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2022-10-01 07:46:12 How to turn waste polyethylene into something useful helsinkiandrew 9
2022-10-04 06:46:57 EU Passes Law to Switch iPhone to USB-C by End of 2024 popol12 572
2022-09-24 11:33:05 Vulhub: Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose nateb2022 100
2022-09-27 12:24:32 Bash 5.2 RealAlexClay 185
2022-09-24 04:48:16 Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers bj-rn 642
2022-09-23 06:54:53 Manifest V3, webRequest, and ad blockers dagurp 133
2022-09-19 13:41:52 1Hz CPU made in Minecraft running Minecraft at 0.1fps [video] reimertz 870
2022-09-20 07:07:02 Hash collisions and exploitations – Instant MD5 collision losfair 166
2022-09-19 12:50:41 AI Seamless Texture Generator Built-In to Blender myth_drannon 336
2022-09-18 11:15:07 Faraday and Babbage: Semiconductors and Computing in 1833 klelatti 28
2022-09-18 21:25:15 macOS Subsystem for Linux dzdt 253
2022-09-18 23:44:30 Global-Chem: A Free Dictionary from Common Chemical Names to Molecules Sulstice 35
2022-09-18 11:47:03 GCC's new fortification level: The gains and costs pjmlp 128
2022-09-18 12:50:41 Poor writing, not specialized concepts, drives difficulty with legal language rntn 559
2022-09-17 08:28:42 U.S. appeals court rejects big tech’s right to regulate online speech testrun 523
2022-09-12 10:26:48 Transformers seem to mimic parts of the brain theafh 140
2022-09-15 10:19:00 Chaos researchers can now predict perilous points of no return theafh 145
2022-09-14 18:13:12 GraphBLAS hui-zheng 104
2022-09-11 15:03:27 Common Lisp names all sixteen binary logic gates optimalsolver 158
2022-09-09 07:02:22 Google pays ‘enormous’ sums to maintain search-engine dominance, DOJ says helsinkiandrew 403
2022-09-10 06:59:09 Ask HN: Best empirical papers on software development? KingOfCoders 129
2022-09-09 04:24:28 Why public chats are better than direct messages stebunovd 156
2022-09-08 10:23:07 Planting trees not always an effective way of binding carbon dioxide hhs 122
2022-09-08 13:09:11 Caddyhttp: Enable HTTP/3 by Default fariszr 284
2022-09-08 12:39:07 Make better decisions with fewer online meetings bjuly 85
2022-09-08 09:06:22 Europe’s energy crisis hits science elashri 56
2022-09-08 02:09:26 The Risks of WebAssembly 0xmohit 66
2022-09-07 11:05:52 is running a survey on the state of Python packaging zbentley 233
2022-09-05 09:37:58 All poverty is energy poverty bedbot 309
2022-09-02 08:53:37 One Serverless Principle to Rule Them All: Idempotency [video] kiyanwang 73
2022-08-31 10:21:29 Ask HN: IT Security Checklist for Startups? faizshah 133
2022-08-30 20:48:51 Fed expects to launch long-awaited Faster Payments System by 2023 npalli 199
2022-08-30 10:05:42 REPL Driven Minecraft joelittlejohn 192
2022-08-26 13:31:32's Practical Deep Learning for Coders Has Been Updated EntICOnc 16
2022-08-26 10:42:45 Reducing methane is the fastest strategy available to reduce warming nipponese 123
2022-08-23 08:31:35 VS Code – What's the deal with the telemetry? ttctciyf 194
2022-08-18 07:05:28 Learn to sew your own outdoor gear almog 748
2022-08-18 10:58:43 FedNow FAQ hnburnsy 232
2022-08-18 00:32:43 Ask HN: Why are bookmarks second class citizens in browsers? vapemaster 271
2022-08-18 13:45:48 Millet, a Language Server for SML todsacerdoti 129
2022-08-15 20:23:20 The Cha Cha Slide Is Turing Complete eatonphil 7
2022-08-11 10:16:04 What is quantum field theory and why is it incomplete? digital55 106
2022-08-10 07:49:38 The Dymaxion car: Buckminster Fuller’s failed automobile conanxin 83
2022-08-10 16:43:34 Top Secret Rosies: The Female “Computers” of WWII jacquesm 66
2022-08-10 15:54:50 The World Excel Championship is being broadcast on ESPN dmitryminkovsky 517
2022-08-11 00:21:46 Quantum in the Chips and Science Act of 2022 westurner 1
2022-08-10 19:21:42 Where does energy go during destructive interference? amelius 32
2022-08-10 07:27:45 Adding Auditing to Pip chmaynard 67
2022-08-09 13:35:57 Tesla’s self-driving technology fails to detect children in the road, tests find philk10 75
2022-08-03 12:08:02 Why do tree-based models still outperform deep learning on tabular data? isolli 315
2022-08-01 18:40:38 AlphaFold's database grows over 200x to cover nearly all known proteins OnlineInference 152
2022-08-03 05:13:04 Django 4.1 j4mie 289
2022-08-02 00:18:26 Ask HN: Is there a tool / product that enables commenting on HTML elements? _lb7x 91
2022-07-22 00:52:35 Coinbase does not list securities. End of story kgwgk 30
2022-07-30 18:56:39 I Looked into 34 Top Real-World Blockchain Projects So You Don’t Have To ghuntley 247
2022-07-29 01:02:13 NIST announces preliminary winners of post-quantum competition zaik 87
2022-07-27 09:48:17 RStudio Is Becoming Posit tosh 119
2022-07-24 23:59:28 Ask HN: Why are there so few artificial sunlight or artificial window products? stevage 138
2022-07-26 12:14:28 LiteFS a FUSE-based file system for replicating SQLite sysbot 241
2022-07-24 22:30:22 Heaviest neutron star on record is 2.35 times the Solar mass lota-putty 2
2022-07-21 10:31:20 Show HN: Pg_jsonschema – A Postgres extension for JSON validation oliverrice 203
2022-07-18 11:56:47 Computer science proof unveils unexpected form of entanglement theafh 106
2022-07-20 11:34:10 Securing name resolution in the IoT: DNS over CoAP pantalaimon 22
2022-07-13 12:42:22 Maybe powers of π don't have unexpectedly good approximations? thomasahle 75
2022-07-15 02:12:15 Freezing Requirements with Pip-Tools BerislavLopac 54
2022-07-04 20:37:38 Qubit: Quantum register: Qudits and qutrits westurner 3
2022-07-05 12:10:38 To improve search results on YouTube, use the search prefix “intitle:” normhill 358
2022-07-05 17:08:28 OpenSSL Security Advisory arkadiyt 138
2022-07-04 23:13:50 Axial Higgs mode spotted in materials at room temperature (2022) westurner 1
2022-07-04 09:48:19 New study shows highly creative people’s brains work differently from others' NickRandom 136
2022-07-03 11:10:38 Visualizing quantum mechanics in an interactive simulation JoeDaDude 171
2022-07-01 09:27:12 Show HN: CSVFiddle – Query CSV files with DuckDB in the browser shbhrsaha 64
2022-06-30 21:00:55 A fast in-place interpreter for WebAssembly azhenley 29
2022-06-21 09:59:36 One-liner for running queries against CSV files with SQLite jdblair 747
2022-06-24 14:26:46 Show HN: Easily Convert WARC (Web Archive) into Parquet, Then Query with DuckDB llambda 116
2022-06-17 08:00:43 Bundling binary tools in Python wheels pcr910303 108
2022-06-17 04:37:45 Quantum Algorithm Implementations for Beginners rg111 110
2022-06-14 04:26:32 How to create a dashboard in Python with Jupyter Notebook pplonski86 188
2022-06-12 06:10:03 The Y Combinator in Go with generics mfrw 118
2022-06-09 18:54:08 Show HN: Pixie, open source observability for Kubernetes using eBPF nserrino 6
2022-06-10 17:52:12 Implementing strace in Rust JAKWAI 2
2022-06-09 16:36:58 Gitsign semiquaver 104
2022-06-09 16:54:49 Physicists discover never-before seen particle sitting on a tabletop spekcular 46
2022-06-08 12:45:24 The case for expanding rather than eliminating gifted education programs (2021) paulpauper 796
2022-06-08 09:32:13 Beautiful Soup memorable 226
2022-06-02 11:16:27 Formal methods only solve half my problems mjb 69
2022-06-01 06:37:20 Show HN: An open source alternative to Evernote (Self Hosted) vivekweb2013 241
2022-06-01 23:29:28 How are you using your whiteboard at home? regular_dev 1
2022-05-24 11:14:44 California parents could soon sue for social media addiction prostoalex 165
2022-05-26 03:39:12 Microsoft Flight Simulator – Top Gun: Maverick Expansion westurner 1
2022-05-22 12:03:07 Generating websites with SPARQL and Snowman, part 1 davidrupp 50
2022-05-22 10:12:50 Index funds officially overtake active managers andsoitis 176
2022-05-22 01:56:59 Why building profitable trading bot is hard? Kshitijmore 14
2022-05-14 00:59:26 The Good Ol' Days of QBasic Nibbles elvis70 80
2022-05-14 08:43:46 Can we make a black hole? And if we could, what could we do with it? nsoonhui 142
2022-05-14 13:18:21 DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections mooreds 49
2022-05-13 05:57:58 Twitter Deal Temporarily on Hold palebluedot 650
2022-05-09 14:27:05 Show HN: – Live search for Python documentation danosull 74
2022-05-08 22:08:15 Colleges where everyone works and there's no tuition bale 186
2022-05-04 09:27:42 What are your most used self-hosted applications? geeked 735
2022-05-04 00:17:23 Sqldiff: SQLite Database Difference Utility thunderbong 210
2022-04-30 14:17:18 GitBOM: Enabling universal artifact traceability in software supply chains todsacerdoti 26
2022-04-26 07:05:34 Compostable fungi-based replacement for styrofoam gruuya 202
2022-04-24 13:30:52 Evolution is not a tree of life but a fuzzy network ALee 100
2022-04-23 10:53:06 U.S. interest rates have soared everywhere but savings accounts mgh2 237
2022-04-20 11:57:01 Changing std:sort at Google’s scale and beyond ashvardanian 557
2022-04-13 04:41:13 Deep Learning Poised to ‘Blow Up’ Famed Fluid Equations takiwatanga 54
2022-04-16 01:56:26 Gigahertz topological valley Hall effect in NEMS phononic crystals westurner 2
2022-04-16 01:54:48
2022-04-14 10:13:22 Doing small network scientific machine learning in Julia faster than PyTorch adgjlsfhk1 178
2022-04-13 09:56:37 Logarithms yearning to be free _Microft 75
2022-04-12 08:49:34 Show HN: Monocle – bidirectional code generation library lucasluitjes 148
2022-04-12 16:11:52 Organization Discussions – GitHub Changelog judge2020 37
2022-04-08 23:04:23 Fossil of dinosaur killed in asteroid strike found, scientists claim Hooke 225
2022-04-07 01:08:26 We’ve got a science opportunity overload: Launching the Wolfram Institute nsoonhui 255
2022-04-06 23:13:22 Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills (2020) mizzao 13
2022-04-06 06:59:47 GhostSCAD: Marrying OpenSCAD and Golang ljan 54
2022-04-06 13:01:46 The existence of true one-way functions depends on Kolmogorov complexity theafh 439
2022-04-06 09:58:09 Language of fungi derived from their electrical spiking activity T-A 239
2022-04-02 09:35:52 Lifetime Annotations for C++ akling 184
2022-04-03 23:43:51 Learn about Concept Maps Tomte 83
2022-04-03 21:09:20 The Personal Security Checklist mcrump 253
2022-04-03 16:40:09 Study Tips from Richard Feynman takiwatanga 196
2022-04-02 11:21:44 Minimodem – general-purpose software audio FSK modem marcodiego 152
2022-04-01 08:02:11 Ask HN: Why don't PCs have better entropy sources? bloopernova 127
2022-04-01 02:58:02 Postgres wire compatible SQLite proxy ithkuil 288
2022-04-01 11:12:05 Show HN: Redo – Command line utility for quickly creating shell functions silentprog 124
2022-04-01 03:50:13 Rustc_codegen_GCC can now bootstrap rustc bestouff 197
2022-03-29 11:17:56 Black Holes Shown to Act Like Quantum Particles theafh 36
2022-03-30 12:00:10 Dagger: a new way to build CI/CD pipelines shykes 395
2022-03-30 09:13:14 Grafana Mimir – Horizontally scalable long-term storage for Prometheus devsecopsify 261
2022-03-27 20:00:26 Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power from Graphene (2020) joak 51
2022-03-28 06:54:35 Recommendations when publishing a WASM library comagoosie 39
2022-03-25 09:54:28 A statically typed scripting language that transpiles to Posix sh TaKO8Ki 251
2022-03-24 07:46:33 If you’re not using SSH certificates you’re doing SSH wrong (2019) noyesno 459
2022-03-23 14:32:44 Google's Certificate Transparency Search page to be discontinued May 15th, 2022 TheBrokenRail 79
2022-03-23 16:08:39 Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3 jfarmer 224
2022-03-22 13:34:54 The quantum technology ecosystem explained sblank 70
2022-03-19 16:54:56 Debugging with GDB ingve 194
2022-03-22 22:52:06 Researchers store a quantum bit for a record-breaking 20 milliseconds westurner 8
2022-03-22 01:09:24 Arpchat – Text your friends on the same network using just ARP calmingsolitude 88
2022-03-17 11:42:25 'Quantum hair’ could resolve Hawking’s black hole paradox, say scientists monkey_monkey 2
2022-03-19 14:57:20 A Primer on Proxies jgrahamc 142
2022-03-21 14:34:03 Ask HN: Tools to generate coverage of user documentation for code tstack 6
2022-03-19 12:47:27 Show HN: `Git add -p` with multiple buckets aleclm 94
2022-03-17 04:25:09 Beavers back in London after 400-year absence zeristor 179
2022-03-17 15:48:41 Show HN: A Graphviz Implementation in Rust Q26124 182
2022-03-10 21:10:47 How to record data for reinforcement learning agent from any Linux game (2020) mooreds 58
2022-03-14 17:10:10 Podman can transfer container images without a registry kukx 149
2022-03-14 21:58:34 Light exposure during sleep impairs cardiometabolic function sndean 275
2022-03-14 13:34:33 Show HN: Instantly create a GitHub repository to take screenshots of a web page simonw 214
2022-03-13 12:20:31 Lawn mowing frequency affects bee abundance and diversity (2018) gkfasdfasdf 224
2022-03-12 11:12:14 Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from a million years to 30 minutes metaph6 235
2022-03-12 14:09:35 Show HN: Hubfs – File System for GitHub billziss 160
2022-03-09 11:10:12 Physicists steer chemical reactions by magnetic fields and quantum interference wrycoder 103
2022-03-08 10:01:48 White noise improves learning by modulating activity in midbrain regions (2014) Friday_ 219
2022-03-10 15:27:51 Show HN: Prepform – AI and spaced-repetition to optimize learning techmowgli 50
2022-03-08 21:20:08 Why tensors? A beginner's perspective mfn 173
2022-03-09 11:28:43 Booting ARM Linux the standard way MartijnBraam 139
2022-03-09 02:20:30 PipeWire: A year in review and a look ahead pabs3 262
2022-03-07 17:30:40 How does database indexing work? (2008) luu 253
2022-03-08 09:53:43 WebGPU – All of the cores, none of the canvas jasim 393
2022-03-07 19:14:42 Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster (2014) graderjs 360
2022-03-03 14:21:56 CPython, C standards, and IEEE 754 jwilk 119
2022-03-03 10:43:26 Ask HN: Books recommendations on developing critical thinking? jackallis 29
2022-02-23 18:00:29 Web Share API jka 2
2022-02-22 12:13:02 Ask HN: Is Kubernetes the only alternative for being cloud agnostic? taylodl 37
2022-02-21 09:17:07 Bootloader Basics mooreds 104
2022-02-21 01:35:17 Automerge: A JSON-like data structure (a CRDT) that can be modified concurrently yamrzou 274
2022-02-17 09:18:48 A 13-year-old used my artificial nose to diagnose pneumonia kartben_ 324
2022-02-20 17:43:21 Lit-up fishing nets reduce catch of unwanted sharks, rays and squid: study bryanrasmussen 82
2022-02-17 09:50:14 Design of a rapid transit to Mars mission using laser-thermal propulsion nixass 55
2022-02-17 03:41:39 WebGL 2.0 Achieves Pervasive Support from All Major Web Browsers nkjoep 220
2022-02-17 09:25:13 Uniting the Linux random-number devices h1x 125
2022-02-11 15:44:37 Carbon Robotics new LaserWeeder with 30 lasers to autonomously eradicate weeds rmason 19
2022-02-09 11:16:05 Launch HN: Pelm (YC W22) – Plaid for Utilities drewkim 101
2022-02-07 08:31:11 Show HN: SHA-256 explained step-by-step visually manceraio 1241
2022-02-06 14:36:54 Frank Rosenblatt's perceptron paved the way for AI 60 years too soon (2019) ilamont 184
2022-02-04 06:52:18 1999 Repeal of Glass-Steagall was the worst deregulation enacted in US history consumer451 135
2022-02-01 16:20:25 America’s Covid job-saving programme gave most of its cash to the rich pseudolus 526
2022-02-03 10:13:55 Ask HN: Do you use TLA+? riddleronroof 49
2022-02-02 13:53:21 New material that can absorb and release enormous amounts of energy prostoalex 189
2022-02-01 14:01:08 WebVM: Server-less x86 virtual machines in the browser AshleysBrain 350
2022-01-29 15:48:54 Plant-based epoxy enables recyclable carbon fiber kungfudoi 174
2022-01-30 08:04:36 Ask HN: Is it worth it to learn C to better understand Python? Takizawamura 54
2022-01-30 04:16:16 GDPR penalty for passing on of IP address to Google by using Google Fonts sitting_duck 389
2022-01-26 17:53:35 Rancher Desktop 1.0 vyskocilm 152
2022-01-25 07:56:27 Systemd by Example Foxboron 496
2022-01-25 15:05:09 Pwnkit: Local Privilege Escalation in polkit's pkexec (CVE-2021-4034) todsacerdoti 268
2022-01-19 22:48:12 MicroShift wallflower 122
2022-01-18 05:31:08 Systemd service sandboxing and security hardening (2020) capableweb 293
2022-01-16 16:27:55 Why isn't there a universal data format for résumés? ColinWright 427
2022-01-15 08:18:25 LAN-port-scan forbidder, browser addon to protect private network gry_gh 48
2021-12-18 01:26:35 Ask HN: What are the best books for professional effectiveness? arikr 107
2021-11-19 14:49:08 HTTP Message Signatures mooreds 58
2021-11-29 15:43:15 Asmrepl: REPL for x86 Assembly Language tekkertje 230
2021-11-26 11:17:29 On yak shaving and <md-block>, a new HTML element for Markdown feross 118
2021-11-21 15:51:49 Thoughts on “E-Readers” (2009) ctoth 56
2021-11-07 12:48:12 Ask HN: Why don’t startups share their cap table and/or shares outstanding? axg11 2
2021-11-02 13:16:45 Toxiproxy is a framework for simulating network conditions taf2 213
2021-11-01 15:38:12 Report on Stablecoins [pdf] TheAlchemist 654
2021-11-01 10:03:38 Intel Extension for Scikit-Learn privong 182
2021-10-29 11:57:36 The Metaverse Was Lame Even Before Facebook coffeefirst 39
2021-10-26 11:13:21 Is college worth it? A return-on-investment analysis paulpauper 146
2021-10-26 16:05:00 Notes from the Meeting on Python GIL Removal Between Python Core and Sam Gross rbanffy 248
2021-10-14 14:54:06 Show HN: OtterTune – Automated Database Tuning Service for RDS MySQL/Postgres apavlo 164
2021-10-24 10:14:11 Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from Linux otreblan 1290
2021-10-24 16:26:23 Arrow DataFusion includes Ballista, which does SIMD and GPU vectorized ops westurner 2
2021-10-21 02:51:09 Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second signa11 139
2021-10-21 15:14:23 Fed to ban policymakers from owning individual stocks awb 577
2021-10-21 10:52:11 Hardened wood as a renewable alternative to steel and plastic Tomte 315
2021-10-20 03:27:50 Investors use AI to analyse CEOs’ language patterns and tone pseudolus 109
2021-10-09 19:15:34 Graph of Keybase commits pre and post Zoom acquisition 0des 348
2021-10-19 17:57:29 Single sign-on: What we learned during our identity alpha open-source-ux 145
2021-10-19 14:23:13 Five things we still don’t know about water Anon84 305
2021-10-19 19:45:09 New Optical Switch Up to 1000x Faster Than Transistors ofou 267
2021-10-17 21:00:38 Show HN: I built a sonar into my surfboard foobarbecue 332
2021-10-15 18:29:05 Cortical Column Networks RageoftheRobots 49
2021-10-05 07:30:30 Startup Ideas luu 223
2021-10-05 13:15:42 It is easier to educate a Do-er than to motivate the educated tosh 448
2021-09-30 09:59:40 Are software engineering “best practices” just developer preferences? floverfelt 316
2021-09-30 10:50:30 Major Quantum Computing Strategy Suffers Serious Setbacks elsewhen 90
2021-09-29 09:27:45 Attempts to scientifically “rationalize” policy may be damaging democracy anarbadalov 235
2021-09-29 04:18:46 Response to 'Call for Review: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0' lorn3 86
2021-09-29 18:01:08 Apple didn't revolutionize power supplies; new transistors did (2012) Rondom 208
2021-09-27 18:02:51 What does my engineering manager do all day? mooreds 187
2021-09-23 12:29:15 Using two keyboards at once for pain relief ruffrey 349
2021-09-22 10:52:56 Waydroid – Run Android containers on Ubuntu pabs3 684
2021-09-16 11:36:55 Biologists Rethink the Logic Behind Cells’ Molecular Signals theafh 104
2021-09-16 23:47:13 The Shunting-yard algorithm converts infix notation to RPN westurner 2
2021-09-16 23:46:10
2021-09-13 20:13:29 How should logarithms be taught? raviparikh 34
2021-09-15 12:12:35 Automatic cipher suite ordering in Go’s crypto/tls FiloSottile 122
2021-09-14 04:50:14 Scikit-Learn Version 1.0 m3at 260
2021-09-14 09:11:22 Signed Exchanges on Google Search oedmarap 5
2021-09-11 17:43:17 AlphaGo documentary (2020) [video] rdli 248
2021-09-11 11:16:26 Interpretable Model-Based Hierarchical RL Using Inductive Logic Programming YeGoblynQueenne 66
2021-09-13 07:41:02 Ship / Show / Ask: A modern branching strategy NicoJuicy 157
2021-09-13 13:38:02 Show HN: TweeView – A Tree Visualisation of Twitter Conversations edent 55
2021-09-11 15:07:03 Wireless Charging Power Side-Channel Attacks tosh 68
2021-09-11 15:07:11 How We Proved the Eth2 Deposit Contract Is Free of Runtime Errors michaelsbradley 179
2021-09-12 08:36:03 Physics-Based Deep Learning Book Anon84 195
2021-09-10 03:38:41 Ask HN: Books that teach you programming languages via systems projects? Foe 204
2021-09-04 16:40:30 How you can track your personal finances using Python siddhant 140
2021-09-09 17:22:35 CISA Lays Out Security Rules for Zero Trust Clouds CrankyBear 6
2021-09-09 07:53:55 Show HN: Heroku Alternative for Python/Django apps appliku 183
2021-09-09 13:33:54 SPDX Becomes Internationally Recognized Standard for Software Bill of Materials warp 10
2021-09-07 03:35:39 Show HN: on IPFS hugoroussel 238
2021-09-04 13:46:05 New Texas Abortion Law Likely to Unleash a Torrent of Lawsuits Against Education gamontserrat 118
2021-09-02 20:25:43 DARPA grant to work on sensing and stimulating the brain noninvasively [video] grawprog 83
2021-09-02 19:55:58 New Ways to Be Told That Your Python Code Is Bad nickdrozd 102
2021-09-03 05:14:58 Web-based editor pjmlp 564
2021-09-03 06:48:06 GitHub Copilot Generated Insecure Code in 40% of Circumstances During Experiment elsombrero 261
2021-09-01 10:00:44 AAS Journals Will Switch to Open Access sohkamyung 215
2021-08-30 23:46:28 White House Launches US Digital Corps elsewhen 160
2021-08-25 08:13:52 Launch HN: Litnerd (YC S21) – Teaching kids to read with the help of live actors Anisa_Mirza 127
2021-08-27 12:20:28 Nimforum: Lightweight alternative to Discourse written in Nim ducktective 172
2021-08-21 12:21:58 An Opinionated Guide to Xargs todsacerdoti 402
2021-08-20 21:41:10 Enhanced Support for Citations on GitHub chenzhekl 80
2021-08-18 17:51:46 Canada calls screen scraping ‘unsecure,’ sets Open Banking target for 2023 exotree 349
2021-08-13 09:03:22 Interactive Linear Algebra (2019) natemcintosh 365
2021-08-12 16:12:15 Git password authentication is shutting down judge2020 440
2021-08-12 10:33:42 A future for SQL on the web rasmusfabbe 925
2021-08-01 11:34:17 Show HN: Python Source Code Refactoring Toolkit via AST treesciencebot 110
2021-08-03 09:27:50 Emacs' org-mode gets citation support NeutralForest 234
2021-08-03 11:55:43 NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance [pdf] kennethko 635
2021-07-31 02:56:35 Hosting SQLite Databases on GitHub Pages isnotchicago 567
2021-07-22 23:42:24 Ask HN: Any good resources on how to be a great technical advisor to startups? _009 21
2021-07-11 21:23:27 Teaching other teachers how to teach CS better robfig 156
2021-07-06 12:15:22 Ask HN: Best online speech / public speaking course? i_am_not_elon 33
2021-06-30 21:39:31 Google sunsets the APK format for new Android apps kevin_thibedeau 142
2021-06-22 12:30:43 A from-scratch tour of Bitcoin in Python yigitdemirag 1187
2021-06-13 17:33:23 An Omega-3 that’s poison for cancer tumors elorant 255
2021-06-08 19:09:39 Discover and Prevent Linux Kernel Zero-Day Exploit Using Formal Verification vzaliva 3
2021-06-04 13:28:44 Anatomy of a Linux DNS Lookup belter 168
2021-05-29 02:59:45 JupyterLite – WASM-powered Jupyter running in the browser ahurmazda 205
2021-05-26 16:05:11 Accenture, GitHub, Microsoft and ThoughtWorks Launch the GSF scottcha 4
2021-05-27 14:21:55 DRAM Alternative Developed: 4X Higher Density at Higher Speed and Lower Power billyharris 14
2021-05-27 11:07:44 Rocky Linux releases its first release candidate sparcpile 147
2021-05-26 06:09:46 USB-C is about to go from 100W to 240W, enough to power beefier laptops Tomte 427
2021-05-25 12:02:06 Half-Double: New hammering technique for DRAM Rowhammer bug fqazi 189
2021-05-20 15:20:29 Setting up a Raspberry Pi with 2 Network Interfaces as a simple router geerlingguy 126
2021-05-19 03:20:31 What to do about GPU packages on PyPI? polm23 123
2021-05-18 17:17:39 Markdown Notes VS Code extension: Navigate notes with [[wiki-links]] julienreszka 2
2021-05-11 14:07:44 Ask HN: Choosing a language to learn for the heck of it bsg75 13
2021-05-10 11:53:54 Show HN: Django SQL Dashboard simonw 202
2021-05-06 13:33:00 Interactive IPA Chart Jeud 243
2021-05-06 16:15:29 Google Dataset Search abraxaz 386
2021-05-04 20:09:49 Ask HN: Cap Table Service Recommendations Ankaios 1
2021-05-02 12:43:15 Hosting SQLite databases on GitHub Pages or any static file hoster phiresky 1808
2021-04-23 13:11:53 Wasm3 compiles itself (using LLVM/Clang compiled to WASM) theBashShell 178
2021-04-24 01:18:52 Remote code execution in Homebrew by compromising the official Cask repository spenvo 387
2021-04-22 12:51:22 Semgrep: Semantic grep for code ievans 415
2021-04-10 09:05:03 Ask HN: What to use instead of Bash / Sh for scripting? lordgroff 52
2021-04-09 13:11:27 Estonian Electronic Identity Card and Its Security Challenges [pdf] IndrekR 72
2021-04-08 20:49:08 Systemd makes life miserable, again, this time by breaking DNS bcrl 5
2021-04-08 21:35:57 Ask HN: How bad is proof-of-work blockchain energy consumption? furrowedbrow 2
