dipole-induced, magnetic field.[14][16][15] Earth's ozone layer provides additional protection. Ultraviolet light is blocked before it can dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen. [17]

Oxygen evolution:


Fast Symbolic Computation for Robotics suggests that multivariate inequalities are still unsolved in SymPy, though it looks like was merged in August. This probably isn't yet implemented in C++ in SymForce yet?


Is my toddler a stochastic parrot?

Language acquisition > See also:

Phonological development:

Imitation > Child development: :

> "The Everyday Parenting Toolkit: The Kazdin Method for Easy, Step-by-Step, Lasting Change for You and Your Child"

> "Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing" (Kazdin, Yale,)

> Re: Effective praise and Validating parenting [and parroting]


US surgeons perform first whole eye transplant


Retina or optic nerve: how do the regenerative methods differ?

Visual system > System overview: :

> Mechanical: Together, the cornea and lens refract light into a small image and shine it on the retina. The retina transduces this image into electrical pulses using rods and cones. The optic nerve then carries these pulses through the optic canal. Upon reaching the optic chiasm the nerve fibers decussate (left becomes right). The fibers then branch and terminate in three places. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

>Neural: Most of the optic nerve fibers end in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN). , ... :

- "Direct neuronal reprogramming by temporal identity factors" (2023)

- "Retinoid therapy restores eye-specific cortical responses in adult mice with retinal degeneration" (2022)

- "Genetic and epigenetic regulators of retinal Müller glial cell reprogramming" (2023)

- Ctrl-F "neurons"

Regeneration in humans > Induced regeneration:


Thermal transistors handle heat with no moving parts

"Test Processor With New Thermal Transistors Cools Chip Without Moving Parts" :

> Compared to normal cooling methods, the experimental transistors were 13 times better.

"Electrically gated molecular thermal switch" (2023) :

> Abstract: Controlling heat flow is a key challenge for applications ranging from thermal management in electronics to energy systems, industrial processing, and thermal therapy. However, progress has generally been limited by slow response times and low tunability in thermal conductance. In this work, we demonstrate an electronically gated solid-state thermal switch using self-assembled molecular junctions to achieve excellent performance at room temperature. In this three-terminal device, heat flow is continuously and reversibly modulated by an electric field through carefully controlled chemical bonding and charge distributions within the molecular interface. The devices have ultrahigh switching speeds above 1 megahertz, have on/off ratios in thermal conductance greater than 1300%, and can be switched more than 1 million times. We anticipate that these advances will generate opportunities in molecular engineering for thermal management systems and thermal circuit design.


Would there be any returns to pairing this approach with recent advances in laser cooling (and integrated photonics)?


Firmware Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) Proposal

rwmj | 2023-11-13 05:23:28 | 126 | # | ^

Sigstore artifact signature verification may be part of a SLSA secure software supply chain workflow.

slsa-framework/slsa-github-generator > Generate [signed] provenance metadata : :

> Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts, or SLSA (salsa), is a security framework, a check-list of standards and controls to prevent tampering, improve integrity, and secure packages and infrastructure in your projects, businesses or enterprises.

> SLSA defines an incrementally-adoptable set of levels which are defined in terms of increasing compliance and assurance. SLSA levels are like a common language to talk about how secure software, supply chains and their component parts really are.

The impossible Quantum Drive that defies known laws of physics reached space

> “I don’t know of any other purely electric drives ever tested in space,” Mansell told The Debrief, including the controversial EMDrive, which, he noted, relies on a completely different technology but also claims to produce thrust without propellant. “If so, this will be the first time a purely electric, “non-conventional” drive will have ever been tested in space!”


Nvidia H200 Tensor Core GPU


What would make [HBM3E] GPU memory faster?

High Bandwidth Memory > HBM3E:


More technically, I suppose.

Is the error rate due to quantum tunneling at so many nanometers still a fundamental limit to transistor density and thus also (G)DDR and HBM performance per unit area, volume, and charge? ; a new QC and maybe in-RAM computing architecture like HBM-PM: maybe glass on quantum dots in synthetic DNA, and then still wave function storage and transmission; scale the quantum interconnect

Is melamine too slow for >= HBM RAM?


