Web Engineer

Objective: Develop and contribute my skills and experience to achieve organizational mission objectives

What do I want to do?

  • Collaborate with a team of bright, motivated individuals
  • Learn with agile, iterative, continuous integration and deployment
  • Develop applications, distributed systems, and portfolios
  • Secure web applications
  • Build secure distributed systems
  • Create beautiful interfaces


  • Independent web design and development entrepreneur
  • Objective focused organizations
  • Web applications / systems developer for university security organization
  • Web applications / systems developer for hospital
  • 10+ years Linux
  • 5+ years Python


2009-2010: Programmer Analyst I @ UNMC

Section of Cardiology
Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG)
University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
Initially contacted by and contracted through Kelly IT Resources
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Feb 2009 - Oct 2010

Supported UNMC and NMC Doctors, Nurses, and Patients

Overhauled a Python web app used for filing and printing medical orders

  • Scoped, designed, coded, tested, and documented iterative releases
  • Managed release and deployment to dev/test/prod architecture
  • Instrumented and optimized for security, stability, and performance
  • Supported application troubleshooting and maintenance

Increased productivity by shortening stakeholder and DevOps feedback loops

  • Introduced XP, Scrum, Trac, Agilo, Mercurial, Test-driven Development, Nose
  • Added an in-application feedback form
  • Wrote user stories and functional/unit tests for new and existing specs
  • Designed, tested, developed, and implemented prioritized user stories
  • Introduced Continuous Integration; Hudson, Shell Scripting

Trained team members

  • Refactored out of Zope towards WSGI and what is now Pyramid
  • Introduced JSON API and cross-browser compatible JavaScript framework
  • Identified and mitigated CWEs to reduce surface
  • Consolidated into a single-page-application
  • Extended and refactored interface; YUI GUI
  • Created command line utility to simplify application management
  • Added docstrings with parameter and return value specs; ReStructuredText
  • Drafted narrative systems documentation; ReStructuredText, Sphinx

Standardized data model

  • Extracted, mapped, and migrated MySQL / document object schema; SQLAlchemy
  • Implemented transactions for consistency and referential integrity
  • Implemented an integrated task queue; Celery, AMQP
  • Wrote online and offline MySQL reports

Semantic web

  • Prototyped RDFa templates; Jinja2 block recursion
  • Developed an OWL-DL ontology based on DOAP, FOAF, and RDFS to describe a systems component graph and metadata; Sesame, Redland, Protégé, Pellet, Turtle (TriG)
  • Created tool to generate documentation reports from SPARQL queries of a component graph; RDFLib, FuXi, ReStructuredText

End of cycle resignation

  • Hospital will be very satisfied with integrated Epic/MUMPS adoption
  • Amicably resigned October 2010

2007-2008: Web Developer @ UN NUCIA

Nebraska University Consortium for Information Assurance (NUCIA)
Nebraska University Center for Information Assurance (NUCIA)
University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO, UNOmaha)
Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI)
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
January 2007 - March 2008

Python Web Developer

  • Scratched, forked, and extended another Content Management System
  • Collaborated with graphic designer
  • Designed and developed events calendar app
    • Created hCalendar microformat templates
    • Wrote iCal download views
    • Integrated Simile Timeline widget
  • Extended MediaWiki syntax parser with JavaScript AJAX XHR
  • Learned about web application and OS security
  • Python: Django 0.97-1.0, Plone
  • JavaScript: jQuery, Dojo
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL

Systems Infrastructure Management

  • Intrapreneured “NUCIA Web Services” web systems acronym moniker
  • Partitioned and virtualized a series of intranet applications
  • Contributed platform to Vulnerability Discovery course

2005-2006: Systems Developer @ D-Line Marketing

Internet Marketing Firm
V Internet Enterprises after reorganization
Ballwin, Missouri, USA
October 2005 - June 2006

Systems Developer

  • Prototyped video chat subscription logic; Java, Javascript, PHP
  • Maintained VPN link to work remotely from school
  • Tested various streaming services: Darwin Streaming Server, FMS, Red5

2004-2004: Dietary Aid @ Autumn View Gardens

Assisted Living Center
Bethesda Healthcare
Ballwin, Missouri, USA
May 2004 - December 2004

Dietary Aid

  • Took order for and served residents and guests
  • Served 6am breakfast, lunch, and 5 course dinners
  • Served occasionally disgruntled residents with a smile
  • Learned the true meaning of Service
  • Resigned due to early HS graduation

2003-2004: Systems @ V Internet Enterprises

Internet Marketing Firm
Ballwin, Missouri, USA
May 2003 - October 2004

Systems Administrator / Systems Programmer

  • Supported day-to-day operations; RedHat Linux, DNS, Network Troubleshooting
  • Developed affiliate conversion tracking system; PHP, MySQL
  • Various automation tools: VB6,, SOAP, and XML-RPC

2002-2007: Independent Web Consultant

Small Business Consulting
West County; St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Desktop Support
  • Web Design and Development
  • LAMP CMS Hosting, Configuration, Templating
  • Custom Web Application Development: Web Frameworks


  • 2002: East Coast Pizza
  • 2003: Gifts St. Louis
  • 2003: LHS Wrestling
  • 2004: Soda Jerks
  • 2006-07: Superior Pro Painting; PHP, MODx, Python, Django

2002-2003: Construction Assistant @ East Coast Pizza

Family-owned Pizza and Pasta place with Calzones and Strombolis
Now Under New Management
Chesterfield, MO, USA
May 2002 - May 2003
  • Construction Assistant: Oven-brick carrier and arranger, Tiler, Sweeper
  • Cat-5 terminator
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer

1996: Windows 3.1 Support

West Omaha, NE, USA
  • Helped neighbors fix their Windows 3.1 desktop QuickBooks installation
  • QBasic, Dr. Sbaitso


Omaha, NE, USA; St Louis, MO, USA

  • Night Owl
  • RPMs on 3.5” diskettes, Corel Linux, BeOS
  • Gifted programs, summer classes, work-school program; graduated early
  • Forensics: Policy Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • AP Computer Science B, AP Statistics 4
  • QBasic, HTML, C++ for Dummies, PHP, IDLE, VB6, Java,, Ruby, Python

2007-2010: UNOmaha

University of Nebraska-Omaha
BSc Management Information Systems (MIS)

2010-2014: Online Learning

Research Topics

  • DevOps: SaltStack, Puppet, Cobbler, OpenStack
  • Graph Theory: wrote a better fdupes with NetworkX
  • Big Data: MapReduce, Pregel, Hadoop, Cloudera
  • Linked Data: Triplestore CAP, Federation
  • Go, Rust, Scala, Haskell
  • Bioinformatics:




2007: Presense

Social Media Aggregation Concept & Gaussian Chart Generator
UNOmaha: Graphical User Interface Design
Team of three
Responsible for concept, design, coding; presentation lead
  • Google Charts API
  • Prior to Task Queues
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Python, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML
  • Django, jQuery, jQote, YUI CSS Templates
  • Google AppEngine: Python

2007: Eagle Financial Life Insurance Quotes

Insurance Quote Models, Views, and Templates
UNOmaha: Distributed Systems
Team of four
Responsible for design, coding; presentation lead
  • Python, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML
  • Django,
  • Google AppEngine: Python

2009: Nebraska Humane Society Nonprofit Consulting

Social Web Team
Social Media Consulting Recommendations Report
Adoption Listings Crawler & Website Prototype
UNOmaha: Special Topics Consulting
Merged teams of six and then ten
Responsible for concept, design, coding; presentation lead
  • Created collaboration plan: Team Site, Mailing List; Google Sites and Groups
  • Researched strategies and metrics for maximizing social media goodwill
  • Developed adoption listings harvester and static page templates
  • Google AppEngine: Python (before the introduction of Blobstore)
  • Task Queues, JSONP API
  • Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS,, XHTML

2009: Tiger Solutions Web Based Course Management System

Django app for Listing Available Courses and Scheduling Course Requests
UNO: Systems Analysis & Design / Systems Design & Implementation
Team of four
Responsible for design, coding, and presentation
  • Python, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML
  • Django, YUI Layouts
  • MySQL, SQL Server ODBC
  • SVN
  • Theory X but really Theory Y

2009-2010: UNO MISSO President

2009-2010: AIS Student Chapters Representative

2010: Help Haiti Project

WordPress Instance for Haiti Earthquake Awareness
UNOmaha: Managing in the Digital World
Three geo-distributed teams of four to five

Responsible for project management

  • Something like Theory Y
  • User Stories as Tickets
  • WordPress, Extensions

2010: Workhours

Personal project accounting and log processing tool
  • Events (bookmarks, log entries, mtimes) to tuples to [SQL]
  • Infinite-scrolling tables
  • Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Pyramid Restler REST API, DataTables

2010: Cloud Provisioning Research

Survey, evaluation, adaptation, and integration for DevOps efficiency
  • Configuration Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Cobbler, Vagrant, Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, Nagios
  • DHCP, DNS, Apache, TLS
  • (2014) – Packer, Vagrant, Salt, Make

2011: Flowstat

Pyramid polyglot sandbox
  • Agglomeration of utilities: prime numbers, spectrum bands
  • RDF integration: RDFLib, surf, virtuoso, deniz, SPARQL
  • Pyramid + SQLAlchemy REST API

2012: Self Directed Learning

  • Autodidactism
  • Open Tools, Data, and Analysis for STEM Learning (“STEM Labs”)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

2012: pycd10api

REST API wrapper for ICD 10 CM and PCS XML files
  • Python, Pyramid, Cornice, lxml, XPath

2013: redem

Personal reddit data liberation backup utility
  • Reddit reader: comments, submissions, links
  • Fetch last 1000 comments from Reddit
  • Aggregate into static sortable and filterable HTML tables
  • Python, PRAW, Requests, Jinja2, Bootstrap 2, DataTables

2014: Health-marketplace

Health marketplace web application
  • Python, Django, Django-nonrel, Google AppEngine

2014: healthref

Health reference demo application
  • Generates good HTML from an RDF Graph in Turtle Syntax
  • Python, RDFLib, Jinja2, Pygments, n3pygments

2014: WRD R&D Documentation

An outline of notes and points written in ReStructuredText.

2015: pgs

A bottle webapp for serving static files from a git branch, or from the local filesystem.

2015: elasticsearchjsonld

Generate JSON-LD @contexts from ElasticSearch JSON Mappings with Python and JSON-LD.

2015: pyglobalgoals

pyglobalgoals is a Python package, Python module, and a set of Python Jupyter notebooks for working with JSON-LD, RDFa, and The Global Goals For Sustainable Development (#GlobalGoals #GGs #SDG #SDGs) #GG17

2016: djangotestapp


Language basics / code samples in C++, CoffeeScript, Cython, Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and Ruby


  • Python package with documentation
  • Configuration set for Bash, ZSH, Python, IPython, I3WM
  • Configuration set for Vim

Open Source Contributions

Primarily small contributions here and there to show my appreciation.