2021-03-30 17:42:22 What does a PGP signature on a Git commit prove? JNRowe 147
2021-03-30 06:40:47 Breakthrough for ‘massless’ energy storage reimertz 233
2021-03-25 10:08:52 OpenSSL Security Advisory arkadiyt 327
2021-03-26 14:15:06 How much total throughput can your wi-fi router really provide? giuliomagnifico 84
2021-03-23 17:28:53 The Most Important Scarce Resource Is Legitimacy ve55 119
2021-03-19 11:31:14 A few notes on message passing srijan4 151
2021-03-11 13:41:42 Duolingo's language notes all on one page rococode 265
2021-03-11 12:19:20 Ask HN: The easiest programming language for teaching programming to young kids? simplerman 25
2021-03-07 10:09:22 Raspberry Pi for Kill Mosquitoes by Laser ColinWright 342
2021-03-07 10:16:33 Donate Unrestricted razin 288
2021-03-02 09:55:02 Bitcoin Is Time taylorwc 442
2021-02-28 06:34:44 Foundational Distributed Systems Papers mastabadtomm 253
2021-02-28 21:46:20 Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote (2007) [video] jstrieb 49
2021-02-27 21:56:01 How to Efficiently Choose the Right Database for Your Applications gesaint 80
2021-02-21 17:26:02 A Data Pipeline Is a Materialized View nchammas 144
2021-02-18 06:17:14 There’s no such thing as “a startup within a big company” isolli 635
2021-02-18 03:21:39 Ask HN: Keyrings: per-package/repo; commit, merge, and release keyrings? westurner 1
2021-02-13 01:42:16 Threat Actors Now Target Docker via Container Escape Features pizza 134
2021-02-11 23:09:15 Ask HN: What security is in place for bank-to-bank EFT? andrewon 1
2021-02-11 09:06:18 Podman: A Daemonless Container Engine lobo_tuerto 320
2021-02-10 07:54:05 Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index apples_oranges 979
2021-02-10 13:41:55 Bitcoin's fundamental value is negative given its environmental impact martinlaz 134
2021-02-05 13:41:13 Ask HN: What are some books where the reader learns by building projects? Shosty123 53
2021-02-05 09:05:57 Is it wrong to demand features in open-source projects? theabbie 8
2021-02-02 09:43:58 CompilerGym: A toolkit for reinforcement learning for compiler optimization azhenley 139
2021-01-24 07:17:14 Turning desalination waste into a useful resource thereare5lights 42
2021-01-26 17:41:26 Evcxr: A Rust REPL and Jupyter Kernel batterylow 170
2021-01-24 16:51:25 Ask HN: What is the cost to launch a SaaS business MVP mikesabbagh 16
2021-01-23 17:03:11 Cryptocurreny crime is way ahead of regulators and law enforcement dgellow 114
2021-01-22 14:39:19 Ask HN: Why aren't micropayments a thing? wppick 106
2021-01-21 18:34:43 Elon Musk announces $100M carbon capture prize tito 11
2021-01-11 08:20:39 Tim Berners-Lee wants to put people in control of their personal data IvanSologub 238
2021-01-11 07:08:49 Governments spurred the rise of solar power jakozaur 133
2021-01-05 07:50:03 Termux no longer updated on Google Play martinlaz 362
2021-01-01 16:57:02 Ask HN: What should go in an Excel-to-Python equivalent of a couch-to-5k? etothepii 9
2020-12-28 08:06:01 Scientists turn CO2 into jet fuel vanburen 61
2020-12-27 14:16:01 Show HN: Stork: A customizable, WASM-powered full-text search plugin for the web jil 137
2020-12-27 14:14:42 Upptime – GitHub-powered open-source uptime monitor and status page fahrradflucht 301
2020-12-26 11:31:47 Show HN: Simple-graph – a graph database in SQLite dpapathanasiou 236
2020-12-24 10:54:18 In CPython, types implemented in C are part of the type tree todsacerdoti 108
2020-12-16 08:15:03 Experiments on a $50 DIY air purifier that takes 30s to assemble dyno-might 292
2020-12-13 06:07:56 Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys buttscicles 869
2020-12-11 16:33:14 Turing Tumble Simulator tobias2014 2
2020-11-30 07:53:34 Python Pip 20.3 Released with new resolver groodt 224
2020-11-23 14:39:50 Convolution Is Fancy Multiplication ubac 397
2020-11-18 10:09:55 How to better ventilate your home arunbahl 101
2020-11-06 13:01:34 Quantum-computing pioneer Peter Shor warns of complacency over Internet security headalgorithm 2
2020-11-05 01:11:47 CERN Online introductory lectures on quantum computing from 6 November limist 277
2020-11-03 19:31:07 A Manim Code Template HaoZeke 2
2020-10-21 20:28:21 Startup Financial Modeling: What is a Financial Model? (2016) aaronbski 229
2020-10-16 18:23:29 At what grade level do presidential candidates debate? the_afonseca 51
2020-10-11 14:30:27 ElectricityMap – Live CO₂ emissions of electricity production and consumption jka 221
2020-10-09 02:53:03 Bash Error Handling sohkamyung 287
2020-10-09 18:37:09 A Customer Acquisition Playbook for Consumer Startups jcs87 129
2020-10-06 02:34:07 Gathering all open and sustainable technology projects protontypes 3
2020-10-05 11:50:57 Jupyter Notebooks Gallery jeffnotebook 101
2020-10-03 16:33:30 NestedText, a nice alternative to JSON, YAML, TOML nestedtext 302
2020-10-04 12:21:50 Algorithm discovers how six molecules could evolve into life’s building blocks gmays 390
2020-10-02 14:16:05 Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene westurner 42
2020-09-29 17:37:53 Mozilla shuts project Iodide: Datascience documents in browsers ritwiksaikia 46
2020-09-27 07:18:50 Ask HN: What are good life skills for people to learn? smarri 254
2020-09-23 22:04:25 Four Keys Project metrics for DevOps team performance westurner 3
2020-09-19 09:13:45 Ask HN: Resources to encourage teen on becoming computer engineer? tomrod 111
2020-09-18 14:10:34 CadQuery: A Python parametric CAD scripting framework based on OCCT OJFord 134
2020-09-17 01:31:25 Array Programming with NumPy hardmaru 289
2020-09-17 16:38:37 Do you like the browser bookmark manager? andyware 6
2020-09-17 12:58:46 NIST Samate – Source Code Security Analyzers animationwill 71
2020-09-17 04:19:49 A Handwritten Math Parser in 100 lines of Python gnebehay 64
2020-09-15 06:25:51 PEP – An open source PDF editor for Mac threcius 191
2020-09-12 10:49:38 The Unix timestamp will begin with 16 this Sunday dezmou 452
2020-09-11 07:36:54 Redox: Unix-Like Operating System in Rust bpierre 242
2020-09-11 09:31:37 Ask HN: How are online communities established? jayshua 127
2020-09-10 20:19:41 Python Documentation Using Sphinx keyboardman 1
2020-09-10 07:18:54 Traits of good remote leaders sfg 356
2020-09-09 22:07:59 Show HN: Eiten – open-source tool for portfolio optimization hydershykh 200
2020-09-08 09:51:43 Ask HN: Any well funded tech companies tackling big, meaningful problems? digitalmaster 97
2020-09-07 17:50:02 Column Names as Contracts MaysonL 55
2020-09-06 00:49:07 Graph Representations for Higher-Order Logic and Theorem Proving (2019) brzozowski 104
2020-09-04 22:37:14 Show HN: Linux sysadmin course, eight years on snori74 780
2020-09-03 05:12:02 Software supply chain security mayakacz 82
2020-09-01 13:53:23 Mind Emulation Foundation gk1 93
2020-08-31 22:41:41 13 Beautiful Tools to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning Skills alikayaspor 15
2020-08-28 06:34:50 How close are computers to automating mathematical reasoning? auggierose 100
2020-08-29 11:06:54 New framework for natural capital approach to transform policy decisions westurner 2
2020-08-24 09:19:08 Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run? sohkamyung 305
2020-08-19 14:54:09 A deep dive into the official Docker image for Python itamarst 189
2020-08-18 19:01:49 The Consortium for Python Data API Standards BerislavLopac 102
2020-08-07 15:02:57 Tech giants let the Web's metadata schemas and infrastructure languish timhigins 301
2020-08-10 10:39:15 Time-reversal of an unknown quantum state samizdis 23
2020-08-08 12:48:07 Electric cooker an easy, efficient way to sanitize N95 masks, study finds johnny313 201
2020-08-09 19:13:33 Fed announces details of new interbank service to support instant payments tigerlily 682
2020-08-08 21:17:02 Shrinking deep learning’s carbon footprint dsavant 4
2020-08-02 10:44:33 Show HN: Starboard – Fully in-browser literate notebooks like Jupyter Notebook protoduction 369
2020-07-23 16:11:55 Ask HN: Learning about distributed systems? shahrk 35
2020-08-01 22:13:32 Ask HN: How can I “work-out” critical thinking skills as I age? treyfitty 87
2020-07-29 17:21:42 The tragedy of FireWire: Collaborative tech torpedoed by corporations segfaultbuserr 3
2020-07-29 17:17:29 The Developer’s Guide to Audit Logs / SIEM endingwithali 9
2020-07-29 04:26:06 kome 1649
2020-07-24 19:37:41 Ask HN: Recommendations for Books on Writing? wwright 5
2020-07-23 14:10:29 Ask HN: How did you learn x86-64 assembly? spacechild1 48
2020-07-22 09:39:11 Brain connectivity levels are equal in all mammals, including humans: study hhs 197
2020-07-22 04:21:32 Ask HN: Resources to start learning about quantum computing? edu 185
2020-07-21 11:58:25 Launch HN: Charityvest (YC S20) – Employee charitable funds and gift matching Leonidas243 64
2020-07-20 16:52:03 We Need a Yelp for Doctoral Programs etattva 180
2020-07-20 01:21:29 All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization hippich 135
2020-07-18 21:06:28 Why companies lose their best innovators (2019) hhs 190
2020-07-17 16:48:58 Powerful AI Can Now Be Trained on a Single Computer MindGods 282
2020-07-10 12:30:36 Ask HN: Something like Khan Academy but full curriculum for grade schoolers? jmspring 283
2020-07-09 13:35:44 AutoML-Zero: Evolving Code That Learns theafh 34
2020-07-06 08:25:22 SymPy - a Python library for symbolic mathematics ogogmad 209
2020-07-03 17:05:31 Ask HN: Are there any messaging apps supporting Markdown? 5986043handy 19
2020-06-24 12:36:53 What vertical farming and ag startups don't understand about agriculture kickout 348
2020-06-15 05:26:29 Ask HN: What are your go to SaaS products for startups/MVPs? lbj 169
2020-06-13 08:31:58 Ask HN: Do you read aloud or silently in your minds? Onceagain 6
2020-06-08 08:42:33 Ask HN: How do you deploy a Django app in 2020? eptakilo 3
2020-06-04 21:35:38 Containers from first principles setheron 102
2020-05-27 17:16:56 How many people did it take to build the Great Pyramid? samizdis 136
2020-05-14 16:44:28 Solar’s Future is Insanely Cheap epistasis 152
2020-05-20 14:52:29 Demo of an OpenAI language model applied to code generation [video] cjlovett 281
2020-05-04 18:51:16 Future of the human climate niche origgm 96
2020-05-15 06:25:43 Ask HN: Best resources for non-technical founders to understand hacker mindset? jamiecollinson 114
2020-05-11 10:08:31 Dissecting the code responsible for the Bitcoin halving Mojah 39
2020-04-30 13:06:53 Ask HN: Does mounting servers parallel with the temperature gradient trap heat? westurner 2
2020-04-26 16:33:13 Psychological techniques to practice Stoicism hoanhan101 173
2020-04-25 10:00:05 What does the 'rc' in `.bashrc`, etc. mean? janvdberg 297
2020-04-23 16:19:24 Google ditched tipping feature for donating money to sites caution 2
2020-04-23 15:58:23 Innovating on Web Monetization: Coil and Firefox Reality stareatgoats 2
2020-04-19 22:24:07 Ask HN: Recommendations for online essay grading systems? westurner 1
2020-04-19 22:28:00 Ask HN: Systems for supporting Evidence-Based Policy? westurner 1
2020-04-19 14:54:31 Facebook, Google to be forced to share ad revenue with Australian media docdeek 148
2020-04-11 12:36:55 France rules Google must pay news firms for content us0r 134
2020-04-05 03:00:45 Adafruit Thermal Camera Imager for Fever Screening jonbaer 2
2020-03-31 18:08:57 The end of an Era – changing every single instance of a 32-bit time_t in Linux zdw 165
2020-04-01 01:16:29 Ask HN: What's the ROI of Y Combinator investments? longtermd 4
2020-04-01 00:41:15 Microsoft announces Money in Excel powered by Plaid chirau 3
2020-03-30 02:02:12 Lora-based device-to-device smartphone communication for crisis scenarios [pdf] oliver2213 90
2020-03-27 17:56:01 LoRa+WiFi ClusterDuck Protocol by Project OWL for Disaster Relief westurner 3
2020-03-26 02:53:34 A Visual Debugger for Jupyter sandGorgon 197
2020-03-27 18:45:26 Ask HN: What's the Equivalent of 'Hello, World' for a Quantum Computer? simonblack 2
2020-03-27 18:43:58 Ask HN: Communication platforms for intermittent disaster relief? westurner 1
2020-03-27 18:06:49 DroneAid: A Symbol Language and ML model for indicating needs to drones, planes westurner 2
2020-03-26 06:52:53 Ask HN: Computer Science/History Books? jackofalltrades 327
2020-03-26 06:07:26 Open-source security tools for cloud and container applications alexellisuk 53
2020-03-25 14:26:44 YC Companies Responding to Covid-19 no_gravity 144
2020-03-23 18:21:18 Show HN: Neh – Execute any script or program from Nginx location directives oap_bram 27
2020-03-21 15:39:25 Ask HN: How can a intermediate-beginner learn Unix/Linux and programming? learnTemp229462 146
2020-03-20 09:40:37 Math Symbols Explained with Python amitness 130
2020-03-20 00:16:15 Ask HN: Is there way you can covert smartphone to a no contact thermometer? shreyshrey 9
2020-03-15 05:47:35 Employee Scheduling weitzj 641
2020-03-14 07:01:16 Show HN: Simulation-based high school physics course notes lilgreenland 295
2020-03-15 04:58:04 WebAssembly brings extensibility to network proxies pjmlp 132
2020-03-14 00:29:09 Pandemic Ventilator Project mhb 318
2020-03-14 02:53:51 Low-cost ventilator wins Sloan health care prize (2019) tomcam 99
2020-03-13 19:22:55 AI can detect coronavirus from CT scans in twenty seconds laurex 109
2020-03-10 16:08:03 AutoML-Zero: Evolving machine learning algorithms from scratch lainon 260
2020-03-10 16:48:16 Options for giving math talks and lectures online chmaynard 143
2020-03-04 06:29:43 Aerogel from fruit biowaste produces ultracapacitors dalf 152
2020-03-03 05:09:35 Ask HN: How to Take Good Notes? romes 293
2020-03-03 06:36:58 Ask HN: STEM toy for a 3 years old? spapas82 117
2020-02-29 14:17:55 OpenAPI v3.1 and JSON Schema 2019-09 BerislavLopac 88
2020-02-26 03:06:01 Git for Node.js and the browser using libgit2 compiled to WebAssembly mstade 16
2020-02-20 21:02:47 Scientists use ML to find an antibiotic able to kill superbugs in mice adventured 438
2020-02-11 17:35:48 Shit – An implementation of Git using POSIX shell kick 814
2020-02-01 19:01:19 HTTP 402: Payment Required jpomykala 224
2020-01-16 15:28:07 Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Becomes Generally Available westurner 1
2020-01-09 07:07:33 Httpx: A next-generation HTTP client for Python tomchristie 462
2020-01-14 06:07:53 BlackRock CEO: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance vo2maxer 13
2019-12-29 13:32:58 A lot of complex “scalable” systems can be done with a simple, single C++ server Impossible 398
2019-12-31 10:19:32 Warren Buffett is spending billions to make Iowa 'the Saudi Arabia of wind' corporate_shi11 52
2019-12-27 07:08:54 Scientists Likely Found Way to Grow New Teeth for Patients elorant 243
2019-12-26 13:32:34 Announcing the New PubMed vo2maxer 119
2019-12-25 08:16:17 Ask HN: Is it worth it to learn C in 2020? zabana 11
2019-12-21 07:55:04 Free and Open-Source Mathematics Textbooks vo2maxer 321
2019-12-18 09:24:05 Make CPython segfault in 5 lines of code coolreader18 130
2019-12-10 12:05:36 Applications Are Now Open for YC Startup School – Starts in January erohead 48
2019-12-10 14:37:28 ‘Adulting’ is hard. UC Berkeley has a class for that incomplete 2
2019-12-10 13:55:50 Founder came back after 8 years to rewrite flash photoshop in canvas/WebGL poniko 9
2019-12-09 09:56:35 Five cities account for vast majority of growth in U.S. tech jobs: study Bostonian 93
2019-12-01 12:45:50 Don’t Blame Tech Bros for the Housing Crisis mistersquid 30
2019-11-25 09:07:30 Docker is just static linking for millenials DyslexicAtheist 38
2019-11-14 04:01:54 Show HN: Bamboolib – A GUI for Pandas (Python Data Science) __tobals__ 119
2019-11-25 01:39:22 Battery-Electric Heavy-Duty Equipment: It's Sort of Like a Cybertruck duck 3
2019-11-09 09:26:55 Tools for turning descriptions into diagrams: text-to-picture resources ingve 61
2019-10-16 00:42:33 CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility westurner 2
2019-10-19 08:28:01 GTD Tickler file – a proposal for text file format vivekv 3
2019-10-20 02:07:48 Ask HN: Any suggestion on how to test CLI applications? pdappollonio 3
2019-10-16 00:34:32 The Golden Butterfly and the All Weather Portfolio westurner 1
2019-10-12 07:19:23 Canada's Decision To Make Public More Clinical Trial Data Puts Pressure On FDA pseudolus 192
2019-10-10 23:35:35 Python Alternative to Docker gilad 3
2019-10-09 00:17:45 $6B United Nations Agency Launches Bitcoin, Ethereum Crypto Fund zed88 8
2019-10-08 16:03:02 Timsort, the Python sorting algorithm alexchamberlain 407
2019-10-07 22:29:21 Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if websites aren't accessible justadudeama 743
2019-10-04 11:15:12 Streamlit: Turn a Python script into an interactive data analysis tool danicgross 467
2019-09-23 16:43:51 Scott’s Supreme Quantum Supremacy FAQ xmmrm 600
2019-09-23 18:31:40 Ask HN: How do you handle/maintain local Python environments? PascLeRasc 103
2019-09-23 12:35:51 Is the era of the $100 graphing calculator coming to an end? prostoalex 361
2019-09-23 03:17:17 Reinventing Home Directories Schiphol 118
2019-09-23 03:00:38 Serverless: slower and more expensive kiyanwang 1787
2019-09-22 17:32:04 Entropy can be used to understand systems acgan 3
2019-09-18 07:24:36 New Query Language for Graph Databases to Become International Standard Anon84 290
2019-09-21 13:21:03 A Python Interpreter Written in Python nnnmnten 2
2019-09-21 11:51:00 Reinventing Home Directories – systemd-homed [pdf] signa11 3
2019-09-21 13:08:28 Weld: Accelerating numpy, scikit and pandas as much as 100x with Rust and LLVM unbalancedparen 585
2019-09-19 20:00:14 Craftsmanship–The Alternative to the 4 Hour Work Week oglowo3 4
2019-09-19 09:31:43 Solar and Wind Power So Cheap They’re Outgrowing Subsidies ph0rque 623
2019-09-18 06:52:46 Show HN: Python Tests That Write Themselves timothycrosley 131
2019-09-09 10:52:49 Most Americans see catastrophic weather events worsening elorant 102
2019-09-17 12:00:54 Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction gdb 332
2019-09-17 22:32:25 Inkscape 1.0 Beta 1 nkoren 603
2019-09-08 13:45:57 Where Dollar Bills Come From danso 69
2019-09-05 07:13:24 Monetary Policy Is the Root Cause of the Millennials’ Struggle joshuafkon 52
2019-08-30 15:42:12 Non-root containers, Kubernetes CVE-2019-11245 and why you should care zelivans 8
2019-08-25 23:49:46 How do black holes destroy information and why is that a problem? sohkamyung 195
2019-08-25 09:48:11 Banned C standard library functions in Git source code susam 502
2019-08-25 10:01:30 Ask HN: What's the hardest thing to secure in a web-app? juansgaitan 7
2019-08-22 01:29:43 Crystal growers who sparked a revolution in graphene electronics sohkamyung 85
2019-08-22 16:27:43 Things to Know About GNU Readline matt_d 204
2019-08-22 16:16:41 Show HN: Termpage – Build a webpage that behaves like a terminal brisky 5
2019-08-21 22:49:19 Vimer - Avoid multiple instances of GVim with gvim –remote[-tab]-silent wrapper grepgeek 6
2019-08-22 16:06:27 Electric Dump Truck Produces More Energy Than It Uses mreome 3
2019-08-21 17:34:53 Ask HN: Let's make an open source/free SaaS platform to tackle school forms busymichael 12
2019-08-21 14:18:17 Ask HN: Is there a CRUD front end for databases (especially SQLite)? Tomte 2
2019-08-20 06:43:31 California approves solar-powered EV charging network and electric school buses elorant 15
2019-08-17 10:58:03 You May Be Better Off Picking Stocks at Random, Study Finds Vaslo 146
2019-08-12 08:15:23 Root: CERN's scientific data analysis framework for C++ z3phyr 137
2019-08-13 02:09:30 MesaPy: A Memory-Safe Python Implementation based on PyPy (2018) ospider 119
2019-08-11 16:22:30 Ask HN: Configuration Management for Personal Computer? jacquesm 197
2019-08-08 13:11:06 GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories dstaheli 680
2019-08-05 17:19:30 The Fed is getting into the Real-Time payments business apo 96
2019-07-08 15:26:38 A Giant Asteroid of Gold Won’t Make Us Richer pseudolus 92
2019-07-08 10:52:06 Abusing the PHP Query String Parser to Bypass IDS, IPS, and WAF lelf 92
2019-06-28 14:23:33 Ask HN: Scripts/commands for extracting URL article text? (links -dump but) WCityMike 1
2019-07-02 11:02:08 NPR's Guide to Hypothesis-Driven Design for Editorial Projects danso 101
2019-06-20 14:56:56 Gryphon: An open-source framework for algorithmic trading in cryptocurrency reso 236
2019-06-21 00:18:36 Wind-Powered Car Travels Downwind Faster Than the Wind J253 5
2019-06-13 19:39:58 NOAA upgrades the U.S. global weather forecast model mehrdadn 214
2019-06-12 08:16:17 A plan to change how Harvard teaches economics carlosgg 116
2019-06-12 17:41:58 The New York Times course to teach its reporters data skills is now open-source espeed 423
2019-06-11 10:21:59 No Kings: How Do You Make Good Decisions Efficiently in a Flat Organization? eugenegamma 743
2019-06-01 23:13:28 4 Years of College, $0 in Debt: How Some Countries Make Education Affordable pseudolus 2
2019-05-26 10:16:10 Ask HN: What jobs can a software engineer take to tackle climate change? envfriendly 67
2019-05-23 12:59:05 YC's request for startups: Government 2.0 simonebrunozzi 194
2019-05-23 13:52:23 Almost 40% of Americans Would Struggle to Cover a $400 Emergency Geeek 112
2019-05-19 16:01:51 Congress should grow the Digital Services budget, it more than pays for itself rmason 68
2019-05-20 01:20:05 The Trillion-Dollar Annual Interest Payment westurner 2
2019-05-15 07:09:29 Oak, a Free and Open Certificate Transparency Log dankohn1 143
2019-05-14 09:36:21 Death rates from energy production per TWh peter_retief 122
2019-05-11 22:37:32 Use links not keys to represent relationships in APIs sarego 342
2019-05-09 23:49:28 No Python in Red Hat Linux 8? jandeboevrie 19
2019-05-06 09:16:47 JMAP: A modern, open email protocol okket 307
2019-05-09 14:51:33 Grid Optimization Competition zeristor 2
2019-05-02 16:11:54 Blockchain's present opportunity: data interchange standardization ivoras 2
2019-04-30 12:45:38 Ask HN: Value of “Shares of Stock options” when joining a startup cdeveloper 5
2019-04-28 13:46:48 CMU Computer Systems: Self-Grading Lab Assignments (2018) georgecmu 205
2019-04-28 14:50:29 Show HN: Debugging-Friendly Tracebacks for Python cknd 121
2019-04-28 07:41:27 Why isn't 1 a prime number? gpvos 273
2019-04-28 07:26:37 How do we know when we’ve fallen in love? (2016) rohmanhakim 157
2019-04-27 21:50:58 Rare and strange ICD-10 codes zdw 68
2019-04-20 15:10:14 Python Requests III maximilianroos 19
2019-04-17 09:43:04 Post-surgical deaths in Scotland drop by a third, attributed to a checklist fanf2 1036
2019-04-17 16:06:09 Apply to Y Combinator dlhntestuser 3
2019-04-02 03:51:50 Trunk-Based Development vs. Git Flow kiyanwang 4
2019-04-01 17:25:58 Ask HN: Anyone else write the commit message before they start coding? xkapastel 25
2019-03-27 03:29:30 Ask HN: Datalog as the only language for web programming, logic and database truth_seeker 21
2019-03-24 19:46:33 The cortex is a neural network of neural networks curtis 297
2019-03-22 21:51:49 Is there a program like codeacademy but for learning sysadmin? tayvz 7
2019-03-22 17:18:44 Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes ra7 500
2019-03-21 08:04:34 Quantum Machine Appears to Defy Universe’s Push for Disorder biofox 78
2019-03-21 12:45:42 Pytype checks and infers types for your Python code mkesper 4
2019-03-20 21:56:26 How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim tambourine_man 674
2019-03-21 05:18:51 LHCb discovers matter-antimatter asymmetry in charm quarks rbanffy 269
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2019-02-04 23:51:34 Statement on Status of the Consolidated Audit Trail (2018) westurner 1
2019-02-04 20:03:28 U.S. Federal District Court Declared Bitcoin as Legal Money obilgic 12
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2018-09-30 22:11:07 Justice Department Sues to Stop California Net Neutrality Law jonburs 201
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2018-08-28 11:18:26 Facebook vows to run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2020 TamoC 2
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2018-08-20 21:38:10 New E.P.A. Rollback of Coal Pollution Regulations Takes a Major Step Forward yaseen-rob 3
2018-08-20 14:21:22 Researchers Build Room-Temp Quantum Transistor Using a Single Atom jonbaer 3
2018-08-20 10:55:17 New “Turning Tables” Technique Bypasses All Windows Kernel Mitigations yaseen-rob 2
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2018-08-11 07:57:44 The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3 dochtman 255
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2018-06-29 23:17:31 Wind, solar farms produce 10% of US power in the first four months of 2018 toomuchtodo 85
2018-06-25 16:57:46 FDA approves first marijuana-derived drug and it may spark DEA rescheduling mikece 150
2018-06-21 10:22:43 States Can Require Internet Tax Collection, Supreme Court Rules uptown 541
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2018-03-18 13:13:15 Hackers Are So Fed Up with Twitter Bots They’re Hunting Them Down Themselves CrankyBear 271
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How to turn waste polyethylene into something useful