From :

> Optical tweezers:

> "'Impossible' photonic breakthrough: scientist manipulate light at subwavelength scale" :

>> But now, the researchers from Southampton, together with scientists from the universities of Dortmund and Regensburg in Germany, have successfully demonstrated that a beam of light can not only be confined to a spot that is 50 times smaller than its own wavelength but also “in a first of its kind” the spot can be moved by minuscule amounts at the point where the light is confined

FWIU, quantum tunneling is regarded as error to be eliminated in digital computers; but may be a sufficient quantum computing component: cause electron-electron wave function interaction and measure. But there is zero or 1 readout in adjacent RAM transistors. Lol "Rowhammer for qubits"

"HBM4 in Development, Organizers Eyeing Even Wider 2048-Bit Interface" (2023)


Low current around roots boosts plant growth


Is there nonlinearity due to the observer effect in this system?

From how many meters away can a human walking in a forest be detected with such an organic signal network?

FWIU mycorrhizae networks all broadcast on the same channel? Is it full duplex; are they transmitting and receiving simulatenously?


Show HN: I wrote a multicopter simulation library in Python

* [Documentation](

* [Source code](

* [Demo/Quickstart](

There are many simulation libraries out there. For example AirSim using Unreal Engine, several implementations in Unity3D, Matlab toolboxes. I wanted a simple hackable codebase with which to experiment.

So, I wrote this. Propellers, motors, batteries, airframe are their own components and can be mixed and matched. The code lets you create any number of propellers, and an optimization function learns a PID controller for that vehicle. Additionally, there are convenience functions to visualize in 3D and sensor measurements.

Please let me know what you think :)

Could it output drones for existing sims?

X-Plane Plane Maker:

Juno: New Origins (and also Hello Engineer)

MS Flight Simulator cockpits are built with MSFS Avionics Framework which is React-based: :

> [Multi-objective gym + MuJoCo] for drone simulation

> Idea: Generate code like BlenderGPT to generate drone rover sim scenarios and environments like the Moon and Mars :

> awesome finite element analysis

Also: awesome-cfd :

> Numerical methods in fluid mechanics:


Np. Interesting field.

"How to create an aircraft [for MS Flight Simulator]"

Gymnasium w/ MuJoCo or similar would probably be most worthwhile in terms of research,


/? gltf msfs :

> Microsoft Flight Simulator glTF 2.0 Importer and Exporter for Blender

MSFS docs on the Blender plugin:

There must be fluid simulation in MSFS and XPlane because they model helicopter flight characteristics.

I don't think either model things like solar thermal effect upon wings' material properties yet.


GraphCast: AI model for weather forecasting


"BLD,ENH: Dask-scheduler (SLURM,),"

Dask-jobqueue :

> provides cluster managers for PBS, SLURM, LSF, SGE and other [HPC supercomputer] resource managers

Helpful tools for this work: Dask-labextension, DaskML, CuPY, SymPy's lambdify(), Parquet, Arrow

GFS: Global Forecast System:

TIL about Raspberry-NOAA and pywws in researching and summarizing for a comment on "Nrsc5: Receive NRSC-5 digital radio stations using an RTL-SDR dongle" (2023)


Future is quantum: universities look to train engineers for an emerging industry


You can do applied quantum logic in an afternoon (with e.g. colab and cirq, qiskit, and/or tequila) but then how much math is necessary; what is a "real conjugate"?


E.g. Quantum embedding isn't yet taught to undergrads, and can be quickly explained to folks interested in the field, who might not be deterred by laborious newspaper summarizations, and who might pursue this strategic and critical skill.

How many ways are there to roll a 6-sided die with qubits and quantum embedding?

It took years for tech to completely and entirely rid itself of the socially-broken nerd stereotypes that pervaded early digital computing as well.

How can we get enough people into QIS Quantum fields to supply demand for new talent?


While I somewhat regret selling most of my college textbooks back, I feel that cramming for non-applied tests and quizzes was something I needed to pay them for me to do.

TIL about memory retention; spaced repetition interval training and projects with written communications components in application

> Instead [of the Bohr model], Morello uses a real-world example in his teaching — a material called a quantum dot, which is used in some LEDs and in some television screens. “I can now teach quantum mechanics in a way that is far more engaging than the way I was taught quantum mechanics when I was an undergrad in the 1990s,” he says.