From "Argonne invents reusable sponge that soaks up oil, could revolutionize oil spill and diesel cleanup" (2017) :

> [...] The scientists started out with common polyurethane foam, used in everything from furniture cushions to home insulation. This foam has lots of nooks and crannies, like an English muffin, which could provide ample surface area to grab oil; but they needed to give the foam a new surface chemistry in order to firmly attach the oil-loving molecules.

> Previously, Darling and fellow Argonne chemist Jeff Elam had developed a technique called sequential infiltration synthesis, or SIS, which can be used to infuse hard metal oxide atoms within complicated nanostructures.

> After some trial and error, they found a way to adapt the technique to grow an extremely thin layer of metal oxide “primer” near the foam’s interior surfaces. This serves as the perfect glue for attaching the oil-loving molecules, which are deposited in a second step; they hold onto the metal oxide layer with one end and reach out to grab oil molecules with the other.

> The result is Oleo Sponge, a block of foam that easily adsorbs oil from the water. The material, which looks a bit like an outdoor seat cushion, can be wrung out to be reused—and the oil itself recovered.

> At tests at a giant seawater tank in New Jersey called Ohmsett, the National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility, the Oleo Sponge successfully collected diesel and crude oil from both below and on the water surface.

From "Reusable Sponge for Mitigating Oil Spills" :

> A new foam called the Oleo Sponge was invented that not only easily adsorbs oil from water but is also reusable and can pull dispersed oil from an entire water column, not just the surface. Many materials can grab oil, but there hasn't been a way, until now, to permanently bind them into a useful structure. The scientists developed a technique to create a thin layer of metal oxide "primer" within the interior surfaces of polyurethane foam. Scientists then bound oil-loving molecules to the primer. The resulting block of foam can be wrung out to be used, and the oil itself recovered.


EU Passes Law to Switch iPhone to USB-C by End of 2024


Vulhub: Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose


Reproducibility in [Infosec] Software Research requires DevOpSec, which requires: explicit data and code dependency specifications, and/or trusting hopefully-immutable software package archives, and/or securely storing and transmitting crytographically-signed archival (container) images; and then Upgrade all of the versions and run the integration tests with a git post-receive hook or a webhook to an external service dependency not encapsulated within the {Dockerfile, environment.yml/requirements.txt/postBuild; REES} dependency constraint model.

With pip-tools, you update the python software versions in a requirements.txt from a meta-dependency-spec-file:

  $ pip-compile --upgrade
  $ cat requirements.tct
Poetry has an "Expanded dependency specification syntax" but FWIU there's not a way to specify unsigned or signed cryptographic hashes, which e.g. Pipfile.lock supports: hashes for every variant of those versions of packages on {PyPI, and third-party package repos with TUF keys, too}.

From :

  $ pipenv lock
> pipenv lock is used to create a Pipfile.lock, which declares all dependencies (and sub-dependencies) of your project, their latest available versions, and the current hashes for the downloaded files. This ensures repeatable, and most importantly deterministic, builds

"Reproducible builds" of a DVWA Deliberately Vulnerable Web Application is a funny thing:

Replication crisis :

> The replication crisis (also called the replicability crisis and the reproducibility crisis) is an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that the results of many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to reproduce. Because the reproducibility of empirical results is an essential part of the scientific method,[2] such failures undermine the credibility of theories building on them and potentially call into question substantial parts of scientific knowledge.

Just rebuilding or re-pulling a container image does not upgrade the versions of software installed within the container. See also: SBOM, CycloneDx, #LinkedReproducibility, #JupyterREES.

`podman-pull` ~:

  podman image pull busybox 
  podman pull busybox
  docker pull busybox
  podman pull busybox centos fedora ubuntu debian
"How to rebuild and update a container without downtime with docker-compose?" :

  docker-compose up -d --no-deps --build #[servicename]
"Statistics-Based OWASP Top 10 2021 Proposal"

awesome-vulnerable-apps > OWASP Top 10 :

> OWASP Juice Shop: Probably the most modern and sophisticated insecure web application

And there's a book, an Open Source Official Companion Guide book titled "Pwning Juice Shop":

If the versions installed in the book are outdated, you too can bump the version strings in the dependency specs in the git repo and send a PR Pull Request (which also updates the Screenshots and Menu > Sequences and Keyboard Shortcuts in the book&docs); and then manually test that everything works with the updated "deps" dependencies.

If it's an executablebooks/, a Computational Notebook (possibly in a Literate Computing style), you can "Restart & Run all" from the notebook UI button or a script, and then test that all automated test assertions pass, and then "diff" (visually compare), and then just manually read through the textual descriptions of commands to enter (because people who buy a Book presumably have a reasonable expectation that if they copy the commands from the book to a script by hand to learn them, the commands as written should run; it should work like the day you bought it for a projected term of many free word-of-mouth years.

From :

  docker pull bkimminich/juice-shop
  docker run --rm -p 3000:3000
With podman [desktop],

  podman pull bkimminich/juice-shop
  podman run --rm -p 3000:3000 -n juiceshop0


> Most of these compose files are pretty outdated AND they depend on non-standard builds of containers for each respective application.

>> What else would you expect for setups intentionally trying to preserve past versions of software?

So, I wrote about reproducibility in software; and Software Supply Chain Security. Specifically, how to do containers and keep the software versions up to date.

Are you challenging the topicality of my comment on HN - containing original research - to be facetious?


Bash 5.2


c2rust :

> C2Rust helps you migrate C99-compliant code to Rust. The translator (or transpiler), c2rust transpile, produces unsafe Rust code that closely mirrors the input C code. The primary goal of the translator is to preserve functionality; test suites should continue to pass after translation.

crust :

> C/C++ to Rust transpiler

"CRustS: A Transpiler from Unsafe C to Safer Rust" (2022)

rust-bindgen :

Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries

nushell/nushell looks like it has cool features and is written in rust.

awesome-rust > Applications > System Tools

awesome-rust > Libraries > Command-line

rust-shell-script/rust_cmd_lib :

> Common rust command-line macros and utilities, to write shell-script like tasks in a clean, natural and rusty way


Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers

- [ ] ENH,SEC,UBY: indicate that DNS is locally overridden by entries in /etc/hosts

- [ ] ENH,SEC,UBY: Browser UI: indicate that a domain does not have DNSSEC record signatures

- [ ] ENH,SEC,UBT: Browser UI: indicate whether DNS is over classic UDP or DoH, DoT, DoQ (DNS-over-QUIC)

- [ ] ENH,SEC,UBY: browser: indicate that a page is modified by extensions; show a "tamper bit"

- [ ] ENH,SEC: Devtools?: indicate whether there are (matching) HTTP SRI Subresource Integrity signatures for any or some of the page assets

- [ ] ENH,SEC,UBY: a "DNS Domain(s) Information" modal_tab/panel like the Certificate Information panel


Manifest V3, webRequest, and ad blockers


eWASM opcodes each have a real cost. It's possible to compile {JS, TypeScript, C, Python} to WASM.

What are some ideas for UI Visual Affordances to solve for bad UX due to slow browser tabs and extensions?

- [ ] UBY: Browsers: Strobe the tab tab or extension button when it's beyond (configurable) resource usage thresholds

- [ ] UBY: Browsers: Vary the {color, size, fill} of the tab tabs according to their relative resource utilization

- [ ] ENH,SEC: Browsers: specify per-tab/per-domain resource quotas: CPU, RAM, Disk, [GPU, TPU, QPU] (Linux: cgroups,)


It is reasonable to expect BPF or a BPF-like filter.



bromite/build/patches/Bromite-auto-updater.patch: ()

- [ ] ENH,SEC,UPD: Bromite,Chromium: is there a url syntax like /path.tar.gz#sha256=cba312 that chromium http filter downloader could use to check e.g. sha256 and maybe even GPG ASC signatures with? (See also: TUF, Sigstore, W3C Blockcerts+DIDs)

Bromite/build/patches/Re-introduce-*.patch: [...]


1Hz CPU made in Minecraft running Minecraft at 0.1fps [video]


From KiCad :

> KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation (EDA). It facilitates the design and simulation of electronic hardware. It features an integrated environment for schematic capture, PCB layout, manufacturing file viewing, SPICE simulation, and engineering calculation. Tools exist within the package to create bill of materials, artwork, Gerber files, and 3D models of the PCB and its components. :

> KiCad integrates the open source spice simulator ngspice to provide simulation capability in graphical form through integration with the Schematic Editor.

PySpice > Examples: :

+ Diode, Rectifier (AC to DC), Filter, Capacitor, Power Supply, Transformer, [Physical Relay Switche (Open/Closed) -> Vacuum Tube Transistor -> Solid-state [MOSFET,]] Transistor,

From the Ngspice User's Manual :

> Ngspice is a general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear and linear analyses.*

> Circuits may contain resistors, capacitors, inductors, mutual inductors, independent or dependent voltage and current sources, loss-less and lossy transmission lines, switches, uniform distributed RC lines, and the five most common semiconductor devices: diodes, BJTs, JFETs, MESFETs, and MOSFETs.

> [...] Ngspice has built-in models for the semiconductor devices, and the user need specify only the pertinent model parameter values. [...] New devices can be added to ngspice by several means: behavioral B-, E- or G-sources, the XSPICE code-model interface for C-like device coding, and the ADMS interface based on Verilog-A and XML.

Turing completeness: :

> In colloquial usage, the terms "Turing-complete" and "Turing-equivalent" are used to mean that any real-world general-purpose computer or computer language can approximately simulate the computational aspects of any other real-world general-purpose computer or computer language. In real life this leads to the practical concepts of computing virtualization and emulation. [citation needed]

> Real computers constructed so far can be functionally analyzed like a single-tape Turing machine (the "tape" corresponding to their memory); thus the associated mathematics can apply by abstracting their operation far enough. However, real computers have limited physical resources, so they are only linear bounded automaton complete. In contrast, a universal computer is defined as a device with a Turing-complete instruction set, infinite memory, and infinite available time.

Church–Turing thesis: ... Lamda calculus (Church):

HDL: Hardware Description Language > Examples:

HVL: Hardware Verification Language:

awesome-electronics > Free EDA Packages:

EDA: Electronic Design Automation:

More notes for #Q12:

Quantum complexity theory :

> A complexity class is a collection of computational problems that can be solved by a computational model under certain resource constraints. For instance, the complexity class P is defined as the set of problems solvable by a Turing machine in polynomial time. Similarly, quantum complexity classes may be defined using quantum models of computation, such as the quantum circuit model or the equivalent quantum Turing machine. One of the main aims of quantum complexity theory is to find out how these classes relate to classical complexity classes such as P, NP, BPP, and PSPACE.

> One of the reasons quantum complexity theory is studied are the implications of quantum computing for the modern Church-Turing thesis. In short the modern Church-Turing thesis states that any computational model can be simulated in polynomial time with a probabilistic Turing machine. [1][2] However, questions around the Church-Turing thesis arise in the context of quantum computing. It is unclear whether the Church-Turing thesis holds for the quantum computation model. There is much evidence that the thesis does not hold. It may not be possible for a probabilistic Turing machine to simulate quantum computation models in polynomial time. [1]

> Both quantum computational complexity of functions and classical computational complexity of functions are often expressed with asymptotic notation. Some common forms of asymptotic notion of functions are \Omega(T(n)) and \Theta(T(n)).

> \Theta(T(n)) expresses that something is bounded above by cT(n) where c is a constant such that c>0 and T(n) is a function of n, \Omega(T(n)) expresses that something is bounded below by cT(n) where c is a constant such that c>0 and T(n) is a function of n, and \Theta(T(n)) expresses both O(T(n)) and \Omega(T(n)). [3] These notations also their own names. O(T(n)) is called Big O notation, \Omega(T(n)) is called Big Omega notation, and \Theta(T(n)) is called Big Theta notation.

Quantum complexity theory > Simulation of quantum circuits :

> There is no known way to efficiently simulate a quantum computational model with a classical computer. This means that a classical computer cannot simulate a quantum computational model in polynomial time [P]. However, a quantum circuit of S(n) qubits with T(n) quantum gates can be simulated by a classical circuit with O(2^{S(n)}T(n)^{3}) classical gates. [3] This number of classical gates is obtained by determining how many bit operations are necessary to simulate the quantum circuit. In order to do this, first the amplitudes associated with the S(n) qubits must be accounted for. Each of the states of the S(n) qubits can be described by a two-dimensional complex vector, or a state vector. These state vectors can also be described a linear combination of its component vectors with coefficients called amplitudes. These amplitudes are complex numbers which are normalized to one, meaning the sum of the squares of the absolute values of the amplitudes must be one. [3] The entries of the state vector are these amplitudes.

Quantum Turing machine:

Quantum circuit:

Church-Turing-Deutsch principle:

Computational complexity > Quantum computing, Distributed computing:


AI Seamless Texture Generator Built-In to Blender


From the Arch wiki, which has a list of GPU runtimes (but not TPU or QPU runtimes) and arch package names: OpenCL, SYCL, ROCm, HIP,: :

> GPGPU stands for General-purpose computing on graphics processing units.