> Morello also teaches the mathematics behind quantum mechanics in a more computer-friendly way. His students learn to solve problems using matrices that they can represent using code written for the Python programming language, rather than conventional differential equations on paper.

From :

>> This "Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists" video explains classical and quantum operators as just matrices. What are other good references?

Unfortunately the QuantumQ game doesn't yet have the matrix forms of the quantum logical operators in the (open source) game docs.

Would be a helpful resource, in addition to the Quantum logic wikipedia page and numpy and/or SymPy without cirq:

A Manim presentation demonstrating that quantum logical operator matrices are Bloch sphere rotations, are reversible, and why we restrict operators to the category of unitary transformations

> His colleagues at the UNSW are also developing laboratory courses to give students hands-on experience with the hardware in quantum technologies. For example, they designed a teaching lab to convey the fundamental concept of quantum spin, a property of electrons and some other quantum particles, using commercially available synthetic diamonds known as nitrogen vacancy centres

Some blue LEDs contain sapphire, which is even more macrostae entanglable than diamonds. Lol:

"The Qubit Game (2022)" :

> Additional Q12 (K12 QIS Quantum Information Science) ideas?:

Cirq and other QIS libraries can implement _repr_svg_ e.g. for nice quantum circuit diagrams from code:

A Manim walkthrough that flies from top-down to low flyover with the wave states at each point in the circuit would be neat. Do classical circuit simulators simulate backwards, nonlinear flow of current?

Research achieves photo-induced superconductivity on a chip

> Their work, now published in Nature Communications, also shows that the electrical response of photo-excited K3C60 is not linear, that is, the resistance of the sample depends on the applied current. This is a key feature of superconductivity, validates some of the previous observations and provides new information and perspectives on the physics of K3C60 thin films.

"Superconducting nonlinear transport in optically driven high-temperature K3C60" (2023) :

> Abstract: Optically driven quantum materials exhibit a variety of non-equilibrium functional phenomena, which to date have been primarily studied with ultrafast optical, X-Ray and photo-emission spectroscopy. However, little has been done to characterize their transient electrical responses, which are directly associated with the functionality of these materials. Especially interesting are linear and nonlinear current-voltage characteristics at frequencies below 1 THz, which are not easily measured at picosecond temporal resolution. Here, we report on ultrafast transport measurements in photo-excited K3C60. Thin films of this compound were connected to photo-conductive switches with co-planar waveguides. We observe characteristic nonlinear current-voltage responses, which in these films point to photo-induced granular superconductivity. Although these dynamics are not necessarily identical to those reported for the powder samples studied so far, they provide valuable new information on the nature of the light-induced superconducting-like state above equilibrium Tc. Furthermore, integration of non-equilibrium superconductivity into optoelectronic platforms may lead to integration in high-speed devices based on this effect.

Autonomous lab discovers best-in-class quantum dot in hours instead of years

> The goal in this study was to find the doped perovskite quantum dot with the highest "quantum yield," or the highest ratio of photons the quantum dot emits (as infrared or visible wavelengths of light) relative to the photons it absorbs (via UV light).

"Smart Dope: A Self-Driving Fluidic Lab for Accelerated Development of Doped Perovskite Quantum Dots," (2023)

> Abstract: Metal cation-doped lead halide perovskite (LHP) quantum dots (QDs) with photoluminescence quantum yields (PLQYs) higher than unity, due to quantum cutting phenomena, are an important building block of the next-generation renewable energy technologies. However, synthetic route exploration and development of the highest-performing QDs for device applications remain challenging. In this work, Smart Dope is presented, which is a self-driving fluidic lab (SDFL), for the accelerated synthesis space exploration and autonomous optimization of LHP QDs. Specifically, the multi-cation doping of CsPbCl3 QDs using a one-pot high-temperature synthesis chemistry is reported. Smart Dope continuously synthesizes multi-cation-doped CsPbCl3 QDs using a high-pressure gas-liquid segmented flow format to enable continuous experimentation with minimal experimental noise at reaction temperatures up to 255°C. Smart Dope offers multiple functionalities, including accelerated mechanistic studies through digital twin QD synthesis modeling, closed-loop autonomous optimization for accelerated QD synthetic route discovery, and on-demand continuous manufacturing of high-performing QDs. Through these developments, Smart Dope autonomously identifies the optimal synthetic route of Mn-Yb co-doped CsPbCl3 QDs with a PLQY of 158%, which is the highest reported value for this class of QDs to date. Smart Dope illustrates the power of SDFLs in accelerating the discovery and development of emerging advanced energy materials.


Munich court tells Netflix to stop using H.265 video coding to stream UHD

I support open source alternatives to H.265, which is fairly advantageous.

I don't think governments are good at regulating technical standards for industry.

And so this is a wash.


Perhaps it's out of context then.


Cathode-Retro: A collection of shaders to emulate the display of an NTSC signal


A similar theme for JupyterLab/JupyterLite would be cool

jupyterlab_miami_nights is real nice, too

DI's Synthwave station somewhat matches the decade:

Lighter almost solarized red for terminal text is also a decent terminal experience IMHO


Show HN: Open-source digital stylus with six degrees of freedom


Wii Remote (2006), Wiimote Whiteboard (2007), Kinect (2010), Leap Motion (2010- Ultraleap (2019)),

There are infrared depth cameras in various phones and laptop cameras now.

[VR] Motion controllers:

Inertial navigation system:

Inertial measurement unit : :

> An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is an electronic device that measures and reports a body's specific force, angular rate, and sometimes the orientation of the body, using a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and sometimes magnetometers. When the magnetometer is included, IMUs are referred to as IMMUs.[1]

Moasure does displacement estimation with inertial measurement (in a mobile app w/ just accelerometer or also compass sensor data?) IIUC:

/? wireless gesture recognition RSSI:

/? wireless gesture recognition RSSI :

Awesome-WiFi-CSI-Sensing > Indoor Localization:

3D Scanning > Technology, Applications:

Are there a limited set of possible-path-corresponding diffraction patterns that NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) could sense and process to make e.g. a magic pencil with pressure sensitivity, too?

/q.hnlog "quantum navigation": :

> Quantum navigation maps such signal sources such that inexpensive sensors can achieve something like inertial navigation FWIU?

From :

> Can low-cost lasers and Rdyberg atoms e.g. Rydberg Technology solve for [space-based] matter-wave interferometry? [...] Does a fishing lure bobber on the water produce gravitational waves as part of the n-body gravitational wave fluid field, and how separable are the source wave components with e.g. Quantum Fourier Transform/or and other methods?

Because the digitizer

> e.g. a magic pencil with pressure sensitivity, too?

Wouldn't such a capability also be useful for surgical AR/AI, robotics, and training?


Getting the Lorentz transformations without requiring an invariant speed (2015)


(nonlinear) retrocausality: :

/? electrodynamic engineering in the time domain, not in the 3-space EM energy density domain

"Electromagnetic forces in the time domain" (2022) :

> [...] On looking through the literature, we notice that several previous studies undertook the analysis of the optical force in the time domain, but at a certain point always shifted their focus to the time average force [67–69] or, alternatively, use numerical approaches to find the force in the time domain [44,70–75]. To the best of our knowledge, only a few publications conducted analytical studies of the optical force evolution. Very recent paper employs the signal theory to derive the imaginary part of the Maxwell stress tensor, which is responsible for the oscillating optical force and torque [76]. The optical force is studied under two-wave excitation acting on a half-space [40] and on cylinders [77], and a systematic analytical study of the time evolution of the optical force has not yet been reported.

If mass warps space and time nonlinearly per relevant confirmations of General Relativity, and there is observable retrocausality and also indefinite causal order, is forcing time to be the frame of reference, and to be the constant frame of reference necessary or helpful for the OT problem and otherwise?


Ask HN: What are good books on SW architecture that don't sell microservices?

There have been multiple discussions of how the microservices movement did more harm than good, how a modular monolith can be a much better option.

I wish there was a comprehensive book (ideally) that is practical, pragmatic, doesn't advocate the use of microservices just because it is cool, etc.

Some books that are often recommended have "microservices" in their names which is a pretty bad start.

For example, I am thinking of how two services should communicate (I am unfortunately guilty of having more services that I really needed). There are multiple options and the choice depends on factors like synchronous vs asynchronous so I would like to read a detailed analysis of all tradeoffs and considerations. Ideally, from authors that really know what they're talking about.