- "PyTorch OpenCL Support"

- Blender re: removal of OpenCL support in 2021 :

> The combination of the limited Cycles split kernel implementation, driver bugs, and stalled OpenCL standard has made maintenance too difficult. We can only make the kinds of bigger changes we are working on now by starting from a clean slate. We are working with AMD and Intel to get the new kernels working on their GPUs, possibly using different APIs (such as CYCL, HIP, Metal, …).





AMD ROcm supports Pytorch, TensorFlow, MlOpen, rocBLAS on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs:


ROCm-Developer-Tools/HIPIFY :

> hipify-clang is a clang-based tool for translating CUDA sources into HIP sources. It translates CUDA source into an abstract syntax tree, which is traversed by transformation matchers. After applying all the matchers, the output HIP source is produced.

ROCmSoftwarePlatform/gpufort: :

> GPUFORT: S2S translation tool for CUDA Fortran and Fortran+X in the spirit of hipify


> HIP is a C++ Runtime API and Kernel Language that allows developers to create portable applications for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs from single source code. [...] Key features include:

> - HIP is very thin and has little or no performance impact over coding directly in CUDA mode.

> - HIP allows coding in a single-source C++ programming language including features such as templates, C++11 lambdas, classes, namespaces, and more.

> - HIP allows developers to use the "best" development environment and tools on each target platform.

> - The [HIPIFY] tools automatically convert source from CUDA to HIP.

> - * Developers can specialize for the platform (CUDA or AMD) to tune for performance or handle tricky cases.*


macOS Subsystem for Linux

dzdt | 2022-09-18 21:25:15 | 253 | # | ^

  brew install vagrant packer terraform
Podman Desktop is Apache 2.0 open source; supports Win, Mac, Lin; supports Docker Desktop plugins; and has plugins for Podman, Docker, Lima, and CRC/OpenShift Local (k8s) :

  brew install podman-desktop
/? vagrant Kubernetes MacOS

You get all that put together one time on one box and realize you could have scripted the whole thing, but you need bash 4+ or Python 3+ so it all depends on `brew` first:

The Ansible homebrew module can install and upgrade brew and install and upgrade packages with brew:

And then write tests for the development environment too, or only for container specs in production: :

  brew install kind docker 

  type -a python3; python3 -m site
  python3 -m pip install molecule ansible-test yamllint

  # molecule converge; ssh -- hostname

  molecule test

  # molecule destroy

Perhaps not that OT, but FWIW I just explained exactly this in a tweet:

> Mambaforge-pypy3 for Linux, OSX, Windows installs from conda-forge by default. (@condaforge builds packages with CI for you without having to install local xcode IIRC)

  conda install -c conda-forge -y nodejs
  mamba install -y nodejs


Global-Chem: A Free Dictionary from Common Chemical Names to Molecules

TIL about #cheminformatics and Linked Data (Semantic Web):

Cheminformatics: :

- #Databases #See_also

- :

> PubChemPy provides a way to interact with PubChem in Python. It allows chemical searches by name, substructure and similarity, chemical standardization, conversion between chemical file formats, depiction and retrieval of chemical properties. ... /? chemicalsemantics github ... #See_also :

> The Chemical Information Ontology (CHEMINF) aims to establish a standard in representing chemical information. In particular, it aims to produce an ontology to represent chemical structure and to richly describe chemical properties, whether intrinsic or computed.

Looks like they developed the CHEMINF OWL ontology in Protege 4 (which is Open Source). /ontology/cheminf-core.owl:

- Does it -- the {sql/xml/json/graphql, RDFS Vocabulary, OWL Ontology} schema - have more (C)Classes and (P)Properties than other schema for modeling this domain?

- What namespaced strings and URIs does it specify for linking entities internally and externally?

LOV Linked Open Vocabularies maintains a database of many RDFS vocabularies and OWL ontologies (which are represented in RDF)

- "The Linking Open Data Cloud" (2007-)

/? "cheminf",43&qsp=1&q...

/? "cheminf" ontology,43&qsp=1&q...

"The ChEMBL database as linked open data" (2013) ... citations:

"PubChem substance and compound databases" (2017)

"5 Star Linked Data⬅"

Thing > BioChemEntity

Thing > BioChemEntity > ChemicalSubstance

Thing > BioChemEntity > MolecularEntity

Thing > BioChemEntity > Protein

Thing > BioChemEntity > Gene

Some of the BioSchemas work [1] is proposed and pending inclusion in the RDFS vocabulary [2].



Will newer Bioschema terms like BioSample, LabProtocol, SequenceAnnotation, and Phenotype be proposed for inclusion into the vocabulary?:


GCC's new fortification level: The gains and costs


What would be the impact of making _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 a Fedora-specific Make default (which doesn't apply to CMake or Ninja because those are different defaults, which are for GCC not LLVM/Clang anyway)?


Poor writing, not specialized concepts, drives difficulty with legal language

rntn | 2022-09-18 12:50:41 | 559 | # | ^

Which attributes of a person are necessary to answer a legal question?


  def has_legal_right(person: dict, right: str): -> bool
      assert person
      assert right
      return NotImplementedError

  def have_equal_rights(persons: list): -> bool
      return NotImplementedError


  function hasRight(person, right) {
      // return true || false;

  function haveEqualRights(persons) {
      // return true || false;
Maybe Lean Mathlib or Coq?

... Therefore you've failed at the Law of Reciprocity.


U.S. appeals court rejects big tech’s right to regulate online speech

Does this mean that newspaper Information Service Providers are now obligated to must-carry opinion pieces from political viewpoints that oppose those of the editors in the given district?

Does this mean that newspapers in Texas are now obligated to carry liberal opinion pieces? Equal time in Texas at last.

Must-carry provision of a contract for service:


So, Comments but not Articles?


How limited is the given district court of appeals case law precedent in regards to must-carry and Equal time rules for non-licensed spectrum Information Service providers? Are they now common carrier liability, too?

Equal time rules and American media history:

Who pays for all of this?

> "Give me my free water!"

From "FCC fairness doctrine" (1949-1987) :

> The fairness doctrine had two basic elements: It required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters. Stations were given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows, or editorials. The doctrine did not require equal time for opposing views but required that contrasting viewpoints be presented. The demise of this FCC rule has been cited as a contributing factor in the rising level of party polarization in the United States. [5][6]

Because the free flow of information is essential to democracy, it is in the Public Interest to support a market of new and established flourishing information service providers, not a market of exploited must-carry'ers subject to district-level criteria for ejection or free water for life. Shouldn't all publications, all information services be subject to any and all such Equal Time and Must-Carry interpretations?

Your newspaper may not regulate viewpoints: in its editorial section or otherwise. Must carry. Equal time.

The wall of one's business, perhaps.

You must keep that up there on your business's wall.


In this instance, is there a contract for future performance? How does Statute of Frauds apply to contracts worth over $500?


Transformers seem to mimic parts of the brain


Is it necessary to simulate the quantum chemistry of a biological neural network in order to functionally approximate a BNN with an ANN?

A biological systems and fields model for cognition:

Spreading activation in a dynamic graph with cycles and magnitudes ("activation potentials",) that change as neurally-regulated heart-generated electron potentials (and,) reverberate fluidically with intersecting paths. And a partially extra-cerebral induced field which nonlinearly affects the original signal source through local feedback; Representational shift.

Representational shift: "Neurons Are Fickle. Electric Fields Are More Reliable for Information" (2022)

Spreading activation:

Re: 11D (11-Dimensional) biological network hyperparameters, ripples in (hippocampal, prefrontal,) association networks:

M-theory String theory is also 11D, but IIUC they're not the same dimensions

Diffusion suggests fluids, which in physics and chaos theory suggests Bernoulli's fluid models (and other non-differentiable compact descriptions like Navier-Stokes), which are part of SQG Superfluid Quantum Gravity postulates.

Can e.g. ONNX or RDF with or without bnodes represent a complete connectome image/map?


Wave Field recordings are probably the most complete known descriptions of the brain and its nonlinear fields?

How such fields relate to one or more Quantum Wave functions might entail near-necessity of QFT: Quantum Fourier Transform.

When you replace the Self-attention Network part of a Transformer algorithm with classical FFT Fast Fourier Transform: ... From :

> > New research from a Google team proposes replacing the self-attention sublayers with simple linear transformations that “mix” input tokens to significantly speed up the transformer encoder with limited accuracy cost. Even more surprisingly, the team discovers that replacing the self-attention sublayer with a standard, unparameterized Fourier Transform achieves 92 percent of the accuracy of BERT on the GLUE benchmark, with training times that are seven times faster on GPUs and twice as fast on TPUs."

> > Would Transformers (with self-attention) make what things better? Maybe QFT? There are quantum chemical interactions in the brain. Are they necessary or relevant for what fidelity of emulation of a non-discrete brain?

> Quantum Fourier Transform:


Chaos researchers can now predict perilous points of no return


Could this detect/predict/diagnose e.g. mechanical failures in engines and/or motors, and health conditions, given sensor fusion?

Sensor fusion

Steady state :

> In many systems, a steady state is not achieved until some time after the system is started or initiated. This initial situation is often identified as a transient state, start-up or warm-up period. [1]

Control systems

Flap (disambiguation) > Computing and networks > "Flapping" (nagios alert fatigue,)

Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) > Distinctions from engineering control theory :

> In the artificial systems that are specified by engineering control theory, the reference signal is considered to be an external input to the 'plant'.[7] In engineering control theory, the reference signal or set point is public; in PCT, it is not, but rather must be deduced from the results of the test for controlled variables, as described above in the methodology section. This is because in living systems a reference signal is not an externally accessible input, but instead originates within the system. In the hierarchical model, error output of higher-level control loops, as described in the next section below, evokes the reference signal r from synapse-local memory, and the strength of r is proportional to the (weighted) strength of the error signal or signals from one or more higher-level systems. [26]

> In engineering control systems, in the case where there are several such reference inputs, a 'Controller' is designed to manipulate those inputs so as to obtain the effect on the output of the system that is desired by the system's designer, and the task of a control theory (so conceived) is to calculate those manipulations so as to avoid instability and oscillation. The designer of a PCT model or simulation specifies no particular desired effect on the output of the system, except that it must be whatever is required to bring the input from the environment (the perceptual signal) into conformity with the reference. In Perceptual Control Theory, the input function for the reference signal is a weighted sum of internally generated signals (in the canonical case, higher-level error signals), and loop stability is determined locally for each loop in the manner sketched in the preceding section on the mathematics of PCT (and elaborated more fully in the referenced literature). The weighted sum is understood to result from reorganization.

> Engineering control theory is computationally demanding, but as the preceding section shows, PCT is not. For example, contrast the implementation of a model of an inverted pendulum in engineering control theory [27] with the PCT implementation as a hierarchy of five simple control systems. [28]

Structural Equation Modeling:


Limit cycle

Finite Element Analysis

> #FEM: Finite Element Method (for ~solving coupled PDEs Partial Differential Equations)

> #FEA: Finite Element Analysis (applied FEM)

awesome-mecheng > Finite Element Analysis:



> When applied to sparse adjacency matrices, these algebraic operations are equivalent to computations on graphs

Sparse matrix: :

> The concept of sparsity is useful in combinatorics and application areas such as network theory and numerical analysis, which typically have a low density of significant data or connections. Large sparse matrices often appear in scientific or engineering applications when solving partial differential equations.

CuGraph has a NetworkX-like API, though only so many of the networkx algorithms are yet reimplemented with some possible CUDA-optimizations.

From :

> cuGraph operates, at the Python layer, on GPU DataFrames, thereby allowing for seamless passing of data between ETL tasks in cuDF and machine learning tasks in cuML. Data scientists familiar with Python will quickly pick up how cuGraph integrates with the Pandas-like API of cuDF. Likewise, users familiar with NetworkX will quickly recognize the NetworkX-like API provided in cuGraph, with the goal to allow existing code to be ported with minimal effort into RAPIDS.

> While the high-level cugraph python API provides an easy-to-use and familiar interface for data scientists that's consistent with other RAPIDS libraries in their workflow, some use cases require access to lower-level graph theory concepts. For these users, we provide an additional Python API called pylibcugraph, intended for applications that require a tighter integration with cuGraph at the Python layer with fewer dependencies. Users familiar with C/C++/CUDA and graph structures can access libcugraph and libcugraph_c for low level integration outside of python.

/? sparse

Pandas and scipy and IIRC NumPy have sparse methods; sparse.SparseArray, .sparse.;

From :

> Series.sparse.to_coo() is implemented for transforming a Series with sparse values indexed by a MultiIndex to a scipy.sparse.coo_matrix.

NetworkX graph algorithms reference docs

NetworkX Compatibility > Differences in Algorithms

List of algorithms > Combinatorial algorithms > Graph algorithms:


Integer factor graphs are sparse.

Compared to the Powerset graph that includes all possible operators and parameter values and parentheses in infix but not Reverse Polish Notation, a correlation graph is sparse: most conditional probabilities should be expected to tend toward the Central Limit Theorem, so if you subtract (or substitute) a constant noise scalar, a factor graph should be extra-sparse.

What do you call a factor graph with probability distribution functions (PDFs) instead of float64s?

Are Path graphs and Path graphs with cycles extra sparse? An adjacency matrix for all possible paths through a graph is also mostly zeroes.

Methods of feature reduction use and affect the sparsity of a sparse matrix (that does not have elements for confounding variables). For example, from "Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) versus principal components analysis (PCA)" :

> For either objective, it can be shown that the principal components are eigenvectors of the data's covariance matrix. Thus, the principal components are often computed by eigendecomposition of the data covariance matrix or singular value decomposition of the data matrix. PCA is the simplest of the true eigenvector-based multivariate analyses and is closely related to factor analysis. Factor analysis typically incorporates more domain specific assumptions about the underlying structure and solves eigenvectors of a slightly different matrix.


Common Lisp names all sixteen binary logic gates

From File:Logical_connectives_Hasse_diagram.svg

> Description: The sixteen logical connectives ordered in a Hasse diagram. They are represented by:

> - logical formulas

> - the 16 elements of V4 = P^4({})

> - Venn diagrams

> The nodes are connected like the vertices of a 4 dimensional cube. The light blue edges form a rhombic dodecahedron - the convex hull of the tesseract's vertex-first shadow in 3 dimensions.

Hasse diagram:

> A research question for a new school year: (2021, still TODO)

> The classical logical operators form a neat topology. Should we expect there to be such symmetry and structure amongst the quantum operators as well?

From Quantum Logic :

> Quantum logic can be formulated either as a modified version of propositional logic or as a noncommutative and non-associative many-valued (MV) logic.[2][3][4][5][6]

> Quantum logic has been proposed as the correct logic for propositional inference generally, [...] group representations and symmetry.

> The more common view regarding quantum logic, however, is that it provides a formalism for relating observables, system preparation filters and states.[citation needed] In this view, the quantum logic approach resembles more closely the C*-algebraic approach to quantum mechanics. The similarities of the quantum logic formalism to a system of deductive logic may then be regarded more as a curiosity than as a fact of fundamental philosophical importance. A more modern approach to the structure of quantum logic is to assume that it is a diagram—in the sense of category theory—of classical logics


Cirq > Gates and operations:

Cirq > Operators and Observables:

qiskit-terra/qiskit/circuit/ Interface:


Pauli matrices > Quantum information:

From Quantum_information#Quantum_information_processing :

> The state of a qubit contains all of its information. This state is frequently expressed as a vector on the Bloch sphere. This state can be changed by applying linear transformations or quantum gates to them. These unitary transformations are described as rotations on the Bloch Sphere. While classical gates correspond to the familiar operations of Boolean logic, quantum gates are physical unitary operators.

Are there a finite number of unitary transformations on a Bloch sphere? (If not, is topology relevant to a structured continuum?)

Unitary transformations satisfy local conservation of thermodynamic entropy. (Is Gauss's law similar?)


Google pays ‘enormous’ sums to maintain search-engine dominance, DOJ says


You haven't paid Google for search: there is no sale of product or service to you, the user using free services for free.

You haven't signed any agreement with Google for search services. Google hasn't signed any agreement for future performance with you.

Google is not obligated to count every search result of every free search query. You are not entitled to such resource-intensive queries.

How much does COUNT() on a full table scan of billions of rows - with snippets - cost you on BigQuery or a similar pay-for-query-resources service?


If you tell the bartender your life story, they don't owe you free drinks (and they might as well sell a screenplay)

While it's true that they sell the data they collect, you can choose to not share such data and still receive the free services. "Bromite" is a fork of Chromium, for example.

If you spend time in their store and cause loss and order a bunch of free waters, do the Terms of Service even apply to you? What can they even do? What can LinkedIn do about scraping and resale of every public profile page?

Give me some free privacy on my free dsl line. (Note that ISPs can sell the entirety of a customer's internet PCAPs, for example, due to Pai's FCC rescinding a Wheeler FCC privacy rule "Trump signs repeal of U.S. broadband privacy rules" (2017) )


You can use the Chromium source code that Google contributes to, to browse the internet with and without ads and trackers that use obvious domain names: Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Bromite, ungoogled-chromium, Brave, Chrome.

You choose whether to shop at Google.

Google buying the default search engine position in browsers does not prevent users from changing the - possibly OpenSearch - browser search engine to DuckDuckGo or Ecosia.

You can force an address bar entry to a.tld/search=?${query} search w/:


  ?how to change the default search engine

  ?how to block ads & trackers in {browser name}

  ?how to provide free search queries on a free search engine and have positive revenue after years of debt obligations to fairly build market share
You can choose to take their free s and search elsewhere, eh?

Why would they now get out of paying for Firefox development using a revenue model, too?

(Competitors can and do use e.g. google/bazel the open source clone of google/blaze, which is what Chromium builds were built with before gn. Here's Chromium/BUILD.bazel, for example: )

Android (and /e/ and LineageOS) do allow you to install browsers other than the Chrome WebView and Chrome. Is it possible to install anything other than Safari (WebKit) on iOS devices? Maybe from another software repository like F-droid? Hopefully current downstream releases with signed manifests and SafetyNet scanning uploaded apps


Terms of Service:

Statute of Frauds applies to agreements regarding amounts over $500. Is this a conscionable agreement between which identified parties? Does what satisfy chain of custody requirements for criminal or civil admissability if the data is from not a trustless system but a centralized trustful system?

"Victory! Ruling in hiQ v. Linkedin Protects Scraping of Public Data" (2019)

And then the interplay between a "Right to be Forgotten" and the community legal obligation to retain for lawful investigative law enforcement purposes. They don't know what they want: easy investigations, compromisable investigations, privacy


Ask HN: Best empirical papers on software development?

There are some good empirical papers, but I only know very few. What is your best empirical paper on software development?

From :

> Experimental software engineering involves running experiments on the processes and procedures involved in the creation of software systems, with the intent that the data be used as the basis of theories about the processes involved in software engineering (theory backed by data is a fundamental tenet of the scientific method). A number of research groups primarily use empirical and experimental techniques.

> The term empirical software engineering emphasizes the use of empirical studies of all kinds to accumulate knowledge. Methods used include experiments, case studies, surveys, and using whatever data is available.

(CS) Papers We Love > :

- "Systematic Review in Software Engineering" (2005)

-- "The Developed Template for Systematic Reviews in Software Engineering"

- "Happiness and the productivity of software engineers" (2019)

DevTech Research Group (Kibo, Scratch Jr,) > Publications

' > Empirical Research, instruments:

"SafeScrum: Agile Development of Safety-Critical Software" (2018) > A Summary of Research (Gscholar features: cited by, Related Articles)

Re: Safety-Critical systems, awesome-safety-critical, and Formal Verification as the ultimate empirical study:


Why public chats are better than direct messages


Yes, but so is which is best for which situation still the question?

Presuming that information asymmetry will hold over time is a bad assumption, regardless of cost of information security controls.

Why have these new collaborative innovative services succeeded where NNTP and > > indented, text-wrapped email forwards for new onboards have not?

Instead of Chat or IM, hopefully working on Issues with checkbox Tasks and Edges; and Pull Requests composed of Commits, Comments, and Code Reviews; with conditional Branch modification rules; will produce Products: deliverables of value to the customer, per the schema:Organization's Mission.

What style of communication is appropriate for a team in which phase of development, regardless of communications channel?


Well, our societies value these communication businesses as among the most valuable corporations on Earth, so I think that there's probably some value in the tools that people suffer ads on to get for free.

"Traits of good remote leaders" (2019) :

"From Comfort Zone to Performance Management" (2009) :

> "Table 4 – Correlation of Development Phases, Coping Stages and Comfort Zone transitions and the Performance Model" in "From Comfort Zone to Performance Management" White (2008) tabularly correlates the Tuckman group development phases (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning) with the Carnall coping cycle (Denial, Defense, Discarding, Adaptation, Internalization) and Comfort Zone Theory (First Performance Level, Transition Zone, Second Performance Level), and the White-Fairhurst TPR model (Transforming, Performing, Reforming). The ScholarlyArticle also suggests management styles for each stage (Commanding, Cooperative, Motivational, Directive, Collaborative); and suggests that team performance is described by chained power curves of re-progression through these stages.


Planting trees not always an effective way of binding carbon dioxide

hhs | 2022-09-08 10:23:07 | 122 | # | ^

"Hemp twice as effective at capturing carbon as trees, UK researcher says" (2021) :

> “Industrial hemp absorbs between 8 to 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare (3 to 6 tonnes per acre) of cultivation.”

> Comparatively, forests capture 2 to 6 tonnes of carbon per hectare (0.8 to 2.4 tonnes per acre), depending on the region, number of years of growth, type of trees and other factors, Shah said.

> Shah, who studies engineered wood, bamboo, natural fiber composites and hemp [at Cambridge, UK], said hemp “offers an incredible scope to grow a better future” while producing fewer emissions than conventional crops and more usable fibers per hectare than forestry.

"Cities of the future may be built with algae-grown limestone" (2022) :

> And limestone isn’t the only product microalgae can create: microalgae’s lipids, proteins, sugars and carbohydrates can be used to produce biofuels, food and cosmetics, meaning these microalgae could also be a source of other, more expensive co-products—helping to offset the costs of limestone production.

Carbon sequestration:


Hemp is compostable, though because it's so tough, shredding and waiting for it to compost trades (vertical) space & time for far less energy use than biocharification unless it's waste heat from a different process.

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) > Biomass feedstocks doesn't have a pivot table of conversion efficiencies?: :

> Biomass sources used in BECCS include agricultural residues & waste, forestry residue & waste, industrial & municipal wastes, and energy crops specifically grown for use as fuel. Current BECCS projects capture CO2 from ethanol bio-refinery plants and municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling center.

> A variety of challenges must be faced to ensure that biomass-based carbon capture is feasible and carbon neutral. Biomass stocks require availability of water and fertilizer inputs, which themselves exist at a nexus of environmental challenges in terms of resource disruption, conflict, and fertilizer runoff.

If you keep taking hemp off a field without leaving some down, you'll probably need fertilizer (see: KNF, JADAM,) and/or soil amendments to be able to rotate something else through; though it's true that hemp grows without fertilizer.