Computation of the n'th digit of pi in any base in O(n^2) (1997)


Is there unitarity, symmetry, or conservation when x^2 ± y^2 = 1?

We square complex amplitudes to make them real. :

> "Partly because, mathematically, wavefunctions are vectors in a L^2 Hilbert space, which is complex-valued. Squaring the amplitude, rather Ψ∗Ψ=|Ψ|^2 is one way to ensure that you get real-valued probabilities, which is also related to the fact that […]"


Apple’s first online store played a crucial role in the company’s resurgence

Somewhere between Macintosh & iPod + iTunes and MacOS (was: OSX (Unix, Bash,)) I think Apple was saved.

And the white cabling with the silhouettes


The Developer story is key, I think, in addition to content CDNs and SAST/DAST for apps.

iPod Linux:

Rockbox Firmware for an Archos and then an Nano w/ color and no WiFi:

  podman run --rm -it

  xcode-select -p
  # installing homebrew installs the xcode CLI tools:
  /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  brew install podman 
  brew install --cask podman-desktop

How to add a Software repository to an OS. Software repository; SLSA, Sigstore, DevSecOps:

W/ Ansible:





From my :

  upgrade_macos() {
    softwareupdate --list
    softwareupdate --download
    softwareupdate --install --all --restart

From :

> GitHub Actions currently charges $0.16 *per minute* for the macOS M1 Runners. That comes out to $84,096 for 1 machine year

GitHub Runner is written in Go; it fetches tasks from GitHub Actions and posts the results back to the Pull Request that spawned the build.

nektos/act is how Gitea Actions builds GitHub Actions workflow YAML build definition documents.

From :

> This is the macOS Ventura installer running in 30 VMs, in 30 #nix derivations at once. It gets the installer from Apple, automates the installation using Tesseract OCR and TCL Expect scripts. This is to test the repeatability. A single function call `makeDarwinImage`.

With a Multi-Stage Dockerfile/Containerfild, you can have a dev environment like xcode or gcc+make in the first stage that builds the package, and then the second stage the package is installed and tested, and then the package is signed and published to a package repo / app store / OCI container image repository.

Continuous integration:

Is there a good way to do automated testing like pytest+Hypothesis+tox w/ e.g. the Swift programming language for computers? CloudFuzz is built upon OSS-Fuzz.

SLSA now specifies builders for signing things correctly in CI builds with keys in RAM on the build workers.

"Build your own SLSA 3+ provenance builder on GitHub Actions"

140-year-old ocean heat tech could supply islands with limitless energy

> Known as ocean thermal energy conversion or ‘OTEC,’ the technology was first invented in 1881 by French physicist Jacques Arsene d’Arsonval. He discovered that the temperature difference between sun-warmed surface water and the cold depths of the ocean could be harnessed to generate electricity. [...]

> For OTEC to work it requires a temperature difference between hot and cold water of around 20 degrees Celsius. This can only be found in the tropics, which is not a problem in itself.

How much of a thermal gradient is there with submerged polar datacenters?

IIUC it is possible to tube solid-state thermoelectric devices to certain ranges?

What's the thermal gradient between a crawlspace or a subterranean basement and an attic under a dark roof?


We used to build steel mills near cheap power. Now we build datacenters

To push waste heat to a building across the street, it's usually necessary to add heat at the source n order to more efficiently transfer the thermal energy to the receiver.

OTOH other synergies that require planning and/or zoning:

- Algae plants can capture waste CO2.

- Datacenters produce steam-sterilized water that's usually tragically not fed back into water treatment.

- Smokestacks produce CO2, Nitrogen, and other flue gases that are reusable by facilities like Copenhill and probably for production of graphene or similar smokestack air filters.


Facebook Is Ending Support for PGP Encrypted Emails


What are the disadvantages of only signing (and not encrypting the message body of) account reset emails?


Why Cities: Skylines 2 performs poorly


> The issues are luckily quite easy to fix, both by creating more LOD variants and by improving the culling system

How many polygons are there with and without e.g. AutoLOD/InstaLOD?

An LLM can probably be trained to simplify meshes and create LOD variants with e.g. UnityMeshSimplifier?

Whinarn/UnityMeshSimplifier: :

> Mesh simplification for Unity. The project is deeply based on the Fast Quadric Mesh Simplification algorithm, but rewritten entirely in C# and released under the MIT license.



"Unity Labs: AutoLOD - Experimenting with automatic performance improvements"


"Simulated Mesh Simplifier": :

> Yes, we had started work on a GPU-accelerated simplifier using QEM, but it was not robust enough to release.

"Any chance of getting official support now that Unreal has shown off it's AutoLOD?" :

> "UE4 has had automatic LOD generation since it first released - I was honestly baffled when I realized that Unity was missing what I had assumed to be a basic feature.*

> Note that Nanite (which I assume you're referring to) is not a LOD system, despite being similar in the basic goal of not rendering as many polygons for distant objects.

"Unity: Feature Request: Auto - LOD" (2023-05)

"Discussion about Virtualized Geometry (as introduced by UE5)"

UE5 Unreal Engine 5 docs > Rendering features > Nanite:


What are some other solutions to the cited problems?


Tractor Beams Are Real, and Could Solve a Major Space Junk Problem


Are there any unboosted or boosted orbital trajectories that deorbit by "ejection" rather than atmospheric friction and pollution?

Is the minimum perturbation necessary to "eject from earth orbit" lower in an Earth-Moon Lunar cycler orbit? (And, If decommissioned, why shouldn't the ISS be placed into a Lunar Cycler Earth-Moon orbit to test systems failure, lunar cycler orbits, and extra- Van-Allen radiation's impact on real systems failure?)

Couldn't you build those out of recyclable proton batteries and heat-shielded bioplastic?

"Falling metal space junk is changing Earth's upper atmosphere in ways we don't fully understand" (2023) and also solar microwave power beaming and fluids

"Metals from spacecraft reentry in stratospheric aerosol particles" (2023)


Would it be easier to band together the currently-unrecyclable orbital debris and waste and boost bundles of usable material with e.g. solar until it's usable in orbit or on the ground of a planet?

Someone probably has the costs to lift n kg of payload into orbit then and today in today dollars.

Matter persists in cycler orbits around attractors.

Is there a minimum escape velocity for each pending debris object, and then also for a moon gravity-assist solar destination orbit?

How much solar energy per kg of orbital mass is necessary to dispose by ejection in some manner?

I'm reminded of Wonka's cane and the Loompland river. Can such orbits be simulated with Kerbal Space Program 2?


Such graveyarded debris and waste is potentially reusable in orbit, on the Moon, and on Mars.

~space tugs with electric propulsion:

Is there an effective fulcrum on a lever in space if you attach thrusters at one end; like a space baseball bat?

MEU: "Mission Extension Unit"

How many kwh of (solar) electricity would be necessary to transfer to and from lunar cycler orbit to earth orbit to stay within the belt? 8, orbit, 8; or 8,8,orbit,8,8 etc?

FWIU there are already-costed launch and refuel mission plans?

Launch rocket_2 with fuel for rocket_1 which is already in orbit, attach to object_1, and apply thrust towards an optimal or sufficient gravity-assisted solar trajectory or bundle of space recyclables.

Is there any data on space stations in Lunar Cycler orbits?

Are there Lunar Cycler orbits that remain within the van Allen radiation belt?

What would be the costs and benefits of long-term positioning of a space station or other vessel with international docking adapter(s) in a Lunar cycler orbit?


Nrsc5: Receive NRSC-5 digital radio stations using an RTL-SDR dongle


From :

> Maps: When listening to radio stations operated by iHeartMedia, you may view live traffic maps and weather radar. The images are typically sent every few minutes and will fill the tab area once received, processed, and loaded. Clicking the Map Viewer button on the toolbar will open a larger window to view the maps at full size. The weather radar information from the last 12 hours will be stored and can be played back by selecting the Animate Radar option. The delay between frames (in seconds) can be adjusted by changing the Animation Speed value. Other stations provide Navteq/HERE navigation information... it's on the TODO 'like to have' list.

Is this an easier way to get weather info without Internet than e.g. Raspberry-NOAA and a large antenna? :

> NOAA and Meteor-M 2 satellite imagery capture setup for the regular 64 bit Debian Bullseye computers and Raspberry Pi!


Would it be feasible to do something similar with OpenWRT opkg packages to support capturing weather radar (and weather forecasts and alerts?) data from digital FM radio with a USB RTL-SDR radio?