> A second major challenge is logistical: bulky biomass products require transportation to geographical features that enable sequestration. [27]

Or more local facilities


> I thought trees were somewhat ideal because the carbon sequestered in them can be used as long-lived lumber.

This is why hempcrete is ideal. But hemp, by comparison, doesn't result in a root-bound tree farm for wind break and erosion control; hemp can be left down to return nutrients to the soil or for soil remediation as it's a very absorbent plant (that draws e.g. heavy metals out of soil and into the plant)


Caddyhttp: Enable HTTP/3 by Default

lucaslorentz/caddy-docker-proxy works like Traefik, in that Container metadata labels are added to the reverse proxy configuration which is reloaded upon container events, which you can listen to when you subscribe to a Docker/Podman_v3 socket (which is unfortunately not read only)

So, with Caddy or Traefik, a container label can enable HTTP/3 (QUIC (UDP port 1704)) for just that container.

"Labels to Caddyfile conversion"

From re: containersec :

> > - [docker-socket-proxy] Creates a HAproxy container that proxies limited access to the [docker] socket


That is a good point. Is there any way to disable HTTP/3 support with just config?

The (unversioned?) docs have: :

> servers/experimental_http3: Enable experimental HTTP/3 support. Note that HTTP/3 is not a finished standard and has extremely limited client support. This field is not subject to compatibility promises

TIL caddy has Prometheus metrics support (in addition to automatic LetsEncrypt X.509 Cert renewals)


For HTTP/3 support with python clients:

- aioquic supports HTTP/3 only now

- httpx is mostly requests-compatible, supports client-side caching, and HTTP/1.1 & HTTP/2, and here's the issue for HTTP/3 support:


Make better decisions with fewer online meetings

Hi! I am the cofounder TopAgree. We have created TopAgree to help teams make faster decisions with fewer meetings. My friend Linus and I are developing it together because we often don't make the important decisions until the last five minutes of a meeting. And then, unfortunately, we often make the wrong decisions. I have a big request for you: Please comment when you like to test the product and give us feedback. Thanks so much! Kind regards, Bastian


Webhook integrations: Slack/Mattermost; Zulip; Zapier Platform; GitHub Pull Requests

Another issue/checkbox:

Re: collaboration engineering, Thinklets: "No Kings: How Do You Make Good Decisions Efficiently in a Flat Organization?" (2019)


Great idea. IMHO, Feedback is necessary for #EvidenceBasedPolicy; for objective progress.

Evidence-based policy: (Jupyter, scikit-learn & Yellowbrick, Kaggle,)

Town hall meeting:

awesome-ideation-tools: :

> Awesome collection of brainstorming, problem solving, ideation and team building tools. From foresight to overcoming creative blocks, this list contains all the awesome boardgames, canvases and deck of cards that were designed to help you solve a certian problem.


Europe’s energy crisis hits science


TIL that apparently Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) has the lowest cost of any method of energy storage? "Techno-economic analysis of bulk-scale compressed air energy storage in power system decarbonisation" (2021) :

> They found the former has a considerably lower Capex and a payback time of only two years. [compared with Lead Acid batteries]

I wouldn't thought that a Gravity Battery would've been more efficient than compressed air:

Also TIL about geothermal heat pump energy storage: :


The Risks of WebAssembly

Don't there need to be per- CPU/RAM/GPU quotas per WASM scope/tab? Or is preventing DOS with WASM out of scope for browsers?

IIRC, it's possible to check resource utilization in e.g. a browser Task Manager, but there's no way to do `nice` or `docker --cpu-quota` or `systemd-nspawn --cpu-affinity` to prevent one or more WASM tabs from DOS'ing a workstation with non-costed operations. FWIU, e.g. eWASM has opcode costs in particles/gas:

[-] is running a survey on the state of Python packaging


CT: Certificate Transparency logs log creation and revocation events.

The Google/trillian database which supports Google's CT logs uses Merkle trees but stores the records in a centralized data store - meaning there's at least one SPOF Single Point of Failure - which one party has root on and sole backup privileges for.

Keybase, for example, stores their root keys - at least - in a distributed, redundantly-backed-up blockchain that nobody has root on; and key creation and revocation events are publicly logged similarly to now-called "CT logs".

You can link your Keybase identity with your other online identities by proving control by posting a cryptographic proof; thus adding an edge to a WoT Web of Trust.

While you can add DNS record types like CERT, OPENPGPKEY, SSHFP, CAA, RRSIG, NSEC3; DNSSEC and DoH/DoT/DoQ cannot be considered to be universally deployed across all TLDs. Should/do e.g. ACME DNS challenges fail when a TLD doesn't support DNSSEC, or hasn't secured root nameservers to a sufficient baseline, or? DNS is not a trustless system.

EDNS (Ethereum DNS) is a trustless system. Reading EDNS records does not cost EDNS clients any gas/particles/opcodes/ops/money.

Blockcerts is designed to issue any sort of credential, and allow for signing of any RDF graph like JSON-LD.


Blockcerts: :

> Blockcerts is an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying blockchain-based certificates


> Credentials are a part of our daily lives; driver's licenses are used to assert that we are capable of operating a motor vehicle, university degrees can be used to assert our level of education, and government-issued passports enable us to travel between countries. This specification provides a mechanism to express these sorts of credentials on the Web in a way that is cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, and machine-verifiable

W3C VC-DATA-INTEGRITY: "Verifiable Credential Data Integrity 1.0" :

> This specification describes mechanisms for ensuring the authenticity and integrity of Verifiable Credentials and similar types of constrained digital documents using cryptography, especially through the use of digital signatures and related mathematical proofs. Cryptographic proofs enable functionality that is useful to implementors of distributed systems. For example, proofs can be used to: Make statements that can be shared without loss of trust,

W3C TR DID (Decentralized Identifiers) :

> Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier that enables verifiable, decentralized digital identity. A DID refers to any subject (e.g., a person, organization, thing, data model, abstract entity, etc.) as determined by the controller of the DID. In contrast to typical, federated identifiers, DIDs have been designed so that they may be decoupled from centralized registries, identity providers, and certificate authorities. Specifically, while other parties might be used to help enable the discovery of information related to a DID, the design enables the controller of a DID to prove control over it without requiring permission from any other party. DIDs are URIs that associate a DID subject with a DID document allowing trustable interactions associated with that subject.

> Each DID document can express cryptographic material, verification methods, or services, which provide a set of mechanisms enabling a DID controller to prove control of the DID. Services enable trusted interactions associated with the DID subject. A DID might provide the means to return the DID subject itself, if the DID subject is an information resource such as a data model.


Certificate Transparency:

/? "Certificate Transparency" Blockchain

- Some of these depend upon a private QKD [fiber,] line

- NIST PQ algos are only just now announced: : Kyber, NTRU, {FIPS-140-3}?

/? Ctrl-F "Certificate Transparency" :

"Google's Certificate Transparency Search page to be discontinued May 15th, 2022"

- LetsEncrypt Oak is also powered by Google/trillian, which is a trustful centralized database

- e.g. Graph token (GRT) supports Indexing (search) and Curation of datasets

> And what about indexing and search queries at volume, again without replication?

My understanding is that the s Sigstore folks are now more open to the idea of a trustless DLT? "W3C Verifiable Credentials" is a future-proof standardized way to sign RDF (JSON-LD,) documents with DIDs.

Verifiable Credentials:

# Reproducibile Science Publishing workflow procedures with Linked Data:

- Sign the git commits (GPG,)

- Sign the git tags (GPG+Sigstore, ORCID & DOI (-> W3C DIDs), FigShare, Zenodo,)

- Sign the package(s) and/or ScholarlyArticle & their metadata & manifest ( Sigstore, pkg_tool_xyz,CodeMeta RDF/JSON-LD, ),

- Sign the SBOM (CycloneDx, Sigstore,)

- Search for CVEs/vulns & Issues for everything in the SBOM (Dependabot, OSV,)

- Search for trusted package hashes for everything in the SBOM

- Sign the archive/VM/container image (Docker Notary TUF, Sigstore,)

- Archive & Upload & Restore & Verify (and then Upgrade Versions in the) from the dependency specifications, SBOM, and/or archive/VM/container image (VM/container tools, repo2docker (REES),)

- Upgrade Versions and run unit, functional, and integration tests ({pip-tools, pipenv, poetry, mamba}, pytest, CI, Dependabot,))


All poverty is energy poverty

"The Limits to Growth"

Carrying capacity

> The carrying capacity of an environment is the maximum population size of a biological species that can be sustained by that specific environment, given the food, habitat, water, and other resources available. The carrying capacity is defined as the environment's maximal load, which in population ecology corresponds to the population equilibrium, when the number of deaths in a population equals the number of births (as well as immigration and emigration). The effect of carrying capacity on population dynamics is modelled with a logistic function. Carrying capacity is applied to the maximum population an environment can support in ecology, agriculture and fisheries. The term carrying capacity has been applied to a few different processes in the past before finally being applied to population limits in the 1950s.[1] The notion of carrying capacity for humans is covered by the notion of sustainable population.

Sustainable population :

> Talk of economic and population growth leading to the limits of Earth's carrying capacity for humans are popular in environmentalism.[16] The potential limiting factor for the human population might include water availability, energy availability, renewable resources, non-renewable resources, heat removal, photosynthetic capacity, and land availability for food production.[17] The applicability of carrying capacity as a measurement of the Earth's limits in terms of the human population has not been very useful, as the Verhulst equation does not allow an unequivocal calculation and prediction of the upper limits of population growth.[16]

> [...] The application of the concept of carrying capacity for the human population, which exists in a non-equilibrium, is criticized for not successfully being able to model the processes between humans and the environment.[16][20] In popular discourse the concept has largely left the domain of academic consideration, and is simply used vaguely in the sense of a "balance between nature and human populations".[20]

Practically, if you can find something sustainable to do with brine (NaCL; Sodium Chloride and), and we manage to achieve cheap clean energy, and we can automate humanoid labor, desalinating water and pumping it inland is feasible; so, global water prices shouldn't then be the limit to our carrying capacity. #Goal6 #CleanWater

Water trading > Alternatives to water trading markets (*)

LCOE: Levelized Cost of Electricity

LCOW: Levelized Cost of Water:

TIL about modern methods for drilling water wells on youtube: with a hand drill, with a drive cap and a sledgehammer and a pitcher-pump after a T with valves for an optional (loud) electric pump, or a solar electric water pump

Drinking water > Water Quality: :

> Nearly 4.2 billion people worldwide had access to tap water, while another 2.4 billion had access to wells or public taps.[3] The World Health Organization considers access to safe drinking-water a basic human right.

> About 1 to 2 billion people lack safe drinking water.[4] Water can carry vectors of disease. More people die from unsafe water than from war, then-U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said in 2010.[5] Third world countries are most affected by lack of water, flooding, and water quality. Up to 80 percent of illnesses in developing countries are the direct result of inadequate water and sanitation. [6]

A helpful risk hierarchy chart: "The risk hierarchy for water sources used in private drinking water supplies": From Lowest Risk to Highest Risk: Mains water, Rainwater, Deep groundwater, Shallow groundwater, Surface water

TIL it's possible to filter Rainwater with an unglazed terracotta pot and no electricity, too

Also, TIL about solid-state heat engines ("thermionic converters") with no moving parts, that only need a thermal gradient in order to generate electricity. The difference between #VantaBlack and #VantaWhite in the sun results in a thermal gradient, for example

Is a second loop and a heat exchange even necessary if solid-state heat engines are more efficient than gas turbines?

Any exothermic reaction?! FWIU, we only need 100°C to quickly purify water.


One Serverless Principle to Rule Them All: Idempotency [video]


    x ° x = x
Idempotency > Computer science meaning

> Idempotence is the property of certain operations in mathematics and computer science whereby they can be applied multiple times without changing the result beyond the initial application. The concept of idempotence arises in a number of places in abstract algebra (in particular, in the theory of projectors and closure operators) and functional programming (in which it is connected to the property of referential transparency).

"A comparison of idempotence and immutability" [immutable infrastructure]

Ansible Glossary > Idempotency :

> Idempotency: An operation is idempotent if the result of performing it once is exactly the same as the result of performing it repeatedly without any intervening actions


Ask HN: IT Security Checklist for Startups?

Hi HN,

Does anyone have a list of IT security stuff that you should setup for your early stage startup?

Like for example DNSSEC, VPN, forcing employees to use 2-factor etc.

[+] has executable implementations of CIS and other guides


Fed expects to launch long-awaited Faster Payments System by 2023


What do you think has been spent on developing Blockchain/DLT from 2007 to present? Is it more than $15m? Mostly amateur open source or corporate open source contributions?

- Bitcoin has an MIT License, for example

- XRPL and Stellar can do the payments volume; the TPS report; whereas otherwise you're building another Layer 2 system without Interledger.

- Flare does EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Smart Contracts with XRPL; $<0.01/tx, network tx fees are just burned, 5 second transaction/ledger close time.

Notes re: Interledger addresses, SPSP, WebMonetization: ,

> From "NIST Special Publication 800-181 Revision 1: Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework)" (2020) :

>> 3.1 Using Existing Task, Knowledge, and Skill (TKS) Statements

> (Edit) FedNOW should - like mCBDC - really consider implementing Interledger Protocol (ILP) for RTGS "Real-Time Gross Settlement"

> From :

> Peering, Clearing and Settling; The Interledger network is a graph of nodes (connectors) that have peered with one another by establishing a means of exchanging ILP packets and a means of paying one another for the successful forwarding and delivery of the packets.

> […] Accounts and Balances: The edge between any two nodes (peers) is a communication link (for exchanging ILP packets and other data), and an account held between the peers (the Interledger account). The Interledger account has a balance denominated in a mutually agreed upon asset (e.g. USD) at an agreed upon scale (e.g. 2). The balance on the account is the net total of the amounts on any packets “successfully” routed between the peers.

> The balance on the Interledger account can only change as a result of two events:

> 1. The “successful” routing of an ILP packet between the two peers

> 2. A payment made between the peers on the underlying payment network they have agreed to use to settle the Interledger account

And then you realize you're sharing payment address information over a different but comparably-unsecured channel in a non-stanfardized way; From :

> Relation to Other Protocols: SPSP is used for exchanging connection information before an ILP payment or data transfer is initiated

To do a complete business process, there's – e.g. TradeLens, GSBN, and – signaling around transactions, which then necessarily depends upon another - hopefully also cryptographically-secured and HA Highly Available - information system with API version(s) and database schema(s) unless there's something like Interledger SPSP Simple Payment Setup Protocol and Payment Pointers, which also solve for micropayments to accountably support creators; .


What percentage (%) of the market cap, daily volume, or price gets contributed to, OTOH: (a) open source software development like code, tests, and docs; PRs: Pull Requests; (b) free information security review such as static and dynamic analysis; (c) marketing; (d) an open source software foundation; (e) offsetting long-term environmental costs through sustainable investment?

Are there other metrics for Software Quality & Infosec Assurances?


In your opinion, high quality Open Source Software is the result of VC money?

Chainslysis sells Blockchain/DLT analysis and investigation software and services to investigative agencies in multiple countries:

How do they estimate their potential market?

"Crypto Crime Trends for 2022: Illicit Transaction Activity Reaches All-Time High in Value, All-Time Low in Share of All Cryptocurrency Activity"

> In fact, with the growth of legitimate cryptocurrency usage far outpacing the growth of criminal usage, illicit activity’s share of cryptocurrency transaction volume has never been lower.

> […] Transactions involving illicit addresses represented just 0.15% of cryptocurrency transaction volume in 2021 despite the raw value of illicit transaction volume reaching its highest level ever. As always, we have to caveat this figure and say that it is likely to rise as Chainalysis identifies more addresses associated with illicit activity and incorporates their transaction activity into our historical volumes. For instance, we found in our last Crypto Crime Report that 0.34% of 2020’s cryptocurrency transaction volume was associated with illicit activity — we’ve now raised that figure to 0.62%. Still, the yearly trends suggest that with the exception of 2019 — an extreme outlier year for cryptocurrency-based crime largely due to the […] scheme — crime is becoming a smaller and smaller part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Law enforcement’s ability to combat cryptocurrency-based crime is also evolving. We’ve seen several examples of this throughout 2021, […]

> However, we also have to balance the positives of the growth of legal cryptocurrency usage with the understanding that $14 billion worth of illicit activity represents a significant problem. Criminal abuse of cryptocurrency creates huge impediments for continued adoption, heightens the likelihood of restrictions being imposed by governments, and worst of all victimizes innocent people around the world. In this report, we’ll explain exactly how and where cryptocurrency-based crime increased, dive into the latest trends amongst different types of cybercriminals, and tell you how cryptocurrency businesses and law enforcement agencies around the world are responding. But first, let’s look at a few of the key trends in cryptocurrency-based crime […]

"Mid-year Crypto Crime Update: Illicit Activity Falls With Rest of Market, With Some Notable Exceptions" (August 2022)

More concerned about the climate impact; about environmental sustainability:

And still, 99%+ of the market is incapable of assessing the software quality of the platforms underpinning the assets themselves, so we reach for some sort of market fundamentals technical data other than software quality and information security asurances.


REPL Driven Minecraft


"Public Minecraft: Pi Edition API Python Library"

rendering-minecraft w/ mcpi might do offline / batch rendering?

Jupyter-cadquery might be worth a look: :

> View CadQuery objects in JupyterLab or in a standalone viewer for any IDE [w/ pythreejs]

If there's a JS port or WASM build of Minecraft, Minecraft could be rendered in a headless browser?


A Jupyter kernel for Minecraft would be neat: :

> You can re-use IPython’s kernel machinery to easily make new kernels. This is useful for languages that have Python bindings, such as Hy (see Calysto Hy), or languages where the REPL can be controlled in a tty using pexpect, such as bash.

Looks like there's a pytest-minecraft, too:

/? Minecraft

SensorCraft is just the voxel designer part of Minecraft (like original Minecraft) with Pyglet for OpenGL:

Awhile back I looked into creating a Jupyter kernel for LDraw / LeoCAD / Bricklayer (SML) to build LEGO creations with code in the input cell of a notebook and render to the output cell, and put together some notes on Jupyter kernels that might be of use for creating a Minecraft / mcpi / SensorCraft Jupyter kernel:

- [ ] DOC: Jupyter-cadquery & pythreejs inspiration

- [ ] ENH: Minecraft Jupyter kernel (pytest-minecraft?,)

- [ ] ENH: mcpi Jupyter kernel

- [ ] ENH: SensorCraft Jupyter kernel

- [ ] ENH,BLD,DOC: SensorCraft: conda-forge environment.yml (target Mambaforge for ARM64 support, too)

- [ ] ENH,BLD,DOC: SensorCraft: build plaform-specific binary installer(s) with {CPython, all packages from environment.yml, Pyglet & OpenGL, } with e.g. Conda Constructor

- [ ] ENH,BLD,DOC: SensorCraft: reformat tutorials as Jupyter notebooks; for repo2docker, jupyter-book (template w/ repo2docker requirements.txt and/or conda/mamba environment.yml), & jupyter-lite, & VScode (because VSCode works on Win/Mac/Lin/Web and has Jupyter notebook support)

- [ ] ENH,BLD,DOC: SensorCraft: build a jupyter-lite build to run SensorCraft & Python & JupyterLab in WASM in a browser tab with no installation/deployment time cost

- [ ] ENH: SensorCraft: replace Pyglet (OpenGL) with an alternate WebGL/WebGPU implementation


Reducing methane is the fastest strategy available to reduce warming

Can we 3d print e.g. geodesic domes to capture the waste methane (natural gas) from abandoned well sites?

"NASA Instrument Tracks Power Plant Methane Emissions" (2020) :: (California,)

> NASA conducts periodic methane studies using the next-generation Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS-NG) instrument. These studies are determining the locations and magnitudes of the largest methane emission sources across California, including those associated with landfills, refineries, dairies, wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas fields, power plants, and natural gas infrastructure.

"NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge" (2019) @CentennialChallenge: 3d print [habitats] with little to no water and local ~soil.

What about IDK ~geodesic domes for capturing waste methane from abndanoned wells?


VS Code – What's the deal with the telemetry?


Here's open-vsx's page for the Microsoft/vscode-jupyter extension:

I think it's great that open license terms enable these sorts of forks and experiments so that the community can work together by sending pull requests.

Is there a good way to install code-server (hosted VSCode/vscodium in a browser tab) plugins from openvsx?

(E.g. the ml-workspace and ml-hub containers include code-server and SSH, which should be remotely-usable from vscodium?)


Learn to sew your own outdoor gear


Could it tape seams for waterproofing?

This Solar LED umbrella could be a different fabric than cotton.

Just picked up a few tarps with a bunch of loops all around the sides and through the center for guidelines.

TIL hemp is antimicrobial and it can be mixed with {rayon,}.


FedNow FAQ


W3C ILP Interledger Protocol [1] specifies addresses [2]:

> Neighborhoods are leading segments with no specific meaning, whose purpose is to help route to the right area. At this time, there is no official list of neighborhoods, but the following list of examples should illustrate what might constitute a neighborhood:

> `crypto.` for ledgers related to decentralized crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP.

> `sepa.` for ledgers in the Single Euro Payments Area.*

> `dev.` for Interledger Protocol development and early adopters

From "ILP Addresses - v2.0.0" [2]:

> Example Global Allocation Scheme Addresses

> `g.acme.bob` - a destination address to the account "bob" held with the connector "acme".

> `` - destination address for a particular invoice, which can break down as follows:

> - Neighborhoods: us-fed., ach., 0.

> - Account identifiers: acmebank., swx0a0., acmecorp., sales, 199 (An ACME Corp sales account at ACME Bank)

> - Interactions: ~ipr, cdfa5e16-e759-4ba3-88f6-8b9dc83c1868, 2

And from [3] "Payment Pointers and Payment Setup Protocols":

> The following payment pointers resolve to the specified endpoint URLS:

  $ ->      
  $ ->
  $ ->  
  $ ->
The WebMonetization spec [4] and docs [5] specifies the `monetization` <meta> tag for indicating where supporting browsers can send payments and micropayments:

  content="$<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">">


[3] "Payment Pointers and Payment Setup Protocols"




FedNow is for US, interbank transactions only.

Do your country's favorite banks implement ILP Interledger Protocol; to solve for more than just banks' domestic transactions between themselves?


Ask HN: Why are bookmarks second class citizens in browsers?

so much of my time is spent in chrome tabs / windows / and searches. someone's average chrome tab count is a badge of honor / horror. Chrome now hides the bookmark bar by default. you can create tab groups for a session, or pin them so that they consume all your bandwidth and memory next time you open your session.

But that's not what i want.

i want rich bookmark behavior.

i want to be able to quickly load common favorite news sites & blogs.

or load a window with all my productivity SaaS sites.

or pick up where i left off on a research rabbit hole.

and i want it to be intuitive, efficient, and a prominent UX feature set.

i'm not alone right?