Python apps require a bunch of disk space, which is at a premium on low-wattage always-on routers.

OpenWRT's luci-app-statistics application supports rrdtool and collectd for archived stats over time (optionally on a USB stick or an SSD instead of the flash ROM of the router, which has a max lifetime in terms of number of writes)

From :

> LuCI is the OpenWRT web UI which is written in Lua; which is now implemented mostly as a JSON-RPC API instead of with server-side HTML templates for usability and performance on embedded devices. [...] Notes on how to write a LuCI app in Lua:


What models of Raspberry Pi are sufficient, or how many Mhz and RAM are necessary to demodulate an HD radio stream?

(Pi Pico, Pi Zero, and Pi A+/B+/2/3/4 have 2x20 pin headers for HATs. Orange Pi 5 Plus has hardware H.265 encoding with hw-enc and gstreamer fwiu.)


Are there yet Clock, Weather Forecast, or Emergency Alert text data channels in digital FM radio?

FWIU there are also DVB data streams?


DVB-T could technically carry clock, weather forecasts, and alerts as text data feeds.

What needs to be done to link WEA Wireless Emergency Alerts with HD radio data streams? WX radio could possibly embed a data channel? If it doesn't already for e.g. accessible captioning?

DVB-T: :

> This system transmits compressed digital audio, digital video and other data in an MPEG transport stream, using coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (COFDM or OFDM) modulation.

From :

> The origins of RTL-SDR stem from mass produced DVB-T TV tuner dongles that were based on the RTL2832U chipset. [...]

> Over the years since its discovery RTL-SDR has become extremely popular and has democratized access to the radio spectrum. Now anyone including hobbyists on a budget can access the radio spectrum. It's worth noting that this sort of SDR capability would have cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars just a few years ago. The RTL-SDR is also sometimes referred to as RTL2832U, DVB-T SDR, DVB-T dongle, RTL dongle, or the "cheap software defined radio"

From :

> [You need an upconverter to receive the time from the WWV shortwave clock station on 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz]

From :

> TIL there's a regular heartbeat in the quantum foam; [...]


FCC wants to bolster amateur radio

From "WebSDR – Internet-connected Software-Defined Radios" (2023) :

> pipewire-screenaudio: :

>> Extension to passthrough pipewire audio to WebRTC Screenshare

> awesome-amateur-radio#sdr

> The OpenWRT wiki lists a few different weather station apps that can retrieve, record chart, and publish weather data from various weather sensors and also from GPIO or SDR; pywws, weewx

> weewx:

> A WebSDR LuCI app would be cool.

What are some other interesting applications for [digital] terrestrial radio (in service of bolstering support for amateur radio)?

What could K12cs "Q12" STEM science classes do to encourage learning of this and adjacent EM skills?

"Listen to HD radio with a $30 RTL SDR dongle"


New centralized pollination portal for better global bee data creates a buzz

Is it possible to create a lawn weed killer (a broadleaf herbicide) that doesn't kill white dutch clover; because bees eat clover (and dandelions) and bees are essential?

"Tire dust makes up the majority of ocean microplastics" (2023) :

> "Rubber Made From Dandelions is Making Tires More Sustainable – Truly a Wondrous Plant" (2021)

Electrical switching of the edge current chirality in quantum Hall insulators

"Electrical switching of the edge current chirality in quantum anomalous Hall insulators" (2023) :

> A quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) insulator is a topological phase in which the interior is insulating but electrical current flows along the edges of the sample in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, as dictated by the spontaneous magnetization orientation. Such a chiral edge current eliminates any backscattering, giving rise to quantized Hall resistance and zero longitudinal resistance. Here we fabricate mesoscopic QAH sandwich Hall bar devices and succeed in switching the edge current chirality through thermally assisted spin–orbit torque (SOT). The well-quantized QAH states before and after SOT switching with opposite edge current chiralities are demonstrated through four- and three-terminal measurements. We show that the SOT responsible for magnetization switching can be generated by both surface and bulk carriers. Our results further our understanding of the interplay between magnetism and topological states and usher in an easy and instantaneous method to manipulate the QAH state.