"Do you like the browser bookmark manager?" :

> Things I'd add to browser bookmark managers someday:

> - Support for (persisting) bookmarks tags. From the post re: the re-launch of

>> "Allow reading and writing bookmark tags"

>> Notes re: how [browser bookmarks with URI|str* tags] could be standardized with JSON-LD: *


WICG/scroll-to-text-fragment "Integration with W3C Web Annotations"


W3C Web Share API & W3C Web Target API


Millet, a Language Server for SML


The bricklayer IDE and bricklayer-lite are SML IDEs FWIU [1]. Could Millet and/or three Millet VSCode extension and/or the SML/NJ Jupyter kernel [2] be useful for creating executable books [3][4] for learning?

[1] :

> Bricklayer libraries provide support for creating 2D and 3D block-based artifacts. Problem-solving and math are used to exercise creative and artistic skills in a fun and innovative environment. Bricklayer integrates with third-party software including: LEGO Digital Designer, LDraw, Minecraft, and 3D Builder (LeoCAD; `dnf install -y leocad`)



[4] (Jupyter-Book: Sphinx (Docutils (.rst ReStructuredText), .md)), MyST-Parser (.md MyST Markdown), Jupyter Kernels (.ipynb Jupyter Notebooks),)


The Cha Cha Slide Is Turing Complete

Turing completeness:

Church-Turing thesis:

Is Church-Turing expected to apply to concurrent, quantum computers? To actual quantum physical stimulation, or qubits, or qudits? Presumably there's already a quantum analog


What is quantum field theory and why is it incomplete?


And then what about fluids? Are there other descriptions for things that look like that?

TIL superfluids have zero viscosity; and at that scale, galaxies are supposably superfluidic; at least one formulation of "superfluid quantum gravity" has Bernoulli's && GR and it supposably works.


The Dymaxion car: Buckminster Fuller’s failed automobile


Good old Car Talk.

What about with biopolymer superstructure at least, batteries in the surfboard floor, an elegant teardrop airfoil, regenerative braking with natural branching carbon anodes, and an awning?


Where was the center of gravity - the mass centroid - in terms of handling?


Top Secret Rosies: The Female “Computers” of WWII

Similar ones:

"Code girls : the untold story of the American women code breakers of World War II" (2017)

"Hidden Figures" (2016)

Women in science :


"Top Secret Rosies: The Female “Computers” of WWII" (2010)


There are at least hundreds of mostly all masculine dude war movies. As said films are about just regular dudes in war, and historical, is there any appropriate gender outrage?

A person can simply superimpose a whole separate identity and preference agenda to the storyline, which - if non-historical - may be all characters from one writer, whose paintings at least aren't at all obligated to be representative samples.


Rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers > See also:

> Children in the military, History of children in the military, Impact of war on children, Paris Principles (Free Children from War Conference), Children in emergencies and conflicts, Children's rights, Stress in early childhood

Disaster Relief procedures for us all: :

> How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?

> What is my shelter plan?

> What is my evacuation route?

> What is my family/household communication plan?

> Do I need to update my emergency preparedness kit?


The World Excel Championship is being broadcast on ESPN

TIL about Excel e-Sports. From :

> No finance, just Excel and logical thinking skills. Use IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM, VBA, Power Query: anything is allowed, and the strategy is up to you.

It says VBA, so presumably named variables are allowed in the Excel spreadsheet competition.

What about Python and e.g. Pandas or ?

> Some events are invitational, some are open for everyone to participate in.

> All battles are live-streamed and can be spectated on our Youtube channel.


Metrics for scoring: error/cost/fitness, time to solution (t), dollars to solution ($), resources in terms of {carbon, kWh, USD,}, costs in terms of costed opcodes,

Whether there's a logically plausible causal explanation (for quickly-discovered probably just associative relations)


There are many ways to do ~no-code GUI analysis with [Jupyter] notebooks (e.g. with the VSCode jupyter notebook support) pretty quickly; with some pointing and clicking of the mouse if you please.

Computational Notebook speedrun competition ideas:

- Arithmetic w/ `assert`: addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, exponents/logarithms; and then again with {NumPy, SymPy, Lean Mathlib}

- Growth curve fitting; data modeling with linear and better models

- "Principia" work-along notebooks

- "Princeton Companion to [Applied] Mathematics" work-along notebooks

- Khan Academy work-along notebooks

> - Arithmetic w/ `assert`: addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, exponents/logarithms; and then again with {NumPy, SymPy, Lean Mathlib}

"How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim" ...

"How should logarithms be taught?"


> - Growth curve fitting; data modeling with linear and better models

Input: at least a two-column table

Output: a symbolic (or NN) model with minimal error in predicting the test half of the data after a `test_train_split()`-like routine.


Alt-F11, thanks. Is there a macro recorder built into Excel that could make learning VBA syntax and UI-API equivalencies easy?


I've seen basically Mario in VBA in Excel, so I know it's real. "Show formulas" && [VBA, JS] vs an app with test coverage.

Are unit and/or functional automated tests possible with VBA; for software quality and data quality?

GSheets has Apps Script; which is JS, so standard JS patterns work. It looks like Excel online can run but cannot edit VBA macros; and Excel online has a JS API, too.

Quantum in the Chips and Science Act of 2022

> […] Grow a diverse, domestic quantum workforce: The expansion of the Federal Cyber Scholarship-For-Service Program to include artificial intelligence and quantum computing will bolster the Nation’s cyber defense against threats from emerging technologies, while quantum’s addition to the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship program will expand the current workforce. The NSF Next Generation Quantum Leaders Pilot Program authorized by this legislation, and which builds upon NSF’s role in the Q-12 Education Partnership, will help the Nation develop a strong, diverse, and future-leaning domestic base of talent steeped in fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, the science that underlines a host of technologies. […]

From #Q12 > QIS K-12 Framework: :

> When relevant to the STEM subject, employ a learning cycle approach to develop models of quantum systems and phenomena, plan and carry out investigations to test their models, analyze and interpret data, obtain, evaluate and communicate their findings


Where does energy go during destructive interference?

From Wave_interference#Quantum_interference :

> Here is a list of some of the differences between classical wave interference and quantum interference:

> - In classical interference, two different waves interfere; In quantum interference, the wavefunction interferes with itself.

> Classical interference is obtained simply by adding the displacements from equilibrium (or amplitudes) of the two waves; In quantum interference, the effect occurs for the probability function associated with the wavefunction and therefore the absolute value of the wavefunction squared.

> The interference involves different types of mathematical functions: A classical wave is a real function representing the displacement from an equilibrium position; a quantum wavefunction is a complex function. A classical wave at any point can be positive or negative; the quantum probability function is non-negative.

> In classical optical interference the energy conservation principle is violated as it requires quanta to cancel. In quantum interference energy conservation is not violated, the quanta merely assume paths per the path integral. All quanta for example terminate in bright areas of the pattern.

From Conservation_of_energy :

> Classically, conservation of energy was distinct from conservation of mass. However, special relativity showed that mass is related to energy and vice versa by E = mc2, and science now takes the view that mass-energy as a whole is conserved. Theoretically, this implies that any object with mass [e.g. photons, and other massful particles] can itself be converted to pure energy, and vice versa. However this is believed to be possible only under the most extreme of physical conditions, such as likely existed in the universe very shortly after the Big Bang or when black holes emit Hawking radiation.

From Conservation_of_energy#Quantum_theory :

> In quantum mechanics, energy of a quantum system is described by a self-adjoint (or Hermitian) operator called the Hamiltonian, which acts on the Hilbert space (or a space of wave functions) of the system. If the Hamiltonian is a time-independent operator, emergence probability of the measurement result does not change in time over the evolution of the system. Thus the expectation value of energy is also time independent. The local energy conservation in quantum field theory is ensured by the quantum Noether's theorem for energy-momentum tensor operator. Due to the lack of the (universal) time operator in quantum theory, the uncertainty relations for time and energy are not fundamental in contrast to the position-momentum uncertainty principle, and merely holds in specific cases (see Uncertainty principle). Energy at each fixed time can in principle be exactly measured without any trade-off in precision forced by the time-energy uncertainty relations. Thus the conservation of energy in time is a well defined concept even in quantum mechanics.


Adding Auditing to Pip

Looks like I'm a little bit late to this article about mailing list discussion about adding ~CVE search to pip.

The broader trend here is to identify the names, versions, and hashes of all software installed packages in all languages and present an SBOM [1][2]. Does/would `pip audit` also lookup CVE vulns for extension modules written in other programming languages like C, Go, and Rust; or do existing tools that also already lookup vulns for Python packages

[1] ; Ctrl-F "SBOM"

[2] "Existing artifact vuln scanners, databases, and specs?"


> This is an ongoing project. We encourage open source ecosystems to adopt the OpenSSF Vulnerability format to enable open source users to easily aggregate and consume vulnerabilities across all ecosystesm. See our blog post for more details.

> The following ecosystems have vulnerabilities encoded in this format:

> GitHub Advisory Database (CC-BY 4.0), PyPI Advisory Database (CC-BY 4.0), Go Vulnerability Database (CC-BY 4.0), Rust Advisory Database (CC0 1.0), Global Security Database (CC0 1.0) OSS-Fuzz (CC-BY 4.0)

> Together, these include vulnerabilities from:

> npm, Maven, Go, NuGet, PyPI, RubyGems,, Packagist, Linux, OSS-Fuzz


So something more comprehensive for the complete SBOM for all languages and extension modules is also advisable for "[Software] Component Inventory and Risk Assessment".

From the article:

> The PyPA maintains an advisory database that stores vulnerabilities affecting PyPI packages in YAML format. For example, pip-audit reported that the version of Babel on my system is vulnerable to PYSEC-2021-421, which is a local code-execution flaw. That PYSEC advisory refers to CVE-2021-42771, which is how the flaw is known to the wider world.

> As it turns out, my system is actually not vulnerable to CVE-2021-42771, as the Ubuntu security entry shows. The pip-audit tool looks at the version numbers of the installed PyPI package to decide which are vulnerable, but Linux distributions regularly backport fixes into earlier versions so the PyPI package version number does not tell the whole story—at least for those who get their PyPI packages from distributions rather than via pip.



Tesla’s self-driving technology fails to detect children in the road, tests find


Accident rate per million miles of driving.

Which competing EVs do you like and why?


No, you need a hard metric like "Accident rate per million miles driven" in order to compare the relative hazard.


> Are all driving miles equivalent?

Which metric is proposed?

Is this an argument supported by data? What about a sound experimental design?

Perhaps we could look to medicine (instead of automotive engineering) for guidance regarding which reductions in stratified accident incidence rate are significant and warrant continued investment in sensor fusion and assistive AI?


AlphaFold's database grows over 200x to cover nearly all known proteins


Is the AlphaFold team winning Folding@home? (which started at Washington University in St. Louis, home of the Human Genome Project)

FWIU, Folding@home has additional problems for AlphaFold, if not the AlphaFold team;

> Install our software to become a citizen scientist and contribute your compute power to help fight global health threats like COVID19, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer. Our software is completely free, easy to install, and safe to use. Available for: Linux, Windows, Mac

[+] #History

"The Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome"


Together, these teams have achieved a very significant cost reduction: the link I shared cites a sub-$1K cost to sequence a genome today; a cost savings of millions of dollars per genome.


> Folding@home answers a related but different question. While AlphaFold returns the picture of a folded protein in its most energetically stable conformation, Folding@home returns a video of the protein undergoing folding, traversing its energy landscape.

Is there any NN architectural reason that AlphaFold could not learn and predict the Folding@home protein folding interactions as well? Is there yet an open implementation?


FWIU there's no algorithmic reason that AlphaZero-style self play w/ rules could not learn the quantum chemistry / physics. Given the infinite monkey theorem, can an e.g. bayesian NN learn quantum gravity enough to predictively model multibody planetary orbits given an additional solar mass in transit through the solar system? (What about with "try Bernoulli's on GR and call it superfluid quantum gravity" or "the bond yield-curve inversion is a known-good predictor, with lag" as Goal-programming nudges to distributedly-partitioned symbolic EA/GA with a cost/error/survival/fitness function?)

E.g. re-derivations of Lean Mathlib would be the strings to evolve.


Django 4.1


## Asynchronous ORM interface :

`QuerySet` now provides an asynchronous interface for all data access operations. These are named as-per the existing synchronous operations but with an `a` prefix, for example `acreate()`, `aget()`, and so on.

> The new interface allows you to write asynchronous code without needing to wrap ORM operations in `sync_to_async()`:

  async for author in Author.objects.filter(name__startswith="A"):
      book = await author.books.afirst()
> Note that, at this stage, the underlying database operations remain synchronous, with contributions ongoing to push asynchronous support down into the SQL compiler, and integrate asynchronous database drivers. The new asynchronous queryset interface currently encapsulates the necessary sync_to_async() operations for you, and will allow your code to take advantage of developments in the ORM’s asynchronous support as it evolves. […] See Asynchronous queries for details and limitations.

## Asynchronous handlers for class-based views

> View subclasses may now define async HTTP method handlers:

  import asyncio
  from django.http import HttpResponse
  from django.views import View

  class AsyncView(View):
      async def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
          # Perform view logic using await.
          await asyncio.sleep(1)
          return HttpResponse("Hello async world!")


Ask HN: Is there a tool / product that enables commenting on HTML elements?

I'm searching for a commercial product that enables commenting on HTML elements on a product so it can be shared with an org. Think google comments connected to Inspect Element in chrome that can be shared with an organization.

I want to get away from creating tickets or sending emails highlighting UX concerns. This is cumbersome and not very transparent or collaborative.

Does a tool like this already exist?

Hypothesis/h is a (Pyramid) web app with a JS widget that can be added to the HTML of a page manually or by the Hypothesis browser extension, which enables you to also comment on PDFs, WAVs, GIFs:

From the W3C Web Annotation spec that Hypothesis implements :

> Selectors: Fragment Selector, CSS Selector, XPath Selector, Text Quote Selector, Text Position Selector, Data Position Selector, SVG Selector, Range Selector, Refinement of Selection

> States: Time State, Request Header State, Refinement of State


Coinbase does not list securities. End of story


Is "must be an agreement for future performance" a fair first test of whether something is a securities contract?

1) If there is no contractual agreement for future performance, it cannot be a securities contract (a "security").

That we can test before applying 2) the Howey Test, and then 3) assessing whether it's a Payment, Utility, Asset, or Hybrid coin/token

From :

> "In other words, an investment contract for purposes of the Securities Act means a contract, transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or a third party, it being immaterial whether the shares in the enterprise are evidenced by formal certificates or by nominal interests in the physical assets employed in the enterprise."[1]

> "The test is whether the scheme involves an investment of money in a common enterprise with profits to come solely from the efforts of others. If that test be satisfied, it is immaterial whether the enterprise is speculative or non-speculative or whether there is a sale of property with or without intrinsic value."[1]

Collectible coins, trading cards, beanie babies, real estate, and rare earth commodities, for example, are not securities per US securities law. Do these things fail a hypothetical and hopefully helpful "must be an agreement for future performance" litmus test for whether a thing is a security per US case law precedent?

What must be fed into the FTC CAT is a different set of policies.

From "Guidelines for enquiries regarding the regulatory framework for ICOs [pdf]" (2018) :

> This is a helpful table indicating whether a Payment, Utility, Asset, or Hybrid coin/token: is a security, qualifies under Swiss AML payment law.

> The "Minimum information requirements for ICO enquiries" appendix seems like a good set of questions for evaluating ICOs. Are there other good questions to ask when considering whether to invest in a Payment, Utility, Asset, or Hybrid ICO?

> Are US regulations different from these clear and helpful regulatory guidelines for ICOs in Switzerland?

As well, do investors have any responsibility for evaluating written agreements for future performance before investing?

Does a person have the responsibility of evaluating contracts before entering into them; for example, with the belief that it's a securities agreement for future performance? What burden of responsibility has a securities investor?

Does that business sell any registered securities at all? Why did you think they were selling you a security? Were you presented with a shareholders agreement? A securities agreement? Any sort written contract? Why did you think you were entering into a securities contract if there was no contract?

If someone makes hopeful, pumping, forward-looking statements, does that obligate them to perform?

When does the Statute of Frauds apply to phantom contractual agreements for future performance?

Statute of Frauds: :

> The statute of frauds (SOF) is a legal concept that requires certain types of contracts to be executed in writing. The statute covers contracts for the sale of land, agreements involving goods worth over $500, and contracts lasting one year or more.

> The statute of frauds was adopted in the U.S. primarily as a common law concept—that is, as unwritten law. However, it has since been formalized by statutes in certain jurisdictions, such as in most states. In a breach of contract case where the statute of frauds applies, the defendant may raise it as a defense.* Indeed, they often must do so affirmatively for the defense to be valid. In such a case, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. The plaintiff must establish that a valid contract was indeed in existence.

Statute of Frauds:

Q: When should you check for a contractual agreement for future performance, for future returns? A: At least before you give more than $500.

In the US, cryptoasset exchanges have gained specific legal approval from each and every state where those assets are listed for sale.

What process does your state have for approving assets for listing by cryptoasset exchanges? When or why does a state reject a cryptoasset exchange's application to list a cryptoasset?

Is it the case that we have 50 state-level procedures for getting a cryptoasset approved for list by an exchange?

Is it the case that SEC does not provide a "formally reject an unregistered security which is thus not SEC jurisdiction" service?

If some 50 states failed to red flag a cryptoasset, I find it unreasonable to fault cryptoasset exchanges for choosing to list, or retail investors for failing to review a contract for future performance and investing.


I Looked into 34 Top Real-World Blockchain Projects So You Don’t Have To


# 1970s: The Internet (US Research Institutions, ARPA, IETF, IEEE,)

TCP/IP, DNS (/etc/hosts), Routing Protocols for multiple DUN (Dial-Up Networking) links between schools, Gopher

# The Web (TimBL (@CERN), IETF, W3C)

HTTP, HTML: "Hyperlinks" between "Hypertext" documents; edges with "anchor text" types.

[No-crypto P2P]

# Web 2.0 (CoC Web Frameworks, AJAX, open source SQL, LAMP,)

Interactive HTML with user-contributed-content to moderate

# ~~Web 3.0~~ (W3C,)

Linked Data; RDF, RDFa

5-Star Linked Data:

- Use URIs in your datasets; e.g. describe the columns of the CSVs with URIs: CSVW

# Web3 ("Zero-Trust")

SK: Secret Key

PK: Public Key

Crypto P2P: resilient distributed system application architectures with no points of failure

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) instead of DNS. ENS binds unique strings to accounts; just like NFTs.

(A non-fungible-token is a like a coin where each bill has a unique serial number. A fungible-token is a thing that there are transactable fractions of that needn't have unique identities: US coinage, barrels of oil, ounces of gold/silver. Non-fungible tokens are indivisible: you can't tear a bill in half because there's only the one serial number (and that's actually a federal crime in the USA, to deface money). Similarly, ENS entries - which map a string to an account id (hash of a public key) - can't be split into fractions and sold, so they're Non-FTs; NFTs)

(DNS is somewhat unfixably broken due to the permissiveness necessary to interact with non-DNSSEC-compliant domains resulting in downgrade attack risks: even with e.g. DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-HTTPS, or DNS-over-QUIC securing the channel; if the DNS client does not reject DNS responses that do not have DNSSEC signatures, a DNS MITM will succeed. If you deny access to DNSSEC-unsigned domains at your DNS client config or the (maybe forwarding) DNS resolver on the router, what is the error message in the browser?)


NIST announces preliminary winners of post-quantum competition


From :

> (IDK what the TLS (and FIPS) PQ Algo versioning plans are: 1.4, 2.0?)

Kyber, NTRU, {FIPS-140-3}?


It shouldn't take long to change software: how long does it take to add a dependency on an open implementation and add an optional config file const pending a standardized list of algos like TLS 1.3+ and FIPS, and fallback to non-PQ; like DNSSEC (edit: and WPA2+WPA3)? Do mining rig companies that specialize in ASICs and FPGAs yet offer competitively-priced TLS load balancers -- now with PQ -- or are they still more expensive than mainboards?


RStudio Is Becoming Posit

tosh | 2022-07-27 09:48:17 | 119 | # | ^

Those all sound like good names. From the article:

> To avoid this problem and codify our mission into our company charter, we re-incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in 2019.

> Our charter defines our mission as the creation of free and open source software for data science, scientific research, and technical communication. This mission intentionally goes beyond “R for Data Science” — we hope to take the approach that’s succeeded with R and apply it more broadly. We want to build a company that is around in 100 years time that continues to have a positive impact on science and technical communication. We’ve only just started along this road: we’re experimenting with tools for Python and our new Quarto project aims to impact scientific communication far beyond data science.

> [...] What does the new name mean for our commercial software? In many ways, nothing: our commercial products have supported Python for over 2 years. But we will rename them to Posit Connect, Posit Workbench, and Posit Package Manager so it’s easier for folks to understand that we support more than just R. What about our open source software? Similarly, not much is changing: our open source software is and will continue to be predominantly for R. That said, over the past few years we’ve already been investing in other languages like reticulate (calling Python from R), Python features for the IDE, and support for Python and Julia within Quarto. You can expect to see more multilanguage experiments in the future.

Apache Arrow may be the best solution for data interchange in "polyglot notebooks" with multiple programming languages where SIMDJSON-LD isn't fast enough to share references to structs (with data type URIs and quantity and unit URIs) with IPC and ref counting.


FWIW repo2docker installs everything listed in /install.R or /.binder/install.R. I'll just cc this here because of the integration potential:

> repo2docker fetches a repository (from GitHub, GitLab, Zenodo, Figshare, Dataverse installations, a Git repository or a local directory) and builds a container image in which the code can be executed. The image build process is based on the [#REES] configuration files found in the repository.


  python3 -m pip freeze | tee requirements.txt

  conda env export -f environment.yml
  conda env export --from-history -f environment.yml

  python3 -m pip install jupyter-repo2docker

  repo2docker .

  # git branch -b mynewbranch; git commit; git push 

  repo2docker #dashboards #ContainDS

  python -m webbrowser
"#REES #ReproducibleExecutionEnvironmentSpecification" config files that repo2docker will build a container from at least one of: requirements.txt # Pip environment.yml # Conda (mamba) Pipfile install.R postBuild # run during build start # run in ENTRYPOINT runtime.txt Dockerfile

repo2jupyterlite (WASM) sure would be useful for presentations, too.


Ask HN: Why are there so few artificial sunlight or artificial window products?

The demand for "natural light" in homes and offices is very high, and higher than the availability of actual daylight. And there seems to be a pretty feasible way to create a fake window (a light panel that mimics sunlight through a window), using LEDs and a fresnel lens. There's no shortage of videos around showing how to DIY such a thing, such as and

So, why can't I find many such products for sale? There are a couple of high-end companies like, but where's the mass market stuff? Is there an opportunity being overlooked here, or am I just missing something?

The nuclear reaction at the center of our solar system, our sun, emits EM radiation of various wavelengths. FWIU, there are various devices for phototherapy (light therapy) which are more common in more non-equatorial lattitudes.

Light therapy:

There are various "corn bulb" LED products, but FWIU few of the products verifiably produce UVC light; and even fewer still are built from relatively new (full spectrum) UVC LEDs.

The Broan bath fans with SurfaceShield by Vyv bath fans produce ~"ultrablue" but not UVC or a detachable Chromecast Audio.

There are bulbs that switch from normal UVA to ultrablue and/or UVC on the second flIP of the circuit.


From "Accidental Exposure to Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Lights: A Case Report and Recommendations in Orthodontic Clinical Settings" (2021)

> While UVA radiation is the least hazardous and most associated with skin ageing, UVB is known to cause DNA damage and is a risk factor in developing sunburn, skin cancer, and cataracts. UVC is a “germicidal” radiation with the ability to penetrate deeper, killing bacteria and inactivating viruses.6 There are various types of UVC germicidal lamps—cold cathode germicidal UV lamps, hot cathode germicidal UV lamps, slimline germicidal UV lamps, high output germicidal UV lamps, UV LEDs, and UV lamp shapes with lamp connectors. The latter two are the safest to be used with the utmost precautions.

> This case report describes a vital observation of adverse effects produced by exposure to UV germicidal lamps. There are very few studies reporting accidental exposures to UVC at work in hospital settings. 7 [...]

> Importantly, overexposure to UVC radiation causes ocular and epidermal signs and symptoms. Typical skin reactions in a welder and acute sunburn produced by an electric insect-killing device with an irradiance of as much as 46 mW m-2 have been reported previously in the literature.13, 14 As for germicidal lamps, adverse effects include facial erythema, burning sensation, irritation, pain, keratoconjunctivitis, sunburn, conjunctival redness, blurry vision, photophobia, and irritation to the airway due to the generation of ozone from UVC lamps.


LiteFS a FUSE-based file system for replicating SQLite


From :

> Isolation And Concurrency: SQLite implements isolation and concurrency control (and atomicity) using transient journal files that appear in the same directory as the database file. There are two major "journal modes". The older "rollback mode" corresponds to using the "DELETE", "PERSIST", or "TRUNCATE" options to the journal_mode pragma. In rollback mode, changes are written directly into the database file, while simultaneously a separate rollback journal file is constructed that is able to restore the database to its original state if the transaction rolls back. Rollback mode (specifically DELETE mode, meaning that the rollback journal is deleted from disk at the conclusion of each transaction) is the current default behavior.

> Since version 3.7.0 (2010-07-21), SQLite also supports "WAL mode". In WAL mode, changes are not written to the original database file. Instead, changes go into a separate "write-ahead log" or "WAL" file. Later, after the transaction commits, those changes will be moved from the WAL file back into the original database in an operation called "checkpoint". WAL mode is enabled by running "PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL".

> In rollback mode, SQLite implements isolation by locking the database file and preventing any reads by other database connections while each write transaction is underway. Readers can be active at the beginning of a write, before any content is flushed to disk and while all changes are still held in the writer's private memory space. But before any changes are made to the database file on disk, all readers must be (temporarily) expelled in order to give the writer exclusive access to the database file. Hence, readers are prohibited from seeing incomplete transactions by virtue of being locked out of the database while the transaction is being written to disk. Only after the transaction is completely written and synced to disk and committed are the readers allowed back into the database. Hence readers never get a chance to see partially written changes.

> WAL mode permits simultaneous readers and writers. It can do this because changes do not overwrite the original database file, but rather go into the separate write-ahead log file. That means that readers can continue to read the old, original, unaltered content from the original database file at the same time that the writer is appending to the write-ahead log. In WAL mode, SQLite exhibits "snapshot isolation". When a read transaction starts, that reader continues to see an unchanging "snapshot" of the database file as it existed at the moment in time when the read transaction started. Any write transactions that commit while the read transaction is active are still invisible to the read transaction, because the reader is seeing a snapshot of database file from a prior moment in time.

> An example: Suppose there are two database connections X and Y. X starts a read transaction using BEGIN followed by one or more SELECT statements. Then Y comes along and runs an UPDATE statement to modify the database. X can subsequently do a SELECT against the records that Y modified but X will see the older unmodified entries because Y's changes are all invisible to X while X is holding a read transaction. If X wants to see the changes that Y made, then X must end its read transaction and start a new one (by running COMMIT followed by another BEGIN.)


  ROLLBACK; // cancel the tx e.g.  because a different dbconn thread detected updated data before the tx was to be COMMITted.

  // Replay the tx 
  // replay the same SQL statements


Heaviest neutron star on record is 2.35 times the Solar mass

What percentage of black holes are formed by neutron star events? What percentage of black holes are formed by gamma ray fluid field interactions?

"What If (Tiny) Black Holes Are Everywhere?" (@PBSSpaceTime) :

> ~ every 30 km

How does the gravitational spacetime fluid field disturbance of our comparatively baby non-neutron-star Sun compare in diameter and non-viscosity? :

> The Sun's diameter is about 1.39 million kilometers (864,000 miles), or 109 times that of Earth. Its mass is about 330,000 times that of Earth, comprising about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System. [20] Roughly three-quarters of the Sun's mass consists of hydrogen (~73%); the rest is mostly helium (~25%), with much smaller quantities of heavier elements, including oxygen, carbon, neon, and iron. [21]

> The Sun is a G-type main-sequence star (G2V). As such, it is informally, and not completely accurately, referred to as a yellow dwarf (its light is actually white). It formed approximately 4.6 billion [a] [14][22] years ago from the gravitational collapse of matter within a region of a large molecular cloud. Most of this matter gathered in the center, whereas the rest flattened into an orbiting disk that became the Solar System. The central mass became so hot and dense that it eventually initiated nuclear fusion in its core. It is thought that almost all stars form by this process.

> Every second, the Sun's core fuses about 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium, and in the process converts 4 million tons of matter into energy. This energy, which can take between 10,000 and 170,000 years to escape the core, is the source of the Sun's light and heat. When hydrogen fusion in its core has diminished to the point at which the Sun is no longer in hydrostatic equilibrium, its core will undergo a marked increase in density and temperature while its outer layers expand, eventually transforming the Sun into a red giant. It is calculated that the Sun will become sufficiently large to engulf the current orbits of Mercury and Venus, and render Earth uninhabitable – but not for about five billion years.

G2V "G Star": Hydrogen + Fusion => Helium :

> A G-type main-sequence star (Spectral type: G-V), also often called a yellow dwarf, or G star, is a main-sequence star (luminosity class V) of spectral type G. Such a star has about 0.9 to 1.1 solar masses and an effective temperature between about 5,300 and 6,000 K. Like other main-sequence stars, a G-type main-sequence star is converting the element hydrogen to helium in its core by means of nuclear fusion, but however can also fuse helium when hydrogen runs out. The Sun, the star to which the Earth is gravitationally bound in the center of the Solar System, is an example of a G-type main-sequence star (G2V type). Each second, the Sun fuses approximately 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium in a process known as the proton–proton chain (4 hydrogens form 1 helium), converting about 4 million tons of matter to energy. [1][2] Besides the Sun, other well-known examples of G-type main-sequence stars include Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti, Capella and 51 Pegasi. [3][4][5][6] :

> A neutron star is the collapsed core of a massive supergiant star, which had a total mass of between 10 and 25 solar masses, possibly more if the star was especially metal-rich. [1] Except for black holes and some hypothetical objects (e.g. white holes, quark stars, and strange stars), neutron stars are the smallest and densest currently known class of stellar objects. [2] Neutron stars have a radius on the order of 10 kilometres (6 mi) and a mass of about 1.4 solar masses. [3] They result from the supernova explosion of a massive star, combined with gravitational collapse, that compresses the core past white dwarf star density to that of atomic nuclei.


Show HN: Pg_jsonschema – A Postgres extension for JSON validation

pg_jsonschema is a solution we're exploring to allow enforcing more structure on json and jsonb typed postgres columns.

We initially wrote the extension as an excuse to play with pgx, the rust framework for writing postgres extensions. That let us lean on existing rust libs for validation (jsonschema), so the extension's implementation is only 10 lines of code :)

happy to answer any questions!


You could cost the stored procedures' deployment costs in cryptographically-signed-redundant-data-storage bytes and penalize unnecessary complexity by Costing Opcodes (in the postgres database ~"virtual machine runtime", which supports many non-halting programming languages; such as rust, which is great to see.) and paying for redundant (smart contract output) consensus where it's worth it.

TIL about "JSON Schema/SHACL based validation of JSON-LD documents". Perhaps we could see if that's something that should be done in pgx or in the application versions deployed alongside the database versions?


Computer science proof unveils unexpected form of entanglement


Evolutionary algorithm

Related techniques > Particle swarm optimization:

> Particle swarm optimization is based on the ideas of animal flocking behaviour.[7] Also primarily suited for numerical optimization problems

Symbolic EA will surpass all of human physics in the next 10 years.

To complete physics, which spacetime predictions can or must have zero error?


Perhaps the oracle could indicate when the Career().solve_physics() routine will halt.


Securing name resolution in the IoT: DNS over CoAP

The "Matter" (fka "Project Chip") IoT protocol (which succeeds OpenThread FWIU) Wikipedia SeeAlso links to CoAP.

What are the functional differences and opportunities in regards to name resolution?


Are any of the "Certificate Transparency on a blockchain / dlt / immutable permissioned distributed ledger" approaches applicable to this problem domain? Solve DNS again for IoT?


> Technically Matter can run purely local, no external web requests (well there are some attestation and certs that are confirmed by the Controller).

So Matter should work when the [W]LAN is up but there is no external DNS or IP connectivity?

> Then Matter devices use Endpoints and Clusters for control, device to device or Controller to device. Matter devices' Commissioning process is done in 2 ways - for Thread devices, they require the operational dataset of the Thread network, which is held by the Border Router, then the Border Router needs information about the Thread Device (Device ID, Discriminator, and PIN Code). This can be exchanged over BLE or NFC with the Controller (smartphone app like Homekit, Google Home, etc). If you have WiFi only devices then Commissioning is done via the Controller only. In both of these cases any DNS lookup would be done by the Controller.

Does the Controller optionally run DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS), DoT (DNS-over-TLS), DoQ (DNS-over-QUIC; which is easy to load-balance because it's UDP), DNS-over-CoAP, or plain-old unsecured DNS with optional DNSSEC validation? What about ENS (Ethereum Name Service; "web3 dns"; why was DNS reinvented for the smart-contract world? And what about Matter and IoT?

Found this which explains ENS, which is perhaps less obtusely more complex than your DNS-over-CoAP thing: ( )

> ENS domains work similar to traditional domain names, but with the new web 3.0 infrastructure, they can create decentralized applications and websites, and store data or files on the blockchain.

> The ENS is the new domain naming system built on top of the Ethereum network that enables users to create memorable and distinctive addresses or usernames. It utilizes Ethereum's smart contracts to provide supplementary services to the conventional DNS and manage domain name registration and resolution. ENS allows users to create a single username for all their wallet addresses, decentralized apps, and websites in a distributed ecosystem.

> ENS utilizes three types of smart contracts: the registry, the registrars, and the resolvers.

And of course there are better than PIN codes and CRL-less x.509 certs for entropy there. DLTs are specifically designed to be resilient to [mDNS] DDoS.


Maybe powers of π don't have unexpectedly good approximations?


/? 3blue1brown e^ipi


  e = limit((1 + 1/n)^n, +∞)  # Euler's number
  i = √-1  # orthogonal; i_0^2 = -1
  pi = (666/212 - 22/7)*π  # circle circumference / diameter 
Euler's identity:

  e^iπ + 1 = 0
Euler's formula:

  e^ix = cos(x) + i*sin(x)
Euler's formula:'s_formula

e (Euler's number)

Is there something fundamental here - with e.g. radix base e - about countability and a continuum of reals, and maybe constructive interference?

When EM waves that are in phase combine, the resultant amplitude of the combined waveform is the sum of the amplitudes; constructive interference is addition. And from addition, subtraction & multiplication and exponents and logarithms.

And then this concept of phase and curl ( convergence and divergence ) in non-orthogonal, probably not conditionally-independent fluid fields that combine complexly and nonlinearly. Define distance between (fluid) field moments. A coherent multibody problem hopefully with unitarity and probably nonlocality.

Can emergence of complex adaptive behavior in complex nonlinear systems of fields emerge from such observable phenomena as countability (perhaps just of application-domain-convenient field-combinatorial multiples in space Z)?


Freezing Requirements with Pip-Tools


A Pipfile can store hashes for multiple versions of a package built for multiple architectures; whereas requirements.txt can only store the hash of one version of the package on one platform.

Can a requirements.txt or a Pipfile store cryptographically-signed hashes for each dependency? Which tool would check that not PyPI-upload but package-builder-signing keys validate?

FWIU, nobody ever added GPG .asc signature support to Pip? What keys would it trust for which package? Should twine download after upload and check the publisher and PyPI-upload signatures?


If the hashes are retrieved over the same channel as the package (i.e. HTTPS), and that channel is unfortunately compromised, why wouldn't a MITM tool change those software package artifact hash checksums too?

Only if the key used to sign the package / package manifest with per-file hashes is or was retrieved over a different channel (i.e. WKD, HKP (HTTPS w/w/o Certificate Pinning (*))), and the key is trusted to sign for that package, then install the software package artifact and assign file permissions and extended filesystem attributes.

From the sigstore docs: :

> sigstore empowers software developers to securely sign software artifacts such as release files, container images, binaries, bill of material manifests [SBOM] and more. Signing materials are then stored in a tamper-resistant public log.

/? sigstore sbom:

> It’s free to use for all developers and software providers, with sigstore’s code and operational tooling being 100% open source, and everything maintained and developed by the sigstore community.

> How sigstore works: Using Fulcio, sigstore requests a certificate from our root Certificate Authority (CA). This checks you are who you say you are using OpenID Connect, which looks at your email address to prove you’re the author. Fulcio grants a time-stamped certificate, a way to say you’re signed in and that it’s you.

> You don’t have to do anything with keys yourself, and sigstore never obtains your private key. The public key that Cosign creates gets bound to your certificate, and the signing details get stored in sigstore’s trust root, the deeper layer of keys and trustees and what we use to check authenticity.

> our certificate then comes back to sigstore, where sigstore exchanges keys, asserts your identity and signs everything off. The signature contains the hash itself, public key, signature content and the time stamp. This all gets uploaded to a Rekor transparency log, so anyone can check that what you’ve put out there went through all the checks needed to be authentic.

Qubit: Quantum register: Qudits and qutrits

To just quote from Wikipedia:

"Qubit > Quantum register > Qudits and qutrits"

> ## Qudits and qutrits

> The term qudit denotes the unit of quantum information that can be realized in suitable d-level quantum systems.[8] A qubit register that can be measured to N states is identical[c] to an N-level qudit. A rarely used[9] synonym for qudit is quNit, [10] since both `d` and N are frequently used to denote the dimension of a quantum system.

> Qudits are similar to the integer types in classical computing, and may be mapped to (or realized by) arrays of qubits. Qudits where the d-level system is not an exponent of 2 can not be mapped to arrays of qubits. It is for example possible to have 5-level qudits.

> In 2017, scientists at the National Institute of Scientific Research constructed a pair of qudits with 10 different states each, giving more computational power than 6 qubits.[11]

> Similar to the qubit, the qutrit is the unit of quantum information that can be realized in suitable 3-level quantum systems. This is analogous to the unit of classical information trit of ternary computers.

> ## Physical implementations [of qubits,]

> Any two-level quantum-mechanical system can be used as a qubit. Multilevel systems can be used as well, if they possess two states that can be effectively decoupled from the rest (e.g., ground state and first excited state of a nonlinear oscillator). There are various proposals. Several physical implementations that approximate two-level systems to various degrees were successfully realized. Similarly to a classical bit where the state of a transistor in a processor, the magnetization of a surface in a hard disk and the presence of current in a cable can all be used to represent bits in the same computer, an eventual quantum computer is likely to use various combinations of qubits in its design.

> The following is an incomplete list of physical implementations of qubits, and the choices of basis are by convention only: [...]

See also: "Quantum logic gate"

>> Quantum Monte Carlo: :

>> Quantum Monte Carlo encompasses a large family of computational methods whose common aim is the study of complex quantum systems. One of the major goals of these approaches is to provide a reliable solution (or an accurate approximation) of the quantum many-body problem. [...] The difficulty is however that solving the Schrödinger equation requires the knowledge of the many-body wave function in the many-body Hilbert space, which typically has an exponentially large size in the number of particles. Its solution for a reasonably large number of particles is therefore typically impossible,*

> What sorts of independent states can or should we map onto error-corrected qubits in an approximating system?

> Propagation of Uncertainty ... Numerical stability ... Chaotic convergence, ultimately, apparently:

> Programming the Universe: :

> Lloyd also postulates that the Universe can be fully simulated using a quantum computer; however, in the absence of a theory of quantum gravity, such a simulation is not yet possible. "Particles not only collide, they compute."

> Quantum on Silicon looks cheaper in today dollars.


> Devide [sic] the universe in QFT field-equal halves A and B, take energy from A to make B look like A, then add qubit error correction, and tell me if there's enough energy to simulate the actual universe on a universe QC with no instruction pipeline.

Due to error correction; propagation of uncertainty.

"Quantum computing in silicon hits 99% accuracy" (2022) :

> Quantum computing in silicon hits the 99% threshold

> Morello et al achieved 1-qubit operation fidelities up to 99.95 per cent, and 2-qubit fidelity of 99.37 per cent with a three-qubit system comprising an electron and two phosphorous atoms, introduced in silicon via ion implantation.

> A Delft team in the Netherlands led by Lieven Vandersypen achieved 99.87 per cent 1-qubit and 99.65 per cent 2-qubit fidelities using electron spins in quantum dots formed in a stack of silicon and silicon-germanium alloy (Si/SiGe).

> A RIKEN team in Japan led by Seigo Tarucha similarly achieved 99.84 per cent 1-qubit and 99.51 per cent 2-qubit fidelities in a two-electron system using Si/SiGe quantum dots.

>> The following is an incomplete list of physical implementations of qubits, and the choices of basis are by convention only: [...]


- note the "electrons" row of the table

> See also: "Quantum logic gate"


To improve search results on YouTube, use the search prefix “intitle:”


- [ ] ENH: yt mobile app: Share search query urls

- [ ] ENH,SCH: and search cards

- [ ] UBY: search: transcript search snippets


OpenSSL Security Advisory


OpenSSL > Forks:

TLS 1.3 specifies which curves and ciphers:

(IDK what the TLS (and FIPS) PQ Algo versioning plans are: 1.4, 2.0?)

Mozilla [Open]SSL Config generator:

Axial Higgs mode spotted in materials at room temperature (2022)

From the article "Axial Higgs mode spotted in materials at room temperature" :

> The two pathways of interest to the team were the excitation of a Higgs mode with no intrinsic angular momentum and the excitation of an axial Higgs mode. By varying the polarization of the incoming laser light and the polarization of the detected light, the team was able to observe this interference and confirm the existence of the axial Higgs mode in the material. What is more, the observations were made a room temperature, whereas most other quantum phenomena can only be seen at very low temperatures.

> The team now hopes that their relatively simple experimental approach could be used to identify axial Higgs modes in other materials including superconductors, magnets, and ferroelectrics. This could prove useful for future technologies because materials containing axial Higgs modes could be used as quantum sensors. And because the mathematics of the axial Higgs mode is analogous to that used in particle physics, studying the quasiparticles could provide clues for what lies beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

- [x] Room temperature quantum experiment

- [x] Superfluidity (see also Superfluid Quantum Gravity)

- [x] Angular momentum

" :

> “The detection of the axial Higgs was predicted in high-energy particle physics to explain dark matter. However, it has never been observed. Its appearance in a condensed matter system was completely surprising and heralds the discovery of a new broken symmetry state that had not been predicted.

> “Unlike the extreme conditions typically required to observe new particles, this was done at room temperature in a tabletop experiment where we achieve quantum control of the mode by just changing the polarisation of light.”

> Burch believes the simple setup provides opportunities for using similar experiments in other areas. “Many of these experiments were performed by an undergraduate in my lab,” he says. “The approach can be straightforwardly applied to the quantum properties of numerous collective phenomena, including modes in superconductors, magnets, ferroelectrics and charge density waves. Furthermore, we bring the study of quantum interference in materials with correlated and/or topological phases to room temperature, overcoming the difficulty of extreme experimental conditions.”

"Axial Higgs mode detected by quantum pathway interference in RTe3" (2022)

> [...] Here we discover an axial Higgs mode in the CDW system RTe3 using the interference of quantum pathways. In RTe3 (R = La, Gd), the electronic ordering couples bands of equal or different angular momenta4,5,6. As such, the Raman scattering tensor associated with the Higgs mode contains both symmetric and antisymmetric components, which are excited via two distinct but degenerate pathways. This leads to constructive or destructive interference of these pathways, depending on the choice of the incident and Raman-scattered light polarization.


New study shows highly creative people’s brains work differently from others'

Creativity #Neuroscience

awesome-ideation-tools in re: neuroimaging

/? creativity forgetting rate and instability in the brain:

Catastrophic interference is proposed as one cause of maybe pathological forgetting in the brain. This forgetting in the brain may be strongly linked with creativity. Are there links to hippocampal neurogenesis?

Catastrophic interference > Proposed solutions > Orthogonality: :

> Input vectors are said to be orthogonal to each other if the pairwise product of their elements across the two vectors sum to zero. For example, the patterns [0,0,1,0] and [0,1,0,0] are said to be orthogonal because (0×0 + 0×1 + 1×0 + 0×0) = 0. One of the techniques which can create orthogonal representations at the hidden layers involves bipolar feature coding (i.e., coding using -1 and 1 rather than 0 and 1). [10] Orthogonal patterns tend to produce less interference with each other. However, not all learning problems can be represented using these types of vectors and some studies report that the degree of interference is still problematic with orthogonal vectors. [2]


Visualizing quantum mechanics in an interactive simulation


Practical and neat. It says TypeScript and "optical table"? Where are the sources?

"Visualizing quantum mechanics in an interactive simulation – Virtual Lab by Quantum Flytrap" Optical Engineering (2022) :

> Abstract: Virtual Lab by Quantum Flytrap is a no-code online laboratory of an optical table, presenting quantum phenomena interactively and intuitively. It supports a real-time simulation of up to three entangled photons. Users can place typical optical elements (such as beam splitters, polarizers, Faraday rotators, and detectors) with a drag-and-drop graphical interface. Virtual Lab operates in two modes. The sandbox mode allows users to compose arbitrary setups. Quantum Game serves as an introduction to Virtual Lab features, approachable for users with no prior exposure to quantum mechanics. We introduce visual representation of entangled states and entanglement measures. It includes interactive visualizations of the ket notation and a heatmap-like visualization of quantum operators. These quantum visualizations can be applied to any discrete quantum system, including quantum circuits with qubits and spin chains. These tools are available as open-source TypeScript packages – Quantum Tensors and BraKetVue. Virtual Lab makes it possible to explore the nature of quantum physics (state evolution, entanglement, and measurement), to simulate quantum computing (e.g., the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm), to use quantum cryptography (e.g., the Ekert protocol), to explore counterintuitive quantum phenomena (e.g., quantum teleportation and the Bell inequality violation), and to recreate historical experiments (e.g., the Michelson–Morley interferometer).

Quantum-Flytrap/quantum-tensors :

> A TypeScript package for sparse tensor operations on complex numbers in your browser - for quantum computing, quantum information, and interactive visualizations of quantum physics.

Quantum-Flytrap/bra-ket-vue :

> An interactive visualizer for quantum states and matrices.

#Q12 /? q12 quantum:


> if you know a small amount about how quantum mechanics work (like knowing once you measure something the superposition collapses)

FWIU it's possible to infer from nearby particles without incurring Heisenberg (and/or Bell's?) with Quantum Tagging?

"Helgoland" (2020)

The other day I found a quantum circuit puzzle game called "QuantumQ" that has you add a Hadamard gate - statistical superposition - without requiring really any QM at all; which may imply that applied EA could solve the defined problems.


Quantum logic gate #Hadamard_gate


Show HN: CSVFiddle – Query CSV files with DuckDB in the browser


On HN: "One-liner for running queries against CSV files with SQLite"


A fast in-place interpreter for WebAssembly


- [ ] SIMD?


One-liner for running queries against CSV files with SQLite


What are the differences between the zsv and csv parsers?

Is csvw with linked data URIs also doable?


zsvlib does SIMD CSV like simdjson? Sweet.

Zsvlib on cloudfuzz would be good if that's not already

Yeah linked data schema support is distinct from the parser primitives and xsd data type uris, for example.

## /? sqlite arrow

- "Comparing SQLite, DuckDB and Arrow with UN trade data" (2021) ; partial benchmarks of query time and RAM requirements [relative to data size] would be

- "Introducing Apache Arrow Flight SQL: Accelerating Database Access" (2022) :

> Motivation: While standards like JDBC and ODBC have served users well for decades, they fall short for databases and clients which wish to use Apache Arrow or columnar data in general. Row-based APIs like JDBC or PEP 249 require transposing data in this case, and for a database which is itself columnar, this means that data has to be transposed twice—once to present it in rows for the API, and once to get it back into columns for the consumer. Meanwhile, while APIs like ODBC do provide bulk access to result buffers, this data must still be copied into Arrow arrays for use with the broader Arrow ecosystem, as implemented by projects like Turbodbc. Flight SQL aims to get rid of these intermediate steps.

## "The Virtual Table Mechanism Of SQLite" :

> - One cannot create a trigger on a virtual table.

Just posted about eBPF a few days ago; opcodes have costs that are or are not costed:

> - One cannot create additional indices on a virtual table. (Virtual tables can have indices but that must be built into the virtual table implementation. Indices cannot be added separately using CREATE INDEX statements.)

It looks like e.g. sqlite-parquet-vtable implements shadow tables to memoize row group filters. How does JOIN performance vary amongst sqlite virtual table implementations?

> - One cannot run ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN commands against a virtual table.

Are there URIs in the schema? Mustn't there thus be a meta-schema that does e.g. nested structs with portable types [with URIs], (and jsonschema, [and W3C SHACL])? #nbmeta #linkedresearch

## /? sqlite arrow virtual table

- sqlite-parquet-vtable reads parquet with arrow for SQLite virtual tables :

  $ sqlite/sqlite3
  sqlite> .eqp on
  sqlite> .load build/linux/libparquet
  sqlite> CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE demo USING parquet('parquet-generator/99-rows-1.parquet');
  sqlite> SELECT * FROM demo;
  sqlite> SELECT * FROM demo WHERE foo = 123;
  sqlite> SELECT * FROM demo WHERE foo = '123'; // incurs a severe query plan performance regression without immediate feedback
## Sqlite query optimization


> The EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN SQL command is used to obtain a high-level description of the strategy or plan that SQLite uses to implement a specific SQL query. Most significantly, EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN reports on the way in which the query uses database indices. This document is a guide to understanding and interpreting the EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output. [...] Table and Index Scans [...] Temporary Sorting B-Trees (when there's not an `INDEX` for those columns) ... `.eqp on`

The SQLite "Query Planner" docs list Big-O computational complexity bound estimates for queries with and without prexisting indices.

## database / csv benchmarks



Show HN: Easily Convert WARC (Web Archive) into Parquet, Then Query with DuckDB


Could this work with datasette (which is a flexible interface to sqlite with a web-based query editor)?


Bundling binary tools in Python wheels


FWICS, wheel has no cryptographic signatures at present:

The minimal cryptographic signature support in the `wheel` reference implementation was removed by dholth;

The GPG ASC signature upload support present in legacy PyPI and then the warehouse was removed by dstufft;

"e2e" TUF is not yet implemented for PyPI, which signs everything uploaded with a key necessarily held in RAM; but there's no "e2e" because packages aren't signed before being uploaded to PyPI. Does twine download and check PyPI's TUF signature for whatever was uploaded?

I honestly haven't looked at conda's fairly new package signing support yet.

FWIR, in comparison to legacy python eggs with files, wheels aren't supposed to execute code as the user installing the package.

From : :

>>> Build Python wheels for all the platforms on CI with minimal configuration.

>>> Python wheels are great. Building them across Mac, Linux, Windows, on multiple versions of Python, is not.

>>> cibuildwheel is here to help. cibuildwheel runs on your CI server - currently it supports GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI, AppVeyor, CircleCI, and GitLab CI - and it builds and tests your wheels across all of your platforms


Quantum Algorithm Implementations for Beginners


> Tequila is an Extensible Quantum Information and Learning Architecture where the main goal is to simplify and accelerate implementation of new ideas for quantum algorithms. It operates on abstract data structures allowing the formulation, combination, automatic differentiation and optimization of generalized objectives. Tequila can execute the underlying quantum expectation values on state of the art simulators as well as on real quantum devices.

Quantum Backends currently supported by tequilahub/tequila: Qulacs, Qibo, Qiskit, Cirq (SymPy), PyQuil, QLM / myQLM

tequila-tutorials/Quantum_Calculator.ipynb :

> Welcome to the Tequila Calculator Tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a quantum circuit that simulates addition using Tequila. We also compare the performance of various backends that Tequila uses.

A problem that could possibly be quantum-optimized and an existing set of solutions: Scheduling

Optimize the scheduling problem better than e.g. SLURM and then generate a sufficient classical solution that executes in P-space on classical computers.


> Slurm uses a best fit algorithm based on Hilbert curve scheduling or fat tree network topology in order to optimize locality of task assignments on parallel computers.[2]

Additional applications and use cases: "Employee Scheduling" > "Ask HN: What algorithms should I research to code a conference scheduling app"

> [Hilbert Curve Scheduling] :

> [...] the Hilbert curve scheduling method turns a multidimensional task allocation problem into a one-dimensional space filling problem using Hilbert curves, assigning related tasks to locations with higher levels of proximity.[1] Other space filling curves may also be used in various computing applications for similar purposes.[2]


How to create a dashboard in Python with Jupyter Notebook

Surprised I hadn't heard of mplfinance. Similar code for econometric charts with bands and an annotation table with dated events would be useful and probably already exists somewhere. Maybe Predictive Forecasting libraries for time series already have something that could be factored out into a maintained package for such common charts? E.g. seaborn has real nice confidence intervals with matplotlib, too; though the matplotlib native color schemes are colorblind-friendly: "Perceptually Uniform Sequential colormaps"

awesome-jupyter > Rendering/Publishing/Conversion :

> ContainDS Dashboards - JupyterHub extension to host authenticated scripts or notebooks in any framework (Voilà, Streamlit, Plotly Dash etc)

IIRC, ContainDS and Voila spawn per-dashboard and/or per-user Jupyter kernels with JupyterHub Spawners and Authenticators; like Binderhub ( ) but with required login and without repo2docker?

Streamlit lists Bokeh, Jupyter Voila, Panel, and Plotly Dash as Alternative dashboard approaches:

Says here that mljar/mercury is dual-licensed AGPL:

From the readme I can't tell what powers the cited REST API functionality. From > mercury/requirements.txt it's DRF: Django REST Framework.

E.g. BentoML is built on FastAPI which is async (sanic) and built by the DRF people, but FastAPI doesn't yet have the plethora of packages with tests/ supported by the Django community and DSF Django Software Foundation.


The Y Combinator in Go with generics

mfrw | 2022-06-12 06:10:03 | 118 | # | ^

Fixed-point combinator > Y Combinator, Implementations in other languages:

Y-combinator in like 100 languages: #Python


Show HN: Pixie, open source observability for Kubernetes using eBPF

"Sysdig and Falco now powered by eBPF" too;

- "Linux Extended BPF (eBPF) Tracing Tools" lists eBPF commands, [CLI] frontends, relevant kernel components

- awesome-ebpf#manual-pages links to the kernel eBPF docs

- eBPF -> BPF Berkeley Packet Filter: :

> Extensions & optimizations: Since version 3.18, the Linux kernel includes an extended BPF virtual machine with ten 64-bit registers, termed extended BPF (eBPF). It can be used for non-networking purposes, such as for attaching eBPF programs to various tracepoints.[5][6][7] Since kernel version 3.19, eBPF filters can be attached to sockets,[8][9] and, since kernel version 4.1, to traffic control classifiers for the ingress and egress networking data path.[10][11] The original and obsolete version has been retroactively renamed to classic BPF (cBPF). Nowadays, the Linux kernel runs eBPF only and loaded cBPF bytecode is transparently translated into an eBPF representation in the kernel before program execution.[12] All bytecode is verified before running to prevent denial-of-service attacks. Until Linux 5.3, the verifier prohibited the use of loops.

- ... EVM/eWASM opcodes have a cost in gas/particles; ... (dlt) Dataset indexing curation signals & incentives

"Tracing in Kubernetes: kubectl capture plugin."


Is it possible to do this sort of low level distributed tracing with Pixie e.g. conditionally when a pattern expression matches?


To be able to drop into an (e.g. rr) debugger on condition (e.g. by replicating that node's state ~State Share ) might result in a less appropriately comprehensive automated test suite, or faster tests?

Looks like Jaeger (Uber contributed to CNCF) supports OpenTracing, OpenTelemetry, and exporting stats for Prometheus.


Implementing strace in Rust

awesome-ebpf lists a few ebpf libs for rust; it looks like there are a few ~strace+ebpf tools:




> Keyless Git signing with Sigstore!

> This is heavily inspired by [github/smimesign], but uses keyless Sigstore to sign Git commits with your own GitHub / OIDC identity


Physicists discover never-before seen particle sitting on a tabletop


TIL about (models of) Superfluid Quantum Gravity:

> How is "GR on Bernoulli", GM cannot describe n*x*oo more precisely than oo, and Conway's surreal infinities aren't good axioms either (for GR or for QM with (chaotic) fluids which perhaps need either infinities plural or superfluid QG (instead of QFT fwics); not making sense?

Is this coherent after so much constructive interference in fluids?


The case for expanding rather than eliminating gifted education programs (2021)


IDK why we'd assume that there's a different cognitive process for learning mathematics with radix 10 than with radix 16?

Mathematics_education#Methods :

> [...] Rote learning: the teaching of mathematical results, definitions and concepts by repetition and memorisation typically without meaning or supported by mathematical reasoning. A derisory term is drill and kill. In traditional education, rote learning is used to teach multiplication tables, definitions, formulas, and other aspects of mathematics.


Beautiful Soup


BeautifulSoup is an API for multiple parsers :

  BeautifulSoup(markup, "html.parser") 
  BeautifulSoup(markup, "lxml")
  BeautifulSoup(markup, "lxml-xml")
  BeautifulSoup(markup, "xml") 
  BeautifulSoup(markup, "html5lib")
Looks like lxml w/ xpath is still the fastest with Python 3.10.4 from "Pyquery, lxml, BeautifulSoup comparison" ; which is fine for parsing (X)HTML(5) that validates<

(EDIT: Is xml/html5 a good format for data serialization? defusedxml ... Simdjson, Apache arrow.js)


Formal methods only solve half my problems

mjb | 2022-06-02 11:16:27 | 69 | # | ^

From "Discover and Prevent Linux Kernel Zero-Day Exploit Using Formal Verification" :

> Can there still be side channel attacks in formally verified systems? Can e.g. TLA+ help with that at all?

Side-channel attack


It might be argued that side channels exist whenever there is a shared channel; which is always, because plenoptic functions, wave function, air gap, ram bus mhz, nonlocal entanglement

Category:Side-channel attacks


Show HN: An open source alternative to Evernote (Self Hosted)

[+] :

> [Teh ElasticSearch Core Ingest Attachment Processor Plugin]: The ingest attachment plugin lets Elasticsearch extract file attachments in common formats (such as PPT, XLS, and PDF) by using the Apache text extraction library Tika.

> The source field must be a base64 encoded binary. If you do not want to incur the overhead of converting back and forth between base64, you can use the CBOR format instead of JSON and specify the field as a bytes array instead of a string representation. The processor will skip the base64 decoding then

Apache Tika supported formats > Images > TesseractOCR: :

> When extracting from images, it is also possible to chain in Tesseract, via the TesseractOCRParser, to have OCR performed on the contents of the image.

/? Meilisearch "ocr" GitHub;

Looks like e.g. paperbase (agpl) also implements ocr with tesseractocr:


/? ctrl-f "ocr"

Would be good to have:

- Search results on a timeline indicating search match occurrence frequency; ability to "zoom in" or "drill down"

- "Find more like these" that prepopulates a search query form

- "Find more like these" that mutates the query pattern and displays the count for each original and mutated query along with the results; with optional optimization


IIRC GitHub, (BitBucket), and GitLab existed before this new (license-addendum?) Trademark policy; but may be wrong. Which is to say that I don't recall there having been such a trademark policy at the time. Isn't it actually the "Old BSD License" that retains the "may not spaketh the name" clause?

(Bitcoin is also originally a LF project; in Git, like BitTorrent, and similar to BitGold only in name, for a reason. Bitcoin initially lacked a Foundation to hold trademarks, in particular.)

The table of licenses in the appendix is a service of GitHub, and GitLab also donates free CI build runner minutes for Open Source projects: :

> Trademark use

> This license explicitly states that it does NOT grant trademark rights, even though licenses without such a statement probably do not grant any implicit trademark rights.


How are you using your whiteboard at home?

"How to teach technical concepts with cartoons" :

> I learned about visual thinking and visual metaphor in application to business communications from "The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures" [ ]


California parents could soon sue for social media addiction


No, every business optimizes yield.

Smart businesses optimize UX for conversion. FREE with no revenue is loss.

What's next? Suing vegas for the lights? You don't want to gamble? Don't go to Vegas.

They already have "How much time have I spent in here?" features.

You may not optimize yield because the children are compulsive addictive and it's the internet's fault.

What's next? Suing the bar for allowing you to spend time there? You'll have to make it more unbearable.

Just do a little more censorship for me too, mmkay?

How about the movies? Are they allowed to optimize for engagement by screen testing, or no?

It's not Art it's Ari: You want to sell an art film? Take it to an art film festival.

How are they supposed to know that you don't want to be in the store anymore?

So, just {Facebook,} has to have a timer at the top? Above the fold? Indicating cumulative time spent? What about Amazon?

For context here, there are many existing methods for limiting ones access to certain DNS domains and applications at the client. A reasonable person can:

- Add an /etc/hosts file entry: `etchosts='/etc/hosts' echo '' >> "${etchosts}`

- Install a browser extension for limiting time spent by domain

- Buy a router that can limit access by DNS domain and time of day (with regard for the essential communications of others who could bypass default DNS blocking with a VPN that can be expected to also regularly fail)

- Install an app (with access to the OS process space of other programs in order to restrict them) to limit time spent by application and/or DNS domain

-- Enable "Focus Mode" in Android; with the "Digital Wellbeing" application

-- Enable "Screen Time" in iOS; and also report on and limit usage of apps [and also to limit access to DNS domains, you'd also need required integration with a required browser]

You can install just an IM (Instant Messenging) app, and only then learn strategies for focusing amidst information overload and alert fatigue.

Some users do manage brands and provide customer service and support non-blocked but blocking essential communications, while managing their health at a desk all day. Some places literally require you to check your mobile device at the door. What should the default timer above the fold on just facebook be set to?


> How are they supposed to know that you don't want to be in the store anymore?

Is the store - who you are not paying - a 1) business of public accomodation; or 2) obligated to provide such detection and ejection services; or 3) required to provide service?

You can't cut them off, they're Donny (who TOS don't apply to). You must cut them off, they can't they're not even. You are responsible for my behavior!

Best of luck suing the game publisher for optimizing the game, the author of a book you got for FREE for your time lost, suing the bar that you chose to frequent; do you think they're required to provide service to you? Did they prevent you from leaving? Did they prevent you from choosing to do something else, like entering a different URL in your address bar at will?

You should instead pay someone to provide the hypothetical service you're demanding fascist control over. CA is not a shareholder; and this new policy will be challenged and the state must apply said policy to all other businesses equally: you may not dog just {business you're trying to illegally dom} with an obligation to put a countdown or countup timer above the fold because they keep taking so much of your time.

EDIT: I just can't f believe they thought that only {Facebook} would have to check real name IDs at the door, run a stopwatch for each user with a clock above the fold, profile your mental health status, allow Donny to keep harassing just whoever, and tell you when it's time to go because you can't help yourself when it's time to leave the store they continued to optimize.


Generating websites with SPARQL and Snowman, part 1


E.g. Hugo-academic has Microdata RDF (Go) Templates; and supports Markdown, Jupiter, LaTeX:

"Build pages from data source"


Index funds officially overtake active managers

Index fund:

> Comparison of index funds with index ETFs: In the United States, mutual funds price their assets by their current value every business day, usually at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, when the New York Stock Exchange closes for the day. [40] Index ETFs, in contrast, are priced during normal trading hours, usually 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Index ETFs are also sometimes weighted by revenue rather than market capitalization. [41]

Survivorship bias > Examples > In business, finance, and economics:


Why building profitable trading bot is hard?

I wants know why 90% of trading bots are fails. What's the reason behind it.


Managed funds must pay managers; probably out of the returns.

ETFs (Electronically Traded Funds) have no fund management fees; like Class B stock, ETFs typically are not voting shares (which you don't have when you buy a mutual fund anyways).

Algotraders reference e.g. an S&P 500 ETF as the default benchmark for comparing a portfolio's performance.

Quarterly earnings reports are filed as XBRL XML. A value investor might argue that you don't need to rebalance a portfolio until there is new data about technical fundamentals for technical analysis.

The average bear trades on sentiment and comparatively doesn't at all appropriately hedge; this is part of Behavioral economics, the technical reason why some people actually can outperform the market, imho.

If the financial analyst does not have a (possibly piecewise) software function to at least test with backtesting and paper trading, do they even have an objective relative performance statistic? Your notebook or better should also model fees and have a parametrizable initial balance.

Here's the awesome-quant link directory:


The Good Ol' Days of QBasic Nibbles

FWIU, QB64 will run nibbles.bas.

Nibbles (video game)

Here's a PyGame version of snake/nibbles:

For in-browser games in Python with JupyterLite and the pyodide WASM kernel, there are now the pyb2d bindings for box2d:


Can we make a black hole? And if we could, what could we do with it?


/? Quantum gravity fluid

"Gravity as a fluid dynamic phenomenon in a superfluid quantum space. Fluid quantum gravity and relativity." (2017)

> The hypothesis starts from considering the physical vacuum as a superfluid quantum medium, that we call superfluid quantum space (SQS), close to the previous concepts of quantum vacuum, quantum foam, superfluid vacuum etc. We usually believe that quantum vacuum is populated by an enormous amount of particle-antiparticle pairs whose life is extremely short, in a continuous foaming of formation and annihilation. Here we move further and we hypothesize that these particles are superfluid symmetric vortices of those quanta constituting the cosmic superfluid (probably dark energy). Because of superfluidity, these vortices can have an indeterminately long life. Vorticity is interpreted as spin (a particle's internal motion). Due to non-zero, positive viscosity of the SQS, and to Bernoulli pressure, these vortices attract the surrounding quanta, pressure decreases and the consequent incoming flow of quanta lets arise a gravitational potential. This is called superfluid quantum gravity. In this model we don't resort to gravitons. Once comparing superfluid quantum gravity with general relativity, it is evident how a hydrodynamic gravity could fully account for the relativistic effects attributed to spacetime distortion, where the space curvature is substituted by flows of quanta. Also special relativity can be merged in the hydrodynamics of a SQS and we obtain a general simplification of Einstein's relativity under the single effect of superfluid quantum gravity.

IIRC, when I searched gscholar for "wave-particle-[fluid]" duality" a few weeks ago there were even more recent papers.

Does Quantum Chaos describe fluids or superfluids?

Do CAS tools must stop reducing symbolic expressions describe infinity such that?:

   assert n*x*oo == oo
Conway's surreal numbers of infinity aren't quite it, I'm afraid. Countability or continuum? Did Hilbert spaces (described here in SymPy with degree n) quite exist back then? Degrees of curl; divergence and convergence


How is "GR on Bernoulli", GM cannot describe nxoo more precisely than oo, and Conway's surreal infinities aren't good axioms either (for GR or for QM with (chaotic) fluids which perhaps need either infinities plural or superfluid QG (instead of QFT fwics); not making sense?


DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

> Abstract: This document describes the use of QUIC to provide transport confidentiality for DNS. The encryption provided by QUIC has similar properties to those provided by TLS, while QUIC transport eliminates the head-of-line blocking issues inherent with TCP and provides more efficient packet-loss recovery than UDP. DNS over QUIC (DoQ) has privacy properties similar to DNS over TLS (DoT) specified in RFC 7858, and latency characteristics similar to classic DNS over UDP. This specification describes the use of DoQ as a general-purpose transport for DNS and includes the use of DoQ for stub to recursive, recursive to authoritative, and zone transfer scenarios.

> [...] DNS over HTTPS (DoH) [RFC8484] can be used with HTTP/3 to get some of the benefits of QUIC. However, a lightweight direct mapping for DoQ can be regarded as a more natural fit for both the recursive to authoritative and zone transfer scenarios, which rarely involve intermediaries. In these scenarios, the additional overhead of HTTP is not offset by, for example, benefits of HTTP proxying and caching behavior.


Twitter Deal Temporarily on Hold


Show HN: – Live search for Python documentation

Hi everyone!

I've been working on a web search interface for Python's documentation as a personal project, and I think it's ready for other people to use...

Please give it a go (and join me in praying to the server gods):

Here's the tech stack for those interested:

- Parser: Beautiful Soup + Mozilla Bleach

- Database: in-memory SQLite (aiosqlite) + SQLAlchemy

- Web server: FastAPI + Uvicorn + Jinja2

- Front end: Tailwind CSS + htmx + Alpine.js

I have ideas for future improvements but hopefully the current version is useful to someone.

Let me know what you think!


The `pydoc` / `python -m pydoc` module doesn't do search; it would be O(n) for every search like grep without e.g. a sphinx searchindex:

Sphinx searchindex.js does Porter stemming for English and other languages: supports Xapian, Whoosh (Python), and null:

sphinx-elasticsearch :

> This is a stand-alone extraction of the functionality used by, compatible with elasticsearch-6.

MeiliSearch (rust) compared with ElasticSearch (java), Algolia, TypeSense (C++):

Is there a good way to index each sphinx doc set's searchindex.js?


Colleges where everyone works and there's no tuition

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