"Researchers Simplify Switching for Quantum Electronics" (2023) :

> “Achieving instantaneous electrical control over the edge current chirality [direction] in QAH materials, without the need for sweeping the external magnetic field, is indispensable for the advancement of QAH-based computation and information technologies,” he said.

> [...] Finding ways to to exploit these dissipation-less “chiral edge currents,” as they are known, could have far-ranging applications in quantum metrology, spintronics, and topological quantum computing. The idea was given a boost by the discovery that thin films of magnetic materials exhibit similar behavior without the need for a strong external magnetic field—something known as the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAH)—which makes building electronic devices that harness the phenomenon much more practical.

One stumbling block has been that switching the direction of these edge currents—a crucial step in many information-processing tasks—could be done only by passing an external magnetic field over the material. Now, researchers at Penn State University have demonstrated for the first time that they can switch the direction by simply applying a pulse of current.

Quantum anomalous Hall effect:


Show HN: MicroLua – Lua for the RP2040 Microcontroller

MicroLua allows programming the RP2040 microcontroller in Lua. It packages the latest Lua interpreter with bindings for the Pico SDK and a cooperative threading library.

MicroLua is licensed under the MIT license.

I wanted to learn about Lua and about the RP2040 microcontroller. This is the result :)

OpenWRT's LuCI WebUI, Torch ML, and embedded interpreters in game engines are also written in Lua.

Apache Arrow's C GLib implementation works with Lua. From :

> Apache Arrow already supports C, C++, Python, Rust, Go and has C GLib support Lua:

LearnXinYminutes Lua:

OpenWRT is a Make-based Linux distro for embedded devices with limited RAM and flash ROM, x86, and docker. OpenWRT is built on `uci` (and procd and ubusd instead of systemd and dbus). UCI is an /etc/config/* dotted.key=value configuration system which procd sys-v /etc/init.d/* scripts read values in from when regenerating their configuration when $1 is e.g. 'start', 'restart', or 'reload' per sys-v. LuCI is the OpenWRT web UI which is written in Lua; which is now implemented mostly as a JSON-RPC API instead of with server-side HTML templates for usability and performance on embedded devices.

Notes on how to write a LuCI app in Lua:



It's probably impossible to build OpenWRT (and opkg packages) for an RP2040W.


> probably impossible links to a PDF about connecting to the interwebs with a pi pico: "Connecting to the Internet with Raspberry Pi Pico W"





raspberrypi/pico-sdk//lib: btstack, cyw43-driver, lwip, mbedtls, tinyusb


There's an iperf opkg pkg, or is it just netperf (which works with the flent CLI and GUI)?



FreeRTOS > Process management:





RP2040 > Features: 2x ARM Cortex-M0


Pix2tex: Using a ViT to convert images of equations into LaTeX code

From "STEM formulas" :

> latex2sympy parses LaTeX and generates SymPy symbolic CAS Python code (w/ ANTLR) and is now merged in SymPy core but you must install ANTLR before because it's an optional dependency. Then, sympy.lambdify will compile a symbolic expression for use with TODO JAX, TensorFlow, PyTorch,.

  mamba install -c conda-forge sympy antlr # pytorch tensorflow jax  # jupyterlab jupyter_console : sympy.utilities.lambdify.lambdify() , sympytorch, sympy2jax

But then add tests! Tests for LaTeX equations that had never been executable as code.

There are a number of ways to generate tests for functions and methods with and without parameter and return types.

Property-based testing is one way to auto-generate test cases.

Property testing:

awesome-python-testing#property-based-testing: :

> Hypothesis is a family of testing libraries which let you write tests parametrized by a source of examples. A Hypothesis implementation then generates simple and comprehensible examples that make your tests fail. This simplifies writing your tests and makes them more powerful at the same time, by letting software automate the boring bits and do them to a higher standard than a human would, freeing you to focus on the higher level test logic.

> This sort of testing is often called "property-based testing", and the most widely known implementation of the concept is the Haskell library QuickCheck, but Hypothesis differs significantly from QuickCheck and is designed to fit idiomatically and easily into existing styles of testing that you are used to, with absolutely no familiarity with Haskell or functional programming needed.

Fuzzing is another way to auto-generate tests and test cases; by testing combinations of function parameters as a traversal through a combinatorial graph.


Google/atheris is based on libFuzzer:

Clusterfuzz supports libFuzzer and APFL: